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ship_manifesto's Journal

The Shipper's Manifesto
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The place for manifestos on why you ship/slash the pairing(s) that you do. Share the love!

Manifesto: a public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions.
Shipper's Manifesto: a public declaration of fannish love for a particular pairing or ship.

Welcome to Shipper's Manifesto, a project designed to bring together shippers of every conceivable pairing and share with the world what it is that draws us to those pairings.

This community's goal is to provide readers with a detailed listing of pairings, insight into the characters behind the pairings, and contextual understanding of what makes the pairing work. This community will also provide newcomers with a starting point for further exploration.

We have *harassed* fans from every fandom to compile essays that focus on their pairing. Detailed analysis of the characters involved, the pairing itself, and the current state of fandom surrounding them has been provided. In addition, recommendations have been made concerning fanfiction, videos, graphics and links.

This is just a starting ground.

Shipper's Manifesto encourages everyone to sign up and take a turn writing for their pairing. Help us to create the single largest compilation of shipper meta written for fans, by fans.

The Masterlist is updated regularly with links to all available manifestos.

Essay Requirements

Your essay should include all of the following points:

  • Small character studies that allow the reader to get to know the characters and understand who they are.

  • Canon or subtext evidence for why your characters work in a pairing.

  • Your own interpretation of the pairing and why you choose to ship them.

  • Some background information into how you became involved with the fandom, and why you were first attracted to the pairing.

  • Meta/insight into why the reader should be following this pairing.

  • Short fandom guide (fic recs, useful sites etc.; resources that will help a newbie find their way around fandom and your pairing.

Word Count --
Minimum - 1,500
Max. - 5,000 (not terribly strict about the max. but please keep it in mind)

**Many thanks to Mirax who provided us with layout and graphics for the LJ. Her website: Dark-Shines.

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