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It feels right, Brian, it feels right.


Title: It feels right, Brian, It feels right.
Author: RileyNevada
Pairing: Brian/Stewie
Fandom: Family Guy BY SETH! (I OWN NOTHING! except this essay)
Spoilers: Well, its Family guy, they really don't have a plot so I don't think I will spoil anything.
Warnings: Bestiality, pedophilia, homosexuality, technical incest and slight language.

Also, I in no way support bestiality or pedophilia, so don't assume I do.



Family Guy


Family guy is an animated series created by Seth Macfarlane, it was created in 1999, it has been canceled twice and now finally is contracted to last until 2012. (Hopefully he'll still make more.)

Its well known for its controversy episodes and flash backs in almost every episode.

The series revolves around the character Peter Griffin and his family, which include Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie and Brian Griffin. Along with his three friends Glen Quagmire, Cleveland Brown* and Joe Swanson.


*Cleveland is announced to be leaving Family Guy officially, he will be moving and having his own show called 'The Cleveland show.'


Brian Griffin.


Brian is the family dog in the Griffin house, he was taken in by Peter. He is eight years old in human years. (But thats a lot in dog years.)

He drinks a lot and has been known to do drugs. He can drive and the family apparently can hear him. He typically dates humans and only a couple times has he been attracted to dogs.

Also, although not proven to be homosexual, he does support homosexuality fully and has shown slight attractions to males, but in the series seems only sexually and romantically attracted to females.
Also has a gay cousin..


Stewie Griffin.


Stewie is the baby, he is one years old but has more of an intelligences then most of his family.

He shows disdain for most of his family, calling his father 'fat man', his mother Lois and he typically isn't shown socializing with Meg and Chris. He switches between calling Brian by his name or just dog. In the original episodes he was an evil child genius, but in the more recent episodes his character has been made into a more flamboyant one, and in fact has been officially announced as homosexual.

He also has dressed as a female a lot and has been shown to love it.


Canon evidence.


Its rather obvious that at least in the more recent episodes Stewie does have an attraction to Brian, that is the most obvious, they've even seemed as strong as having feelings for him.

Example being episode 88 when Stewie feared he had skin cancer and Brian, feeling like he was to blame for it, did everything Stewie asked. Like when he wanted to learn ballroom dancing he wore a dress as Brian wore a tux, they danced and Stewie laid his head on his chest and whispered, “I love you, Brian.”

But when Brian sharply asked what he said Stewie quickly changed what he said “Orange juice.” Brian then says, “Orange juice?” To which Stewie whispers lightly, “I orange juice you too.”

(Also, earlier in the episode once Stewie got his sunburn, he tried to get out but ended up falling on his knee's, he begged Brian to put lotion on him so Brian did so and it got on Stewie's face and chest, a guy walked in on it and it looked like oral sex had been done.)

They both have a few times where they do end up kissing, (mainly making out.)

Episode 73, while Brian tries to prove that Mayor Adam West is a corrupt politician so he and Stewie go out to a restaurant as a couple (Stewie dressed up as a female.) to spy when he takes Meg out, so when the two start to leave, to hide they're faces, Brian and Stewie start making out, once they leave Brian says, “Lets go.” And leaves, but Stewie stays in the same position, ones Brian goes back Stewies eyes are wide and he basically says (not a direct quote.) “Freaking shot in the dark, but you wanna' do something sometime?”. And in episode 81 when they're put in the army, so they try to get out first by acting homosexual, once they're in public they start making out and announce out loud how gay they are, but then one of the military men came over and started giving rather flamboyant poses and asked if he could join, to which Stewie yells, “Hell yeah.” Then Brian slaps him.

Stewie seems rather desperate at times to have a sexual relationship with Brian. Like in episode 98, I believe. Where he interferes with Brian and Jillians relationship and when she does break up with Brian, Stewie is in bed with him, with the lights off, and he tells Brian thats he should sleep with someone, the first person that he see's, and after keeping on with that sentence the light turns on and it shows Stewie holding the lamps string and leaning into Brians face, who does slap him down.

(There are quite a few times with things like this. And I'm sorry if I'm not accurate with it.)


Seth has pretty much said Stewie is a homosexual, saying they write and draw Stewie like they would do a gay character. And although Stewie does show attraction to a few men and boys, he typically only keeps a strong attraction to Brian.


Brian has never really shown much homosexual attraction to anyone, not really even Stewie. Although he does know Stewie is gay, like the episode where Stewie is going on about how bad homosexuality is and Brian says something like, “Are you for real?” (Not a direct quote.) and then when Stewie goes, “You don't hear me **going on about my heterosexuality.” To which Brian says, “No you don't.” with a sarcastic tone. So it is very obvious he does know Stewie is gay, and I'm positive he knows Stewie has feelings for him. And whenever Stewie does hit on him Brian typically rejects him coolly, he never puts a distance on they're friendship*.


Sometimes they act as enemy's but typically they are rather close.

**Not the quote by quote word.


Why I ship them.


I'm a rather blunt person, when I ship a couple, if there isn't a lot of evidence, I will admit that.

But with Brian and Stewie everyone can admit AT LEAST that Stewie does have strong sexual and possibly emotional attraction to Brian.

Now, I will admit there is smaller evidence that Brian has feelings for Stewie.

But how I see it is that Brian is a very logical dog, I do believe there is a strong chance that he also has feelings for Stewie, but he isn't impulsive normally, and he understands that Stewie is a baby and it isn't accepted and it is wrong. (Mind you, this is my opinion.) This is a long shot but I also believe there is a slight distance and even a tension between the two, because I do think Brian is a careful character and so he tries to be as careful as possible as to not make a mistake with Stewie, again, that is a long shot.

But as I said, regardless of anything, it is obvious that Stewie is at least bisexual, (But by his and Seth's talk, homosexual) and he does have feelings for Brian. That isn't really a debatable thing being its been shown.

I also ship them because they obvious care deeply about one another, sure they have they're rather mean moments, like Stewie beating up Brian because he didn't pay him back his money, or Brian slapping him at times. But you know, there are the moments that do show they care very much about eachother, like how one some of the 'Road to:' episodes how Brian helps Stewie get his teddy bear back. (road to Rubert.) Or when he finds out that Stewie ran away how he went to find him and helped him reach the place because he felt Stewie had to find out for himself instead of just leaving.

Or how in some episodes it shows when Stewie is hurt how he goes to hug Brian while crying, I know of at least three episodes with that.

Also in the episode where Brian has to wear a diaper how Stewie picks on him and so Brian mentions how Louis and Peter laughed at his picture and how it made him feel.

Another stretch but I'd assume being Brian not only knows how the two acted, but also knowing how Stewie felt about it, Stewie must have went to him about it.

All in all, yes, a lot of it is reading between the lines, but regardless it is a valid couple to ship.


Why you should ship them.

 (They dance together, 'nuff said.)

I was rather shocked when I found out they are hardly shipped together, being the show does have a lot of hints with them. Regardless, you should ship them simply because they have quite a few things that romance fans are drawn to, these would be the best hints and what you could write or draw.

If you like unrequited love, it'd be nice to get into, because thus far that is what it is.

If you like a more light comedian-like relationship, its also good for you being they do have a rather funny friendship.

If you'd like a more dark angst love, again, they can also suit it, it'd be more of a stretch.

Id you enjoy fluff, they are a perfect candidate to that, because in quite a few episodes they have had sweet moments. (Again, episode 86 and 88 is a perfect example.)

Lastly, if you prefer a more masochist love, that can also work being in one episode Stewie has been showed to enjoy being hurt.

They can be really, whatever you want them to be because it has been obvious that they're relationship in almost every episode changes in some way.


Fan works.

 (Sad they aren't shipped.)


Sadly enough, there are hardly any works for Brian/Stewie, being there are hardly any fans, but what I have been able to find our these. By Mercurymonkey7

This is not the best in the world but it has an interesting plot, basically Brian is caught making out with Stewie and he's charged with pedophilia. by


'Stewie has a secret, and Brian’s going to find out what it is, whether he wants to or not. Meanwhile, Peter decides to be a ninja, Jasper’s puppies are due, and Bertram has a grudge to settle.' By Spiritofdawolf

Again, not the best, but interesting idea.

 Thats about it, hope you enjoy and get into the fandom! We need more people!

And please please please keep in mind I do NOT condone or support real life pedophilia or beastiality, so do not think for one second I am. 


Tags: #anime/animation, family guy

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