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(MKR) H&L - Give up forever~

royalbk in ship_manifesto

Magic Knight Rayearth: Behind Closed Doors (HikaruxLantis) Rated R

Title: The Love That Rose From The Ashes
Author: royalbk
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Pairing: Hikaru x Lantis
Spoilers: Anime-verse
Notes: I chose only the anime version as I felt that:
a) despite the pretty manga-art, CLAMP gave these two no justice
b) the manga is so ambiguous that I'm still lost on why some things happened the way they did. Srsly now.
c) Hikaru and Lantis together got a lot of spotlight in the second season of the anime and many important, only-anime events and characters led to their development as a couple.
d) I do not understand CLAMP generally...xDD

Part I is totally under here~

Episode 41~

Egged on by Nova's frightening (dis)appearance, the children start crying so loudly that the seed of darkness left by Nova behind her, swells and opens to allow Debonair's monsters to pass through into the castle.

Monsters obviously fueled by the fear in people's hearts.

Hikaru prepares for a fight but Umi and Fuu run forward and attack the monsters before she can move.

Umi: "Hikaru, can you figure out where Nova went?"
Hikaru: *pauses* "Yeah."
Fuu: "Please proceed in that direction!"

Despite the questions, I can imagine that both Umi and Fuu understood that Nova was going after Lantis so...shippers on deck? xDD

In the meantime Hikaru runs desperately through the hallways while Nova bursts in on Lantis having a conversation with a captive Eagle.

Lantis instantly remembers Nova from the time she threatened to kill Hikaru (yes, he picks that exact flashback of her) however Eagle is still confused. Then Nova attacks the shield around them viciously and the confusion pretty much goes away. ^^;

Eagle: "That's not Hikaru, is it?"
Lantis: "It is not."

As Hikaru runs through the castle, mentally wondering where Lantis could be, her pendant comes to life and points the direction - quite literally.

Is the pendant a shipper too? That remains a mystery for now. *chuckle*

Nova manages to break the poorly constructed shield that was holding Eagle captive (yeah, not much need to make a strong one for a person with no magical abilities) and proves once more that her personality is all charming and full of compassion towards someone whom Hikaru loves.

Nova: "Lantis, the one Hikaru fell in love with. I'll kill you!"

She then uses magic to kill him, throws a tantrum when Lantis easily deflects it with his own and challenges him to a sword fight. Again Lantis holds his own and even throws her back forcefully.

Nova: "I hate everyone that Hikaru loves! I'll kill them all!"
Lantis: "Who exactly are you? Why is your face exactly like Hikaru's?" *angry*
Nova: "That's because I'm Hikaru. I was born from Hikaru."
Lantis: *realization* "You are..."

We aren't told what she is unfortunately. Nova attacks again and despite Lantis putting up a shield, manages to pierce his shoulder with a fire arrow attack. Eagle comes to his aid just as Nova is about to deal the killing blow and Hikaru bursts in just as Nova almost manages to kill him too.

They face off for a few moments but somehow Nova manages to slip through Hikaru's attack and tries to attack Lantis again. Hikaru stands on the side, visibly worried, and it takes one careless moment from Lantis (who looks at her just as worried - for her this time) for Nova to throw herself at him.

Lantis keeps her swords at bay, wondering at the strength Nova has, and Nova takes advantage of the fact that he's paying more attention to her sword skills than to her and leans up and kisses him.

Hikaru pretty much looks devastated and Nova gleefully asks her if her heart aches.


She then launches an attack towards her but even though Hikaru sees it coming, she seems too shocked to move and gets thrown back painfully. Both Lantis and Eagle worriedly shout her name.


Nova: *laughter* "Why couldn't you evade that?" *jumps forward and lands by Hikaru's side* "You're totally in love with Lantis, aren't you? Although it was you who killed his elder brother, Hikaru. You know that he's not going to love you back. Why are you falling for him?"

Hikaru trembles, clutches her sword and stands up to take a swipe at Nova with an angry shout.

For all purposes though, Nova has gotten what she wanted so when Debonair calls her back quickly (because all the monsters in the castle have been defeated) she leaves behind shattered pieces of Hikaru's confidence and an awkward atmosphere. ><;

Later, when Umi and Fuu entreat her to tell them her obvious worries, Hikaru is grateful to them and can't hold her tears back anymore.


But since we still have a few more episodes to go, the action and dramagedy are just now getting worse - Eagle and Hikaru both get allowed into the chamber in which the crown is kept and both are chosen as Pillar candidates...which pretty much makes Hikaru and Lantis (and everyone else) feel like someone is walking on their graves distraught. Lantis talks the idea over with Clef, revealing that the reason he came back to Cephiro was to put an end to the Pillar system and says that "tragedy will happen again" if another Pillar is chosen.

Since a current candidate IS Hikaru and Zagato nearly eradicated a whole country just to get Emeraude out of it, I'm getting the feeling that Lantis is implying much more than he's saying directly...>>;

Hikaru and Eagle complete each other's thoughts nicely while mulling silently over the issue in their own rooms.

Eagle: "Back then, I'm sure that both Hikaru and I entered that room simultaneously."
Hikaru: "Then why...were we both able to come out safely? Eagle..."
Eagle: "...or Hikaru."
Hikaru: "This means that one of us can become Pillar. Me...the Pillar?"
Eagle: "There are no problems if I am the one who is qualified to become the next Pillar. However, if it is Hikaru..."
Eagle and Hikaru: "Lantis."
Eagle: "You might have fallen in love with the next Pillar...just like your elder brother."

So now even Eagle, who hasn't spent more than five quiet minutes with Lantis, Hikaru or both at the same time, knows that Lantis loves Hikaru?

My spidey sense feels avenged. Now they only need to say it!

So, as Hikaru stands in front of the mirror - obviously thinking of Lantis (we get camera alternation between her and him enough to get an idea - she pulls out the mirror pendant and clutches it tightly, gripped by some unnamed emotion. Unfortunately, Nova comes out of the mirror and grabs her arm fiercely, pushing her onto the bed.

She makes a nasty gibe at Hikaru's idea of the Pillar and attempts to kiss the mirror pendant, only to be forcefully pushed back when it emits a blinding, pure light. Hikaru has the right idea here: "It...protected me."

Pretty much. I'm sure that if the pendant could've wielded a stick, we would've seen something even more interesting but alas... *chuckle*

In a fit of anger, Nova summons two humanoid monsters to back her up and claims that if everyone Hikaru loves went away, Hikaru would play with her. "Lantis...I hate him!" Then she disappears with one monster (obviously going to get Lantis) and leaves the other so that Hikaru would be too busy to follow!

Nova: "I am you, Hikaru. So I will make Lantis mine!"
Hikaru: "NOVA!"

Nova appears in Clef's room and both Lantis and Clef stand in disbelief for a few moments.

Lantis: "This room is protected by barrier created by Master Mage Clef."
Nova: "I am Hikaru. Whatever Hikaru can pass through I can pass through!"
*mutual gasp*
Clef: "Are you...the Shadow created by Hikaru's heart?"

Nova smirks and blasts the door, letting the red monster in, and then pulls Lantis - only - into another dimension so that they could fight properly without being disturbed. Lantis proves to be a formidable opponent, effectively holding his own against the powerful creature made by Debonair. He doesn't seem to care about anything but blowing the monster to pieces...


Clef: 'I've tried breaking into her dimension, but I can't!'
Lantis: 'Not even you can break through?'
Clef: 'That's not it! It is my guess that this girl was created by Hikaru's heart. This girl is a part of Hikaru's heart. If I break through the dimensional wall, the girl who created it may be hurt.;
Lantis: 'Then, if I injure that girl...'
Clef: 'Hikaru's heart will be injured'
Lantis: *grinds teeth*
Clef: 'If that girl dies, a part of Hikaru will be forever lost.'
Lantis: *looks at Nova torn* 'Hikaru!'

...after this he starts holding back his true potential. Visibly.

It's so heartbreaking. Especially since he gets numerous minor injuries and scrapes while holding back to the extent he does. ;;


Hikaru herself isn't faring so well with the other monster. Her exact words, I believe, are "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" and this is pretty much the first time we're seeing this particular side of her while fighting. She is a passionate fighter, but this takes the cake!

Nova sees through Lantis' pretense.

Nova: "Hey, you're much stronger than this, right? Why aren't you fighting me seriously? Is it because Hikaru will be hurt if I'm hurt?"

This prompts an enraged shout from Lantis - who's probably had enough of not being able to touch her - and he launches forward with all his might, obviously planning to make the monster one with the ground.

Nova tricks him with a well-placed illusion and Lantis falters in his killing intent

My PSP skills can't compare with his sword skills but meh...

...and then runs her sword through his stomach with an evil smirk. Lantis coughs up blood and, with one last breath, calls out for Hikaru, before fainting straight into Nova's arms.

Nova: *bursting into maniacal laughter* "He's mine, Hikaru!"

And despite fighting with a monster in another dimension, Hikaru knows what has happened to Lantis; we get a telling moment of her crumbling world and - pitiful tears and all - and then she screams his name, while still trying to keep Nova's monster at bay.

AllMine AllMine2
Darn it, if I don't feel like crying too! ;;

Just for the record, the scream is really really heart-wrenching. Not even Emeraude's death at her hands got such a powerful reaction in my opinion...

It's so powerful actually that Umi and Fuu feel/hear it from a distance too:

Umi: "Hikaru's scream...I heard it in my heart!"
Fuu: "It seemed as though Ms Hikaru was crying."

Hikaru starts losing the battle, getting more injured by the moment, and it isn't until Clef mentally contacts her that things get better...or worse. The whole situation turns into a balance that tips left and right as the situation goes.

Hikaru: "Lantis..."
Clef: 'Hikaru!'
Hikaru: "Clef! Lantis is..."
Clef: 'I'm tracking Lantis's consciousness as well...but I don't know where he is right now.'
Hikaru: "Lantis was injured! Blood...there was lots of blood!" Her voice becomes high-pitched as she struggles not to give in to hysteria "Nova...Nova was..."
Clef: 'Calm down, Hikaru! If you don't keep your calm, Nova will become stronger.
*horrible realization*
Hikaru: "That can't be! Impossible!"
Clef: 'That scream within your heart (when you fought Emeraude) became a strong light and burned a shadow here in Cephiro.'
Hikaru: 'That's...Nova?'
Clef: 'Yes...Nova is your shadow.'

Hikaru takes this badly. As in bad bad badly.

Hikaru: 'That's why Nova said she loved me - because I couldn't forgive myself back then. Nova is my heart. Then, the one who hurt Lantis...is myself.'

The strong emotion in that one moment prompts her to destroy the monster in one blow...and to prove how powerful her sadness is, Nova herself bursts into tears in her mother's palace. Freaking far away.


The girl who until now has only smirked, laughed and tried to kill everybody feels Hikaru's heart from far away.

Nova: *gasp*
Debonair: "What's wrong, Nova?"
Nova: "My heart...hurts..."
Debonair: "It's probably that Magic Knight's heart flooding into you. This man you have captured has a fearfully strong heart. I will have this strength to use to my advantage."

Nova floats towards where the unconscious Lantis is being kept prisoner and caresses his face longingly.

Nova: "You're crying Hikaru. You're crying thinking about Lantis. It's strange...my heart hurts. Why?"


I know that Nova IS Hikaru, but this isn't the first time since her appearance that Hikaru has been desolate or sad or...all that in one. Now it's worse though. Bad enough to make even heartless Nova cry because of the heart-wrenching pain.

Hikaru even goes as far as to drag herself to Eagle's imprisonment room and apologize to him too.

Hikaru: "I'm sorry. Because of me, Lantis got hurt. And because of me, he was abducted. [...] Eagle, I heard you were Lantis' friend...that's why I have to apologize. I wanted to apologize to the person who loves Lantis."
Eagle: "Don't cry. If you cry, Lantis will be sad."
Hikaru: "Lantis...probably hates me. I...his brother. I know that he can't love me. But I love him. I don't know why...but..."


Eagle: "If you did know why, then it would not be true love. You don't know why, but you love him, right?"
Hikaru: *nod*
Eagle: "I'm sure that Princess Emeraude, the last Pillar probably was thinking the same thing you are. Why she, the Pillar had fallen in love with a man. Why she couldn't stop her heart. I'm sure that she was not able to come up with an answer herself."
Hikaru: "But still, she fell in love with Zagato."

This pairing needs more romance but heck, at least we've finally proven that they're a pairing. Just a bit more to go!

Another interesting Hikaru - Eagle conversation takes place after Eagle is set free.

Eagle: *kind smile* *Hikaru is crying* "You look much prettier with a smile...I'm sure that Lantis will return. It's alright. He's a pretty tough guy despite his appearance. It takes more than a wound to break him." *leans down to whisper in her ear* "Lantis loves you. Lantis is not like his elder brother. If there is someone he loves, he will come back alive for her."

YES! Thank you shipper on deck! Everyone knows it...now can they please have five minutes together to confess it properly too? *whine*

After Eagle returns to his ship, Nova attacks and not surprise surprise the first few exchanged words are:

Hikaru: "Nova! Where is Lantis?"
Nova: "Lantis is mine!"
Hikaru: "Nova!"

Hikaru doesn't hesitate to attack and fight back - probably sustained by the thoughts of saving the man she loves - until Nova suddenly raises her sword in the midst of their battle and uses one of Lantis' spells to blast them away.

A spell that until now she had no possibility of knowing, since it was magic taught by Clef himself. >>;

Hikaru: "That magic..."
Nova: "Yes, it's Lantis' magic."
Hikaru: "Why?"
Nova: "Because..."

The jewel in Nova's Rune God lights up and Hikaru despairingly sees an unconscious Lantis held by vines and obviously lending his powers to Nova unwillingly. And making things harder since Hikaru can't carry her attacks completely anymore and is pushed around like a rag doll...

For that matter, Umi attempts an attack as well but as her eyes are drawn to Lantis, she hesitates and Nova's sword slams into her back.

...talk about the trouble love can bring. Even the best friends aren't immune. ><;

Fortunately for the Magic Knights, Eagle also enters the battle unable to stand aside while his best friend is used with such dark purposes and things get heated quickly. He isn't strong enough anymore (remember that fatal tuberculosis I was talking about?) and ends up more as a shield against Nova who also used Lantis' attacks to decimate his fighter robot.

Hikaru gets angry and attacks Nova's Mashin with a flame arrow, only to lose all her nerve when Lantis groans in pain as well...thus getting another serious dose of Nova's attacks.

Nova: "Lantis is in pain! Aren't you glad Hikaru?"

Thankfully, Eagle is the one to get her out of her slump and Hikaru realizes that the reason she's falling for Lantis even though she thinks he won't love her back is because "I don't want to lie to my own heart! Because the one person I don't want to lie is myself!"

Power blazes around her and she screams Lantis' name to high heavens...and then Umi and Fuu move forward to hold Nova back and put in their own bit of wisdom.

Umi: "Hikaru, we'll hold her back!"
Fuu: "Ms Hikaru, please get Mr. Lantis back!"
Hikaru: "Lantis! Lantis! Lantis!"



The jewel holding him captive lights up again as Lantis opens his eyes and even though the next few seconds are soundless, anyone with some eyesight can and will read his lips.

Yes we have a close-up on his lips. "Hi-ka-ru." He says it! A blind man could see. xP



Nova: *frowning* "He woke up? Why?"
Fuu: "He has came to!"
Umi: "Hikaru! Call for him again!"

if this isn't shipping on deck, nothing is. Okay...so it's a battle...but at least everyone knows what the stakes are! *wiggles eyebrows*

The next moment needs no words - only heavy animation! *pulls up sleeves* Let me make it!



...I knew this was my favorite pairing for a freaking reason! THIS! All these are moments for which shipping this pairing makes so much sense. ;P

Which makes even less sense because I don't ship Inuyasha/Kagome from Inuyasha for example and they have plenty of shippy moments too. Even now, as I think of them I prefer Sesshoumaru/KagomeXinfinity. *bashes head against wall* So I'm not sure why I love all the canon moments for Hikaru/Lantis in this show - I JUST DO!

So even as Umi and Fuu manage to pull Hikaru from harm's way (otherwise known as almost getting cleaved in two by a now pissed off Nova), Hikaru bleeds and cries and screams Lantis' name so hard that it probably makes fangirls twitch and wince everywhere...

It probably makes Lantis wanna break something too because he appeals to Eagle (who's injured, strained and dying though Lantis doesn't know about that disease) to attack Nova's Regalia with him still inside.

Eagle: *rueful smile* "I refuse. If you die, Hikaru will be saddened. I do not want to see tears on the faces of the pretty Magic Knights. Hikaru is not like Princess Emeraude. I'm sure she's able to choose a future where she can be happy...with those she loves."

Still, he does try to stop Nova with his FTO...even a little. Nova counterattacks, still just as angry.

Lantis: "Who said I was going to die? I am not like Zagato. I will not choose a future where I die with the one I love because I cannot be with her. Just when Nova's powers weaken, I will escape so attack this Rune God with me in it!"

And so Eagle does - Lantis is saved and carried away to recover from his injuries for a few moments. Then Debonair appears behind them and yells at Eagle for destroying her chance at killing off the next Pillar (guess even Debonair knew that Hikaru was actually gonna be it...) and sends a dark ball of energy at his Mashin, effectively killing him.

Eagle's last words are for Lantis: "Lantis, please...make Hikaru happy!"

It's safe to say that Hikaru is heartbroken again - darn sad moments - and even Lantis looks like he could cry for the friend who wished them both so much happiness even while dying. Hikaru's grief unites the three Rune Gods into a single Mashin (like when Emeraude was killed) and she attacks Debonair in her anger.

Nova gets in the way but is almost crushed to pieces because this time Hikaru (with Umi and Fuu) doesn't hold back at all. Somewhat surprisingly, it is Debonair who destroys Nova's Regalia, coldly saying that she has no need for her anymore and that she can die with those Magic Knights. Betrayal suits that foul woman well...

Left all alone, Nova finds herself at Hikaru's mercy who, instead of killing her (as Nova fears), chooses to forgive her instead and take her back into her heart. Nova apologizes and admits that she'd always looked for Hikaru after the latter had left Cephiro and that Debonair had found her crying and alone. They reconcile and Nova disappears back into Hikaru's heart with a happy smile. ^^;

As the Magic Knights finally learn from Alycone where Debonair's palace is, they leave to the underside of Cephiro. Lantis watches them go, his face clearly showing that he doesn't intend to sit silently and let Hikaru fight alone...at least the way I see it.

...he proves it in full later on too when he saves her life with the pendant he gave hikaru. ♥

A particular attack makes Debonair angry and as she gather an enormous ball of dark energy to destroy the girls' Mashin, Lantis feels the disturbance (from the bloody other side of Cephiro where he is along with everyone else) and summons all the power in his body, transforming the pendant around Hikaru's neck into a huge shield that reflects Debonair's magic and sends it back to her in full!

And darn if I don't find his protectiveness of Hikaru so endearing it hurts! He's injured and suffering from those horrid wounds but he gives the last drop of power to protect Hikaru.

Makes the inner fangirl happy - because, obviously, he intends to make Hikaru very happy and he starts his promise to Eagle by protecting her till kingdom come. *squee*


Lantis is the veritable knight in shining armor...literally.

Thankfully for the girls, the people of Cephiro also intervene and send their hope and powerful wishes to the Magic Knights and Debonair is gleefully defeated...

...Hikaru gives up the Pillar position to the people, forever disbanding it. The Crown disappears into the sky and the clouds part to reveal sunshine and milk and honey. ;;

The Mashin disappears, in a multitude of feathers, and as the girls float slowly down to the ground, the three Rune Gods inform them that it was their heartfelt wish to return to Cephiro that brought them back. Then Fuu realizes that saving Cephiro means that they now have to return home. *head meet desk*

The girls sob pitifully. And say their goodbyes to the ones they love.

It is Lantis who calls to Hikaru first.

Lantis: 'Hikaru.'
Hikaru: "Lantis...I'm sure that Cephiro will be a beautiful and peaceful country from now on. Just as when Princess Emeraude was around, or even more so."
Lantis: 'Yes.'
Hikaru: "Lantis...I love you."
Lantis: 'And I you.'

*lets loose the confetti* Finally! FINALLY! What we have wanted to hear for more than 20 episodes has come to pass! Those three little words have never sounded so beautiful! *O*

Hikaru gasps - the audience is way past the swooning in delight phase - and Lantis walks forward and extends his hand to her with a warm smile. She does the same and for a small second, they manage to touch each other before their world fades into a sea of white and Hikaru finds herself back in Tokyo Tower.

 photo Sayonara.gif



*takes out Kleenex* xDDD

One Year Later

Hikaru, Umi and Fuu reminisce about their trip to Cephiro and hope that the people managed to make things better after they left...and then Hikaru sees the reflection of Cephiro - now green, blooming and beautiful - in the large windows of the Tokyo Tower!

They all exclaim about how gorgeous and renewed the land looks and Hikaru takes out the mirror pendant from around her neck and caresses it like a prized possession and wishes to return to Cephiro once more.

 photo My-treasure.gif

To learn the story of the new land. We all know better though...the people come out second just this once and it's not really such a bad thing. *wink*

Why I Ship Them

After the regular drama/fanfiction type of manifesto - that actually managed to be longer than LJ permitted for just one entry - I managed to write out of nowhere, I should think it obvious. *chuckle*

The attraction, the passion, the dancing around one another...Hikaru and Lantis manage to incorporate all these and more. They support each other as much as two people in their situation can.

Lantis forgives Hikaru for killing his brother and his charge, a young woman who was obviously as dear to him as a sister!

YES! I feel the need to stress that one out as much as possible!

Just that one gesture - which isn't deserving of a mere just - is enough to start the spark and after that, the flame quite literally blazes out of control. Why, yes I am poetic thank you. ;P

The fandom

...is pretty small unfortunately. But I'll do my best! ♥

Battling Emotions by Iarly
Nostos by ViscountessKiera
The Last Magic Knight by Onniko
The Price of the Pillar by Mako-clb
Come Back To Bed by kihanadulay
Hikaru's Story by bishounen lovah

Bed Time by Sakasagami
Possessive by Sakasagami
In The Future by akiko-sama
Too Close by Mimiluvbug
Welcome by ~quivix
Don't Wanna Wake Her Up by zeenine
Who is He? by amayakouryuu
Steamy Welcome by mehira (NSFW)
White Rose Garden
Beautiful Dream by hotate-no-hohoho
Pendant Reflection
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Home Is Where You Are
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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 by hotate-no-hohoho
White Knight & Princess
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A great manifest. I'm also shipper of this pairing but I love more her scenes in the manga. There are so minor but so strong because Hikaru is so oblivious. *g*

Two of my favorite fics are also
The Last Magic Knight (my favorite fic with them but you need tissues!)
Hikaru's Story (sweet and the first part of trilogie)
The manga cut out romance for everyone so I usually wave it away. But usually manga have that effect on me anyway...xDD

(she was a bit too innocent for me - I liked the more worldly Hikaru in the anime. For some reason, I can relate. xDD)

The Last Magic Knight is love and oh my God thank you for reminding that the second story exists! I adore that one as well. *adds it to the list gleefully*
I'm more a manga-fan. Can't say why because I start with animes but mangas are more fun for me.

Under my favorites are also...

* Broken Circle http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5077423/1/Broken_Circle
* Destined to be http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1320373/1/Destined_To_Be
* Heat http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3823644/1/Heat
* In your eyes http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1812634/1/In_Your_Eyes
* Just a touch of Observation http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1183115/1/Just_A_Touch_of_Obsession
* Just Visiting http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1032229/1/Just_Visiting
* Moonless Night http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3873237/1/Moonless_Night
* Once and always http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2216597/1/Once_and_Always
* Only a minute http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4347868/1/Only_a_Minute

Also your own fic "Touch of Grace" is really good. Too bad that there is a community for this pair. :(
*chuckles* I won't put my stories up here. I'll just let fandom decide it they like them.

Touch of Grace, Broken Circle, Heat and Moonless Night are mine you know. xDDDD

*checks out the others*

Too bad that there is a community for this pair. :(

Don't you mean isn't? xDDD
Ýes, I mean isn't. It was too late for me. ~,~

Oh okay, I didn't see this. But selfpimp is always good because a newbie wouldn't know that you also wrote fics about them.
I thought this was really well written even though personally I am more of a fan of LantisxHikaruxEagle if only because I liked the relationship between the three in the manga.

ALSO MOVING PICTURES VERY PRETTY (I should not have written this at the end of my break ;_; )
I'm one of those traditional gals - the traditionalism carries on from RL to the netz - so I never managed to get into threesomes or any kind. I prefer my pairings to be focused more on a him and a her. Simpler. ;P


Nicely written, good job :) I love this couple<3
Thank you m'dear!

I'm happy to meet more Hikaru/Lantis lovers! ♥
This was amazing :D, I loved it!! I love this 2 soooooo much and you just showed exactly why. I wonder are you doing one with the story of the manga?? I love that ending :D.

Hugs!!! Be well :D
Thank youuuuuuu! I love these two so much too! ♥

But like I said in the beginning of this manifesto, I won't be touching the manga because frankly I wouldn't be able to write anything romantic enough for it...they didn't really have all that much interaction. Plus...apparently, people equate manga with Hikaru/Lantis/Eagle so no point in going there. ><;

Hug! ♥
Well she did say she wanted to marry both. >_> it's not like there's no reason at all people would ship that compared to just Lantis/Hikaru



I didn't take the ending of the manga to mean that she was romantically interested in both guys. In the manga, she said she wanted to marry both...however, when asked if she could marry two people, she explained that it was because she loved them both just like how she loved everyone else. I take it to mean that she's oblivious to the idea of real romance and that she was merely talking about love in the platonic sense. The manga was more open-ended in terms of Hikaru and any romance but the anime took a much more direct approach on love(which I personally preferred). I just feel like the stronger love story in the anime gave Hikaru's character more substance(Lantis too, of course).
Damn, this brought back memories! Magic Knight Rayearth was one of the first series I got into after becoming an anime fan so that would make Lantis/Hikaru one of my first OTPs.

I enjoyed reading both parts of your manifesto. At first, I didn't really like the anime, but it grew on me.
MKR wasn't my first anime but it's definitely one of my ultimate favorites. And for anime Hikaru/Lantis I have - quite obviously - the biggest weakness ever.

Anime in general as my lovelies because I love how fleshed out the characters are. I'm not a fan of too many fillers, but I can't say that they're unnecessary - good for characterization and relationships!


Definitely one of my earliest and most favorite ships <3


We need more love for this pairing! ♥
This takes me back to 1999! I used to breathe Magic Knight Rayearth back in the day! It's too bad that the fandom is pretty much completely gone... Or at least I don't know where it went. Christ, seems like most of my favorite shows were made in the 90's.

Seriously awesome essay, good work on everything, I wasn't much of a fan of this pairing when I first watched the show, but that was because I Lantis intimidated me and I was 13 *laughs*. Such a long time ago jeez!

I will give this pairing another look, thanks for writing the manifesto!
huh...I thought I had answered this comment. O_____O

I still breathe MKR...even more so now that I bought the remastered Season 2 and I can ogle all the awesome changes even better. xDDDD

I really worked on this manifesto - but I think that what got through more were my feelings of love for LantisxHikaru than my words. I really really love this pairing to bits. yes, even with the fandom gone. My imagination doesn't consider such insignificant details when making up dozens a stories about them a month. I'm my own fandom sometimes. *giggle*

I watched this show a few years ago...when I was 20 or so. Fell in love with Lantis on the spot and the love's still going on even now at 22. xP

Aww now this makes me wish that you had been around the boom of MKR fandom in 2000 to 2003... then it kinda started to die and very little is left now :( I actually used to run a generel fansite back in the day (which was terrible of course).

I own half of the first season and the boxed second season on DVD, however I bought all of these in 2001. Have the episodes really been remastered? If so, do you know where to buy them?

Oh and here's a fun fact; when I first read the manga I was 11 and I didn't understand the ending at all, and then like 8 years later I was like "OH SO THEY'RE INVITING HER INTO THE RELATIONSHIP DERP DERP!!!"

Kidding aside I really like how they fleshed out Lantis character in the anime, I always found him sort of boring in the manga, where he didn't really do much but glower at Hikaru. In the anime you can really tell that he cared about her.

I do however feel bad for Eagle... he just belongs into the relationship to me *laughs*

God I haven't talked this much about MKR in AGES!
Have the episodes really been remastered? If so, do you know where to buy them?

You can check out Amazon - I got the second season from there but both seasons are up for grabs. I'm just too poor to afford those horrific shipping fees overseas. ;;

Basically from this it turned into THIS and THIS is awesomeness on bread. HOW CAN IT BE SO DIFFERENT AND AWESOMECAKES! why did they even bother to make the first version of it? ><;

I always found him sort of boring in the manga, where he didn't really do much but glower at Hikaru. In the anime you can really tell that he cared about her.

Frankly I think that's why people don't really like him all that much. Pretty much everyone I've talked to likes the manga over the anime...and in the manga characterization SUCKS! Badly... For everyone as far as I'm concerned

I don't really do OT3s so...^^;
HOLY SHIT NOW THAT IS A DIFFERENCE!!! If I had more money I would be all over the new DVDs...

I don't really do OT3s so...^^;

Naw me neither, it's just an aspect I never noticed the first time around because I was too young to understand the implications, and when I did it kinda took my suprisese that they would do something like that in a shoujo manga aimed at young girls. And you have to remember the second season of of the anime WAS written by CLAMP, and their choice for Hikaru was Lantis, so I'm all aboard on that ship (LOL I KEEL ME). I also agree that the characters were better written in the (second season) anime.

Actually back in the day (GOD I feel old now...) both Hikaru and Lantis were pretty unpopular characters witht the fandom. I think Hikaru, who I is one of favorite characters of all time, had like two fansites, wheres Fuu and Umi had a billion, dunno if this is still the case considering how much the MKR fandom has shrunk.

DAMN it feels good to talk to someone about MKR...


(So the OVA... what did you think?)
IT IS! I WAS TOTALLY SHOCKED WHEN I FIRST GOT IT! I mean...remastered set is remastered but *wolf whistle* man did they do it good. xDD

It's 36$ or so...of course I ordered it and then got the surprise of my life when shipping rates to my apparently backwater hillbilly country ended up being...oh, 120$ or so. I thought I was gonna die. ><; A friend of mine paid the shipping rates for me and I paid her little by little afterward. xDDD

Well CLAMP is...it's own brand of special I suppose. I never really enjoyed many of their plots partly because there's nothing sane about their pairing evolution but MKR totally makes it worth ignoring the OT3 implications of the manga. At least they're not there in the anime

They were. Umi still has a billion fansites though...which is why my unreasonable mind can't still stand her. IT'S THE FANS. THE FANS MADE ME HATE HER WHAT WITH ALL THE 'OMG SHE'S THE PRETTIEST THING EVER AND HER HAIR IS SO SPARKLY AND HER EYES SO CERULEAN'. Okay...shutting up nao.

Hikaru and Lantis are and will always be my lovelies...I'm sure you know by now because you've seen how my journal looks. *something srsly wrong with royalbk is obvious*
I get what you mean. I also have this irrational thing were I tend to dislike the character that's most popular with the fandom (there are expections of course) but I never understood the amount of love for Umi...

I mean really what is it that makes her so goddam better than Hikaru and Fuu? (...then again Hikaru is short and Fuu has glasses, so I guess Umi is the most traditional "pretty" of the group) I don't hate Umi though, she's to kind and caring to really dislike.

Would you mind pointing me to a few MKR websites? I know In My Heart still existis, but other than than that I'm a little lost.

Oh and your journal is superduper pretty ;) Just out of curiosty, what country are you from?
I get what you mean. I also have this irrational thing were I tend to dislike the character that's most popular with the fandom (there are expections of course) but I never understood the amount of love for Umi...


I don't hate Umi though, she's to kind and caring to really dislike.


I really had no problems with her in the beginning...but then I went to MKR related place and it all started with 'Umi is wonderful' and ended with 'she's the most speshul snowflake in MKR'. Hearing things like that again and again and again kinda tends to erode the nerves.

Not to mention that my favorite gal is Hikaru (followed veeeeeeeerry closely by Fuu) and the little love they both generally get from people is a serious let-down. Doesn't help me admire Umi more.

Unfortunately I know too few outside of LJ but...

...I'm sharing them gladly. ^^;

My journal is a product of my incessant love for HikaruxLantis...and I'm from Romania. *wave wave*
OMG someone else who loves Hikaru! Jesus, that's not a lot of stuff left... What a pity... Romania? Uhuuu that's close to where I live! But let's take the discussion to our journals now, before the mods decide to ban us for going so offtopic. ^^
HOLY SHIT NOW THAT IS A DIFFERENCE!!! If I had more money I would be all over the new DVDs..

Since you are now on my F-list let me amaze you some more. xDD

(So the OVA... what did you think?)

Completely missed this.


Lantis died and the girls were not themselves. I'm not sure what to believe other than the fact that I wish they would've tried that art for the anime too. ><;

T'was dark but pretty. >>;

P.S: If I ever do get my writing groove back, I'll probably have 1-2 scenarios to write for the OVA. *plots*
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