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Matty Demaret, Knockaround Guys, Taylor Reese

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Matty/Taylor, Knockaround Guys

Matty Demaret

"Arrested. You believe this guy? That would be the good news."

Matty is the son of a mobster, named Benny 'Chains'. November 14th, 1986 Matty and his father were meant to go hunting but instead their house was taken over by the Feds, NYPD, etc, and his father was taken to jail. While his dad's in jail, Teddy (uncle) looks after Matty. He tries to get Matty to shoot someone but Matty can't do it.

Later in life, Matty tries to get a job but can't because of his father's name. So he goes to his father and his father agrees that Matty can help retrieve his money. It gets lost along the way. By this point, Matty is mostly overwhelmed and anxious.

At the end of the movie, Matty kills Teddy who had betrayed he and his father and killed his two friends, Marbles and Scarpa. Matty is pained after the death of his friends and the murder he commited and tells his father that he's not helping him anymore. He then drives off into the city to start a new life....

Matty is committed. Supportive. Emotional and sensitive, though he mostly hides it. He is intelligent and moody and determined.

Taylor Reese

"Five hundred fights. That's the number I figured when I was a kid. 500 street fights and you can consider yourself a legitimate tough guy."

Taylor is also the son of a mobster. He and Matty grew up together. The first time he shows in the movie, he ends up man-handling his boss before quitting because his boss wouldn't pay him. Taylor helps Matty get the money to Benny Chains.

Taylor is sincere. Protective and intense. Realistic and generous. When he's angry, you'd better watch out.

Why They Work

There is a lot of evidence that proves Matty and Taylor's feelings. As soon as the two meet up, they don't leave each others' sides. Taylor doesn't seem to pay much attention to anyone but Matty.

The first telling scene is when they're first alone. Matty and Taylor are in a motel, watching tv. Both become happier and more vulnerable when alone. Taylor makes Matty laugh by telling jokes, then Matty opens up to Taylor and tells him an unpleasant story of his past. Taylor shows on his face that he feels great sympathy.

Taylor: Look at these fuckers! Covered in camouflage... sitting out in the woods all day, stalkin' out a turkey.
Matty: (laughs)
Taylor: What do they need to do that for? Go to fuckin' Graztiti's, get a butterball!
Matty: (laughs) (hesitates) You know, we were gonna go once. November 14th, 1986.
Taylor: Come on...
Matty: Yeah. Just me and my pop, goin' upstate for deer. I remember, I was gonna get woken up at 4:15 in the morning. The knock came alright. Whole fuckin' door came off its hinges. OC task force, feds, NYPD. No. Didn't take any chances with Benny Chains that night... (hesitates) You know, I always wondered what it would have been like... if we had left the night before, you know? At least have those couple days together before he went in.
Taylor: (sympathetic expression) (looks at TV) (sees the man got his turkey) So this coulda been you, huh?
Matty: (laughs) Yeah. Yeah, the hat, the face-net, the whole deal. A different way for me, what can I tell you?

The second telling scene is when the four sons [Matty, Taylor, Marbles and Scarpa] visit the sherriff's department. Matty wants his money and the cops aren't willing to give it. One starts beating Matty behind a closed, glass door. Taylor hears the noise and swiftly moves toward Matty but a gun is held to him and he's forced to turn around. Matty is taken out of the room and Taylor breathes deeply while clenching his fingers, unable to protect Matty. As soon as they leave the building, Taylor runs up to Matty and rests his hand on his lower back as he helps him into the car. Taylor smokes a cigarette due to his stress. Marbles says they should move on and Taylor becomes angry. "Move on? Look at him!!" he yells, hand gesturing toward Matty. During this same scene, Matty says "You two can leave but I ain't goin' anywhere." He says 'you two' instead of 'you three' because he knows Taylor wouldn't even think to leave him.

The third telling scene is when they're all practicing how to shoot. Matty and Taylor sit on a bench away from Marbles and Scarpa. Taylor says he will stay with Marbles so Matty and Scarpa can drive off, but Matty won't let it happen. Taylor tries convincing Matty into leaving and getting a regular job. Matty says he's tried it and what he's doing now is all he can do. Taylor explains to Matty that he'll either get a bullet in the back of his head or he'll be in jail for life. He's smoking again as he thinks of this. Matty is quiet for a while then he softly apologizes for getting Taylor into it all.

Taylor: I gotta say this one time...
Matty: What's that?
Taylor: You and Scarpa take the car and drive, leave me here with Marbles, it's his fault anyway.
Matty: Are you serious? No. There's no way. It's not even a choice.
Taylor: Matty, I'm not just talking about this little field trip. I'm talking about all of it... (hesitates) You had it right in the first place. Looking for a regular job, being a citizen...
Matty: I tried it, man. It's the only thing left now.
Taylor: You don't want a piece of this. Matty, for 99 guys out of 100... this is lose-lose. It's not like the way it was 30 years ago... it's not like the stories your uncle was telling us when we were growing up. Now it's either a bullet in the back of your head... or jail for life.
Matty: So you know all this but I don't see you trying to get out.
Taylor: I said you... Come on, we're talking about you, here.
Matty: (hesitates) (softly) Sorry I got you into this, Taylor...
Taylor: It's just more of the same, for me. Just more of the same.

The fourth telling scene is at the end. Matty is about to get shot, but Taylor notices and he quickly runs in front of Matty and pushes him out of the way. He's shot instead and falls to the floor, slamming his head on a pipe. This is the ultimate proof that their relationship means more than a little.

Afterward, Taylor and Matty drive off in Taylor's van into the city to start their new lives.

Why I Choose to Ship Them

I choose to ship them because they obviously have a deep connection, are loyal and protective of each other, and share many intimate moments. Plus, one risks his life to save the other, I couldn't imagine not shipping a pairing like that.

My Own Interpretation

I believe Matty is a Cancer and Taylor is a Taurus. If you read up on both horoscopes, then watch the movie, you'll see that I'm probably right. It's said also that these horoscopes together are a match made in heaven.

Why I Was First Attracted/Became Involved

I became involved when I watched the movie the first time. I noticed Matty and Taylor really had a strong bond, and when Taylor jumped in front of a speeding bullet to save Matty, I was hooked.

Why Should You Follow This Pairing

You should follow this pairing because it is love in its purest form. Taylor is always looking after Matty and Taylor is the only one Matty can trust.

There are some fics based on this pairing.

1.) A Normal Life, written by me http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7344132/1/A_Normal_Life
2.) The Way Things Are, written by justjanedoe http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6548472/1/Fanfic_The_Way_Things_Are_Knockaround_Guys_Tayl
3.) Grazed, written by suaine http://suaine.livejournal.com/162240.html


Someone else who loves Knockaround Guys! I watched it for Seth Green and ended up fascinated with Matty and Taylor. I saw this years after the release and it persuaded me to try some of Vin Diesel's other movies. Hello, Fast and Furious.

For me, it was the moment when Matty was driving back to NYC at the end of the movie and gives this intense look over at sleeping, injured Taylor. It made me sit up and go, "WHOA! What was that?!" Up until then, Taylor was above and beyond loyal and Matty seemed to take it for granted, like a mini Mafia Boss and his most trusted lieutenant, but that moment showed just how strongly Matty cared in return. Then Matty tells his father he quits and the two of them drive off into the sunset together. It's all very romantic. *g*

I'm going to have to go watch it again now. Thanks!
Yeah I'm pretty into it. Seth Green is hilarious and awesome, I think he was great in Knockaround Guys. I watched it for Vin Diesel, plus I like mobster movies. Then once I met Matty, I started feeling for him. Then I started noticing the relationship he and Taylor had and was like 'thanks, god!' Vin Diesel has a bunch of awesome movies, I like him best as Riddick. Fast and Furious is the bomb.

Yeah you see that look he gives Taylor ? Probably because he realizes Taylor just risked his life to save him. That's true love right there n Matty knows it. Matty does seem to take it for granted at first 'cause he's so used to Taylor doing that kind of stuff for him. As the movie goes on though you see that Matty starts caring more and more. Especially at the end. Never before did Taylor almost die to save Matty, that changed things.

Ha ha yeah then they drive off into the sunset, exactly. Both seem to be much happier by that point. They know they got each other for life. Yeah its very romantic.

Ha ha nice ! I just watched it the other night, probably watch it again..... need my fix. Lol.

You're welcome, thanks for commenting.
Great ship! I will dig up more links to fic!


Sure is. And I'll look.
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