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Worth The Wait: A Luke and Noah Ship Manifesto

Title: Worth The Wait: A Luke and Noah Ship Manifesto
Fandom: As The World Turns
Pairing: Luke Snyder/Noah Mayer
Author: simplistiics
Word Count: 1836
Disclaimer: I do not own As The World Turns, Luke Snyder, or Noah Mayer (I wish!). The boys belong to CBS and Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann belong to themselves.

Worth The Wait
The Luke and Noah Ship Manifesto

I got into this fandom about three months ago, thanks to youtube and fellow LJ friends. I was just searching and I found a picture of Luke and Noah on someone’s icon, I was like “Hmm, I wonder where these boys are from.” In the caption it said “Luke and Noah” so naturally I was curious, being a slash fan, and looked them up. When I saw that they were from a soap opera, naturally I was skeptical…..I mean who WOULDN’T be? Soap operas are notorious for crazy storylines and unrealistic character development. I was disappointed, but then I went to another site, the Luke and Noah wiki, and saw that they had their story entirely posted on youtube. I got excited and went to look it up. I was hooked from the start and fell in love with those boys, and they very quickly became my OTP. Here’s why.


Luke Snyder

Luke Snyder is a long running character on As The World Turns. He is played by Van Hansis. Luke is the birth son of Lily Walsh Snyder and Damian Grimaldi. He was later on adopted by Holden Snyder whom he thinks of his only father, he is estranged from Damian, until he returns in a later storyline. Luke has a huge family complete with cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, second cousins, third cousins, etc, all of whom are very tight nit. He’s got a very high strung personality. Some might describe him as a spoiled brat at times. He knows what he wants and often goes to great lengths to get it. Luke, while loyal and true, can also be very bitchy and self absorbed when he wants to be. He can also be headstrong and crazy, and that can get him into trouble more often than not. One of his greatest strengths is how much he loves and cares for his friends. Luckily he has Noah Mayer to keep him in line.

Noah Mayer

Noah Mayer is a newer character on As The World Turns. He came into the storyline in 2007, when Luke and another Oakdale character, Maddie Coleman, were working at WOAK as interns. Noah’s almost Luke’s complete opposite. He doesn’t have much family, just him and his Colonel father. His father is very controlling and doesn’t let Noah do what he wants to do the most, be a director. Later on, Noah’s father turns out to be one of the biggest obstacles for the boys coming together. Noah is very much in the closet when we first meet him, and he even starts dating Maddie Coleman. Noah eventually comes to terms with his sexuality, and his feelings for Luke, and becomes one of Luke’s greatest supporters. He’s stubborn and hard headed, which is a good match for Luke, and he is also very loyal. He makes a lot of mistakes and is way too trusting at times. Though that is one of his greatest strengths as well, his want to help people in need.

Other As The World Turns Characters

There are other characters that are important in the Luke/Noah storyline.

The Snyders

The Snyders, Luke’s family, take in Noah as their own after Noah’s father turns out to be a murdering psychopath and lands himself in prison. They consist of Luke’s mom and dad, Lily and Holden, his grandmother Emma who owns a huge farm, his grandmother Lucinda, who’s a high strung business woman, and his three younger siblings, Faith, Natalie, and Ethan. Even though Emma lets Noah stay with them at the farm, she is very much against Luke and Noah sharing a room, and that is one of the biggest road blocks in them being together as well.

Maddie Coleman

Maddie originally starts off as one of Luke’s best friends. They go too their senior prom together because they didn’t want to go alone. When Maddie meets Noah, they bond over their unusual love of old black and white movies. Maddie is another road block in the boys getting together as Noah starts dating her, and using her as a tool to help gain his father’s respect. Colonel Mayer keeps on pushing Noah and Maddie together, because he thinks that she’s going to “set him straight”, literally. Maddie eventually finds out the truth about Noah and Luke, and tells Noah that he needs to come out to his father and that they can no longer be together. Even though Maddie was hurt during this, the three still remain good friends when she goes away to college.

Casey Hughes

Casey proves to be one of the boys’ biggest allies in their relationship. We first meet him in the Luke/Noah story when he’s fresh out of prison. He takes an interest in Ameera Ali Aziz, who is an Iraqi escape, looking for Noah’s help. Later on, Casey proves to be a vital use in Luke and Noah seeing each other still after Noah marries Ameera to keep her in the country. He even pretends (although reluctantly) to be Luke’s boyfriend. When Luke ran for student government election, Casey was his champagne manager and biggest cheerleader. He even made the mistake of stuffing the ballot boxes so that Luke would win instead of Kevin Davis. Later, after Luke and Noah break up due to the election, Casey and Jade Taylor, Luke’s best friend and cousin, help bring the two back together.

Ameera Ali Aziz

Ameera comes in the boys second major storyline. Noah winds up marrying her to keep her in the country because he feels like he owes her. Ameera was girl from Iraq who has no family and no friends, she was very close to Noah’s father, Colonel Winston Mayer. Luke didn’t trust her from the start and they often clashed, for good reason. He didn’t like the fact that she was slowly starting to fall for his boyfriend. She even thought that she could turn him straight. Eventually, Ameera finally gets her green card and leaves Oakdale for good. I’m not going to say much about her because its one of the most ridiculous storylines in the history of the boys’ storylines.

Mason Jarvis

Mason Jarvis is Noah’s senior class advisor. He starts off innocently enough until we realize that he’s gay. It turns out that he has some unrequited feelings for Noah. We don’t really know what Mason’s motives are as that storyline has just started, but it says that hes’ going to be a major road block in the boys, also bringing out Luke’s “Grimaldi” side, or manipulative side. Right now all we know about him is that he’s Noah’s academic advisor, and obviously really favors Noah above all his other students. He also has admitted that he’s attracted to Noah, and made Noah really uncomfortable in the process. It should be an interesting storyline.

The Relationship

Luke and Noah work together for me. It’s the way the story is told, and Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann just have remarkable chemistry together. The boys don’t kiss or make out that often, because daytime TV has something against gay guys kissing, but when they DO kiss its way more meaningful than straight couples because we don’t get to see it that often.

Normal teenage boys wouldn’t wait as long as Luke and Noah did to have sex for the first time either. They had sex at least two years AFTER they first got together. Luke was a virgin and Noah wasn’t. As far as we know, Noah’s Luke’s first real kiss and first real relationship. They have a real powerful connection.

Take when Noah was kidnapped. Luke was absolutely FURIOUS when he thought that his biological father Damian had something to do with Noah being gone.

“If you cam here to ruin my life, Damian, congratulations! You did it” were Luke’s first words upon seeing Damian after he found out Noah was missing. Noah is obviously Luke’s entire life, and vice versa. Despite the fact that Noah was shot and bleeding and almost completely unconscious, he still mustered up enough strength to save Luke from being raped by one of the kidnappers. Unrealistic, I know, but still sweet as hell.

And there’s also the fact that Luke’s family thinks of Noah as their own. Its obvious in several occasions. They were just as worried about Noah as Luke was when he was kidnapped, and they always seem so happy to see him when he shows up at the farm. Noah and Luke are equals, they trust each other and they are there for each other no matter what. That’s what I love the most about them.

Favorite Luke and Noah moments

I will be posting some video clips in this section, if you want to watch the entire series, go to LukeVAnFan’s channel. Its there and you don’t have to watch the soap opera.
* The first meeting, needless to say it WASN’T love at first site when Noah and Luke first met. Noah was late and Luke was in bitch mode.

• The first time their hands touched was when Luke realized he had a crush on what he thought was another straight boy. Oh how wrong he was.

• Noah and Luke’s first kiss. Of course afterwards Noah had to be a stubborn jerk and hurt Luke’s feelings to save his own ass, but its still a sweet and adorable first kiss despite the fact that Colonel Homophobe ruins it.

• The first time Luke tells Noah he loves him. Standing up after being paralyzed and standing up to Noah’s homophobic father.

• The first time the boys sleep together. Two years and a bunch of makeups and breakups, the boys finally take that step that we’ve all been waiting for.

Why should you follow Luke and Noah? Simple. Like the title says, they’re worth it. Everything they do they do together everything they overcome they overcome together. The fact that they’re two good looking men with amazing chemistry really helps too. Another reason is this. Van and Jake, plain and simple. Watch if only for them.

Forget the crazy storylines, the reason for watching their storyline is simple. They are worth it. Trust me when I say you will never see a storyline quite like Luke Snyder’s and Noah Mayer’s.


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