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Buffy/Angel (Buffy/Angel Fandom. Heh.)

Title: B/A: Agony, Ecstasy and Hope
Author: Ducks, theantijoss
Spoilers: Explicit, through the end of both series
Email: ducksfanfic@yahoo.com
Personal Website: http://ducksfanfic.denialbubble.com

B/A: Agony, Ecstasy and HopeCollapse )


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I knew this was going to be good so I put on "Close Your Eyes" and listened to it fully once before reading this. (Mistake. I was a blobbering mess.)

It's strange to think my first real encounter with the online fandom was with you and your writing - way back in the end of S2 when we hadn't yet been scared by Becoming or any of the pain that came after. I travelled to one of your earlier boards and never really stopped visiting - and it's been at least six years. And B/A means more to me now then it did then - thanks for putting all those feelings into words. Great, great job.

(... and I hope the muse stays active because I want to keep on reading fic from you for a long, long time, ok? *g*)

Re: Wow...

I don't get to see alot of vets anymore! *hugs you madly* I'm so proud you liked it.

I don't see me ending my writing career anytime soon. :)

can you say "WOW:?

I;ve never posted for any of the stories or essays I've read before, but after reading yours and seeing just how greatly you described the upas and downs of the B/A ship I figured what the hell. Bravo and very well done. I think you hit on just about everything that conveys the B/A ship.

~and i may also add that i think i may as well start stalking you. by the way love your work. espically "Stages of Grief". made me cry~


Re: can you say "WOW:?

Aw. Thank you. It's funny, this stuff makes me cry when I'm writing it, too. *G* *hugs*



It's been 8 odd years. I fell in love with B/A from the very first season and it only grew in the 2nd and the 3rd. Grant it, I lost it somewhere around early season 5, and began to ship Buffy and Angel with others. But it only took repeats (FX) of earlier season, to draw me back in, and my love for that couple has never been higher. You've managed to put into words my feelings while making me a bit teary.

Personally, the fact that fans can feel so strongly for a television couple 5 years after they went their seperate ways, says a great deal. There is just no getting over B/A.


Re: Wow!

There is just no getting over B/A.

*sigh* *hugs you* Thanks, Lisa. I agree. Obviously. ;)

You can still make me cry

You've effortlessly and beautifully summed up the perfection that is the B/A relationship. Like you, I'm still here, shipping B/A. For 8 years. EIGHT YEARS! *sigh*

The pairing evokes in their fans (and creators) emotional words and catchphrases like Passion, Forever, Always. Transcendent. Eternal. Innocence. We believe they represent to one another that impossible dream of a future where they can rest and live the peaceful lives they've always dreamed of, free of the burdens of their identities and destinies. She was a break in his endless storm – a Moment of Perfect Happiness that, ironically, almost destroyed the world. He was the only one who she truly let in to her heart.

This is the epitomy of B/A. Why I loved them then and continue to love them and have hope for them. Always and Forever.

That's the essential pull of them – the claddaugh personified. Love, loyalty and friendship. Basic, simple, tender affection. A gut-level draw to one another that defies the natural order of things, making you hope that maybe, just this once, love *can* conquer all. All set to a backdrop of horror, violence and death that seems like it should make such feelings impossible.

YES! Love, friendship, loyalty. Flowing in and out of each other's lives but never out of their hearts. Buffy and Angel are never OUT of love....only out of time.

They have so much in common now that Buffy and Angel are better suited for one another than they ever were in the days of graveyard smoochie-thons. Both have had time to learn and grow.

I have said this a thousand times. To see their separate journeys so closely mirror each other, to know that even apart, they are linked, walking the same path, being drawn closer together in terms of life and emotional experiences. They are even more suited for one another today than they ever were back then. They make even more sense now. And I want them together even more now.

Thank you. This is a truly beautiful essay and it makes me all glowy with B/A love.



Re: You can still make me cry

*cuddles you* Thank you, honey! I've been all weepy for days, writing this!
Good lord, woman! Your essay is exceptional... but that's hardly surprising since you wrote it!

I don't think I've ever heard or read a better description of what makes B/A our incomparable OTP. I agree with every word. Brava!
Thank you, darling! *smooches you sloppily* Glad I was able to do our beloved OTP justice. ;)
This was so beautiful and powerful...just when I think my love for the ship is fading, you bring it all rushing back so strongly. I really need to go watch those eps again. Thank you. :D
I love evoking the B/A love. I'm so glad you liked it! :) Thank you for feeding back!
Brilliant :). When Im asked why I ship B/A I can never really put it into words, but you have done it perfectly. Thank you for sharing :)
Thank you for reading and feeding back!

Believe me, it wasn't easy for me to put it into words like this either! I'm glad people are receiving it so well! :)
Just to echo kita0610, "Yeah baby". *BG*
*slurps you*

I think everything that can be said about this has already been said, but I just had you say:
You perfectly illustrated everything, for me at least, that defines the B/A 'ship. Clearly, concisely, and beautifully, you spelled it all out.
Wonderful job, and don't you dare ever doubt your essay-writing skills again!
Wonderful job, and don't you dare ever doubt your essay-writing skills again!

Hee! Okay, okay! And thank you! *smooch*

Your LJ name still makes me chuckle every time I see it. *G*



This essay was absolutely wonderful! A perfect summation of B/A...the love, the angst, everything. I was crying and smiling through the whole thing. Great job


Re: Wonderful

Thank you so much! I cried writing it, I'll tell you what. ;)

B/A Essay

Wow...this was just...wow...
Wonderfully well said and all....amazing.
Im so glad there are people out there like yourself that can write so damn well.
Thank you for sharing this with us all.
*sniff* Great job

Re: B/A Essay

Thank you for reading and feeding back! And for the sniffle. ;)
That was awesome Ducks! You captured everything in my opinon! Thank you for writing a wonderful piece for our beloved couple b/a!!

I bow down before you..all mighty..lol
Great job
Hee. Thanks, honey! I'm glad you liked it. *hugs*
Yes, yes, impassioned plea! And entreaty to Joss to PLEEEASE give them some happiness! ;)

Futile, I know, but how can I not?

Thank you for the feedback!
Hmmm, what can I say. Never realy liked or disliked B/A. (Still better than B/S and B/R though; Riley? Who's Riley?). It's mostly because of Angel who always becomes such a whimp when he is with her. I also don't like how the relationship started. He gets her on a golden plate (in the wrong way; something you should have adressed to) and I can't remember ever saw him being grateful for that.
Becoming II, her pushing him into Hell never worked for; not after what Angelus has done. (Her speech in Prophecy girl to him and Giles worked much more). You turning it into a plus. Hell, she couldn't even kill him right after he had killed Jenny. (She didn't have a stake with her and Kendra had to give her own!)

That said, are the moments that I do like Buffy/Angel. Oh, yes. Only after Revelations. Until Angel agreed with Buffy's plan to make Faith look black. (That's what I mean with being her whimp). And him draining Buffy in Becoming is not what I call a plus. She's a fool for his love, but is that a reason to like a ship?
Obviously, we disagree very strongly, but thank you for commenting. :)
Well, their story does have epic vibed. Don't see them as heroes though. More as people who *try* to be heroes.

I'm 'fraid that we'll never know if they ever gonna be together :)
Luckily, that's what fanfic is for! :)
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