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Seeing What's Beautiful [Vincent Cusack/Shane Butler]

Cowboys And Angels: Vincent Cusack/Shane Butler
Word count- 1,500 some
Spoilers-the whole movie
Warning- pretty image-heavy [10+ photos] Also I have a fondness for brackets and parentheses.
[Posted early because it was driving me insane. Also procrastination for the win.]

Cowboys And Angels is the tale of Shane Butler-a "straight" civil servant-and Vincent Cusack- a gay fashion design student- as they navigate their slice of shared-living in Limerick, Ireland. Roughly, it's like the odd couple, except Shane turns into a drug mule [and eventual user] which lands both the boys in jail for a night. [And it was Vincent's first joint too!] Despite all this going on, Vincent is primarily concerned about one thing- his upcoming fashion, for without it he doesn't graduate [oh, and trying not to jump his roommate and sublimating those desires by sleeping policemen]. To sum it up, Shane helps, Vince is happy and then-with a little help from Shane and his drug money-Vincent gets to live his dream: New York City [albeit without Shane but that's what AUs are for].

Our Boys-
Vincent Cusack (Allen Leach)-
"It's everything."

The gay neat-freak fashion student. Vincent is working his way through school with just one thing he needs to graduate- designing and putting on a fashion show. Of course, he can take time out in his busy schedule to a) sleep with policemen and b) give Shane a make-over and c) have obvious UST with Shane.

Shane Butler (Michael Legge)-
the brunet on the right

"Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have."
The hapless civil servant. Shane's stuck in a job he hates, desperate for something, anything to give his life meaning. When he accepts a roommate offer from one Vincent Cusack, Shane's world is turned upside down-more so when he meets Keith-the neighbor downstairs who deals drugs. Oh yeah, and he forms a relationship with the girl he meets at the chip counter Gemma-Vincent's friend.

The Evidence-
"You've worked your magic on me and I'll never be the same again!"

Actual Movie

The boys have a ton of chemistry with each other from their eye glances to Vincent's constant touching [and even Shane has a few touches-that aren't so casual so it stands to reason that they mean something].
There are at least six scenes where, if this were a romantic comedy with a m/f romance, there would be kissing-possibly significant kissing.
The scene where Shane practically interrogates Vincent about what it's like to make love to a man just shows how interested [or at least curious] Shane is- interested enough to experiment, perhaps? I think so [and hopefully after this essay, you will too].

Significant Scenes

Shane is high on some insanely wicked variant of ecstasy and is at the club with Keith and his buddies when he spots our favorite blond dancing with Gemma. Vincent gives Shane this sly little smile, almost like a teasing little smile, Shane-overcome with drugs [and possibly some other emotions-storms over to the two and attacks Vincent, shoving his glasses off his face. [Then Gemma slugs him.] Shane sobs after this and runs off.
After the disastrous club night, Shane decides to apologize to Vincent by sweeping up the room, picking up papers and such. Vincent gets rather annoyed at the noise interrupting his work and, with amusement coloring his tone, asks Shane what he's doing. This then prompts a montage of Shane and Vincent designing his fashion show- complete with Vincent's arms around Shane, helping with the sewing machine.

tandem sewing- awwww!

At Vincent's fashion show, the minute Vince shows up at the foot of the stage, Shane gives this little smile –showing teeth. And in response? Vincent beams.

Shane's grin when Vincent shows up at the stage.

Vincent's grin in response.

At the end, when Vince is getting ready to go on the plane to New York, the security goes off. What's he find in his pocket? Why it's Shane's St. Christopher medal, given to him by his mother- a very significant gift for someone to give another person. Also, seriously, what straight man gives another man jewelry-especially jewelry given to him by his mother? [A straight man very much in love with the other one, that's who.]
Vincent's teary "wish you were coming with me [complete with hug]" to Shane at the airport sums the evidence up.
The hug.

the necklace of love

Vincent's reaction to the necklace [of love]

Deleted Scenes

In one of the deleted scene- they're in the jail cell, curled up together. In yet another deleted scene, Vincent comes into Shane's room- to have him spill about what Shane and Gemma did the night before-none of which Shane remembers. And to, see Shane's boxers-which he does [and has photographic evidence of]. During this scene, Vince-a little buzzed perhaps on the wine-slides into Shane's bed, throwing an arm around him. Shane halfheartedly attempts to verbally tell him to get off but other than that allows him to stay for a while at least.
It's a pretty good bet Vincent has the hots for Shane, referring to him as "fine" in this scene and implying that Shane can pay him back with sexual favors-which Shane immediately picks up on. [And doesn't dismiss out of hand.]

Deleted scene with the boys cuddling-

Delicious eye-glances- not friendship!

Wait A Minute, Shane's With Gemma! [oh how wrong you are. *wink*]: Yes, Shane 'dates' Gemma during the movie. However their relationship at the time of the movie seems to be primarily sexual-if even that. [Personally, Shane and Vincent care for each other a great deal more than Shane and Gemma. I mean, when Vincent leaves for New York- with a ticket paid for by Shane-Shane and Gemma do nothing but stand next to each other, all the while Shane is silently tearing up a little. As well, she seems to have a thing for Vince, as evident by the scene during which she kisses him, discussed in greater detail down below.

An interesting parallel between Shane and Vincent: after Jerry's death Shane goes into a downward spiral, culminating in getting kicked out the club-and high. Afterwards, Keith takes him home and Gemma does the same with Vince. The two boys are both emotionally vulnerable-Shane due to drugs and his depression over Jerry's death; Vince for being attacked by Shane at the club- and both are taken advantage of by their respective 'partners'-in Vincent/Gemma's case it gets to a frenzied make out session. Everything is fine until it starts getting into more sexualized territory-then both Shane and Vincent push the other person away in highly evident distress, Shane even saying "I'm not like you."[although exactly what that refers to, we can only speculate].

And, really, aside from Gemma, Shane shows very little interest in girls [or boys but that's because he's saving it all for Vince].
Gemma and her thing for Vince

Gemma and her thing-

The Reasons
One superficial reason- they. are. adorable. together. Less superficial reasons, the two actors-and by nature the two characters have a ton of chemistry together. Even more less superficial reasons- Vincent has managed to do what no one could- he's managed to bring Shane out into the open, to give him self-confidence and the courage to do what he dreams.

It had to be done- Shane's butterfly pose [after the line "you've worked your magic on me and I'll never be the same again"]

The Background-
I was about fourteen-already a heavy hardcore slasher-when I stumbled upon this movie while reading capsule reviews. Being a sucker for anything gay-related, I immediately rented, watched, and fell in love with our boys. Then I bought the DVD.
How I became involved in the fandom- while on the IMDB messageboard for Cowboys & Angels, I posted a topic about fanfiction, which sparked a dialogue between myself and Rina76. That dialogue led to me searching out fanfiction, and failing miserably, writing my own- a one-shot linked in the recs and an unfinished WIP-also linked in the recs.

The Recs
There's not much of a fandom, I'm afraid. But any newbies who think this sounds like a good movie should definitely check it out [and then write some fanfiction. Please?] But here's the recs I've found [so far]:

Rina76's fiction, also available on with sex scene [I've included both] although the fiction is unfinished

stevenghost's fiction also unfinished
a NC-17 snippet, also from stevenghost-

my own-
and a snippet from the as-of-yet unfinished longer fiction I'm working on :

Acknowledgments- photos taken from here and my own copy of the DVD
Tags: #movie, cowboys and angels

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