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Words Flow -- gnomeofsol

settiai in ship_manifesto

Doyle/Cordelia (Angel)

Title: What Might Have Been
Author: settiai
Fandom: Angel
Pairing: Doyle/Cordelia
Spoilers: Entire series, but the only Season Five spoilers are for Cordelia's storyline.
E-mail: settiai@gmail.com
Notes: Many thanks to catecumen and calliopes_pen for going over this essay and telling me to add to it. And then reading it again and telling me to add even more.
Extra Note: I'm not sure why the links stopped working, but I've gone through and fixed them. They should hopefully be working fine now.

“I guess we'll never know if this is a face you could learn to love.” Doyle, Hero

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Beautiful essay. I never fail to tear up when Hero comes on or in You're Welcome. Even though I was broken up when Doyle died, I'm glad they made him go out a hero. This isn't a Doyle/Cordelia moment but another time that struck me how much I missed him wasn't long after his death in S1 and Angel calls, I think it was Wesley, Doyle by accident and catches himself. I just love how Doyle's memory carries on in the show and in these characters long after his death and what is the most amazing is that he was only in 9 out of some 110 episodes (excluding references and the video in S5) and yet he's a majorly loved character. Beautiful job again.


I realize this is two years later than the last reply, but I just found the shipper's manifesto, and Doyle / Cordelia happened to be the first ship that I investigated. Lo and behold, you've got one of my fics recommended ("Impact")! I'm honoured. :) I love the essay, and will always support what might've been with this ship!


Man, Doyle is still my favorite character on Angel. I'd have loved to see how his relationship with Cordelia would have progressed. I'm off to read some of your Doyle/Cordy stuff but I must ask, will we ever see a new episode of 'Changes-In-Seasons?' I've been following that for years and I'd love to see an update.

Anyway, I'm off to read Glass Slipper!
I'm really hoping to start back on CiS later this year, but we'll just have to see. Most of the other authors have moved on (which is part of the reason it went on hiatus in the first place), and I'm not going to have time to really dedicate to working on it until at least this fall after I've moved and got settled in at a new job.
awww I just had to comment on this because this is my favourite of Cordelia's pairings. Angel/Cordy never sat well with me. Xander/Cordy I loved for it's entertaining value and the sweet moments it offered once in a while but lacked some of the sentimental stuff. Cordy/Groo... well, cute but boring.

It was so shocking and sad when Doyle died. I got in late and knew he would, but never thought it'd be so early! I think he and Cordy could have probably been the "married couple" of the show - constantly bickering but always retaining their solidarity.
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