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Bridging the Gap- An Ougi/Villetta Manifesto (Code Geass)

Title: Bridging the Gap
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Pairing: Kaname Ougi and Villetta Nu
Word Count: 5513
Spoilers: Plenty. This covers up to the end of R2, and mentions events besides just those concerning Ougi/Villetta.
Notes: First, I'm aware that Ohgi is the romanization being used by Bandai. I believe either translation of the kanji is grammatically proper, so I chose to use the one I'm more used to. Quotes from the first season were taken from Bandai's dub. Those from R2 come from Eclipse's fansubs. I would've liked to be more consistent, but I don't have access to any decent subs past episode 9 of season one. (My computer and MKV files don't get along.)

(Comic is part of Code Geachu)

Involvement in Fandom/Pairing

So what’s Code Geass? Considering the loudness of the fandom, and its airing on Cartoon Network, most anime fans probably know about it. But in case you’ve been living in a hole, it’s a Sunrise mecha anime with Clamp character designs, and a lot of psycho maniacs trying to kill each other for their own twisted plans to create a “gentler world.” In other words, it’s lots of fun. I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of CG from day one. The season it began airing, I was entirely too busy, so I decided not to follow it. It wasn’t until R2 began airing, and people were raving about it, that I decided I should finally give it a shot. The worst that could happen is I’d find it was boring and move on. But instead, I became instantly addicted and marathoned all the available episodes over the course of two days.

I found it a bit strange that I wasn’t instantly shipping anything. I saw potential for Lelouch/Kallen, but I wasn’t all over it. It wasn’t until Stage 14, when two characters whom I put little thought into had their first encounter, when a new obsession of mine was born. I admit I’ve always had a thing for cross-faction romances, cliché as they may be. I became immediately invested in the bizarre soap-opera of Ougi and Villetta, despite my belief that it was doomed for tragedy from the start.

Terrorist Eleven

Kaname Ougi was first introduced as the leader of a group of Japanese (or Eleven) terrorists. After meeting with a mysterious masked man, Zero, who helped save them from the Britannian prince Clovis’ oppression, they later join him and became known as the Order of the Black Knights. Ougi is chosen as their deputy commander, ranked directly under Zero. He was originally a school teacher, and only took the position after the death of a close friend, Kallen’s brother Naoto. Thus, he’s often unconfident about his abilities to lead, but determined to carry out Naoto’s dreams and liberate Japan.

Britannian Purist

Villetta Nu is introduced as a soldier of Britannia’s purist faction, under Jeremiah Gottwald, whom she also shared a close friendship with. She’s very much driven by her goal to obtain nobility, as she was born as a commoner rather than a noble. As she’s very proud of her Britannian heritage, she particularly despises Elevens. After having the power of Geass used on her, she ends up having her Knightmare Frame stolen, with no memory of how it happened. When Jeremiah also becomes a victim of Geass, she begins to investigate the matter, ultimately discovering Zero’s identity as the high school student, Lelouch Lamperouge.

Canon Backing

What’s the point of writing a Ship Manifesto for a canon pairing, you ask? It’s not like I have to defend why I think Ougi/Villetta makes sense. Regardless, the pairing has quite a bit of hate, for a number of reasons, so I’d like to express why I love it anyway. This section will both explain and analyze how the pairing happened, indicating the key moments between them.

After the apparent death of Jeremiah, and of Shirley Fenette’s father, Villetta and Shirley team up in investigating Zero. Having memory of seeing a schoolboy before being Geassed, Villetta suspects that Lelouch has some involvement with the Black Knights. During a battle, Zero is injured and ejects from the cockpit of his Knightmare Frame. When Shirley is about to shoot him as revenge for killing her father, his mask falls off, revealing Lelouch’s identity. Villetta sees this too, and plans to bring Lelouch to Princess Cornelia, who would finally promote her to a noble. However, Shirley shoots her to save Lelouch, and she’s left for dead. Ougi, after the battle, begins to question Zero’s intentions. He returns to the scene, and there he discovers Villetta. Concerned, he goes to her and finds that she’s still alive. To his surprise, she mumbles that she knows who Zero is.

This sets up for what will be the first stage of their relationship. It was by coincidence that when looking for information on Zero, Ougi found someone who knew his identity, so this is his main motive for taking Villetta in. However, before anything about Zero was said at all, he seemed genuinely concerned for her, despite knowing she was a Britannian soldier, and future evidence backs this.

On a drama CD is a (rather crack) story occurring between episodes 14 and 15, where Ougi is faced with the challenge of undressing Villetta. He’s worried that with wet clothes, she’ll catch a cold.

That’s a lot of thought to put into an enemy that he just wants to extract information from. But it shows how much of a good person he is. Without this nature, especially considering Villetta’s feelings toward Elevens, there’d be little chance of the pairing working out. And it’s just really sweet. Most men would do more with a naked girl, but Ougi stresses over doing anything to her on accident.

When Villetta wakes up back in Ougi’s apartment, he starts to question her immediately, gun in hand. Unfortunately, upon asking her name, she claims to not remember it, or anything else for that matter. At that point, we’re reminded that Code Geass loves its fanservice she sits up, not taking her blanket. As she's obviously embarrassed, Ougi explains to her that he had to undress her, but he did it with his eyes closed, and he kept the room warm. In response, Villetta smiles at him, glad that of all the people that could have found her, it was someone nice.

Although Villetta’s personality is completely different under amnesia, she’s still the same person, and what happens to her during this period does still stay with her, and effect her later on. Even from the start, she already likes Ougi. He’s put in a very awkward situation however, now having to deal with a Britannian without memories, but he continues to let her stay with him.

As time goes on, Ougi keeps working with the Black Knights, and hides Villetta, who now has become somewhat of a housewife, making meals for him and taking care of things while he’s gone. She still doesn’t remember anything about herself, but she seems happy to be with Ougi. What she doesn’t know is that he’s been spying on her with hidden cameras, hoping to find information on Zero, but with no success. Eventually, he considers using Refrain on her, a drug which brings a person back to happier times in their past, to try and bring back her memories, but is conflicted by the idea of it.

Because of the time they spend together, Ougi and Villetta start to fall in love with each other. Stage 21 features them prominently, when they essentially go on a date to a school festival. During this time, Ougi is still very much unsure of what to do about her. When they arrive at the school, he mentions to her that he used to be a teacher. Villetta asks why he quit, and he replies that a childhood friend died, and he’s now living this friend’s dream. As she listens to him, Villetta seems fascinated just to learn more about him. She surprises him by grabbing him by the arm, to take him inside. Although Ougi brings up that he’s an Eleven, the Britannian students drag them both in anyway.

Once inside, they go to a haunted house, where a “monster” jumps out at them, terrifying them both. Villetta hides behind Ougi, who ultimately seems more afraid than her. The monster turns out to be Kallen, who was forced into the job. Kallen is surprised to see them, and becomes suspicious of Villetta upon realizing she’s not an Eleven. She asks her name, but Villetta obviously can't answer. Ougi responds instead, saying “She's my...” Villetta listens intently, wanting to know what he’ll say, but Lelouch appears, interrupting. Kallen is forced to help them escape, quickly.

Once they can both catch their breaths, Ougi apologizes for what happened, but Villetta doesn’t mind, saying it was kind of fun. As they talk, she wonders if she was happier as her previous self. She also asks Ougi to finish his sentence, to hear just what she is to him. She says “I don’t think I’d mind becoming an Eleven,” and the two watch each other in silence.

This, of course, emphasizes how different Villetta is from her true self. She hates Elevens, so would never consider being one. But at this point, in love with Ougi, she wouldn’t mind changing herself. It’s unfortunate that we don’t get to hear Ougi’s response. Obviously, he’d have trouble saying, because his motives were only to find Zero’s identity through her. But the fact that he began to say that she was something more to him proves that his feelings for her are changing. The final bit of proof that their relationship has evolved comes in the next episode, when Ougi has a flashback to a naked Villetta on his bed. It’s fairly obvious as to what they were doing.

And because I’m aware this development has been used as evidence against the pairing (or by Ougi bashers, mostly) I don’t see it as rape. As people have said, if Villetta had her memories, she wouldn’t have wanted to have sexual relations with Ougi, or even fallen in love with him in the first place. But the fact of the matter is that it’s rather obvious that this Villetta did want it at that time. The two had been sharing a mutual loving relationship in this state for some time. And as far as Ougi knew, she might never even get her memories back. It’s not unrealistic or evil for them to move forward. If he’d taken advantage of her when they first met, that would be another story entirely, but it’s clear that he didn’t.

At this point, just about everything in Code Geass is falling apart, and in Stage 23, Ougi and Villetta’s relationship is bought to a temporary end. At first, it seems things are looking better. During a phone call, Ougi refers to Villetta as “Chigusa,” a name he apparently gave her, because she didn’t know her real name. She’s happy about this, because it’s the first time he’s called her by that. Also, Villetta calls him “Kaname.” As he’s always adressed by his last name, this indicates an intimacy in their relationship. As soon as their talk ends, rioters burst in to attack her.

In Stage 24, when Ougi tries to get in contact with her again, the phone is left ringing, and Villetta is seen leaving the room with a trail of dead bodies behind her. It can be assumed that the shock of being attacked bought her memories back, and she’s reverted to her old self immediately. And with Chigusa gone, the real Villetta is furious that she had a relationship with an Eleven. She’s captured soon after, trying to sneak into Ashford, and taken to a very shocked Ougi. He requests to deal with her personally, and tries to apologize to “Chigusa” for hiding the fact that he was a Black Knight. Villetta refuses to listen even when he tries to tell her that they can still be together. Disgusted, she steals his gun and shoots him. She does reveal her real name to him though, and he then realizes that her memory has returned, seeming almost relieved.

One would think that after this point, their relationship would have no chance of redemption. But at the same time, I as a viewer had to wonder how she could simply shoot him there without remorse. Thinking more about it, with Villetta’s character it couldn’t have happened any other way. She always had a lot of pride, and hated Elevens, so this circumstance was possibly the worst thing that could have happened to her. It was basically unforgivable. She would have no chance of ever increasing her status if people knew that she had a relationship with an Eleven. It also seems that at this point she didn’t believe her feelings for Ougi were real. She knew about Zero’s ability to manipulate memories, but probably not that they could only work once per person. From her thoughts after leaving Ougi’s apartment, it seems she believed that she was manipulated into falling for him. And of course, there is the fact that Ougi’s wound wasn’t fatal. While I wouldn’t doubt that she intended to kill him, it’s possible that subconsciously, she didn’t want him to die. She probably could have made sure that her shot killed him, or even shot him more than once. However, she simply leaves him like that, (and doesn’t even look that happy about it) and he’s soon found and taken care of by his comrades.

Before R2 begins, there’s a one-year time jump. During this period, Ougi (among other members of the OotBK) is captured and Villetta, who finally got her promotion to nobility, becomes a part of Britannia’s Secret Intelligence Agency. She’s placed in Lelouch’s school as a gym teacher to keep track of him. They had no interaction during this period, but it becomes clear soon that neither of them forgot about the other. The captured Black Knights are set to be executed. When Villetta sees this, she looks somewhat remorseful.

If she had absolutely no concern for Ougi, and truly wanted him dead, they probably wouldn’t have made a point to show her reaction, and if they did, then she’d likely be happy about it. But it's not as if she's overwhelmingly bothered either, which would perhaps be a bit too extreme.

In Turn 4, she continues keeping track of the execution via the monitors used to spy on Lelouch, even specifically focusing in on a shot of just Ougi, and remembers back to her time with him. She thinks “this is the end for us,” but seems genuinely regretful about it. Finally, when Zero and his remaining followers finally save their comrades, Villetta momentarily looks very relieved, before regaining her composure.

This pretty much proves that Villetta’s feelings for Ougi didn’t go away completely when her memories returned. While there’s no doubt that she still found the relationship wrong at this point, it seems even a year later, she can’t erase the fact that she’d fallen in love with him.

Turn 5 throws in a couple more minor hints. After being forced into a ridiculously skimpy bathing suit (can I even call it a bathing suit?) by Shirley, for part of a school festival, Villetta is reminded of why she hates her job, commenting that she never would’ve taken it if not for the mission. However, she thinks back to the time that Ougi told her that he was once a teacher, hinting that this wasn’t entirely true. Later on, in an effort to blackmail her, Lelouch reveals to her that he knows about her relationship with Ougi. Based on her reaction to this, it obviously works. Of course, she’d naturally be upset by this for a number of reasons, even if Lelouch was incorrect, but the fact that it’s true that they had relations makes it all the more of a problem for her.

In Turn 8, the two finally interact again. After Lelouch tells her where to find Ougi, she goes and searches for him. Ougi sees her, and tries to hide his face under a hat. Even knowing that her memory returned, he still thinks of her as Chigusa. In compliance to Lelouch’s plan, Ougi and everyone else in the audience soon disguise themselves as Zero. Villetta jumps down into the crowd, ready to attack, but one of the Zeros pulls out a gun to counter. Quickly, Zero-Ougi stops him, saying that they’re not here to fight, and stands in front of her, protectively. Hearing his voice, Villetta immediately suspects Ougi, but he denies it, replying “I’m Zero.” They stare at each other for a moment, before Zero-Ougi moves on with the rest of them. He reluctantly says goodbye to Villetta, referring to her as only “Britannian.”

Ougi is obviously just as conflicted as Villetta about his feelings here. Twice, he tries to hide himself from her. But if he didn’t still care about her, he wouldn’t have protected her, and he wouldn’t have bid her farewell at the end. And based upon Villetta’s expression as he walked away, she didn’t want their time together to end so soon.

The next encounter between Ougi and Villetta is rather accidental, but leads up to a serious turn in their relationship. When Ougi tries to contact Zero in Turn 13, the only one left at the base to answer is Villetta. She responds, and Ougi recognizes her voice. Their talk is off-screen, but they apparently planned a meeting, in which Villetta was secretly planning on finishing off the man who had been haunting her life once and for all. After all, she had no other options of freeing herself from Lelouch’s blackmail, now that even Jeremiah was loyal to him. What neither of them knew is that behind the scenes, Diethard was investigating Ougi, and sends Sayoko out to find him.

They finally meet in Turn 15. When Villetta confronts Ougi, prepared to shoot him, he surprises her by calling her by her real name and admitting that he knew that she planned to kill him. Villetta asks him why he, a Japanese terrorist, saved her in the first place. He responds “At first I wanted to find out information about Zero. I lied to you and spied on you. But the more time I spent with you-” Villetta, likely knowing where this was leading to, interrupts, saying “I am your enemy.” Ougi replies “But I love you.” Obviously losing her composure, Villetta asks him if he’s an idiot, and he says “I know you’re my enemy… and I know this is foolish… but I fell in love with you.” Still not shooting him, her only response is “If only I hadn’t met you.” However, they’re interrupted when Sayoko appears.

And so, despite once again having a gun pointed at him, Ougi actually confessed to her. The fact that he can still love someone who tried to kill him, and that he knew would only try again, pretty much solidifies the strength of his feelings... or his foolishness but he even admitted to knowing that much. It just didn’t matter to him, and I found that rather bold of him just to go and make his feelings known even though he didn’t expect her to return them. And it seemed that Villetta was much less willing to shoot him now. The fact that she wished she hadn’t met him shows how deeply he affected her life. But as for her actual reciprocation of his feelings…

It comes after a battle against Sayoko. Villetta, who runs out of bullets, is about to be hit by Sayoko’s kunai. Whether or not it was necessary, Ougi jumps in the way, taking the hit for her, but is knocked off a cliff in the process. Villetta shouts his name, and jumps down after him, embracing him in mid-air. She risked her own life to save an Eleven. From the way she was holding him, she’d likely be hurt much more than him if they hit the rocks below. That shows a great deal of development for both her character, and her relationship with Ougi.

The next time Ougi is seen, Villetta is suspiciously out of the picture. However, by his actions (especially around Diethard) it’s clear that something occurred. In Turn 17, it’s revealed that though they survived the fall, Villetta was captured. Diethard uses her as blackmail to keep Ougi’s loyalty to the order, believing that as an ordinary man, he can keep all the members together.

Seeing that Villetta can be used to effect Ougi’s actions is similar to Lelouch’s earlier control over Villetta. The other is a major weakness to both of them. While probably not a good thing, it’s more emphasis on strongly they care for each other.

While Villetta is kept locked up for a bit, Ougi continues fighting with the Black Knights. Amidst conflict, someone captured on the Ikaruga breaks free. Diethard thinks it’s Villetta, and Ougi goes down to investigate, but finds her still in her room when she calls his name. He gets her out, and Villetta apparently informs him of the truth about Zero. Meanwhile, some of the BK are also told about Zero and the Geass from Schneizel. When Ougi and Villetta appear in the room together, they confirm his points. Of course, the BK are crushed to know they were being used, Ougi included, as he was perhaps the most loyal to Zero, aside from Kallen. Villetta, who stays by his side during this time, gives him a sympathetic look. Reluctantly, he agrees to turn Lelouch over, as long as Britannia will finally return Japan.

By this point, the two are more or less openly able to show their feelings. While, unlike Ougi, Villetta never explicitly confessed, it’s rather blatant in this episode that she cares about Ougi, and doesn’t want to leave him again.

The Black Knights, after negotiating with Schneizel, try to dispose of Zero soon after. Later, Villetta talks with Cornelia. Still caring about her rank, she’s very conflicted on what to do, now that her relationship with Ougi is rather public. Though Cornelia implies that by staying with the BK, she would probably lose her position, she also tells Villetta that there’s more to life than rank, hinting to choose love. And that’s exactly what Villetta does, as she’s seen with the BK after a one-month time jump. Eventually, she joins them on the bridge.

However, it’s soon revealed that during the time jump, Villetta became pregnant with Ougi’s child. Before the final battle, Ougi convinces her to stay back on Peng Lai Island, in order to protect the life of their baby. Because he was the first one to acknowledge Zero, he takes it as a personal responsibility to see the fight out until the end. While in battle, the Ikaruga takes major damage and crashes from the sky. Believing that he’s about to die, Ougi remembers his last encounter with Villetta. Back on the island, Villetta is seen waiting for him, her hand on her stomach.

While clearly, Villetta was the one who sacrificed the most to be with Ougi up until now, it’s shown that Ougi is just as willing to make sacrifices for their relationship, even if he loses his life. He was quite aware that he might not return, but wanted to do what was best for their child.

Fortunately, it’s revealed that Kallen and Tamaki protected the bridge in time. Thus, Ougi and the rest of the main crew survived. Ougi allows the others on the bridge to escape in the next episode, feeling guilty for endangering them. He stays behind while the pilots continue their battle. As for Villetta, she speaks with the last surviving Glaston Knight, trying to confirm if Ougi is safe.

As more of Schneizel’s forces are defeated, Lelouch ultimately becomes victor of the war, and rules the world as emperor. Most of the Black Knights are once again captured and set to be killed, Ougi included. Villetta, who was now a member of Cornelia’s resistance, sees this and immediately wants to save him. However, Cornelia stops her, knowing that Lelouch’s plan was to draw his enemies out. But just as Lelouch planned, Zero Requiem is carried out, where Zero (now Suzaku) returns to kill the tyrant hated by the world, and become a hero once again. With Lelouch defeated, Cornelia sends out her resistance to free the prisoners.

Time passes by, and the world is changing for the better. Ougi becomes the new Prime Minister of Japan. He meets with Nunnally, empress of Britannia. Villetta watches him from Tamaki’s bar, where she’s happily spending time with former members of Ougi’s resistance. It’s revealed from photos displayed in the bar that Villetta and Ougi are now married. In fact, they seem to have had both Japanese and Britannian style weddings, the latter having guests from both sides all together in peace. There’s also a sheet of paper which people have signed, congratulating Tamaki on the opening of his bar. Villetta’s name is signed “Ougi Villetta,” showing that she’s now taken a Japanese last name, and her signature is decorated with Japanese flags.

Why Ougi/Villetta

Well, that’s just what the canon says. While I personally do appreciate canon pairings, I know to many people they’re boring. But I always found the dynamics of Ougi and Villetta’s relationship to be intriguing. Even if they didn’t end up together, I’d still adore the couple just as much.

1. There’s a reason Romeo and Juliet storylines and love/hate relationships have been done over and over. There are saps like me who will never get tired of them. There’s just something really compelling about characters who are kept apart by circumstances outside of their control (such as birth) and of enemies dealing with the fact that they have feelings for each other. It’s an emotionally intense pairing. It always kept me wondering whether they’d actually get to have a happy end.

2. …And the pairing goes beyond a typical forbidden romance, because they ultimately marry and have a child at the end, a true symbol of the peace created between Japan and Britannia. But it’s not just their happy ending that shows how their relationship symbolizes building a bridge between the two nations. Actually, the scene in Stage 24 where Villetta shot Ougi presented a big part. On the table were two paper cranes. Nunnally had been creating them in the beginning, and explained that if she made 1000 of them, her wish to create a gentler world would be granted. Once Ougi is shot, the black crane falls. If they, a Britannian and Japanese who loved each other, could be only enemies because of petty differences, then Nunnally’s wish wouldn’t be able to be fulfilled. Though Lelouch is the protagonist, he’s motivated completely by Nunnally, so her wish is vital to the series. Thus, so is Ougi and Villetta overcoming their differences.

3. They compliment each other, and both help the other grow as a person. Ougi lacks confidence and doesn’t really like his position as leader. Villetta, on the other hand, is a very confident and usually composed individual. From getting involved with her, Ougi is forced to make more of his own decisions, and take more risks. As Diethard points out, he desires to protect her, and so he does. Seeing Ougi as Prime Minister was quite a surprise. As he’d admitted himself that he wasn’t meant to lead, I kinda wondered why he’d even take the job. But it really does fit him. He’s able to affect Japan in a positive way. He’s always wanted to do what’s best for it, and now he can do it right, rather than committing terrorist acts in order to liberate it, or putting it into the hands of someone like Lelouch. I think he’s learned from his mistakes over time. And I also believe that if he hadn’t met Villetta, he never would’ve had a reason to start taking actions of his own that had such strong effects. He wouldn’t have had the resolve he did during the final battle to make his wrongs right. Because rather than fighting for a dead man, he was fighting for people he loved in the present.

In Villetta’s case, she’s very proud and self-interested at the start. Far from an ideal person, even though she has reason for her actions, and quite possibly one of the most villainous characters in this world of generally bad people. Ougi still showed her nothing but kindness and selfless love, even after being shot by her. But eventually, she goes as far as to dive off a cliff after Ougi, putting her life in danger in order to save him, even though he’s below her as an Eleven. Also, she ultimately chooses to join the Black Knights, rather than stay a baron. Status had meant everything to her, but until being with Ougi, she hadn’t found true happiness. And by the end, she completely embraces the Japanese. I loved the fact that she took Ougi’s Japanese name, and didn’t seem at all upset that her child will be half Japanese. In fact, she seems very proud to be having his child. She has been shown to have a gentle side, despite being such a strong and dangerous person, so I’m sure she’ll be a capable mother. But I don’t expect her to be a submissive housewife either, which is a reason the pairing is criticized. Chigusa was meant to be an extreme, almost like a blank slate of a person. It’s obvious that Villetta didn’t revert back to that persona, as she still kept her own first name. She’s herself without the racism.

4. I can always appreciate seeing love bring out the softer side of a generally evil character. Both Ougi and Villetta are technically bad, in that they’ve done questionable things and killed without remorse. (Ougi as a terrorist and Villetta as a soldier.)

5. It’s already been proven in canon that they’d work well living as a couple. So, now that they actually are together, their future relationship should work well too.

6. Because hating Ougi because he turned on Lelouch after learning he was being used as a disposable pawn is a dumb reason to hate the pairing. I can think of some pairings I ship where I dislike one half for petty reasons.

7. It’s believable for what it is. Code Geass isn’t exactly deep and fresh, but the canon relationships in general don’t develop instantly, a huge pet peeve of mine. Villetta and Ougi truly falling in love was a gradual process. It took much of season one for Ougi to actually realize his feelings, and in R2, it was clear from his actions in Turn 8 that it took him time to become comfortable around her, even considering the one-year skip. And Villetta refused her feelings for the longest time, as shown by her second attempt to kill him, and her talk with Cornelia in Turn 20. But in both cases, something was there all along. Ougi’s guilt and Villetta’s pride simply prevented them from realizing it.

8. They’re just so much fun. They get a cracked out story in the drama CD. And according to an official newsletter, they got to beat up Diethard together as revenge. An interesting choice of a romantic day together, but it fits so well. Plus, I bet they’d have entertaining lovers squabbles. Or maybe I’m spoiled by cute 4komas.

Fandom Recs:

Lets just say that even before it was cool to hate Ougi, there were hardly any fanworks for this ship. Then again, there’s hardly any fanworks for any ship not involving Lelouch or Suzaku. I have been able to find some interesting ones, at least.


空中楼閣- I practically live here. This Japanese fanart site has some of the most adorable Ougi/Villetta art I’ve seen, and even some fics.

Next, I really recommend checkinglevy’s art. There’s some really nice Ougi/Villetta, and art of some other obscure ships. Some of it is NSFW.

And most of them aren’t Ougi/Villetta (I don’t believe the artist even likes Ougi) but I adore the 4komas by Foxxfireart, especially this one. I’ve actually seen other O/V comics floating around (some were on pixiv) but unfortunately I don’t have the sites saved.

And yeah, I may have done a few pathetic doodles myself on my DeviantArt page.


Second Parade by Ryocha- This fic is technically a collection of stories, but the Ougi/Villetta chapter is probably my favorite fic I’ve seen for the pairing.

Salt byhopechan- Once speculative fic, now pretty much an AU, but it’s a really interesting take on Ougi and Villetta’s relationship in the future.

Oubliette bybellumina- Okay, so it’s sorta anti-O/V, but I still find it intriguing. It really grasps Villetta’s feelings when her memory came back, and she certainly did hate Ougi at that point in time.

Happenstance bytigtogtag- Sort of similar in premise to the above fic, but has more of Ougi’s feelings as well, at the thought of Villetta remembering, and thus losing her.

Weakness by Fledgling- As the title implies, it's about how Ougi is becoming a weakness to Villetta, based on the events of Turn 8.
I know, not much, but hopefully these will suffice for now.

Etc- I’ve made a pair of AMVs. Second came out substantially better, because I lacked footage for the first.

Other Links-

Official fanlisting

code_geass-General Code Geass community


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