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black_rose in ship_manifesto

When the Whole World's Gone Crazy…I'll Believe in You (Gundam Wing - Heero x Relena)

Subject Line: Heero/Relena (Gundam Wing)
Title: When the Whole World's Gone Crazy…I'll Believe in You
Author: the Black Rose
Spoilers: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime series, Endless Waltz (movie/OVA), Blind Target (radio drama and manga), all canon manga, Endless Waltz Novelization
Email: destinysblackrose@hotmail.com
Personal Website: http://blissfulignorance.com

Special thanks to lori

When the whole world's gone crazy...I'll believe in you

Gundam Wing: Heero x Relena

To discuss whether or not this pairing is canon is a whole can of worms that permanently divides Gundam Wing fandom. I signed up to write a manifesto about Heero and Relena, so we already know what I believe, and I really don't feel called upon to be fair to "the other side" as it were. However, I will say two things in my very best attempt at unbiased fair play:

1. The producer, in an interview, reportedly said that he didn't have a talent for portraying boy/girl relationships; it wasn't something "on his mind".

2. The Heero x Duo (yaoi) pairing is the most popular in Gundam Wing fandom.

And now that I have that out of the way, I'm going to tell you all why I believe Heero x Relena really is canon as far as the writer of Gundam Wing is concerned, and even if I can't prove that to you beyond a shadow of a doubt, I can prove that it's the one true pairing of my heart.

Relena Darlian aka Relena Peacecraft

Relena Darlian Peacecraft

She is the adopted daughter of the Vice Foreign Minister of the United Earth Sphere Alliance, the richest girl in school, and can boast having traveled to space several times. When the series opens, it's the day before her birthday, and the first day of school. People talk about her and her upcoming birthday like she's practically royalty among them. Little did they know…

Her true name is Relena Peacecraft and she is the missing daughter of the Peacecraft royal family - the rulers of a kingdom named Sanq. Her father was deposed by the United Earth Sphere Alliance and her family killed - for advocating the policies of total pacifism. Her father, on Earth, was the counterpart of a beloved leader advocating the same policies in outer space. Heero Yuy, the colony leader, was working to unite the space colonies when the United Earth Sphere Alliance hired an assassin by the name of Odin Lowe to kill him.

Her family tree is filled with interesting branches. Unbeknownst to her, she has a brother, the heir to the Sanq throne, named Milliardo Peacecraft. He hides his identity beneath a mask and a pseudonym: Lt. Colonel Zechs Merquise; Zechs is a member of the Specials within the United Earth Sphere Alliance military, but secretly waits for the right moment to free his father's kingdom - willingly and knowingly abdicating his right to rule in favor of his sister, whom he fights to protect.

The adopted daughter of a political figure, the true child of a legendary ruler, the sister of vengeful soldier. And yet, when Relena describes herself in episode three, her exact words are: "I'm his (Minister Darlian's) disobedient daughter."

Relena herself is her own quirky puzzle. She's from a wealthy family (aka she's rich), surrounded by people who want to follow her - and this doesn't change later on - and yet, she's alone. Her father, Minister Darlian, takes her on his trips to outer space, but doesn't manage to spend any time with her. When they arrive back on Earth, he's immediately accosted by press and has to discuss some political business (Operation Meteor), leaving his not-yet-fifteen year old daughter to walk home. She's admired by one of the boys in her class, who even challenges the new guy that ripped up Relena's birthday party invitation. But we're given no indication that Relena knows of the boy's admiration. At fifteen, she's a pampered girl with a good heart, but somewhat starved for male affection; she wants her father's attention.

It's tough to go into Relena's growth in terms of character without bringing Heero into the equation. But, I'll try. She starts out as a young, naïve girl, who has been sheltered and pampered to a degree. I wouldn't call her spoiled because she's a far cry from Paris Hilton; Relena knows what suffering is, and she truly cares about other people. In the first season opening (Just Communication), we see her dusting the snow off of an abandoned teddy bear, and the depth of feeling, the sorrow in her eyes. When she becomes ruler of the Sanq kingdom, she risks the further ire of the Romafeller foundation by extending refugee status to some injured (opposing) soldiers. And throughout the series, she will know tragedy, be faced with some of the hardest decisions, be trapped in some of the most heartbreaking of situations. But she doesn't run away. She doesn't try to hide or cry 'poor me, why do *I* have to be put upon'. Instead, she faces every challenge head on, and does the best she knows how to do in an ever-changing and increasingly chaotic world.

Her one quirk is that she falls for the guy who threatened to kill her.

Interlude: Political Lesson

Heero and Relena

The year is After Colony 195...

At the beginning of the series, there are five space colonies or clusters; each space colony is essentially cut off from communicating with the other colonies, due to the oppressive policies of the United Earth Sphere Alliance. The United Earth Sphere Alliance is not a one-world government; the nations of Earth still seem to have their own autonomous governments, though the United Earth Sphere Alliance clearly controls some nations (such as the Sanq Kingdom).

Within the United Earth Sphere Alliance, there is a secret organization headed up by Treize Krushrenada called Oz (Organization of the Zodiac). They have control of the special troop of mobile suit (mech) pilots called the Specials. Oz or the Specials manufacture all mobile suits for the Alliance.

The five colonies each have a scientist charged with building a Gundam (Gundam = mobile suit made from Gundanium metal, which is virtually indestructible and mined in outer space) for the purpose of sending it and its pilot to Earth to start a revolution. This operation, sending the Gundams to Earth, is called Operation Meteor. It's important to note that each pilot and Gundam was sent independently of the other four.

The Alliance has its good guys and its bad guys. I could go into more detail, but all that you need to know is that not long into the series, Oz and the Specials (who again had control of all the Alliance's mobile suit forces) stage a coup d'etat and overthrow the Alliance. Oz's financial backer named the Romafeller Foundation becomes the governing body on Earth, and in turn, the space colonies. The Gundam pilots sent to Earth are now enemies of the state, and execution orders are issued for all five young men.

A while later, a rift forms within Romafeller, and their leader Treize Krushrenada steps down and is 'imprisoned'. The troops also split, so skirmishes pop up between the Treize Faction (those soldiers loyal to Treize), Romafeller, and remnants of the Alliance. Plus, we still have our heroes, the Gundam pilots, fighting to survive, and Relena leading an ever-growing group of pacifists in a peaceful rebellion against Romafeller.

Confused yet? Well we have yet another faction to add to the mix. By the end of the series, a new faction made up of space colony extremists and led by Zechs Merquise (Milliardo Peacecraft) and the Barton Foundation (Dekim Barton and Quinze Barton) called the White Fang declare war on Earth. Relena Peacecraft is asked to lead the Romafeller foundation, but steps down when Treize returns to his 'throne'.

Did I mention there's some political chaos?

What I wanted you to get out of this is some idea of the different players involved so when I mention Operation Meteor or Oz, you can refer back to this section and hopefully not get too lost. I'm hoping. I do realize the plotline is complex, and you wouldn't be the first to get lost.

Heero Yuy aka Pilot 01

Heero Yuy, Gundam Pilot 01

Heero Yuy is the name of the assassinated (and thus, deceased) space colony leader. Since the colony leader was killed about 20 years prior to Operation Meteor - which took place in episode 1 of the anime series - this section isn't talking about him. We're only going to discuss the nameless boy who was raised by an assassin and then trained to pilot a Gundam. This nameless boy was given the code name "Heero Yuy" for Operation Meteor - which marks the beginning of the space colonies' rebellion against the United Earth Sphere Alliance. He is also referred to as Pilot 01 when he is captured by Oz.

The Gundam pilot we know as Heero Yuy has no real name, no parents (to our knowledge), and no past - before he came to be assassin Odin Lowe's companion. In his episode zero (manga), we are introduced to him on his last mission with his mentor, who happens to be the same man who killed the beloved colony leader.

We learn that Odin was hired by members of the United Earth Sphere Alliance to kill the colony leader. This particular day, however, he has decided to kill the man who gave him the mission - General Septum. Odin appears to regret that he killed the colony leader, and I believe he knew he would die on this mission, which is why he told his 'son' that the young boy (Heero was 8) would be on his own from now on, and that this was his (Odin's) last mission. We're never sure what precisely Odin taught Heero; we do see Heero finishing his dad's mission (Odin asks him to pretend he is Odin's son. Heero responds, "Roger that, dad."). Heero seems at ease holding a gun, firing a canon, discussing military strategy, and detonating a bomb using a detonation switch (foreshadowing). Odin says that he has taught Heero all he needs to know about how to survive, and how to "settle down" into a new environment.

We do know Odin offers one memorable piece of advice to his adopted son: No matter what happens, always follow your emotions. Do what your heart tells you so you won't regret it later (this is often paraphrased as "the only way to live a good life is to follow your emotions" - which is the way Heero phrases it to Trowa Barton in the anime series).

Heero is as mysterious as his past. He's a survivor, despite the odds, a natural leader - by example rather than by any conscious attempts to lead - a kind person, and a strong person. He's also reportedly a very focused person; whenever he is focused on a mission, according to Dr. J, nothing will get in his way. Anyone or anything that tries to will be eliminated. Raised to know how to handle a gun from a very early age, he also knows military strategy, has a razor sharp intellect, seems to be an expert at computer hacking and blending into his surroundings, and his heart completely breaks when he makes an error during a mission and accidentally kills a little girl and her dog.

Not much of an assassin. We know he was trained by Dr. J and the Barton Foundation (during his Gundam pilot training days) to be the "perfect soldier" in terms of not letting human emotions get in the way of his mission. But Heero, despite his often one-dimensional and unfair characterization in fandom, is human. He gets angry; he has feelings, and sometimes those feelings do get in the way of his missions. And his humanity 'colors' several of his decisions throughout the manga and the anime series. The interesting thing to note is that it seems to, over time, happen more and more - Heero chooses the path dictated by his heart rather than following an order or deciding something is the most logical choice in his mind.

"If everything has gone crazy, then I'll believe in myself and keep fighting." Heero Yuy to Quatre Rababera Winner in Gundam Wing episode 24.

The "Little Prince" and the Princess

"But Heero was in one of those ships. Then...Does that make Heero...Is he a little prince?" -Relena Darlian, Gundam Wing episode 2

Did you see?

And now for the point of this essay - discussion of the Heero Yuy / Relena Peacecraft-Darlian pairing, evidence for it, why I love it (and why you should love it too).

I think most people would start with episode 1 of the anime series. Makes a lot of sense; sparks fly from the beginning, but I prefer to start with the first time Heero and Relena met: in Relena's episode zero, from the Episode Zero manga, and address some of Heero's actions in the "Operation Meteor" chapter of the same manga.

In A.C. 191, four years before the start of the series, a war orphan arrived on the steps of St. Gabriel Academy where Relena still attends class in episode 1. Her classmates comment frequently on how poor the boy looks, and how disheveled he is. They don't want to talk to him, and the boy spends a lot of time by himself; he's quiet. He and Relena bump into each other as she found him interesting and thinks how she wants to know more about him. It is said that there is no record of Heero being on Earth prior to Operation Meteor, and Relena doesn't know whether it was the same boy or not; however, according to the second part of her episode zero, he's using a code name Black Alpha and communicates to mission control that the Darlian estate may be a better refuge than St. Gabriel's - after the attack.

Clearly, this could be no one other than Heero Yuy, the Gundam pilot to be.

Relena narrowly misses being able to give him her personal introduction; quiet and reserved, she doesn't speak much to her classmates or even her mother, but she says she feels connected to him (Heero) somehow.

Back to A.C. 195, just prior to the beginning of the series, in the chapter of Episode Zero entitled "Operation Meteor", Heero is watching Minister Darlian and Relena at a small press conference. His mentor/guardian Dr. J tells Heero the Barton Foundation intends to assassinate Minister Darlian, so Heero has three choices: 1 - support the Barton Foundation and kill Minister Darlian, 2 - ignore the foundation and protect Minister Darlian, or 3 - forget the whole thing. Heero remembers Odin's advice to "do what your heart tells you", and then looks down (from the top of the building where he's standing) at Relena. She glances up at him, and he puts his hand up in front of his face - to prevent her from seeing him. In episode 1 of the anime series, Minister Darlian gets on the shuttle safe, sound, and alive.

It is my belief that Heero knows exactly who Relena is starting in A.C. 191. He ran into her then, remembers her four years later, and protects her father - for what reason? Because he did as his heart told him.

Two more noteworthy bits from the "Operation Meteor" chapter of the manga. The first is that Dr. J discovers Heero has added a self destruct mechanism to his space suit and the doctor decides to disable it - so it will misfire. Misfire it does, in episode 1 of the anime, when Heero tries to self-destruct after Relena sees his face/can identify him.

The second is that Heero recognizes Relena as soon as he arrives on Earth. In episode 1 of the anime series, after their meeting on the beach, Heero shows up at St. Gabriel's Academy (again). He is told to sit next to Relena, and goes immediately to the desk beside her without any additional instructions. He later threatens to kill her (in a spectacular show of ripping up her party invitation). And on the day of her party, she finds him at the marina about to launch torpedoes at his Gundam (to destroy it before the Alliance got their hands on it); she calls his name and he turns around with this soft look on his face and utters her name: "Relena." (He then promptly changes back to mission mode, aims his gun at her, and tells her to say goodbye).

The only explanation for how he could have possibly known who she was and where to find her, and why he would utter her name like a half-whispered prayer is if he had indeed seen her and remembered her from their several encounters throughout the Episode Zero manga.

So, what is the point? The point is, she's a rich, affluent girl with a kind heart who wanted to reach out to him when he was just a "poor war orphan", and she felt a connection with him the first time they met. In turn, he is a single-minded, trained assassin/mercenary who chooses to save her father's life when he follows his heart. His reaction to her in episode 2 is evidence that he may feel a connection to Relena as well.

But that's just the beginning.

I will protect you

"I promised that I would protect you. But in order to protect you and the Earth sphere, Relena, I have no choice but to fight. Please, let me fight." -Heero to Relena in Gundam Wing episode 48

So even you can be surprised Are you still going to kill me?

We never heard the original promise (to protect her). But despite his threats and opportunities to kill her, the trained assassin ended up saving Relena's life on several occasions. And she, in return, saved his.

The moral of the story is that Heero didn't really want to kill Relena…otherwise she'd be dead.

Evidence #1 - Assassins never warn their victims
In the very first episode of the anime series, Relena finds Heero lying unconscious on the beach. He washes ashore after crashing his mobile suit into the ocean, and is under strict orders that anyone who sees or can connect him to the Gundam has to die. Later in the same episode, he shows up at her school; Relena hands him an invitation to her birthday party, but Heero rips it up. As a tear trickles down her cheek, the new boy gently wipes it away, then tells her: "I'll kill you."

Evidence #2 - Assassins don't hesitate to pull the trigger
Lo and behold in episode 2, she shows up at the marina, and surprises him in the midst of an attempt to destroy his Gundam. After he turns and says her name (soft look, as I mentioned before), he aims his gun at her and he stops for a moment, his finger on the trigger when Duo shows up and shoots Heero instead.

Evidence #3 - He protects her from Oz
Skipping ahead to episode 6, St. Gabriel's Academy is holding a dance. Heero is about to skip town and move on to the next mission, when Relena hears he's been transferred. She goes up to his room, and barges in, asking him where he's going next. He again, aims his gun at her, and this time she tells him that he doesn't want to kill her when there are so many witnesses downstairs. Instead, she invites him to go to the party with her. He apparently accepts because the next scene of the St. Gabriel party shows the two of them dancing together. She asks Heero if he still has to kill her, and he says "Yeah." Relena says she understands, but she's on his side, now - since Colonel Une, under the Alliance's orders, had killed Relena's father in episode 5.

St. Gabriel's is attacked as Colonel Une goes after Relena, who knows that the Colonel is responsible for Minister Darlian's death. Heero mistakenly thinks Oz has found him, and takes to his Gundam. The students all run for cover, but Relena is caught in the school yard during the mobile suit battle - the top of the school building is demolished and is about to crush her when Heero's Gundam (the Wing Gundam) extends his shield to protect her. Heero keeps his mobile suit in place, taking fire from the enemy as the dust clears and Relena is indeed safe beneath Wing's shield. The pilot has no idea why he protected her, and after the Oz troops are called back, she stands and asks why he didn’t kill her. He can't answer. Wing makes a half-hearted swipe at her, but Heero can't do it. He can't kill her. Frustrated, he turns and blasts off - away to his next mission.

Evidence #4 - He still doesn’t kill her
Infatuated with the mysterious Gundam pilot, Relena spends some time trying to track him down. She catches up with him enrolled at another school, this time he's there with fellow Gundam pilot/semi-rival Duo Maxwell. Again, she's a threat to his anonymity (but so is Duo - Heero says he "stands out"), but he doesn't kill her.

Intent on delivering a message from the widow of one of Heero's accidental victims - Heero was tricked by Treize into killing the Alliance pacifists who wanted to lay down the military's weapons and stop exploiting the space colonies, including the leader Field Marshal Noventa - Relena flies a shuttle in the midst of Heero's battle with her brother, Zechs Merquise. Heero tells her she's in the way, and still doesn't kill her.

And finally, when her kingdom collapses in the wake of a vicious invasion by Romafeller's mobile doll troops (mobile dolls are mobile suits with artificial intelligence and need no pilot to control them), Relena is given a terrible choice: she can either become the leader of the foundation she hates, or let people continue to die in battle. When she becomes the figurehead of Heero's sworn enemy, he heads off to assassinate her, in order to eliminate what he believed to be a "fake peace". In the midst of her speech asking Romafeller to lay down their weapons and extend a hand of friendship so that Earth and the colonies can co-exist peacefully, Heero hesitates in pulling the trigger. In the end, he can't do it.

In turn for all the times Heero failed at killing her, and probably due to some of her own, more personal reasons as well, Relena saves his life on at least 3 occasions. In episode 3, when he's about to commit suicide by diving off a cliff and not opening his parachute, it's Relena's voice that calls him back. He opens the chute and narrowly avoids dying (he breaks his thigh bone instead).

The second time is when she flies in between his battle with Zechs - a battle her brother was winning. In Heero's defense, he was still recuperating from a month-long coma. And when he woke up, he imagined Relena sitting nearby (it was really Trowa's sister, Catherine).

Later in the series, as the princess of the Sanq kingdom, Relena offers a war-weary Gundam pilot and his comrade (Quatre Winner - the Gundam pilot from the L4 colony) sanctuary when Romafeller and the space colonies themselves have issued execution orders for all the colony rebels.

But Relena saves Heero in more ways that even he doesn't understand...

I'm Nothing Compared to You

Relena: "Heero, I must admit-you really are quite amazing."
Heero: "Look who's talking."
Relena: "No, Heero, that's not true. You've given me both hope and the strength to live. I'm sure that you make others feel just the same!"
Heero: "Don't make me repeat it. I'm nothing compared to you."
-From Gundam Wing Episode 46

Go ahead and kill me, Heero I promised to protect you. Please let me fight

In the course of the series, Heero goes from promising to kill Relena to promising to protect her. He makes good on that promise in Blind Target, Endless Waltz, and the last event in the timeline Preventer 5 (in the Episode Zero manga). He even amends it in Blind Target when he tells her "I promise to protect you, no matter who your enemy might be."

On the other hand, Relena goes from what I believe to be a school girl crush on the mysterious new boy to a more mature respect and admiration. And eventually it becomes love.

Evidence #1 - She trusts him above anyone else, even with her life
Back to the Party Night episode (#6), when Heero aims his shield and takes a swipe at her that narrowly misses, Relena doesn't flinch. Unlike in episode 2, where she genuinely looks scared of the boy who is pointing the barrel of a gun between her eyes, she stands her ground and stares up at the strange, vicious machine and asks him why he didn't kill her.

In episode 31, when faced with the fact that Lieutenant Lucrezia Noin (Zechs's close personal friend. Noin tells Relena that Zechs is Relena's brother, and also admits to Relena that she loves Relena's brother. Noin serves as Relena's protector in place of Zechs) has been fortifying Relena's pacifist nation with mobile suits and weapons, the princess asks Heero how he would run this country. He replies that he'd do it the same way as Noin and be able to mount a defense against invasion. Relena agrees to their recommendation saying: "How can I expect to come up with a position that the world can agree to if I can't even agree with the people closest to me?"

And finally, in episode 41, when Relena sees Heero on the balcony above her, aiming (again) his gun at her, finger poised on the trigger… She bows her head and gives him permission to kill her - trusting him to know what's best for the rest of the world, even if it means taking her life.

"He's someone we can trust. We'll be safe by his side." - Relena to her personal assistant (Chris) in the Blind Target manga.

Evidence #2 - She worries for him
What started out as a sympathetic interest in a poor boy that no one wanted to talk to (Episode Zero), changed to interest in a mysterious boy with a number of secrets (Episodes 1-2). Then it grew into something else… Something more like concern. She cares about him, as evidenced when she continued searching for him despite the reports he was dead (after he self-destructed his Gundam), and traveled to Antarctica to bring Heero the letter from Mrs. Noventa - so he would know that Mrs. Noventa forgave Heero for killing her husband.

She had to bargain with him to let her country protect him when Romafeller wanted him dead - offering to search for Heero's missing comrade Trowa Barton if Heero would stay in her kingdom, and "hide out" as a student. When she left to go to a meeting with the Romafeller representatives, Relena made him promise not to leave without telling her first.

And finally, in the Blind Target manga, she tells him outright: "You're a strong person. But don't ask me not to worry for you. Because I want to." - Relena to Heero in Blind Target manga #4

Evidence #3 - He's the strength she depends on
After her father died, Relena begins to look to Heero's example as inspiration to be strong in the face of a world that is rapidly falling into chaos. He seems to know what side he belongs to and what he believes in, and her world has completely fallen apart. Her father was murdered in front of her eyes; she was told that her parents weren't really her parents, and that she was in fact the heir to a kingdom. Her school is attacked and she is nearly killed, but Heero is her anchor, her grounding in reality.

"Let me stay by you a little longer. I want to be stronger, just like you." - Relena to Heero, Gundam Wing episode 9

"You've given me both hope and the strength to live." - Relena to Heero, Gundam Wing episode 46

I do believe in you

Heero: "Believe in me."
Relena: "I do. Believe in you. Yes, I do."
-Gundam Wing episode 48

Relena, I…It's over.  It's finally over

Their relationship is a subtle one - like a simple gesture that, if observed, would give away their intimacy. The trouble is, they're both quiet and reserved about their emotions; it takes a perceptive person to notice.

"It just goes to show how powerful that girl is to influence a guy like Heero." -Trowa to Wufei in Gundam Wing episode 46

But it's that subtlety that lends their relationship depth and maturity. Though Relena did go through a phase where she was infatuated with Heero, by the end of the series, and certainly by the end of the overall story arc, they both admired and respected one another.

Quatre: "She, Relena is so strong."
Heero: "The strongest."
Quatre: "I had lost sight of it-- The courage and strength it takes to really forgive someone."
-Blind Target manga #3

"You must be tired. The dreams of billions of people are riding on you alone. But you can do it. I know you can keep the world in peace." -Heero to Relena in Blind Target manga #2

Beyond the war, Heero seems to go back to the life he had before he became a Gundam pilot - surviving the way Odin taught him, and moving from place to place, school to school, and always incognito; his part of the battle for peace is over. Relena, however, is just coming into the hardest part of her fight, though her battles are fought with words, not weapons. When those she struggles against, however, raise a hand to strike, Heero is her "guardian angel" of sorts - always stepping in to even the playing field, and save her from danger. He risks his life to protect her.

"I will protect you, no matter who your enemy may be." -Heero to Relena in the radio drama Blind Target

They are two halves of one whole. The soldier and the pacifist; the princess and the pauper. He is the ultimate warrior who fought to defeat those that wanted to oppress the people of the colonies; she is the beloved Queen (former Queen of the World) who fights to maintain peace between people who don't always seem to want it. Without one or the other, the universe would tumble back into battle. And so two seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum come together to bring unity and peace.

"You've got an intensity in your eyes that hasn't changed since the first time we met." -Relena to Heero in Gundam Wing episode 33

"I cannot let this good chance escape because of you alone.... Farewell, Relena. Don't worry, I'll follow you right after." - Heero to Relena before the 3rd blast, translated excerpt from the Endless Waltz novelization.

"It's not a dream. That you're sitting here beside me. I know it's selfish, to want you always at my side. But sometimes, I want so much to see you..." -Relena to Heero in Blind Target manga #2

Theirs isn't a simple love affair. It defies categorization and transcends what one would normally expect out of two people who are still so young. Their relationship can't be defined by such easy means as the old adage "opposites attract", because Heero and Relena are the same: focused, caring, reserved, sacrificing. Both willing to die for what they believe in. And they believe in the same thing: Peace.

And within that peace, they believe in each other.

"I do, believe in you. Yes, I do." -Relena to Heero in Gundam Wing, episode 48


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AMEN! I can't see them with anyone else either, canon or otherwise. *HUGS* Thanks so much for reading my essay. :D

Much love,
It's nice being able to read the "other side" in a sensible manner - not that I am all that deep into GW fanfic though I admit a 1x2 fondness.
Excuse me if I think of this as fairly high praise - that I could be sensible to someone who isn't a professed fan of the pairing. Thank you very much for reading, and for the kind reply.

*glomps Rose* Excellent job!!! ^___^ Finally someone who clearly outlines our side of the story!
*glomps you* And have I told you lately how much I still giggle over that avatar?

Love you!

its often said in greek myth that Aphrodite, goddess of sexual love and beauty and Ares god of war had a child named Harmonia, goddess of balance. This pairing indeed proves that saying which is why i love it : )

good job composing this. This must of took you forever! or you probably had this stored some where in that head of yours and now was the time to let it all out : P

anyhoo, nice essay
-Valkyrie skye
ACCCCCCCK! No plot bunnies! *covers ears/eyes/nose/mouth*


You have a point, though, and I never even thought of it. Hmmmmm... *dreams of Heero as Ares* Oh hell. Anyway.

This must of took you forever! or you probably had this stored some where in that head of yours

Someone left me a review for one of my stories once saying something about the "twisting caverns of your mind".

All I have to say is...

Is it that obvious?

*hugs* Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. :)

Endless Waltz is a novel? I didn't know that. Anyway, very well written essay.
There is a novelization of Endless Waltz, by the writer of the original series, Episode Zero, and the movie Endless Waltz. It's not been translated into English (the novel), but it's where the info about Duo's friend Solo comes from, and Heero's statement to Relena about how he expects that the 3rd blast on the compound will kill her - but he'll follow her in death.

i really love relena/heero together but its hard to be open about it when a lot of people hate relena to bits, which leaves me mostly confused
*hugs* I completely understand. I've cosplayed as Relena at conventions, and have suffered some amount of verbal abuse for it. *shrugs*

My true opinion is that people often hate things in others that remind them of themselves. Therefore, my best guess as to why people hate her so much is that they unconsciously identify with the fact that she acted a bit rashly at the beginning of the series when it came to her crush on Heero. However, unlike their own experiences, Relena's 'crush' returned her feelings - she got the attention or returned affection that these girls watching the show never received. And thus, enmity was born.

That's my best guess. My other guesses have to do with maturity levels and connection with reality, but I'll save that discussion for a much later date.

Anyway, I was lucky, I guess. When I got into fandom, I knew the pairing I liked and went searching only for stories about them, so for the first year or so I had no idea how many people hated her and liked/swore by 1x2. And by then I was fairly confident with being online and talking with other people - so others' opinions, while they bothered me when phrased in particular ways, didn't deter me from being open about what I liked.

But I do understand your feelings. If you want to join a community that's geared towards 1xR - my website has a fanfiction forum for fans of the pair.


You can also check out Aishiteru: http://yaoijanai.com

Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

*finishes reading*

Thank you, Rose. I'm not the biggest 1xR shipper, but I still loved this to boot. Well written, with good bases - what else can be said...? :)

But am I evil because I wish to see now a 1x2 manifesto? *pokes Freya aka bobbissimo in BAD places *
*is poked* My essay's due on April 17th, which gives me plenty of time to perfect it and make it as cool as Rose's. ^.^

In celebration of this wonderful essay you've conducted, once I'm able to figure out how the hell this community works, I hope to post a Duo/Heero essay, that's equally strong and un-biased as this one. Not once did you speak of resentment for 1x2, nor did you even compare 1xR to 1x2. I'm extremely impressed by this essay and simply adore you. *massive glomp*

I read through the whole thing, and yes, as you know, I fully agree that Heero and Relena care about each other profoundly. You know what 'ships I go for, but who says a 1x2 fan can't be open-minded? ^_^ I'm going to pimp the hell out of this essay on my fanwork journal, once I get done with the other billions of things I need to do. ^^;

*glomps you again* You totally rock! =D
I guess it didn't even occur to me to write about the fandom or resentment of the 1x2 pairing. I don't resent it. I just wrote about what I saw in the show.

I'll be honest in that 1x2 isn't my favorite pairing, but I've found it really makes me happier to avoid it than to try and reconcile it with my own observations/feelings. I chalk it up as, if writing/reading/drawing, etc. the 1x2 pairing makes someone else as happy as the same activities for the 1xR pairing make me, then I'm not going to knock it or try to deprive someone of what brings them joy.

Good luck with your essay! :)
I adore this article!! And this coming from a devout 1x2 shipper. ^^

As I see it, both pairings make sense...fans see what they want to see. Relena is, despite bashing, one of the most important characters on the show, and a damn interesting one. The Heero/Relena relationship, which can be chalked up to either friendship or love, but nothing less than a deep connection, is valid in the same way the Heero/Duo relationship is valid. When it comes to pairings, the show is rather vague, letting us believe pretty much what we want.

Besides, I like Relena; she reminds me of me. ^^

Congratulations for writing a fabulous essay!
I can't say I personally agree with several of your statements. But since the community is geared to taking manifestos for just the purpose of "explaining why we like the pairing", then I choose to not argue the finer details. ;) Let me iterate that I'm not offended at all, I just don't personally agree with some of what you said. As I'm sure there were things in my manifesto you probably didn't agree with as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read it (I know it was long), and the kind comment. :)

*applauds* Finally, some pro-Relena, pro-1xR fans! ^__^
*hugs* Thanks so much for dropping by and reading. :)

I applaud you for a fantastic job on your essay. I'm fairly new to Gundam Wing, and Relena fascinates me, as does her relationship with Heero.
Again, awesome job. :)
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading! :)

I haven't got time for a lengthy comment, but I just wanted to say that with this essay you've helped me remember all the reasons I like Heero/Relena. It's grown on me over the years. There's something so very poignant about it. Heero and Relena have such tragic childhoods, and are so isolated emotionally, yet they find each other to believe in...

That moment when they say goodbye on Zechs' space station (I can't remember what it's called right now - Peacemillion? Or was that the good guys' ship?) and he smiles at her and gives her THAT LOOK...it gets to me every time I see it. Even the first time I watched the series, when I was not yet that into those two characters.

Anyway, good essay! I'm glad you wrote this.
with this essay you've helped me remember all the reasons I like Heero/Relena.

I know you like them, you just *pokes* don't write them enough. *pokes pokes* ;)

It's grown on me over the years. There's something so very poignant about it. Heero and Relena have such tragic childhoods, and are so isolated emotionally, yet they find each other to believe in...

*nods nods* And yet there's an undefinable 'other' quality to it, too. If I can ever name it (that quality), I'd probably be bereft of story ideas forever... But...he's an anchor for her idealism - not because he doesn't believe in it, but because he does. And she saves him from some place inside that had lost hope, and gives it back to him again.

On another note, I hear the comment often that Relena reminds him of the little girl, and that's why he does what he does; but re-reading Episode Zero when I wrote this essay, I believe that he met Relena first, and the little girl reminds him of Relena - the only (other) person who looked at him like he was human and tried to talk to him.

he smiles at her and gives her THAT LOOK...it gets to me every time I see it. Even the first time I watched the series, when I was not yet that into those two characters. Anyway, good essay! I'm glad you wrote this.

Thanks so much for reading this, Rachel. And YES, "THAT" look is amazing...coupled with him ASKING her if he can fight (since when does he ask anyone if he can do anything?). Darn the luck that the director didn't let us see what went on just before that scene. :(

But, I've never understood how that look DOESN'T get to people. It absolutely floored me - how open his face was, how suddenly it all came about (he was almost joking with her when he said he'd make a bet...). I KNOW SOMETHING HAPPENED that we didn't get to see! *whines* He's like this completely other person at that moment. It's so very touching and sweet.


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