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Love Bug ♥ Homunculus (Part Two)

Title: Love Bug and Homunculus
Author: robothor1111 and amtrak12
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Leonard/Penny
Spoilers: Spoilers through the end of season three, as well as episode eight of season four.
Notes: All of the spoilers are very explicit. The first three seasons of the series are mapped out with descriptions of the moments in detail.
Thanks to Roxanne (enna_xor) for helping me get video links.

Also, please remember that these moments and interpretations are robothor1111‘s and amtrak12‘s. How others may interpret the same information may be different.

The moment that cemented their status as my favorite television pairing was when Leonard gave her the snowflake in the third season premiere. It was such a simple gesture that had so much romance behind it. That one moment showed that Leonard would do anything for Penny. Also, the fact that Penny spent a whole summer pining away for Leonard when she could have had any guy that looked her way showed how devoted she is to him. – amandapanda222

The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation-"I couldn't think of anyone else when you were gone."
"Great news! Leonard's home!"
That is, of course, a quote that is spoken in a season one episode, but it certainly applies to what the speaker is feeling here. Leonard has returned-with a faceful of beard-after the three month trip to the North Pole. Of course, immediately after setting his bags down in 4A, he heads across the hall to see the woman he'd crushed on for two full years before leaving her for three months. And what happens next is proof that CBS knows what to put in their promotional videos. It's "A moment fourteen billion years in the making!"
Penny opens the door, and a big grin comes across her face.
"Leonard, you're back!"
"Yeah, I stopped by to say-"
What he stopped by to say will have to wait a few moments, as Penny closes the distance between them, puts her arms around Leonard's neck, and kisses him passionately. He's surprised, looking at her incredulously when the kiss ends with Penny sighing and leaning her head back, arms around his neck and lower body still pressed to his.
"Yeah, so, hi!"
So wonderfully reminiscent of their first meeting!
It's clear where things are going for the duo now, as they stumble into Penny's apartment and slam the door. Now he's up against the apartment door, his arms are around her waist and she's against him, sober and kissing him and telling him…
"I missed you so much!"
"I've missed you, too."
"I couldn't think of anyone else when you were gone!"
All the shippers are going colon, capital D right now. Finally, after two full seasons, Penny's telling Leonard how she feels.
Unfortunately, due to a situation with Raj, Sheldon, and Howard, the wonderful make-out session that was heading for the couch is interrupted. However, the next day Leonard returns to her door. He has something for her-a little red velvet bag with a thing glass inside containing…
"What is it?"
"It's a snowflake. From the North Pole."
"Are you serious?"
"Uh-huh. It'll last forever. I preserved it with a one percent solution of polyvinal acidal resin."
"Oh my gosh. That's the most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me that I didn't understand!"
Leonard begins to explain how the snowflake was able to be preserved, but Penny steps toward him and gives him another kiss-another kiss! When Raj and Howard run up the stairs to interrupt them once again, more than one fan groaned in frustration. Leonard and Penny are frustrated too, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco completely sold the sexual tension. Penny tells Leonard to go and help Sheldon, and she'll be here when he gets back.
"We've waited a few months, we can wait a few more days!"
They kiss again, a slow, hot kiss that lasts several seconds but was still way too short.
"Maybe you can!"
Actually, Penny's statement does need a correction. Maybe she's only been waiting a few months. Leonard, and the fans, have been waiting for this moment for two years, and now that it's finally clear that it is going to happen, we can't wait for him to return.
Return he does, and third time's a charm. This time, Leonard and Penny are not interrupted. by SergeantFuzzyBoots

The Jiminy Conjecture- If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
Leonard and Penny's first night together wasn't bad, it just "wasn't the way I dreamed it would be." They clearly want to be together, but aren't sure how to get past that awkward, less than stellar first time. They try drinking and making out, but it only leads to them feeling nauseated in the bathroom. The new couple talks and decides that maybe it would be better-and simpler-for them to be friends. They look at each other, and Penny holds out her arms. "Come here." Leonard hugs her, and after a moment the two of them pull back and look at each other. Their eyes meet and lock on each other, and after a few agonizing seconds…they begin making out. The episode ends with Leonard shutting the door to Penny's apartment as they give it another, obviously more successful try. It gives the shippers something to cheer about because now we know that it takes more than a little imperfection to split these two up.

The Gothowitz Deviation-Don't Change Her
Leonard and Penny are settled into their relationship. And their sex life has improved significantly since that awkward first night. They'd promised Sheldon that they would have their 'conjugal visits' in Penny's apartment, but…"her bed kinda…broke." Penny gives Leonard the best "yes, it did!" look, and they grin at each other mischievously.
In this episode, Sheldon is attempting to modify Penny's behavior, giving her chocolate whenever she does what he tells her, such as not sitting in his spot or lowering her voice or taking her phone calls out into the hall. Leonard isn't happy about this and he's not about to let his friend mold Penny "likea lab rat." He tells Sheldon that he's not allowed to change Penny. It's clear that some of Penny's traits, like her "braying laugh" (thank you for the perfect description, closed captioning!) annoy Leonard, but he knows that those traits helped make Penny who she is, and that's the girl he wants to be with, not some lab rat that his roommate created out of convenience.

The Pirate Solution- Alone time.
Sheldon is occupied keeping Raj in the country, and Penny is happy, because with him not in the apartment all the time, she and Leonard can spend some along time together. Leonard's glad, too, and they discuss their good fortune while cuddling on his couch. He kisses her cheek, and she smiles, and the fans go crazy for Penny and Leonard. The couple has finally settled into a comfortable relationship. They're even feeling a bit mischievous-Penny sits up and asks Leonard if he wants to "get a little crazy." When he asks what she's thinking of, she grins at him and suggests that they "slide over to Sheldon's spot and make out."

The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary- Contented Sigh
"Wow. You are a genius."
"Not really. I Google'd how to do that."
Okay, backing up a few seconds here-the wonderful closed captioning opens this scene by labling the soft sound Penny makes as a "contented sigh." Not just a sigh. A contented sigh. Okay, back to the scene.
Hoo-boy! That is a much better way of getting the "you magnificent beast" point across! And in this episode we get our first glimpse of them in bed without it being awkward. They're managing to lie on their backs next to each other and still hold hands-both sets of hands.

The Cornhusker Vortex- "That's my boyfriend. He is really smart."
So far in seasons of The Big Bang Theory we've seen Penny's journey into Leonard's world, but hardly any of Leonard's attempt to enter hers. In this episode, we do, as he attempts to learn football so he can go to her parties that she has to celebrate her favorite team's games. (And more of those quick, casual kisses in passing in the hallway, too, these two are so affectionate!) He goes over the top trying to fit in at the party, wearing a football jersey and commenting on obvious, 101 style rules of the game. He's trying, however, and after Penny tells him that it's okay to leave if he's bored, not needing him to like football for them to be together, she defends him to her staring friends. "That's my boyfriend. He is really smart."

After watching their romantic relationship play out in Season 3, I feel the Leonard/Penny relationship is one of the most realistically written television relationships on air right now. All their fights, disagreements, apologies, discussions, etc were kept completely in character, were very similar to common disagreements in geek/non-geek relationships, and always made sense in the context of the show. –AisicsRule (Amtrak12)

The Guitarist Amplification-The First Fight
Gotta love the promo video again; it is so true: "with every new relationship comes its first fight!"
Scenario: Penny tells Leonard that she's arranged for her her friend, aka ex-boyfriend, to sleep on her couch for a few weeks.
Result: Several days of the two of them screaming at each other.
Penny: "You know what? Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot."
Leonard: "I'm not talking to you like you're an idiot! I'm saying the whole idea is idiotic!"
Penny: "How is that not talking to me like I'm an idiot? It's my friend, it's my couch, and it's my freakin' life!"
Leonard: "You know what? It is your life. If you want to have some stupid guitarist stay on your couch, then fine. Why don't you just rent some bunk beds and invite The Black Eyed Peas?"
Penny: "Hey, if I want to invite the entire line up of Lollapalooza to sleep in my apartment, I will, and it's none of your business!"
That's just the beginning. The two can't be in the same room with each other without starting up again. Leonard is hurt and angry that Penny didn't tell him and that she's allowing an ex-boyfriend back into her life. Penny's hurt and angry, thinking that Leonard doesn't trust her.
"If it's meant to be, it'll be."
Penny told Leonard this when he was having relationship problems with Stephanie. That relationship flamed out. This one is stronger than that, and after a few days they calm down enough to realize that "(we) are in a relationship, and occasionally, we're going to fight."
The episode ends with them in her bed, cuddling like the adorable couple that they are. Leonard and Penny have survived their first fight. It certainly appears "meant to be!"

The Adhesive Duck Deficiency- Time on his hands and room in his heart.
This is an interesting episode because, for the first time in forty eight episodes, the two plotlines are completely separate. Penny and Leonard do not belong to the same plot in this episode, and therefore are never even in the same general area. The episode is clearly designed to explore the popular friendships on the show as well as groupings we rarely see together, but the pairing of Leonard and Penny is too important to go through an episode without at least a mention. In this case it's during a trip to the desert taken by Leonard, Howard, and Raj. While sitting outside of their tent, Leonard says aloud that he wishes that Penny could have come. Raj, for one, is glad she isn't there, as he'd be stuck outside with Howard while they were having sex in the tent. The trip the trio is on is has scientific purposes, but Leonard still has the time on his hands and room in his heart to think of his girlfriend. It's a small mention, the topic is held for maybe ten seconds maximum, but it's there.

The Vengeance Formulation
There's not much Leonard and Penny in this ep, sadly, because the storyline strays from them to focus on Sheldon's rivalry with a colleague and Howard's relationship with a girl Penny fixed him up with. However, we do get something.
Howard wants a perfect woman, and Penny tells him that he needs to stop having such unrealistic standards. He's got someone who cares about him, someone kind and funny and who understands him. Howard says that just because she settled doesn't mean that he has to.
Penny: "Hey, I did not settle for Leonard. I mean, obviously, he isn't the kind of guy I usually go out with, you know, physically. My point is, I do not judge a book by its cover. I am interested in the person underneath."
So wonderfully reminiscent of The Gothowitz Deviation-we now know that Penny doesn't want to change him, either.

The Gorilla Experiment- Learning physics.
When Penny's friend, Bernadette, demonstrates her knowledge of the sciences and of Leonard's work in particular, Penny becomes determined to learn about what he does. When Sheldon proves incapable of teaching someone who isn't a science prodigy, and displays little to no sympathy over the situation, Penny becomes extremely frustrated. She ends up breaking down, crying over her inability to learn what her boyfriend does. Although Penny fails to really learn anything, the episode shows that she genuinely cares for Leonard and he is important enough to warrant tears over a subatomic particle.

The Maternal Congruence
Leonard’s mother is coming for Christmas, and Penny discovers that Leonard has not told Beverly that he and Penny are dating. Clearly, Leonard is still intimidated by his mother; when he discovers that she has a close relationship with Sheldon the mother son relationship weakens yet again. However, at the end of the episode things look up, for Beverly and Leonard and Leonard and Penny. Beverly approves of the pairing, going so far as to tell Leonard to “take very good care” of Penny.

The Psychic Vortex- Differing beliefs.
Leonard does not believe in psychics, astrology, or voodoo. Penny does, and this causes quite the unpleasant situation while double-dating with Howard and Bernadette. Leonard thinks that Penny is crazy for believing in that stuff, and she's hurt that he feels that way. Leonard spends some time thinking about his relationship with Penny, and he wonders if being with her means that he has to give up what he believes in. He goes to talk to her, and though he won't say he believes in psychics, astrology, voodoo, or crystals-but it's okay because Penny knows crystals don't work-he'll go visit her psychic for her. Just like that, the tense situation melts away and they walk out of the laundry room together, smiling. It's yet another episode showing that they can remain together despite differences that could drive other, less compatible couples apart. by LenaGuffi (Accidentally in Love)

The Bozeman Reaction
This episode focused on Sheldon’s insecurities after his apartment was burglarized, but there was still plenty of squee-worthy Leonard/Penny interaction. When she comments that had she not had the dinner shift at work, he tells her not to be scared. Later in the episode, a net falls on her as she attempts to enter 4A-a new security method installed by Howard and Raj-and Leonard is the only one of the four guys to help her escape from it. And of course, Sheldon crawls out of his bedroom window and around the corner to Leonard’s window, where we get to see a pretty awesome makeout session in Leonard’s bed.

…the way they look at each other, the way they touch each other. They’re just adorable. – MagicalTurkey

The Einstein Approximation-Knock knock knock "Leonard and Penny?"
This episode doesn't have any deep, meaningful moments that are meant to strengthen their feelings for one another. It doesn't show that they can overcome obstacles. It does, however, have several very cute scenes.
Once again they're holding hands while asleep-couples don't have to do that, and this one does it all the time! Pure adorableness. And Penny's sleepy "Leonard? You're giggling in your sleep," and her arm linked with his in a later bedroom scene just added to the shipper's enjoyment.
And Sheldon has completely accepted Penny and Leonard as a couple-he even has a special knock for them.
Knock knock knock "Leonard and Penny?"
Knock knock knock "Leonard and Penny?"
Knock knock knock "Leonard and Penny?"

The Large Hadron Collision-Valentine’s Day.
It’s almost February 14th, and Leonard has something special planned for that day. A work trip is allowing him to spend Valentine’s Day in Switzerland, and although he is most excited about getting to see the Large Hadron Collider, he’s also arranged for him and Penny to go sightseeing and skiing; well, she’ll ski, and he’ll fall, but they’ll be in Switzerland for Valentines’ Day! Penny’s excited, as she demonstrates by grinning and throwing her arms around him. Later, she goes out to buy special underwear for the trip, leading to an amusing interaction between her and Leonard (no, it’s not dirty-yet) when she tells him of her shopping trip and he assumes the underwear was thermal, and purchased due to the temperature in Switzerland during the winter. During this conversation, we get to see some adorable cuddling in bed. Unfortunately, Penny falls sick the morning of the trip and is unable to go, but seeing how excited they were to go on the trip together is enough to show how much they’ve grown to mean to each other.

The Excelsior Acquisition- "You are an important part of my life."
This episode was actually quite shippy, despite Penny and Leonard once again being part of separate plotlines. They do manage to have several notable exchanges.
When he and his friends begin to talk about Stan Lee, she pretends to know who he is.
"You're an important part of my life and I pay attention to the things you are interested in."
"Good, good. So, who's Stan Lee?"
"Um…he was on Star Trek. Star Wars?"
She has no idea, but Leonard doesn't mind.
When it is pointed out that Penny's pants say 'Juicy' across the back, Raj leans over to look. As evidenced by the glare he gave Raj, no one looks at Penny's rear end but Leonard.
Penny visits the comic book store to ask Stuart something. The reason for her presence there has to do with Penny feeling the need to apologize for something that happened with Sheldon in the episode, but there's still a Leonard/Penny connection here. When Stuart says he'll give her Stan Lee's address if she goes to his cousin's wedding with him, Penny agrees-but she'll only go to the wedding if she can bring Leonard with her. by tbbtllh

The Precious Fragmentation-“That’s my girl.”
This episode had it all; hilarity, Nerd Culture, and adorable Leonard/Penny moments. At Penny’s work, Leonard gives her a ring from the Lord of the Rings movies to hang on to, as the guys are all fighting about it. She takes this assignment very seriously. That night, Sheldon…okay, backing up a bit. We see them sleeping twice in this episode, and they are almost cuter asleep then they are while awake. They always face each other if they aren’t holding hands (The Einstein Approximation) and in this case, their foreheads are almost touching. Touching is the perfect adjective for this scene, as it’s a sweet, natural intimacy that Leonard and Penny have developed. Anyway, Sheldon comes into their room with a claw arm to get the ring off of Penny’s neck, where she is wearing it as a necklace. She wakes up, sees him, and her arm shoots out, hitting him in the nose. Screeching “I’m bleeding!” Sheldon runs out of the room. Leonard then sits up and asks what just happened. Penny calmly says, “Sheldon tried to take the ring and I punched him.” Leonard doesn’t look angry or shocked. He simply says “that’s my girl.” She cuddles up to him, sliding an arm around him and tucking her head beneath his, and he holds her close as the scene fades.

The thing I like most about LP is the realism to their relationship. There’s never anything over the top that you wouldn’t see in a real relationship. – SergeantFuzzyBoots

The Pants Alternative- Pajamas and coffee.
The casual moments are often the best in this relationship, and we get another one in this episode. It's the end, the aftermath of all the craziness that took place, and the focus of the scene is on Sheldon. However, the passionate shippers still get something to satisfy their Leonard and Penny appetites. We see them in their pajamas in Leonard's kitchen, just standing at the counter drinking coffee. The moment is so casual, and just so normal that fans have to celebrate how far they've come.

(One of my favorite Leonard/Penny episodes is) The Wheaton Recurrence, for when Leonard says “I love you”. It may have been their break-up episode, but actually hearing him tell her “I love you” is so important.- Missygurl88

The Wheaton Recurrence-“I love you, Penny.”
Leonard and Penny are in bed, and Penny’s teasing him on how he’s having a hard time catching his breath. He tells her that had he known about this in school, he’d have tried a lot harder in P.E. Penny then says… “do or do not, there is no try.”
Leonard’s face was likely very similar to the fans’, shocked and thrilled that Penny quoted Star Wars. When she specifies, moments later, what episode it was that she quoted, Leonard gives her a passionate kiss, telling her, finally, “I love you, Penny.” It’s clear that the audience loved it, as the laugh track is temporarily changed the “aww” track. However, the cuteness is short-lived, as Penny’s previous negative associations with those words cause her to say only, “thank you.” Later, Penny goes to talk to Leonard, telling him, “you have to know how much I care about you.” She goes on to explain that she’s been hurt by “the L-word” before, and she just needs time. Leonard says it’s okay; he’s a little ahead of her but that’s fine. And it appears to be; they are coexisting without fighting
However, this doesn’t last long. At a bowling tournament soon afterward, Penny is told by Evil!Wil Wheaton a fabricated story about how he told a girl he loved her and she wasn’t sure; she strung him along for two years before ending the relationship and he said it would have been kinder for her to have broken up with him right away. This gets to Penny, and soon after, she snaps at Leonard, telling her to stop pressuring her about the bowling game. He’s a bit surprised at her outburst, saying he’s sorry and he’ll shut up. And thus begins arguably the most emotionally charged scene in the history of The Big Bang Theory. Penny’s voice is threatening to crack as she tells him that she didn’t mean, “shut up.” He says, sensing that they’re losing it and trying desperately to save it, “just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.” Penny looks at him with an indescribable expression. “No,” she says, her hands going to her stomach. “This isn’t fair to you, Leonard, I’m sorry!” Her voice cracks and she runs off.
This scene shows so much beyond the breakup. Penny clearly did not want to break up with him, as her expressions and tone demonstrates. However, she let herself hurt in the belief that she was doing what was best for Leonard. She showed pure selflessness, which combined with everything we’ve seen thus far in the show, convinced many, many fans that she does indeed love him; she’s still just a little scared.

The Spaghetti Catalyst- "You and Me."
It's very clear how Leonard and Penny are handling their break up: not well.
Leonard is understandably depressed, and we learn from Sheldon that he's been crying over her, and smelling the pillow that she'd used when in his apartment. When Raj shows distress over being single, Leonard shrugs his friend's feelings off. "Don't worry, you'll meet a girl someday. And she'll be beautiful. And kind, and sexy, and funny, and everything you ever wanted in a woman…You'll fall hopelessly in love and give her your heart. She'll take it and grind it into pathetic little pieces."Leonard has stated what he's feeling; he's heartbroken.
Penny's not coming out and saying it, but she's upset, too. She asks Sheldon how Leonard is. She's dressing as if she couldn't care less about how she looks. When she learns that Leonard has been crying, she says that she feels terrible.
A brighter moment comes for the fans at the end of the episode. Penny and Leonard talk. Penny says that they can be friends, him and her. He agrees, and they smile at each other. For the moment, they are okay.

The Plimpton Stimulation-Rebound
A friend of Sheldon’s is in town, an accomplished scientist that Leonard has idolized for years. She’s staying in their apartment, in Sheldon’s room, while Sheldon stays on the couch. That was the original plan anyway. Elizabeth Plimpton is attracted to Leonard, and after learning from Sheldon that Leonard’s been recently dumped, makes a move on him, and they sleep together. When Penny finds out the following day, she reminds Leonard “we just broke up.” Leonard says yes, and how is Penny doing with that? Her response, “not as good as you,” shows that she’s still not over him, and isn’t even casually involved with anyone. We also learn something else about Leonard and Penny-they have moved as far from their first awkward sexual encounter as a couple can get. Sheldon had bought noise canceling headphones during their relationship.

The Staircase Implementation- Painting nails.
This is an adorable Leonard and Penny episode, for shippers and for those who like them as friends. The episode description released by CBS says "Leonard tells Penny the story of how he met Sheldon…and what happened to the elevator." It's a flashback episode, but it's done as Leonard telling Penny a story. All of the present-day scenes in this episode are Leonard and Penny sitting on her loveseat talking. When Leonard arrives in her apartment at the beginning, she's doing her nails, so nail-painting is a focus of all present scenes. We see Penny doing her fingernails, then Leonard doing her fingernails. Later, we see him doing her toenails, and then Penny doing his finger and toenails. They're comfortable around each other again, with a friendly intimacy about them. It was a great episode for all types of Leonard and Penny fans.

The Lunar Excitation-“You have destroyed my ability to tolerate idiots”
Now Penny has a new boyfriend, well, a date to a party anyway. Zack is nothing like Leonard; he’s very unintelligent and physically resembles the kind of guy who Penny used to date. He demonstrates his lack of intelligence over and over, asking Leonard if he was going to blow up the moon during an experiment. (In reality, they were simply bouncing a laser of the plates put on the moon’s surface by Apollo 11.) During these exchanges, Penny is clearly embarrassed by Zack, as she demonstrates in her facial expressions. Later that night, she leaves Zack and comes to Leonard drunk, telling him that “You have destroyed my ability to tolerate idiots.” When she proclaims her desire to sleep with him, Leonard assumes they are back together. However, the following day he learns that Penny went to him for meaningless sex, and she considers the encounter a ‘mistake’. Not the greatest way for them to end the season, but we do get one more positive thing. Leonard’s confusion over how exes can have sex and have it mean nothing proves beyond a shadow of doubt that when he and Penny were together, it meant something to him.

I really appreciate how the writers have written the relationship so far, maintaining a balance so it doesn’t take over the focus of the show, and I took forward to seeing LP continue along their long road. –enna_xor

SEASON FOUR, EPISODE EIGHT: The 21 Second Excition-“Then why did you terminate your relationship with him?” “I don’t know.”
It’s girls’ night, which roughly translates to Penny and Bernadette giving Amy, Sheldon’s Girl Friend, her first slumber party-pillow fight! Amy decides that in order to give herself the full slumber party experience, the trio should play Truth or Dare. At first it’s uncomfortable for all three of them, as Amy is unfamiliar with what sort of questions one poses when asking for the truth. Finally, she seems to get it, and asks Penny why she and Leonard still spend so much time together, since they are no longer a couple. Penny says that Leonard’s a great guy, and why can’t they be friends? Amy asks Penny why, if he’s so great, did she break up with him? Penny’s quiet for a moment, and then says “I don’t know. He got really serious, and I wasn’t ready for it.” She’s clearly uncomfortable, and Bernadette’s not helping. She’s nodding along with Amy, wanting to know the same information. Amy then asks Penny how she will react if, when she becomes ready, that Leonard isn’t available because another girl has realized what a great guy he is.
And here it is. After almost half of the season went by without any sign of regret on Penny’s part, Amy’s question seems to awaken Penny. She says that Amy only gets to ask one question.
Amy and Bernadette: “That one.”
Penny’s expression is one of extreme discomfort. “I really don’t want to play anymore,” she says, getting up and marching into her bedroom. She slams the door behind her.
This is wonderful for the fans, as we get another rare glimpse into Penny’s thoughts. Sure, she doesn’t say “I still have feelings for Leonard” but the scene can’t be interpreted any other way. The writers could easily have gone for the cheap laugh and had her say “yeah, that’s definitely not going to happen,” but…they didn’t. And hope is officially reunited among the fans who had begun to doubt.

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