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Weiss Kreuz >> Brad Crawford & Ran "Aya" Fujimiya

Title: “Devil's Rose”
Author: Silrayn Silverwolf
Spoilers: Plenty of details from the anime, Drama CDS and maybe the manga.

Two leaders of opposing teams but can they really hate each other so…when they are so alike? This is the case with Ran "Aya" Fujimiya and Brad Crawford, both of which are leaders of rival assassin teams and characters in Koyasu Takehito's Weiß Kreuz series. Weiß Kreuz is a series of manga, anime, drama CDs and OVA (Original Video Animation) movies following the lives of four young assassins, Weiß Kreuz, and their psychic opponents, Schwarz. The general feel of the series is reminiscent of the late eighties or early nineties. The series is a "bishie watch" as we would say it in the anime fandoms as it has bishounen, pretty boys, and little else to commend it by.

Six years ago, I watched the Tagalog dubbed anime of Knight Hunters and the pretty boy characters and potential in the anime appealed to me. Though the story was plainly bad and full of plot holes, this left so much to imagination that I started making stories for the characters in my head. I entered the Weiß Kreuz fandom, first as a passive fan then a fan writer. My first fanfiction story was a crossover between another anime and Weiß Kreuz. Even then, I was a persistent advocate of Brad Crawford and Ran "Aya" Fujimiya pairing and now, years after, I am still going strong, much like the pink Energizer bunny. I have written numerous stories, created the fanlisting and manage one mailing list devoted to the couple.

Ran "Aya" Fujimiya is the field leader of Weiß Kreuz, code named Abyssinian. He is physically attractive in the pretty boy "bishounen" way, having cartoon red hair, purple eyes, pale skin and slender figure. He could be mistaken for a female, if not for his famous death glare and extreme lack of fashion sense. Imagine him wearing that orange sweater with his coloring! His personality is very introverted and morose. He has little patience with other people though he cares for them. He guilt trips about being a murderer and tends to think of the bad things in his life often. He is also a lone wolf type of person, quiet but capable of taking off to do whatever he likes regardless of team welfare. Though to be fair, he does come back when they need him.

Aya's weapon is the traditional Japanese sword, a katana as Weiß Kreuz uses archaic weapons rather than the modern gun-and-ammo variety. It depends if the canon to be used is the manga or the anime but either way, the Aya grew up in a very traditional household as is said by his choice of weapons. He is the son of a very rich man in the manga while he is the son of a bank employee in the anime. Both manga and anime agree though that his parents were disgraced and killed by then Defense Minister Reiji Takatori and his sister was put into a coma. He was forced to be an agent of Kritiker to support his comatose sister and to get revenge on Takatori. He was trained and after a few false starts in other teams became the field leader of Weiß. He shows a vengeful temper on most occasions faced with any Takatori.

On the other hand, Brad Crawford is the leader of Schwarz, code named Oracle. He has dark hair and blue eyes in the anime or brown eyes in the manga, like Aya he looks rather attractive in the same "pretty boy" manner. He wears glasses and makes them look rather fetching. As a person, he is ruthless and ambitious, leaning towards expediency rather than concern towards individual team members, though he does seem to care about his team. He is quiet and dominating, in lupine terms, a pack leader. Crawford is practical; he uses a gun but fights hand to hand, now and again, when he feels like it. He also uses his gift of precognition on the battlefield as well making him a serious opponent. Not much background is given on Schwarz much except for Farfarello so we could only speculate on his past. He does have the fighting stance of a boxer and people can make what they wish of that little detail.

Aya and Crawford have much in common as things go. They have the same willfulness to go on their selfish way though they evidently care for their teammates. They are both quiet sorts who do not speak or do anything without purpose. They seem very much conservative from the way they behave. They are also deadly serious in their goals, pun unintended. Gain is important for both of them both of them are very much mercenaries at heart. Their philosophical differences seem not to lie in morality but in the side that has recruited them, Kritiker and Estet, Weiß and Schwarz, not much difference when you think of how both organizations work.

Aya and Crawford are different in other ways, and in that they complement each other. Aya has shown some impatience and hot temper when it comes to dealing with people, unlike Crawford who show almost inhuman control. Crawford is intentionally cruel while Aya is a bit kinder. They can balance each other as Crawford has proven time and again that he can care, Aya can help soften him up while he can keep the younger man from dashing about into dangerous situations on impulse.

A relationship is often broken by a difference in the personality rather than in the big things. They seem to be similar enough that a relationship does not seem impossible, especially in the light of some facts in the anime. Now, let us clarify that these facts are things that were probably the aforementioned plot holes as Weiß must win even against overwhelming odds. Regardless that they are powerless and use outdated weapons, weapons better used for exhibition matches than the battlefield, but I digress. Now I discuss the facts and the attached subtext that makes this couple possible.

First, Crawford never uses his gun when fighting with Aya. He fights with Aya barehanded and he does not cause permanent damage to the redhead. One can wonder now if he likes getting his hands on the redhead. Sexual harassment, anyone?

Second, Crawford shot Schoen, the Schreint woman when she got in the way of his ambitions but he never tried shooting Aya ever, not in the last episode in season two of the anime when Weiß was the only one standing in Schwarz' way to world domination.

Third, Aya does not shout "Schwarz shi-ne!" or "Crawford shi-ne!" even with all the provocation he has had. Schwarz thwarted his vengeance more than once and kidnapped his comatose sister twice. Maybe he understands that Schwarz has as much choice as Weiß in some actions that they answered to their employer as much as the White Hunters did.

Fourth, Schwarz sided with Weiß against Rosenkreuz in the last season of the anime with no given reason for the shift of loyalties. One could make for a case of personal reasons in the leadership perhaps?

Fifth, both are rather unattached. Aya's canon sweetheart in the first two seasons of the anime did not reappear in the third season of the anime nor does Crawford have an avowed sweetheart though a woman claimed to have slept with him in the past in one of the Drama CDs. Crawford never admitted to the claim but then he does not look like someone who would "kiss and tell" so there is no way to really know. One could make a case that both of them do not look like they are not tied to females.

Now that the subtext has been explained, let us discuss the good fanfiction stories that have grown from these:

Fanfiction Stories

"Against My Better Judgment" by sefie tilmitt

Rating: Barely NC17

Crossover with Tomb Raider. Crawford and Aya are forced to work together under Lara Croft. They learn respect for each other and maybe something more. It has a very In Character portrayal of both Crawford and Aya, though I do not know about Ms. Croft. The action scenes and descriptions are excellent.

"Temporary Peace" & "Peace's Struggle" by Mami-san

Rating: PG13-R

Alternate Universe. Aya gets amnesic and follows Crawford home. He lives with Schwarz awhile and gets to appreciate them for themselves. This has emotional atmosphere.


"When Angel's Die" & "Vermillion" by Amiko

Rating: R

Crossover with Vampires. This vampire series is a saga and a half. It is well rounded take on vampire culture similar to, but not quite like, Laurel Hamilton's Anita Blake. Nice complex interaction between all the characters and has more pairings than just CrawfordxAya. Though there are places when the saga drags, but then this is a novel size story… [Unfinished]


"Embracing the Shadows" by Aoe

Rating: NC17

Alternate Universe-Continuation after the Second Season and Threesome. Schuldig decides to "play" with Aya endangering his serious relationship with Crawford. Crawford gets drawn in. There is a great deal of good character interaction and emotional insight in between the sex.


"Hanging by the Moment" by Yanagi-sen

Rating: barely NC17

Songfic-Continuation. Crawford longs for something he cannot have or can he? This story has nice, well done, angst.


"The Assassin and the White Geisha" by Seraphim Grace

Rating: PG13

Alternate Universe-Random Incident. Aya has to work undercover as a geisha and snags an unexpected suitor… Well researched Japanese background.


"Close Encounters of the Hentai Kind" by silrayn

Rating: PG13 - nothing hentai despite the title

Alternate Universe-Random Incident. Youji's Point of View. A few humorous accidents during a mission overseas bring some hidden attraction in to light. Youji's voice is delightfully captured in this short story. Self promotion aside, I think this is my best Crawford-Aya story ever and that is saying a lot as I have many stories of this couple.


After the stories, let us discuss the canon it was based on. Here are some links to get off to a good start:

Weiß Kreuz References

Aya no Weiß is the most comprehensive resource on Weiß Kreuz out there. It even has translations for the two Assassin and the White Shaman manga and Drama CDs.

Shipping Resources

Devil's Rose - Brad Crawford and Aya Fujimiya Relationship Fanlisting

Leaders in Love - Crawford/Aya LJ community for posting fanfic and fanart

Crawfordaya & Crawfordxran yahoogroups - communities for discussion and posting fanfic and fanart

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