September 25th, 2007

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Putting The Pieces Back Together. [Lelouch/Shirley. Code Geass]

Title: Putting the pieces back together.
Author: kanae_mizuhito
Fandom: Code Geass
Pairing: Lelouch/Lamperouge
Word Count: 9,700+
Spoilers: Pretty much the whole S1.
Notes: I analyzed and described every single LuluShirley moment. There are a lot of details in those descriptions, since this manifesto is also aimed for some friends who have yet to start watching the series, and wanted me to explain every single detail to them. So I hope some of you won't be bored by useless explanations of things you probably already know.

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Title: Chocolate Cancer and Black-White Burns
Author: databomb
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Mello/Matt
Warnings: Spoilers for up to chapter 99 of the manga (episode 35 of the anime), and some vicious language!
Notes: Hmm, I must admit that this might be a little different from most other manifestos, at least in the language aspect, sorry. ): I wanted to make the whole essay really reflect what I thought was the mood of the characters and the pairing, so the writing style and formatting and language ended up a little, uh, quirky! Please forgive? Oh, and this is based entirely on the manga, as the anime was not exactly an accurate adaptation of the second arc of the Death Note manga. (If possible, please direct any comments to the original copy, which I've linked below, as I like having comments grouped in one place.)


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