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Herbert West/Daniel Cain (Re-Animator)

Title: Together, We Are Providence
Author: drworm
Spoilers: Re-Animator and Bride of Re-Animator are as spoiled as three day old fish left out in the sun. I kept my paws off of Beyond Re-Animator, however, seeing as it was clearly written by pod people.
Personal Website: They call me DrWorm...
Note: It's late, but I'm afraid I'm almost always late. Anyway, this hefty monster of an essay is dedicated to ghostgecko, who probably contributed enough to deserve dual authorship. Or something. Additional mad props also go out to glorybox, who also encouraged the obsession.

( "The cat is dead! The cat is dead! I went to pat him on the head/He didn't purr, he didn't meow, he didn't blink or sniff..." )
Tags: #movie, re-animator
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