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Miranda/Allen ~ Time of your Life

Title: Time of your Life
Author: white_arc
Series: D.Gray Man
Pairing: Miranda/Allen
Spoilers: Up to Chapter 170.   
Notes: The purpose of this essay is explaining why I'm pretty fond of these two. Not for how high the chances of them becoming canon (cause lets face it it's not happening). Also I will only be using the manga version as a source. *Puts on shippy glasses*. Also I kind of went a little crazy on gif/image. Extra: Special Thanks to thebes_rain for finding fanart. />

 What is D.Gray Man?

D.Gray Man is a popular ongoing shounen manga that has been in the works since 2004. Taking place in Europe during the end of the 19th century; it basically follows the story of a group of soldiers called exorcists as they run around using a mysterious substance known as Innocence fighting and destroying akuma, which are horrible machines that have trapped within them the the poor souls of the dead called back from the grave by their loved ones through a contract by The Earl (of course, main villian) who is also the leader of a clan of 13 powerful individuals named the Noah who are out to destroy the world.
Standing in their way, only the exorcists who are the very few chosen by the innocence, which is the only known power that can truly hurt the Noahs and free the souls from their torment.

On another note, there is also a anime version of it that has ended a few months ago. But that's not important right now. 

Characters ~

Allen Walker - White Clown

I swore to Mana. That I'd never stop no matter what, that I'd keep walking until I died. I'm the one who swore!

Allen is fifteen year old british boy who was born with a deformed arm and as far as he knows, was abandoned by his parents whom he has no memory of. He was adopted at a young age by a traveling clown by the name of Mana and grew to love very much as they traveled together. Tragically, only having been together for a few years Mana died of causes unknown to the fans, and through his grief Allen made a contract with the Earl to bring his adopted father back to life - Allen having no idea in what way Mana would be returned to him. His happiness was short lived as the akuma modified Mana violently attacked Allen by giving him a curse that would give Allen the ability to see the tortured souls of akuma, something no else has been shown able to do. Before Allen could be finished off his deformed arm suddenly began acting on it's own by revealing itself to be a parasitic Innocence and killed Mana for good. Over the next few years Allen would endure training harsh enough to make him feel physically sick just thinking about it under a liquor obsessed, womanizing, abusive, powerhouse exorcist of General rank known as Cross before entering the Black Order organization as an official exorcist in order to use his gifts, or curses to save both akuma and humanity.  

He is...odd to say the least. His sometimes very contrary personality and character is one that continues to evolve and expose him as one of, if not the most complex (of the good guy main category anyway) character in the series we have seen so far. He has a lot of depth to him, sometimes more than I think he really wants to acknowledge. He is ultimately a merciful and caring person who fights mainly, not because of a need to have hero complex (though he does have martyr one), or a need to destroy a enemy he hates, but rather as he discovers over his development, it is out of love and the want to redeem the tragic souls of the Akuma and for his faith in humanity just as much. Because really both could use and are worth deserving some saving one way or the other from what he's seen.

He is very self protective of himself. Rarely are there characters that have seen and know the whole Allen Walker. Mana and Cross are/were the only people who know Allen inside and out better than anyone. He's also not someone who would take a insult or injury to himself lying down. If you bark at him you better be prepared for the chance of him responding with a bite. His more scary side that often surfaces because of resentment of his Master Cross's tendency of handing him all of his debts has even been coined "Black Allen" where he will show no mercy in the game of poker, cheating with the best of them. Allen considers himself unlovable and/or someone who others could live without easily due to his history and how he seems to not like himself much despite having grown much more self-worth over time.

Despite his sometimes strange personality, Allen overall is a gentle, patient, and loving person who lives to give himself for the things he loves. Such as his friends, akuma and humanity.

Miranda Lotto - Lady in Black

The Innocence helped me protect Allen. It kept decieving me until then. But, thanks to it, I feel that I have found my place in the world.

Miranda at the beginning is 25 year old german woman, who before discovering her connection to her very own Innocence as a potential exorcist, was a lonely person with no friends (besides her grandfather clock, I know, pathetic doesn't cover it) or known family. Miranda had never been prasied or acknowledged as usefull in her life and was often picked on and scorned for her consistent bad luck by the neigborhood children and her employers. She had so little (I'd say about none, whatsoever) confidence and self-worth in herself because often no matter how much she tried she always messed up in everything she did and often felt her life was a pointless one and hope was non existent.

Though despite these flaws, Miranda is a kind and gentle person who truly wishes to have worth in herself and for others. She choose of her own will to walk down the dangerous and often unpredictable path as a dark soldier of the Order to use her Innocence in the fight to save the world and learn to carry the burden of being one of the worlds few and irreplaceable saviors.

In doing so, Miranda grows into a much more stronger person then before (though she still struggles with anxiety over herself) and becomes someone who is indeed not only helpful, but vital to others with her powerful defense Innocence that can influence time.

Now for the pair, starting with all the moments I can somewhat recall.

Canon Interaction ~

"Today", Something different happened...~ Miranda

~They first meet when Allen along with Lenalee are dispatched on a mission to Miranda's hometown, where time has mysteriously stopped inside the walls with the day October 9th continuously repeating itlself over and over again.

Miranda being the only town resident who is aware of this has experienced this thirty times already, leaving her even more emotional exhausted and negative then usual as she endures the same mishaps again and again.
 Though this time, something changes. Large
monsters she has never seen before nor has any idea why they would be before her, attack her with the intention of killing her. When all seems like the end, her savior in black garments comes and destroys the would be killers.

Instead of thanking the boy who saved her life from the akuma she high tails it faster then he can blink. So as well as finding her, Allen loses her the next second when picks up her dress and takes off at full speed (not that I'd blame her much). XP

Later they meet again when Miranda spots Allen walking around, him being one of the first new things to happen in a lonf time. Miranda anxiously follows and spies upon him and Lenalee in a cafe before Allen recongizes her and stops her from bolting again.

They sit down and introduce themselves and the problem of the towns time problem. Seeing Allen as her savior, Miranda frantically begs him to save her again. Before and overwhelmed Allen can respond with his own inquiries along with Lenalee's, he spots trouble in the form of a group of akuma who are apparently stalking them or Miranda in reality. He hands responsibility of Miranda's safety to Lenalee as he stays behind to make work of their opponents.

As Lenalee takes off with her in her grasp, Miranda can only despair over the situation as she recalls the "Unlucky Miranda" song and how people have had so little understanding or faith in her.

Back at her house as Lenalee fills in and calms a distraught Miranda over the situation, Miranda opens up and tells how much of a outcast she was when she was little and even as an adult she was alwasy fired from her jobs with her boss elling her how useless she is. She sadly comments how no one has ever said "Thank you" to her not even once in her. She always wanted to be useful for another and to be accepted for who she was, so when she found discovered an old grandfather cloack that had been thrown away suddenly worked for her when it wouldn't for anyone else; for this she instantly felt a kinship and attachment to it and bought it.

Later when Allen comes back, Miranda is still suffering from self-pity and hasn't moved at away at all from her clock. When Miranda cries out in frustration over Allen and Lenalee using their powers to help the town, Allen is quick to reassure her and asks her for her help in doing so. Before a shocked Miranda can even respond to Allen actually considering in being helpful at all, she falls asleep. X/

Not her fault, well actually it is. Turns out Miranda's clock was behind all the paranormal time activity stemming from a drunk night when a miserable Miranda after being fired again had thoughtlessly wished for tomorrow to never come.

Thinking it would be best to up Miranda's confidence (task as easier said then done) they try to get her a job and after being fired from 5 jobs in the last three days, Miranda finally seems to have got the hang of it when she and Allen work together in a job for selling play tickets. 

Course that all goes down the drain when a noah by the name of Road enters the scene and not only ruins Miranda's chances at her current job but also attacks and kidnaps her and later takes an injured Allen and Lenalee into her lair for playtime.

There Allen awakens to hearing Miranda's cries and stuff goes down between Road and Allen which results in a bit of a violent skirmish which nearly kills both Miranda and Allen who not only can't do much in his current weak state but recieves many more wounds in protecting her.

When Allen's barely consious form is surrounded  by akuma's, Miranda for the first time takes courage in herself and goes to his side by holding him close as a way to shield him. The akuma mock her usseless ness and while she knows she can't do anything, she still stays by Allen's side with desire to protect him somehow. With these new feelings of determination, Miranda's Innocence finally activates for her and grants her desire by protecting them and for the time healing Allen's and Lenalee's bodies.

  With Miranda's Innocence now protecting them and giving them the edge both Lenalee and Allen head off to fight. But before that, Allen gives a sincere look to Miranda and thanks her. Miranda sheds a tear from hearing the words of gratitude she has been longing for for so long. During the battle when Miranda feels anxiety she remembers Allen's smile and words to her to give her courage to stay firm.

With the akuma destroyed and Road gone all find themselves back in Miranda's apartment. Miranda still refuses to stop her Innocence from turning back time and letting Allen and Lenalee regain their wounds despite the strain she's now under, because she claims it would then make Allen's "Thank you" that was so precious to her meaning less. 

Allen stops her though, commenting how it's because of her they are all alive now and reassures her that he will bear his own injuries as long as there is tommorrow. 

When Allen awakens he learns Miranda is gone but has left him and Lenalee a note of thanks. More of the letter details her thoughts on the situation and the nature of her Innocence's power with how it tested her until she protected Allen. To which she feels grateful as she finally now feels she knows where she can belong.

It ends with a goodbye and promise of metting again as comrades in arms.

Afterwards no Miranda and Allen interaction for sometime (actually no Miranda for a while either).

But Allen goes through a period of wow, kind of dead, to then being wow 100x.

Miranda likewise, minus the dead part (though she did try to doom herself to the sea when she thought she over stepped her place; she was saved before she could drown though). Despite still suffers occasionally from being self-conscious, she has kept her promise and developed into a much more able and confident soldier. 

Few small moments here and there, eventually.

Allen saves Miranda's life from the Generals attack after Lulubell had taken her hostage.  

After hearing Sokaro's comment about parasite conformers being similar to monsters, Miranda quickly zones in on Allen (ignoring her other parasite comrades) to tell him not to listen to things like that, which he smiles back with appreciation telling her he's fine.

Another cute moment is where Miranda is tying his hair into a nice ponytail after some magical hair growth created by the science department had accidently spilled on him.

When they are sent on another mission together Allen violently destroys a akuma that had been attacking Miranda after declaring how rude it was for calling Miranda a bitch. Later with the mission complete and upon returning to the Order, Miranda mess's up giving her password and while Allen tries to gently correct her Kanda gets fed up and yells at her. Causing Allen to get up in his face in her defense for upseting her. 

Afterwards when he puts on that fake smile of his when ever his self protection rears up, Miranda remembers back to when Leverrier had announced Allen's noah status as a carrier of the 14th's memories and that while he would still take an active role within the Order, he should be killed if his noah nature surfaced - an order Allen himself asked of them when Komui himself couldn't.

Worried about him, she tries to push away her own feelings of anxiety of the situation to be there for Allen. Before she can go overboard with her dismay of never once in her life cheering someone up before, Allen groans about being hungry, to which she is quick to offer him some candy (who take candy on a mission, maybe she got it from Link?) and adorably he perks up from his previous despondent mood and accepts happily.

And that's the last of the last of the more significant moments from the manga so far.

Analysis of the Pair ~

Allen was the first to both see and stick with his faith in Miranda's potential no matter what. He was the first to make her feel worth something good to someone and because of that, she not only showed her powerful and vaulable her Innocence was, but helped her start down the road of blossoming into a more stronger and healtheir individual. He knows exactly how to work her into being/acting more confident with natural ease and was the one who influenced her to believe in hope.

She feels comfortable and strong around him, be it as a person, woman, or fellow exorcist. She is sensitive to his being and he is the one person she has been shown wanting to reassure most if she thinks he is or might be feeling down. Miranda is someone who can suffer from self worth as a person due to her past, but for Allen she is willing to try her best even with the possiblity of failure (which is always there in her mind) to be there emotionally for him.

Physical protection is not onesided deal either, it's thanks to Allen's great offensive abilities and Miranda's defensive that have supported and kept each other alive quite a few times.

It's equal relationship where, while both can be influenced to be stronger because of the other, neither needs the other to be strong. Both are and have become stronger individuals that can stand by the other in their own way without completely being in the others shadow. 

Both accept the other for who they are, it doesn't matter to Miranda that he is a noah because to her Allen is Allen. The one with the big and strong heart being also the one who was the first to say thank you to her. It doesn't matter to Allen her spazzing because he believes and never forgets her worth.

Why I like them ~

I like how Allen watches out for her like saving her from Lulubell, akuma's, and Road. Or how he stands up for her like against Kanda's yelling or the akuma's calling her a bitch. Not to also forget Allen was the first person to encourage and thank her. It's fun to see him know how to work her into being more confident about herself. Miranda too is really cute how she beomes more brave in herself for Allen's sake like the one time she wanted to make sure Allen was alright after Sokaro's parasite types are monsters comment or the other time she offered him candy to cheer him up. It's so sweet how she'd take a step forward like that and comfort Allen the way she did even though doing stuff like that makes her more nervous than going to the battlefield does. =P I guess she might be more confident as an exorcist then as a person in social events.

I can support it easily in a fanon sense because their isn't much if not all angst between them. Whatever drama that could exist would be more likely outside forces. Both would just learn to open up more and become closer.

No they are not my OTP. I can also ship Allen with other's like Lenalee or Road while I more then often ship Miranda with Marie (first dgm pairing I really liked too). But overall, I think of them both as two gentle and loyal individuals who have had lovely interaction in canon which helps make it easy for me to be able to ship them in some way.

As for how I first came to like this pairing? I can't remember actually.


Yeah, I didn't find any, but I did write one off the top of my hat.
Felidae by Yofune-Nushi (aka, me)

Credit goes to thebes_rain for finding them all.

Allen/Miranda pictures

Yes, I actually found ones with with some Miranda to Allen.

Miranda's Life  The Diary of Miranda Miranda Tribute Miranda is More than Useless
The Diary of Miranda v.2  Turn Back Time


 Onemanga: D.Gray Man manga online

D.Gray Man Forums: D.Gray-divinityNet 


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