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Mod Post: Valentine's Day

Please bear with me, we're working on getting the community back up to speed. Life just keeps getting in the way. Every time we take one step forward, s-it happens and we end up sliding back three.

On a more positive note, in celebration of Valentines Day, we're hoping you'll feel up to sharing your darlings with us. Video, images, transcripts of your very FAVORITE CANON moments. We'll be extremely happy with whatever you want to share.

I'll start things off with a couple images of my own below.

Because It's You And I: A Justin/Alex Manifesto (Part 2)

Title:  Because It's You And I: A Justin/Alex Manifesto (Part 2)
Author: A collective work by six fans of the show
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Pairing: Justin Russo/Alex Russo
Spoilers: The entire series
A/N: Image-heavy. A manifesto for the most popular brother-sister pair on TV

Jalex banner: 'It's a complicated relationship we have together.'

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Jalex banner: 'Did you just say I make your life complete?'

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( Part 1 - Characters and Relationship )
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Drive-by mod post

- I'll be working on the sign up post sometime this weekend. I know there's been little to no activity here over the past few months and I take 100% of the blame for that. I'm working on getting things back up to speed.
- Imported community to Dreamwidth - [community profile] ship_manifesto. Look forward to new content there as well!

The Trickster and the Wolverine: a movieverse Logan/Remy manifesto

Title: The Trickster and the Wolverine
Author: renata_kedavra
Fandom: X-Men movies/X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Pairing: Logan/Remy (Wolverine/Gambit)
Spoilers: For X-Men Origins: Wolverine and some stray (old) X-Men comics.
Disclaimer: These characters are, of course, owned by Marvel and not by me. I also quoted dialogue from the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was written by David Benioff and Skip Woods.
Notes: Thanks to lick_j for cheerleading this!

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