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otp of green

wildreality in ship_manifesto

Connor Hawke (Green Arrow)/Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)

Title: The Pairing of the Green
Author: wildreality
Fandom: DC Comics
Couple: Connor Hawke (Green Arrow)/Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)
Spoilers: Green Lantern up to Rebirth, Green Arrow up through the end of Quiver, JLA (current run) issue #15

The Intro

One is an ambiguously gay multiracial Buddhist archer. The other makes hard light constructs with the most powerful jewelry in the universe. They fight crime!

The Boys

"I'm just... uncomfortable... with women."
Connor Hawke, son of the original Green Arrow Oliver Queen, was raised by his half-black, half-Korean mother Sandra 'Moonday' Hawke. As soon as he was old enough, he convinced his mother to send him to an ashram in Napa, CA, where he remained, training in archery and hand-to-hand combat, until he was reunited with Ollie after Ollie retired from being Green Arrow. After a couple assassins went to the Ashram to kill Ollie, he and Connor took off to figure out what was going on, with the help of Eddie Fyers, a gun-slinging mercenary. Then Ollie died (he got better).

While Ollie was dead, Connor officially took up the Green Arrow mantle, and he and Fyers went on a world tour of crime fighting and saved Connor's ashram. Twice. When Ollie came back, he and Connor became co-Green Arrows in Star City, which is where he is now.

Connor is one of those characters who even the average fanboy is willing to admit is kind of gay. In fact, pretty much the only person who doesn't think Connor is gay is Connor. Well, and the writers. This is because Connor is not good with women. Also, kind of clueless. Okay, really clueless. And often uninterested.

"Some of us like our secrets."
Kyle Rayner was also raised by a single mother, after his father abandoned them. It turns out that his father was involved in top secret government stuff and had to leave to protect them, but since Kyle grew up not knowing that, he was pretty resentful. Also worth noting is that Kyle's dad is Mexican, which makes Connor/Kyle the most ethnically diverse OTP ever.

While Connor has a legacy to deal with, it's nothing compared to Kyle's. Even ignoring the countless Green Lanterns throughout history, there were four Green Lanterns on earth immediately prior to Kyle getting the ring. One of these, Hal Jordan, is often considered the greatest Green Lantern of all time, until his hometown got blown up and he went crazy, killing most of the other Green Lanterns and the Guardians of the Universe in an attempt to undo history.

Enter Kyle. Ganthet, the last Guardian, made a new ring without the previous rings' weaknesses. Seemingly by chance, he gave this ring to Kyle, who spent a long time trying to prove himself to those who had worked with Hal and the other GLs.

Unlike Connor, Kyle does pretty well with the ladies, dating several of the spandex set's hottest, though he's currently single. However, there's still hope for his sexuality being flexible. As the art director at the magazine he works for points out, he's an unmarried artist living in Greenwich Village. More telling, though, is his reaction to his assistant confessing that he's not only gay, but has a crush on Kyle. His reason why it wouldn't work? Kyle's got a girlfriend. "And you're not gay." his assistant points out. This is true, Kyle admits. But also, his assistant is only sixteen. And again, he's dating someone. Methinks he doth protest too much! But frankly, it doesn't matter, because if the love is one-way, it is totally on Kyle's side, as you will see in...

The Canon/Subtext

(parts of this are cribbed from a post I made on scans_daily)

Connor and Kyle don't actually team up all that often. After all, they live on separate coasts and have separate comic books. But it's still pretty clear that they're close.

The first time Connor and Kyle meet is by accident, and they don't get off on the right foot. However, after saving the day, they become friends. Aww! (the road trip thing is a reference to Ollie and Hal, who took to the road to discover America) So they bond over having crappy parents, and set the stage for future crossovers.

So that's the foundation of their friendship. Later on, they team up to find Kyle's dad, because Kyle is convinced that Connor, having been similarly raised without a father, is the best person to help him. Instead of, say, one of the world's greatest detectives in the Batfamily, or a telepath, or someone with super hearing, or... you get the picture.

So they end up going on a road trip after all. Eventually, they arrive at the town where they think Kyle's father is, and they go into town and bond. This is one of the many times where Kyle can't keep his hands off Connor. You see? Touching!

Okay, then they're hanging out with Fyers and Crackshot, which leaves very little time for the LOVE and SNUGGLING. But in the next crossover Connor goes to New York to visit his mom, and since it's a comic book, chaos (and a teamup) ensues.

So Kyle comes and saves Connor!
And shows off!
And they hold hands more! And Kyle keeps touching Connor! And asks him on a date! And Connor's like, "Shh, not in front of my mom."
And it's the most stereotypical New York date ever! A carriage pegusus ride in over Central Park!
Of course, when you're riding separate horses, you can't be pressed together, clinging to each other to keep from falling. So Kyle fixes things!
So then there's more chaos, and Kyle's like, "Dammit, better be superheros." and Connor's like, "Aww, but our date!"
Breaking a date with Connor? Bad karma.
To make up for it, the next morning they go on another date. But then they get distracted by doing some crimefighting and stuff.

So Kyle's like, "What do you want to do?" and Connor's like, "Beat up my stepdad! 'Cause he's a jerk!" So they do. And Connor's mom helps.
Kyle calls Moonday "mom", proving his desire to get married to Connor in a big gay Massachusetts wedding.

Kyle is the one who suggests that Connor join the Justice League. Clearly, Kyle thinks they don't get to spend enough time together. Then, when Connor decides pretty quickly that the whole saving the world from intergalactic threats is a bit too much for him, Kyle tries very hard to convince him not to quit.

They also go Christmas shopping together. The whole story is available here, and it is another wonderful example of Kyle trying oh so hard. Because, love! Also, hand-holding.

The Reasoning

Between their similar parental issues and their similar legacies, Connor and Kyle understand each other better than anyone else could, as evidenced by this conversation:

"I wasn't really Green Lantern until I proved to myself that I was worthy of it. And that didn't happen until I went up against Hal Jordan. He was Green Lantern before me, the best Green Lantern, before he changed. Pretty imposing tradition to live up to, you know? Actually, I suppose you do know."

"I guess I do. Being Oliver Queen's son was almost like... destiny. I learned I was Ollie's son, learned about him from a scrapbook my mom kept hidden in her closet. I wanted more than anything in the world to follow in his footsteps. [...] I don't think I consciously knew it, but it's as if I was training to take Ollie's place even before he died. What you said about Hal, I know exactly what you mean..."

They're also similar in their desire for commitment, so a relationship would last. Connor claims that his complete lack of interest in women is the result of his desire to find twu wuv, while Kyle's mainly had long-term relationships, and even had a marriage proposal turned down because it was too early in the relationship.

Also, they're both hot.

The Comics

To be a good person and purchase the issues legally, check out the Emerald Allies trade paper back (buy it from your local comic shop, if you can). Or, be an evil bootlegger and download them via bittorrent. Z-Cult is supposed to be comming back today, though none of the trackers seem to be up yet: [tracker 1] [tracker 2] [tracker 3] [tracker 4]

Issues which feature Connor and Kyle together include:

*Green Arrow #104 (January 1996) - "Bad Blood" (the first meeting)
*Green Lantern #76-77, Green Arrow #110-111 (July-August 1996) - "Hard Traveling Heros: The Next Generation" (the roadtrip)
*Green Lantern #92, Green Arrow #125-126 (October-November 1997) - "Hate Crimes" (the date in New York)
*Green Lantern #96, Green Arrow #130, Flash #135 (March 1998) - “Three of a Kind” (the team up with the Flash)
Green Lantern #117 (October 1999) - "Hunted!" (Connor comes to Kyle's first gallery show)
Green Lantern #162 (June 2003) - "Black Circle: Urban Knights 2 of 6" (Kyle and Ollie fight, Connor tells them to shape up)
JLA (current run) #8-#15 (August 1997-February 1998)
DC Universe Holiday Bash II (1998)

*in Emerald Allies

Kyle issues include the current run of Green Lantern starting with issue 50, the current run of Justice League, the issues of The New Titans (not to be confused with Teen Titans, running now, or The Titans, running just prior to the current Teen Titans run) where Arsenal was in charge (sorry, I don't have the issue numbers handy), and Green Lantern: Rebirth, which is currently running and looks to be pretty darn important.

Connor issues include the previous run of Green Arrow from #0 (goes between #90 and #91) and the current run of Green Arrow in its entirity.

The Fanstuff

There is woefully little porn. Woefully! As far as I know, all the fic available is at dc_slash_index and dcfic_index.


WORLDS of squee. ;)

(The DC slash index has moved to lj, here: dc_slash_index)
Noted and changed. :)
This was great! I don't know much about Kyle and Conner, but I now realize two things: one, that they are SOINLOVE, and two, that I seriously need to start reading about them. Also, PRETTY.
Then I have clearly succeeded. :D
This really should be one of the biggest ships in the DCU. Hopefully, this'll convince some more able writers to dabble in Connor/Kyle. I'd be surprised if it didn't - you did a lovely job.
Thanks! :D It's such an obvious pairing, when I was first reading GA I couldn't figure out why there was so little fic. If this inspires even one person to write something, I'll be overjoyed.
Kyle! Connor! Should be together, because! Except you were more rational about it, which is good. *g* I really love that you did this, because you did such a good job and included all those scans, and, well, this just needed to be done. And now I'm all excited about them again!

Additional info: The boys are also in ADVENTURES IN THE DCU #16, an animation tie-in book which is a bit preachy, but not bad at all (my icon's off the cover). And they have a brief scene in GREEN LANTERN #162, which is part of the godawful Black Circle Rising storyline, so I can't in good conscience recommend it, but I liked that bit. And even though Kyle's not in the book, I'm never going to stop being amused by the bit in GREEN LANTERN #110 where Connor climbs in his window in the middle of the night.
And now I'm all excited about them again!

And that means...all that long-delayed fic, right? :D
I always think of the Black Circle Rising storyline as the one where Ollie and Kyle team up and forget that Connor is in it. Which I really shouldn't, because we do find out that Connor and Kyle keep in touch. Because, boyfriends!

And yeah, Connor being all, "Why would you find it odd that I'm sneaking into your apartment at two a.m.?" is priceless.
I always think of the Black Circle Rising storyline as the one where Ollie and Kyle team up and forget that Connor is in it.

Well, it is mostly Ollie and Kyle, but I'm very sensitized to any time the boys share page space. *g*

Which I really shouldn't, because we do find out that Connor and Kyle keep in touch. Because, boyfriends!

And Connor's all mad at Ollie for going after his boyfriend friend!

And yeah, Connor being all, "Why would you find it odd that I'm sneaking into your apartment at two a.m.?" is priceless.

No kidding. I know it was just careless writing, I do (and Ron Marz has written dumber things) but...there really is no other reason why Connor would think it was okay for him to do that. (Given that he has much better manners than, say, the Bat-family.) And for that matter I'm pretty sure he still would have called first unless he was planning to, um, surprise Kyle, and here is where I really start wishing Kyle'd been home at the time... *g*
*rolls eyes*

I think you're trying too hard, really I do. But that's okay, if it makes you happy.
How on Earth is WildReality trying too hard?
Aaaaaaaaaand I see now this comment is 4 years old. Sorry!
I know I'm a few years late to the party, but omg, yes, this.
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