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theantijoss in ship_manifesto

Buffy/Angel (Buffy/Angel Fandom. Heh.)

Title: B/A: Agony, Ecstasy and Hope
Author: Ducks, theantijoss
Spoilers: Explicit, through the end of both series
Email: ducksfanfic@yahoo.com
Personal Website: http://ducksfanfic.denialbubble.com

B/A: Agony, Ecstasy and HopeCollapse )


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Ok, you made me cry and that just won't do. *sniff*

This was beautiful, Ducks. And why were you worried? *g*

Absolutely brilliant! Thank you, sweetie.
*squorshes you, then hands you a tissue* Thank you so much for arranging this. I can't tell you what writing this out, struggling with it, has done for me! Magical and cathartic. *sigh*

*squorshes you again for good measure*
*smooches you hard*

I am so glad you did this, Ducks. Not only was this essay a pleasure to read (because, you know, you can write, baby!), but it was an unexpected joy to have set out in front of me all the reasons why B/A are such a powerful draw. If you get them, if you buy into their mythos, if you actually saw the look on Buffy's face when she saw Angel in the tomb at the end of BtVS...you'll know what I know...and what *you* know and so eloquently demonstrated here:

Buffy loves Angel. Angel loves Buffy.

Just *sniffle*, because that's why B/A are my OTP, eight years and counting. Really well written essay - you stormed it!
*Hugs you* Thank you so much.
I don't know what you were worried about. Fabulous job. I can feel your love for B/A in every sentence. A real manifesto.

::toddles off to read some B/A, about which I am woefully ignorant::
Now all I need's a berret and a hand gesture. *G* Thank you so much. Good luck with the reading! :)
Beautiful, beautiful essay. All the reasons why they'll always be my favorite pairing you've managed to articulate in a compelling, passionate essay. Bravo!
Thank you! It means a lot that you liked it! *hugs you fiercely*
You gave me goosebumps.

And you said you weren't an essay writer. ^_^

Everything that's ever written- regardless if it's fanfic, novel writing, essays- as long as it comes from the heart and as long as you believe in what you're writing, you can't ever go wrong. The proof is here, is in all of your writings.

Fabulous job, Ducks. :)
*sniffle* Thank you so much. It just seemed like such an awesome task at the time! *hugs*
Wow. I am normally don't appreciate B/A after the third season of BTVS, but you really made me think and see a lot of things that I didn't see before.
Wow, really? That's awesome, thank you. I was actually surprised at how parellel their lives have become, myself!
This was a beautiful essay and it summarized everything a B/A shipper could possibly feel. You did it with awesome humor, beautiful feeling and honest opinions. Well done and here's to the future of Buffy and Angel!

Lots of love,
Slainte! *hugs you* Thank you for reading and feeding! Hee.
That was just....*snif* beautiful. Great job, sweetie!

Well, let's face it: in the beginning, she is a horny teenager who sees a obscenely hot guy and turns to goo.

This made me LOL because even though I haven't been a teenager in...well, a long time...I had the same reaction the first time I saw Angel.

That's the essential pull of them – the claddaugh personified. Love, loyalty and friendship. Basic, simple, tender affection. A gut-level draw to one another that defies the natural order of things, making you hope that maybe, just this once, love *can* conquer all. All set to a backdrop of horror, violence and death that seems like it should make such feelings impossible.

YES! You got it, babe!

Thanks for this, really. As much as I've loved them over the years, I could never explain it well enough. So now, whenever I get questioned on my B/A shippiness, I'm going to send them a link to this and say, "Yeah, what she said!"

Take care,


This made me LOL because even though I haven't been a teenager in...well, a long time...I had the same reaction the first time I saw Angel.

Heh. Me too. I think there may have been actual drool involved. *G*

Thank you, babe! I'm so glad you dug it. *smoochies*

It's about hearts

Must join the tissue brigade *sniffle*.

Wonderful is the best word that describes what your are and what your heart feels about all that is B/A. I raise the banner proclaiming that you are the "pro's' pro!!

Strength, renewal and hope. Thank you for sharing yours in the love that is B/A.


Re: It's about hearts

Thank you, my awesome friend and delicious cheerleader! *squishes you*


That was perfect, babe, absolutely perfect. I would have found the task of writing a B/A essay more than daunting, myself. I don't know how you distil 8 seasons worth of passionate love for this pairing into a page or two of text. I'd have had to write a novel. (Which, come to think of it, may account for how long most of my fics get to be...*G*) Outstanding job. Thank you for representing the B/A fandom so brilliantly. And, on a personal note, it was humbling to find that you consider two of my fics amongst your top five. Thank you for that, as well. You're own SO contains some of my favoirte B/A fanfic imagery, and one of my most favorite B/Aus lines in any fanfic, ever: "I love you. Now burn in hell." Which always makes me go "Gah!" Much love and smoochies. You surely deserve them.


Re: Perfect

I would have found the task of writing a B/A essay more than daunting, myself.

Oh, don't even GO there, girl. *slurps you madly* You're the QUEEN of B/A essays. I was going to come and beg you to take this assignment instead of me. Your fic is on my list because you put the *essence* of them on paper with such passion, and devotion and drama and pain and everything else... they're just IN YOU. That's why you're my idol, and I LOVE YOU MAN!!! *squorshes you*

Thank you so much. You know how I get all wiggly and squealy when you praise me.
you already know i love this, but i just thought i'd say it again. great job m'dear. simply fabulous.
Thank you so much for your help. Those cuts made a WORLD of difference!!! *hugs you*


This is an incredible essay. You have always been a champion for the B/A ship and I appreciate that. It has helped this fellow fan to enjoy this ship once again. Thank you!

Re: outstanding!

Thank you for reading and commenting! *hugs* It's been very therapeutic to work on this!
Thank you for reminding me why I fell for B/A in the first place, and why I still continue to believe in them. Amazing essay, thanks for sharing :)
Thank you for reading/commenting! *HUGS*
Ohohoh. Beautifully done. I've heard it said that Buffy and Angel's relationship is immature, unseasoned. And I supposed the argument is being made that this somehow translates to "irrelevant" or "unrealistic."

You've done a fabulous job of illustrating how their relationship is the furthest thing from immature. How they've managed to continue loving each other and how their love has evolved over the years, past epic and personal (and epically personal) trials that would have destroyed other people. At the very least, would have/should have made them resistant and bitter towards each other - were they not the people that they are and their love as constant as you depict it.

All sniffly now. Bookmarking this and looking forward to hitting your recommendations up. Thank you.
Thank you for commenting! I'm so glad you liked it. *hugs you*

I wanted to portray some of the levels of their relationship that some non-fans might not think of. I'm pleased I succeeded!
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