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Titti - Cat

titti in ship_manifesto

Scott Cyclops Summers/James Howlett aka Wolverine aka Logan (X Men)

Title: Power Play
Author: Titti
Personal Website: Titti's Realm

This might sound strange, but Scott/Logan are in fact two different ships: one based on the movie and the other based on the comics. They have very different characteristics and it would be an injustice to discuss the two as one entity.


In the comics, Scott is the first X Men field leader. He's the one on whom Professor Xavier relies. Eventually with Professor X leaving the institute, Scott is in charge of the school and the X Men.

His mutant ability is the optic blast. His blast is extremely powerful (If you want to know the specifics about the length, width and power - I'm talking about his optic blast, so get your minds out of the gutter - you can check out http://www.marveldirectory.com/individuals/c/cyclops.htm )

He is strong, powerful, and always in control. He doesn't cry (his mutation won't let him shed any tears), he doesn't sweat (he absorbs the sun rays to produce his optic blast), he is agile, and smart.

Logan arrives later to the X Men. He is 5' 3", and weighs 195 pounds (300 lb. with the Adamantium). He has enhanced healing abilities (ability to regenerate damaged tissue at a heightened rate as compared to a normal human being), heightened senses (enhanced smell, taste, and hearing senses as compared to a normal human being), and a set of three one-foot long bone claws, on both hands, enhanced with adamantium; used primarily for slashing, puncturing, and grappling.

His history needs a Ph.D. in history and Political Science to understand. He forgot everything after government experiments and knows bits and pieces. James Howlett was born in the late 1880s. He played with his friend, Rose, and the grounds keeper's son, Dog Logan. Dog grew up to become cruel like his father.

Eventually the Logans were fired, but they returned to the estate and killed James' father. Seeing his father shot and killed shocked him so much that it triggered his latent mutant abilities. His claws extended and continued through Thomas, the grounds keeper.

James ran away with Rose, but years later during a fight with Dog, Rose was struck by Logan's claws and died. He ran into the wilderness to live alone.
We don't see him again until he meets Hulk, as an agent of Canada's Department H.
During this time, Logan has been a Samurai, a mercenary for the CIA, and Weapon X. As part of Weapon X the Adamantium structure was added to his human bone cells. However, the details are still sketchy. (You can find more details here)

Who in their right mind would try to bring these two together? And even if you're crazy enough to want them together how do you bring such powerful alpha males together? And why?

Everything starts on Cyclops' history before he joined Xavier. He was thrown out of a plane by his mother to save his life. The fall caused him brain damage, without the injury Scott would have been able to control his optic blasts. His parents died, and he was separated from his brother. He grew up in an orphanage run by his future enemy Mister Sinister.

As a teenager, his powers developed while in the middle of a crowd in an unnamed big city. The crowd thought that he was trying to kill them and he ran away. He didn't return to the orphanage and lived for an unspecified time on the streets. During this time, a mutant known as Jack O' Diamonds, and later as the Living Diamond, forced the frightened boy to aid him in his crimes.

With this background, the minds of slashers everywhere began to work over time, their mouths watering at the prospect of hurt/comfort fics. The abuse that he must have suffered under Sinister's care paled when compared to the damage that bigoted men who saw this defenceless and blind teenager did. (Yes, we all know that this didn't really happen, but if Marvel doesn't care about canon, there should be no reason why the writers should follow it.)

The big question becomes why Logan? Why not Jean or the Professor?

Scott remains a very strong man. He hides his pain behind a stoic mask. In fact, he thinks that he has to maintain the strictest control if he doesn't want to endanger others. He doesn't really have close friends, even if he considers the X Men his family. He always creates a barrier between himself and others.

The Professor and Jean are the two people beside Logan who get past his barriers. They love him and he loves them. They know him and the way he thinks. They also love him so much that they don't push him, don't try to break his self-imposed control.

Logan, on the other hand, doesn't care about any of this. He's willing to push and question. He makes Scott prove himself time and time again. He also doesn't pity Scott. Because, let's be honest, Logan might be practically immortal, but his life hasn't been a picnic either.

However, regardless of what has happened, Logan is caring (shown by his mentoring of younger mutants). He's a smart mouth, but he's a good fighter. He might not be educated (Marvel likes the ya, yer, etc.), but he is street smart.

He KNOWS that Scott is in pain. He can smell it on the younger mutant. He cares enough to help, and his lack of respect for authority helps in telling Scott to shove it when he hides behind pompous explanations. However, Logan has also learned to respect Scott's ability to lead.

Recently, when Jean suspected Scott of murder, Logan is the only one who goes after Scott. Together they embark in a journey to discover Logan's past.

With the addition of Astonishing X Men (one of the latest Marvel titles), Joss Whedon has added to the subtext. With 7 more issues to go, fans are sure too see even more reasons why Scott and Logan should be together.


Now take everything I've said above and erase it from your mind. These are not the same people we knew and loved from the comics. (Yes, Marvel is a genius when it comes to subverting canon). Their powers are the same, but their body types, their interaction and their histories are different.

Scott is slim, short and pompous, but damn, he's got a great smile. He has this great relationship with Jean, but he gets jealous the moment Logan looks at her (but is Logan really looking at her?)

Logan is tall, not as muscular as he should be, falls in love with Jean on first sight and has a thing for Scott's vehicles.

Whether intentionally or not, Bryan Singer has created many lines involving the two of them (Although the best lines were written by Joss Whedon) that underscore the tension between them.

When the professor and Scott discuss Logan, this takes place:

Xavier : There are more powerful mutants out there. Why should this one be so important?
Cyclops : Maybe it's his way with people.
Xavier : You don't like him?
Cyclops : How could you tell?
Xavier : Well, I am psychic, you know.

This happens right after Logan arrives to the school. There hasn't been enough time for Scott to dislike him, but the strong, intense reaction is immediate and even a little baseless (Just notice the humor in Xavier's voice).

Of course, eventually Logan will give Scott plenty of reasons to dislike him, but through their banter there is more. It's as if they are teasing each other, not unlike the boys who pull the girls' hair back in elementary school.

It starts with their discussion about Jean:

Wolverine : You going to tell me to stay away from your girl?
Cyclops : If I had to do that, she wouldn't be my girl.
Wolverine : Well, then I guess you've got nothing to worry about, do ya, Cyclops?
Cyclops : It must burn you up that a boy like me saved your life, huh? Gotta be careful. I might not be there next time. Oh, and Logan - stay away from my girl.

One simple exchange tells us so much about them. In the movie, Cyclops is still very young. He even calls himself a boy (I doubt they were thinking bdsm, but coupled with the leathers, a million fans squeal at the thought.)

It also shows us that Scott is not as certain about Jean as he should. As he says, he shouldn't have to warn him about his girlfriend, yet he does.

Lastly, there is this bond. Cyke did save Logan, possibly from fate worse than death.

With time, they learn to work together, mostly out of necessity, but the hair pulling continues.

[commenting on the X-Men uniforms]
Wolverine : You actually go outside in these things?
Cyclops : Well, what would you prefer? Yellow spandex?

[Cyclops doesn't know if Logan's an impostor]
Wolverine : It's me!
Cyclops : Prove it!
Wolverine : You're a dick.
Cyclops : Okay.

Some have argued that they know each other so well that a few words allow Scott to recognize Logan. This is a knowledge that goes beyond words, but gets into who they really are.

In the second movie, there is little interaction between the two, but they are still continuing their 'I like you, therefore I hate you' routine.

Wolverine : [tosses Cyclops the keys to his motorbike] Your bike needs gas.
Cyclops : [tosses back the keys] Then fill it up.

When escaping the mansion, Logan has his choice of cars. He could pick any one of them, and yet, he goes for the one that belongs to Cyke.

Bobby : This is Cyclops' car.
Wolverine : Oh yea.
[Uses his middle claw to hot wire the car]

And we can all read between the lines, and imagine just what Logan would like to do with his middle finger.

Scott and Logan are split up for most of the movie. However, the last moments of the movie, when they are reunited, are the crucial to their relationship.

Jean dies to save them. Everyone is shocked. Scott breaks down. He's in a plane filled with friends, with Xavier, who is like a father, and yet he seeks comfort from his enemy. He finds himself in Logan's arms. It's Logan who stops him from doing anything stupid. It's Logan who sees beyond his own grief to help Scott.

This might be a one-shot deal. However Logan's caring doesn't end. When they reach the institute, Logan is the one to offer comfort in his own pragmatic approach to life. He says: "She chose you." A few words that let Scott know that Jean still loved him.

The hardest part in writing and believing in this ship is Scott's love for Jean and vice versa. However, the important point is not to disregard it or minimize it. They loved each other. That was obvious. However, were they such good friends that their love was more brother/sister? Did they stay together because they practically grew up together?

Even if they love was true and real, Jean is dead and life must go on. Scott has already turned to Logan for comfort after her death, and it's easy to imagine that he would do so in the future, even if nothing with them would be smooth.


There are no specific Scott/Logan communities or ML. However nadjalee has compiled the best site for Scott's fiction.
Anything in her Scott/Logan section is worth reading.

A short, yet powerful story is Power Play by Satya Graha. In Logan's pov, we see exactly why Scott is willing to surrender power to another alpha male.


Brilliant essay for one of my favorite 'ships in either 'verse.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was hesitant with the comicverse because it's so vast and there is so much you can use (and sometimes canon even contradicts itself).

And we can all read between the lines, and imagine just what Logan would like to do with his middle finger.

heh. Wouldn't we like to know! Great essay :)
I'd like to have a tape, and picture, and maybe a live show. LOL
I wondered if anyone had written an essay about these two. Good to know that you did^_^

There's a Scott/Logan community here: http://community.livejournal.com/scott_logan/

It's small right now but there's a decent amount of stuff being posted by the members.
Thanks for the additional link.
It's nice to know I'm not alone in loving these two. :D
No, plenty of Scott/Logan lovers out there. *g*
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