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theantijoss in ship_manifesto

Buffy/Angel (Buffy/Angel Fandom. Heh.)

Title: B/A: Agony, Ecstasy and Hope
Author: Ducks, theantijoss
Spoilers: Explicit, through the end of both series
Email: ducksfanfic@yahoo.com
Personal Website: http://ducksfanfic.denialbubble.com

B/A: Agony, Ecstasy and HopeCollapse )


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That really was quite brilliant. Logical and passionate all at once. You paint a poignant picture.

Because every hero's heart deserves a home

Dude. This deserves an icon. So. I got the urge. I hope you like it.

I made a B/A. Dude. It has to be all that Margot LaFaye fic I've been reading lately...
SQUEEE! *jumps up and down*

*then goggles in shock*

YOU made B/A! I LOVE IT! *squorshes you* Thank you so much for the prezzie and the feedback!
AH Ducks, that was ABSOLUTELY fantastic. You blew me away. I expected it to be amazing...cuz well YOU wrote it. But this? This?

This is just the epitome of why I'm a B/Aer. No bullshit. Plain, simple.

~A nostalgic Karla *sob*
*hugs you fiercely, also sobbing* Thank you. I'm all squishy and nostalgic, too!
Gah. I'm just bursting with love right now. I'm feeling it, baby.

*runs off to pimp*
*squorshes you* Thanks, baby! And for the icon, too. :)


Bravo dear. That was great. I loved it.

Will highly recommend. *g*

Re: Essay

Thanks, honey. Feel free to share. :)
I'm one of those few, those precious, fanfic readers who don't have an OTP. I read almost all the pairings, and "get" almost all of them.

I appreciate your including fanfic sites in your manifesto; it makes it easier to find "the good stuff", and gives a "non-OTPer" like myself some good sites for those reading nights when I'm in an Angel/Buffy mood.

I've read a few Angel/Buffy stories; some I've liked; some I haven't. The ones I have liked, like Leni_ba's and Vatrixta Cruden's and Chrislee's have been very good, and have given me much enjoyment.
Ducks you did a good job. Well done.
Thank you. You know how I toiled -- I'm glad it came out all right. *hugs you*

B/A manifesto

*sniffle* That was absolutely beautiful hun. I love how articulate you are and wish I could be half as good at expressing myself. The easiest way I've found to explain why nothing will ever top B/A for me in the Whedonverse is because I love Buffy and Angel and they were at their best when they were together. In reality, there's more to it and you manage to say it for me so well.
your B/A fanfic 'ho

Re: B/A manifesto

*massive hugging* Thanks baby. I had to struggle a LOT to be even that clear. I'm so glad you liked it!
Smooch...........You have again blown my socks off. You got to the heart and soul of our couple with such ease.

I will just have to to quote Wayne and Garth:

"I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy."

Loce ya babee
*squorshes you* Thanks, baby!
Wow wow, what a great essay. Ditto to *everything* everyone else has said. I've always loved B/A, and despite times when my own heart almost gave up, I didn't. For some reason, I just couldn't, and I'm sure it's because when it comes down to it, you're right, B/A is about hope. Thank you so much for saying such beautiful things about B/A.
You're welcome! Thank you for reading, honey! :)
Excellent job, I don't think I could begin to describe why I ship B/A.

Season 4 was the first season I'd watched and I actually didn't hate B/R but the few minutes of interaction between Buffy and Angel in 'the Yoko factor' was enough to make me a B/A shipper. Then I watched the first 3 seasons and fall completely in love with this ship.

I really loved you essay; you explain why this ship is so amazing so eloquently.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
Very well-written. Definitely a task more daunting than any ship because it does appear throughout all the seasons.
It was a big job. I wasn't sure I'd survive! Thank you for reading! :)

Thank you for this wonderful essay Ducks. You made me reminice for the good old days. (Back when I had 7 B/A centered sites, lol)

I have tears in my eyes because everything that you said is *exactly* how I feel about them as a couple and as individual characters and you said it so beautifully.

Even though I've moved on to different fandoms and new ships, I'll always remember B/A, for it was my first beloved ship and it still has a special place in my heart.
I'll always remember B/A, for it was my first beloved ship and it still has a special place in my heart.

*sobs* Precisely. Thank you!!!
making you hope that maybe, just this once, love *can* conquer all.

Yes. That's what makes me LOVE them, just that little hope of happily ever after and that's made even more poignant by how impossible and unlikely it is. I agree that Buffy and Angel are about hope, hope that they could work out, and then the idea that two warriors who by definition are alone aren't alone.

This essay made me all ditzy and emotional and wanting them together or something because whether they're together or not there's something incredibly beautiful about their whole story that makes me all achey.

By the end, they are old and battled-scarred, separated by seemingly still impossible odds, insurmountable issues, time and space, years of separate lives, other lovers, a bleak and probably short future, unspoken resentments and old, still-bleeding scars...
Yes, even after all of that, I still ship them and I guess it's pretty special that a lot of people can feel this strongly about a couple from a TV show.

I haven't updated my Buffy/Angel site in quite some time, but I'm not planning on closing it anytime soon because things like your essay make me realise how much I love this ship. Thank you for writing this beautiful essay! I had to make a B/A icon because I realised I had none in my userpics which is just not good.
They do stay with you, don't they? *hugs you* B/A 4EVA! *G*
I agree with Kita---why were you worried about this essay? An essay, just like a closing argument, is not really an argument in the sense that people use that word. An essay is just talking to your readers, telling them what you think. You've done this beautifully, convincingly. You had me at "I approach this from Angel's POV" because I may as well call my LJ "House of Angel."

I hug you and your essay.

Don't quite agree with it, but who cares? You should do more of this!
*essay and I hug you back* Thank you! I was worried because... well, because of the reasons I said in the essay! *G* I'm so glad people have responded so positively to it! *dances*

Yeah, you know, we Angel Ho's have to stick together, no matter where we stand or who we ship him with. ;)
*sniff* This was wonderful. You made me rediscover my B/A love. Must go read Phoenix Burning again...
Thank you, honey. *hugs you* yahtzee63 really hit it out of the park with that one!
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