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Brian Kinney/Michael Novotny (Queer as Folk US)

Title: “Always Have, Always Will”
Author: Adrienne (bluerosefairy)
Spoilers: Season One – Season Four. Also for the original UK series.

Disclaimer: “The thing you need to know is it’s all about sex”

Queer as Folk is a cable show, and because of that, there’s a lot of fucking cursing going on. Most of my usage of foul language stems from a desire to quote the show accurately, as well as capture the voice of the characters.

Also, if you are a not a fan of B/M, please remember that this is simply my personal opinion, not an attack on everything you hold near and dear. So calm down and don't get upset, because all flames will be used for s’mores.

Seriously, boys and girls, make sure your tray tables are in their upright and locked position, and get ready for some discussion of drug use, cursing, and lots and lots of gay sex.

Oh, and these two characters on Queer as Folk called Michael and Brian.


Queer as Folk: “There’s nothing as strange as people"

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Okay, so this whole shindig started with this guy named Russell T. Davies, who created a series in England about a bunch of gay people on Manchester’s Canal Street. The show focused on the relationship between best friends Stuart and Vince, and was incredibly groundbreaking. Ron Cowan and Daniel Lipman, two aging queens and television writers collectively known as "Cowlip", thought it’d be a great and wonderful idea to adapt the show to American television.

The US version of Queer as Folk originally focused on the relationship between two best friends, in Pittsburgh, PA this time. Yeah, apparently ‘the Pitts’ is a gay Mecca, which I can’t confirm because I’m from Philly and we tend to avoid anywhere west of King of Prussia. Anyway, Brian Kinney takes over for Stuart Alan Jones, and manages to out-slut the King of Canal Street. His geeky best friend is Michael Novotny, who is much less needy than Vince Tyler, quite a bit more whiny, and totally undeserving of a lot of the hatred he receives.

They’re joined by a whole gang of people, including Deb Novotny, Justin Taylor, Emmett Honeycutt, Ted Schmidt, Melanie Marcus, Lindsay Peterson, and various recurring characters. It’s a big family-type show . . . with lots of crazy plotlines and more sex than even HBO can dream of.

Speaking of family, let’s kick this off with the centre of QAF’s, Michael Novotny.

Michael Novotny: “You’re so pathetic, Mikey”

“In ways that maybe no one intended, those superheroes were a lot like me. At work, they’re meek, underappreciated. They’re the guys that never get laid. And when they’re around other people, they can never let anyone get too close for fear that their true identities will be discovered.” – Michael, E206.

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Michael Novotny is the kind of gay man we fag hags all know and hug on a regular basis. He’s not the most attractive guy in a room and he’s more likely to be nose-deep in a comic book than getting off in the back room at Babylon. Michael’s the kid who got beat up in middle and high school, and still retains quite a bit of that insecurity. He can be whiny and cowardly at times (and lets his mother walk all over him), but as said mother, Deb, says in the first season, when it comes to people’s feelings and taking care of them – “he’s a fuckin’ Picasso”. We see that first-hand with his interactions with his friends and family, especially his best friend Brian Kinney.

Despite his talent for reading people’s emotions, Michael doesn’t have very much luck in his love life. Because Michael wants more – a connection with his partner that sex alone cannot satisfy. And he’s found at least two men on the show that he’s gotten enough of a connection with to date: David Cameron and Ben Bruckner.

Dr. David was a chiropractor, who was still kind of in love with his ex-wife. He got REAL possessive of Michael, who eventually got tired of David’s passive aggression, and refused to follow him to Portland at the end of the first season. Brian thought he was finally getting his Mikey back. Then along came Ben.

Ben Bruckner was even more of a threat to Brian’s place in Michael’s life than Brian realized. Ben is a writer, college professor, and devout Buddhist who generally tolerates the crazy relationship between the two best friends. But there's a dark side to him too. Ben’s on lots of steroids because he’s HIV positive, and there’s boatloads of angst that results from that condition for him and Michael. Even though I hate to admit it, they’re actually kind of sweet together, and in love.

If you wanna talk love, you’ve got to consider Michael’s longtime torch for his best friend, Brian Kinney. It’s plain that Michael cares very much about Brian. We see him constantly at Brian’s side, giving him rides home when he’s too strung out on drugs to know his own name. And Michael’s the one Brian opens up to after proclaiming time and again that he doesn’t need anyone. But it’s obvious he does, because Michael is the only person on the show to ever see Brian Kinney cry. Michael, the geeky and awkward guy who’s still trying to figure out who he is.

But don’t think he’s all geek and no hot- Michael is played by the very talented and cute Hal Sparks.

Now, let’s take a look at the other half of this “dynamic duo”, Brian Kinney, played by the ultra-hot Gale Harold.

Brian Kinney: “God’s gift to gay PA”

"I don't believe in love. I believe in fucking. It's honest, it's efficient, and you get out with a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of bullshit. Love is something that straight people tell themselves they're in so they can get laid.” – Brian, E102.

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Brian Kinney moved to Pittsburgh when he was around ten or eleven. The earliest we hear of his and Michael’s relationship is that they were friends in seventh grade. From an early age (he says he lost his virginity at fourteen), Brian is a gay man’s wet dream. He’s fucked 2/3 of Pittsburgh, and is completely unapologetic about his sexuality. Well, at least to the rest of the world. It’s different when it comes to his birth family.

Brian’s father Jack was a true SOB who used to take his frustrations out on his only son. Jack was very homophobic, and would berate Brian when he showed any sign of weakness, calling him a “fuckin’ fairy”. His mother, Joan Kinney, is an alcoholic ice-queen who loves the Bible more than her kids. She turned a blind eye and preached the wonders of Christian living while her husband abused their son. All we know about Brian’s sister Claire is that she got out of the Pitts in her twenties, she’s got a couple kids, and she actually liked Jack. Go figure.

All this screwed-upedness with his family led Brian to form his famous “I don’t do love” statement. But if you think he isn’t capable of it, you’d be wrong. We’re shown time and again that Brian is incredibly protective of his best friend. And he says it best himself:

“Anyone who hurts Mikey is the fuck my business”. – Ep. 403.

Oh, and nobody calls Michael “Mikey” but Brian. Just so you know.

Besides Michael, the other character on the show who can claim that connection with Brian is Michael’s mother, Deb. Yes, she doesn’t want to see Brian with her son, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Brian. She took him in as a kid, and it’s plain from the scenes between them that Brian sees her as a substitute mom. She worries over his lifestyle and gives him a good smack upside the head when needed, and though he tries to pretend that it doesn’t get to him, he obviously doesn’t mind it too much.

Another thing he doesn’t mind is legality when he starts fucking one Justin Taylor, seventeen years old in the pilot.

Brian/Justin: “What is this, adopt-a-trick?”

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Justin Taylor is a high school senior, who’s just figuring out what it means to be gay. His introduction into the gay life comes courtesy of Brian, who takes him back to the loft to fuck him. Apparently, in Justin’s world, some sort of eternal connection is formed through anal sex, since he starts calling Brian his boyfriend. He does this even though Brian has made it clear that he doesn’t do love and he especially doesn’t do boyfriends. The kid’s persistent, though, and eventually grows on Brian, for unknown reasons.

Michael and Justin hate each other from the get-go. Justin can’t understand why Michael still follows Brian around after so many years, and Michael can't figure out why the fuck of the night is still there the next morning. Most of Justin’s beef with Michael is due to his desire to be Brian’s one-and-only, and he knows he can never have the connection with Brian that Michael does. But Michael’s jealousy, OTOH, is based upon the fact that his own mother supports Justin’s relationship with Brian, which is based solely on sex, but will not support his and Brian’s relationship, based on friendship and loyalty.

Eventually, through seasons one, two, and three, Justin and Michael come to an understanding – as well as a creative partnership. Teaming up to create the comic book “Rage” has given them a common ground to meet on. Each can acknowledge the other’s place in Brian’s life, and as we see in Episode 112, even Justin can admit that it’s Michael that has Brian’s love.

Justin: He misses you. He's miserable without you. He loves you. He'll never admit it, but he does.

Michael: Brian doesn't love anyone. He doesn't believe in love, remember?

Justin: You're the exception.

See? Michael is the exception to the “no love” rule. Straight from the twink’s mouth, as well as Brian himself in 302.

You know what, just go read Angie's essay: after you’re done mine. She gives a much more concrete portrayal of a B/M-er’s take on Brian and Justin.

Now we get to more evidence of this pairing: canon.


Canon Support: “You two make a beautiful couple”

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This is going to be heavy on Season One and light on the rest of the show. Because after that it seems that Cowlip just forgot that these two were best friends, and supported each other long before anyone else came to Pittsburgh. There are some wonderful Brian/Michael moments in this section, and even more that I simply didn’t have room to list.

Ep 101 – “Why am I always Lois Lane?”

This episode is chock full of wonderful interaction between the two friends. It should be, considering it’s our introduction to all things QAF. And it contains the rooftop scene, where we get our first inkling of how devoted these guys are to one another.

That scene is where most of the B/M-ers fell in love with this pairing, and it’s easy to see why. Brian’s son Gus has just been born, and the “I’ll never grow up” Brian has got to deal with the fact that he’s now responsible for a child. Though we don’t know it yet, the reason behind this anxiety is that his own father wasn’t the greatest guy in the world (understatement of the year), and Brian’s convinced he’s going to screw up with his own son.

Michael follows Brian up to the rooftop of the hospital, and teases him about the exact thing he’s stressing over. The complete ease of the two friends is showcased here, because had it been anyone else but Michael, Brian would have insulted them and blown them off immediately. Instead, he asks Michael why he made this decision to have the kid in the first place. Michael doesn’t pull his punches: Lindsay appealed to Brian’s ego, and now he’s just got to deal with it. Brian’s solution (because he’s a total drama queen) is to jump up on the ledge of the roof, about ten stories up.

This really isn’t helping Michael, who yells at Brian to get down. But Brian wants proof that his best friend isn’t going to abandon him, and holds out his hand to Michael. The juxtaposition of fear and total trust on Michael’s face tells you everything you need to know about how much he loves Brian. Brian pulls Michael up on the ledge, and wraps him in an embrace. And I hate to get all cinematographer on you, but the shot of the two men on the ledge looking out at the city is fucking fabulous.

Image hosted by

Then we get a great exchange between them, which lets us see how well they know and relate to each other:

Brian: Come on Mikey, let’s fly. Like in all those comic books. I’m Superman! I’ll show you the world.

Michael: Why am I always Lois Lane?

And the smile that Brian gives Michael in response is quite possibly the most surprising thing Brian could do. It’s shy, and sweet, and totally genuine. This is not a guy who shows us himself very often, and you know it when he does. Michael wishes him congratulations on his son and punctuates his wishes with a kiss, and another hug for Brian, after which Brian buries his head in Michael’s neck. This is our first glimpse of the “Brian Kinney” which we don’t get to see too often. The one who’s not as cocky or as self-assured as he’d like us to believe.

Episode 109 - “Hey there, Sonnyboy”

We get a hell of a look into the psyche of Brian Kinney in this one. Brian gets drunk with his dad, who’s a grade-A jackass. And the really sad thing is that Brian wants his dad’s approval. He has so many opportunities to leave, and doesn’t take any of them. Later, he shows up at Michael’s apartment, ten sheets to the wind. We’ve seen Brian high on the show quite a few times, but he’s never been this fucked-up. The quiet whisper of Brian’s “Hey there, Sonnyboy” just gives me chills every time I watch it.

Right from Michael’s immediate reply of “Oh shit, you went to see your dad”, we know that this isn’t a one-time occurrence between them. Everything about Michael’s tone and behavior says that he’s been doing this for years, and it’s totally a testament to Hal Sparks’ performance. Michael gets Brian in the door, pries the bottle of JD from his grip, and wrestles him into his bedroom. He undresses Brian, and there’s utterly no tension there, which says a lot considering they could power all of Liberty Avenue with the UST. Michael cuddles up in bed behind Brian, who’s repeating Jack’s line of bullshit – “never should’ve been a family man”. Michael just shakes his head and asks when Brian is going to learn.

And Brian begins to sob. Brian Kinney, who refuses to even contemplate emotional attachments, breaks down and cries in his best friend’s arms. Gale Harold is utterly wonderful in this scene, where he switches so quickly from an almost cavalier tone in the beginning, to numbness when he switches over to Jack’s statements, and finally to a broken sob when he asks Michael why it “never changes. Not his bullshit. Not his life”. And never once during this scene does Michael break his physical hold on Brian, literally grounding him. This is a fabulous scene, and the one that cemented my love for these two.

Episode 110 – “Always have, always will”

This is the episode where we got as close to a declaration of love as we’re ever going to get from Brian Kinney. The gang is out on the PA turnpike and the car has broken down. While Emmett fixes the tire, Brian and Michael smoke a joint and talk about their relationship. And let me tell you, if I were stranded on the PA turnpike, I’d be smoking pot too. But the resulting conversation is so sweet, and the first time we get a hint that Brian’s got a real attachment to his adorkable best friend:

Brian: I know I can be shitty to you sometimes. I know that. But it's only because I know that you'll always love me, no matter what.

Michael: I do, you know?

Brian: I do too. Always have, always will. I don’t know how I could have made it without you.

And then Brian kisses Michael. Not a brush of lips, or hot and heavy makeout session (like in 103 or 212), but a sweet and practically chaste kiss. It’s totally worth the entire episode.

Episode 119 – “I never wanted that”

This episode deals with our first funeral on QAF, and Brian gets his fondest wish since childhood – Jack Kinney is dead. Michael has a chance to gain his own wish as well – sex with Brian, specifically – and chooses not to. Why would he ever turn this down? Well, it requires some explanation, as well as some recapping of the episode in question.

We first meet Brian’s mother, Joanie, before the funeral at Brian’s old house, and she’s a total and complete bitch. She’s more worried about whether people prefer sugar cubes to sugar packets than her husband being dead. She clearly terrifies Michael, and obviously looks down upon him and his mother. Brian, meanwhile, is dealing with his father’s death in patented “I-don’t-give-a-shit” fashion, meaning lots of illegal substances.

At the wake, Michael tells a story about he and Brian as kids, where Jack took them to Eastway Lanes to go bowling and Brian got a strike. Jack was so proud, he hugged Brian and spun him around. Brian, listening to Michael talk, doesn’t remember it the same way, and says that he wants to share his own story, which involves Jack telling Joanie to get an abortion when she was pregnant with Brian because he didn’t want another kid. And people wonder why Brian’s so fucking afraid of commitment.

Anyway, Brian continues drinking, smoking, and drug-using the remainder of the day, and Michael finally tells him off. Brian then recounts the real version of the bowling story. Apparently Brian did get a strike that day, but it was Michael who hugged him. When Brian gave Michael a kiss, Jack ridiculed them. Brian then shoved Michael away and ran off.

Brian’s obviously not in good shape right at that point. In a move pretty reminiscent of 109, Michael starts undressing Brian, but this time, Brian is coherent enough to turn it into a more sexual experience. He and Michael make out on the bed, and Brian reaches for Michael’s belt. But something’s not right, and Michael knows it.

Image hosted by

Michael: What are you doing?

Brian: Isn’t this what you always wanted?

Michael: What, some drunken fuck so you don’t have to think about your dad? I never wanted that.

And as Brian looks into Michael’s eyes, he knows he really doesn’t want it to happen like that either. And the actors pull this scene off as the staggering revelation it should be. I really can’t praise Hal and Gale’s work in this episode enough.

The next day, Michael gets a call from Brian at work, and rushes off to Eastway Lanes to meet him. Brian’s dressed up in Jack’s old bowling shirt, and talks Michael into joining him in a “homos vs. heteros” game. Michael’s terrible, but on his first try, Brian nails a strike – just like he did when they were 13. They celebrate in the same way, jumping up and down to the disgust of the other team. Brian’s response is fabulous:

“That’s right, the fucking fairies got a strike. The fucking fairies are jumping up and down. The fucking fairies . . . are gonna celebrate.”

Image hosted by

And have I mentioned I love the way Michael’s hand comes up to hold Brian’s head in place? So cute. Later, the two guys drive home from the bar, but Brian pulls over on a deserted street. Michael gets out to ask what’s going on, but Brian shushes him and rolls the ball down the street. He raises his arms and yells “So long Jack, you son of a bitch!”. And then he turns and looks at Michael, the grief finally catching up with him. He ends up crying in Michael’s arms for the second time this season, and we fade to black with Michael once again taking care of Brian. Best episode of the series.

Episode 122 – “You’re Brian Kinney, for fuck’s sake!”

It’s Brian’s thirtieth birthday, and he’s celebrating by committing suicide. Personally, I think the gang’s “Dead Faggots Society” mock wake for Brian is a better celebration, but hey, what do I know? Anyway, Brian goes shopping later with Lindsay, buys a white cashmere scarf, and decides to use it to hang himself in his loft. Oh, and while he’s hanging himself, he decides to make it a real “scarfing” by jerking off just as he’s hanging. Asshat.

He scares the hell out of Michael, who drives over to the loft, worried because he’s about to leave for Portland, and Brian’s nowhere to be found. He walks in just as Brian’s about to cut off his own oxygen, and pulls him down. Michael’s flipping out, and Brian’s pissed off because he wants to be like Hendrix and James Dean, who will “always be young and always be beautiful”. Michael replies that they’ll always be DEAD too. Brian apparently disagrees with Michael, and that leads us into a wonderful moment between the two friends.

Brian: Why do you always have to ruin everything?

Michael: Ruin? I'm saving you! Just like Toby Harper saved Captain Astro in issue 231 of Astro Comics when Captain Astro thought that he lost all of his super powers.

Brian: God, you are so pathetic.

Michael: No. You are! Don't you see that you still have your powers? And you always will. Whether you're 18, or you're 30, or you're 50, or you're 100. You will always be young and you will always be beautiful. You're Brian Kinney for fuck's sake!

And then Michael grabs Brian’s face and kisses him out of a mix of relief, fear, irritation, and love. He wraps Brian in his arms, and you can totally see the consequences of what he’d been trying to do hit Brian. He holds onto Michael like he’s going to disappear if Brian doesn’t keep hold of him, and we fade out on the two men.

Image hosted by

But the near-death experiences aren’t over yet. Brian has taken up Justin on his invitation to his senior prom, and shows up wearing a suit and the white scarf. And yes, I fully admit that I cried during “Save the Last Dance”, when Brian and Justin danced. Okay? I happen to like that song. And although I may not like Justin (even openly mock the annoying little snot), I thought it was wonderful he got to dance at prom with the guy he loved. Because let me tell you, the happiness doesn’t last.

Justin and Brian are leaving the prom, and Chris Hobbs (this homophobe who’s apparently gay enough to get a handjob from Justin earlier in the season) whacks him upside the head with a baseball bat. Brian breaks the kid’s kneecap, calls 911, and jumps into the ambulance with Justin. We cut to Michael, about to leave for Portland when he gets a call on his cell. He starts running back through the airport, leaving David sitting on the plane.

We cut back to the hospital, where Brian’s sitting on a bench, staring at the wall in shock. He’s remembering back in the pilot, when he, Michael and Justin were running down that hallway, laughing. Michael appears down the hall, and makes his way over to Brian. He doesn’t even need to say anything, just sits down beside Brian, and places a hand on his arm. At Michael’s touch, Brian’s eyes swing over to his best friend, and a tear runs down his cheek. He looks away, but you can tell he takes comfort in Michael’s presence as we cut to the credits.

Episode 218 – “You’re strong enough for both of us”

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God, this scene just hits you like a sucker punch, and that’s what’s needed. Michael’s boyfriend Ben is in the hospital after his new HIV cocktail backfires, and Michael’s been taking care of everything by himself. Finally, Michael breaks down and calls Brian, who immediately runs over to the hospital. Michael’s crying because Ben’s all drugged up and they won’t tell him anything. Brian immediately goes into protective mode. He wraps Michael in his arms, kissing his forehead and reassuring Michael that Ben’s not going to die.

Michael pulls himself together, saying he needs to be strong, that his mom was right – Michael can’t deal with Ben’s HIV and the reality that he’s going to die sooner than the rest of them. Brian’s response is so shockingly honest and heartfelt.

Brian: Your mom doesn’t know shit! Listen to me. Are you listening?

Michael: I’m listening.

Brian: The night Justin was bashed, I called you cause you were about to get on a plane. And you came here and sat with me for three days, waiting to see if he was gonna live or die. If it wasn’t for you, I never would have made it. It was because of you! You’re strong enough for both of us, and you’re gonna be strong for Ben, okay?

The look of utter gratitude on Michael’s face is only punctuated by his reassuring kiss to Brian, who then continues holding his best friend in his arms while he finishes crying. This scene is one of Hal and Gale’s best performances that season.

Episode 301 – “Just the two of us up there, alone”

Image hosted by

Brian and Michael are in Babylon, and Brian starts talking about “old times”. Michael starts grumbling “like you getting loaded and me taking you home”, but Brian disagrees. He says he means just him and Michael (Justin’s off with this cute violinist that he should have stayed with) and pulls him up onto a platform. This is where the fun begins.

Our two guys start dancing really close (not that this is a new occurrence, but this time there’s boatloads more tension there), and start seriously making out. And while Gale Harold should not attempt to multitask while dancing (as he’s already bad at it), it’s really kinda hot when Brian and Michael start going at it up on the platform where everyone can see them. Michael’s hand coming up to hold the side of Brian’s face, and Brian’s hand going right up Michael’s shirt is even more hot. We fade out on Michael’s VO – “Everything seemed to fade out, until it was just the two of us up there, alone”. Just like it should be, hon.

Ep. 407 – “Death can really hang you up the most”

Season Four is when Cowlip pushed Brian and Michael’s relationship completely to the wayside. This was done in favor of things like Justin’s “Pink Posse” storyline (WTF, right?) and Deb turning into a complete lunatic. But us B/M-ers really don’t like giving up hope and so were rewarded with this beautiful scene in episode 407.

Image hosted by

The Pittsburgh gang has just lost one of its own – Vic Grassi – to AIDS, and while Deb’s gone off the deep end, Michael’s busy pondering his own mortality. He and Brian are smoking up in Brian’s loft:

“I don't mean just Vic. It’s Ben and Hunter, too. Man, it's a horrible thing to say and I don't even like to think it, they could die just like him, and I'd be the one left to pack up their stuff, and turn out the lights.”

Brian disagrees, saying that nothing’s certain in life, and that they came into this world alone, and are going out the same way. But Michael wants the illusion that someone will always be there, and though Brian’s being jackassy as usual, he does promise Michael that he’ll always have him. And as Brian makes his promise, you can see a resolve and relief to his face that wasn’t there before.

But to fully understand the importance of this scene, you have to know one more thing – Brian’s just been diagnosed with testicular cancer, and as of that point, was going to forego surgery he didn’t know would actually help. Repeat after me, kids: “drama queen”. Brian didn’t tell anyone about the cancer (no, not even his boyfriend Justin), and was all set to just let himself die.

Then Michael comes along and unknowingly makes Brian’s decision for him. And we know because of the look on Brian’s face. When Michael asks him if he’ll “always have you, right?”, he finishes with a kiss to the back of Brian’s neck. Brian is facing the camera, and when he feels Michael’s kiss, he closes his eyes and exhales sharply in a half sob. He didn’t want to survive for himself, but for his best friend, he’ll go through the surgery and therapy to recover. And that bespeaks a bond that sometimes defies explanation.


Why I Ship B/M: “It’s not bullshit”

Image hosted by

I ship because they’ll probably spontaneously combust every television set in the country if they ever resolve that sexual tension – Michael’s canonically had sex six times in one night, and we all know about Brian’s never-ending libido.

Because of the wonderful 18 years of history: Captain Astro and Galaxy Lad. Patrick Swayze. Underwear parties. Mysterious Marilyn’s prediction. Guitar-playing at Woody’s. Rage and Zephyr. Brian’s shell bracelet. Taking E via tongue. Trips to the playground with Gus. Half-naked photo shoots. TUMS spelled backward. Brian’s secret blend of eleven herbs and spices. Cruising guys no-handed. Blindfolds at the baths. “Pull my plug”. Pigging out on take-out. And drowning your sorrows in buttercream frosting.

Because “no earthly force” can come between them, and that includes domineering mothers, steroid-abusing husbands and annoying blonde twinks.

And because even Cowlip knows – “it all comes back to Brian and Michael”.


How to Find Out More: “Coming or going? Or coming and staying?”

Image hosted by

This pairing’s got it all: wonderfully done vids, awesome screencaps, quality fanfiction, and some damn good sites to find it all on.









Yahoo Groups:

Fanfiction Recs:

- “Hello, Trouble” by Gypsybird and PatG -

- “Surrender Waltzing” by Sonny -

- “Giving Up Control” by sanitydreamer -

- “Alexander and Hephaestion” by Farrah – Found on the Brian & Michael Fic Yahoo Group.

- “Kiss Me” by Ultraviolet -

- “Enough of Reason”(Threesome warning) - - and everything else by xof1013.

Thank you so much for making it this far! It’s been a blast writing this essay, even though I’m still questioning my sanity.

All header titles are from the show, Seasons One through Four.

Notes: Much praise and adoration to mickfish for the screencaps, the beta, and the hand-holding. To the gang over at michaelandbrian and melancholy_rose for their generous input on all things B/M. To Bethii for sharing in the obsession, and Steven for starting it all. You guys all rock my world.
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  • Vecchio/Fraser (due South)

    Title: Alone they’re incomplete, but together they’re better than they are separately Author: Wynterhawk Spoilers: Some for seasons 1/2 Email:…

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