December 15th, 2004

ffvii; wutai

Faerie Tale Love. Except not.

Title: Long Hard Road
Author: Nagia
Pairing: Ashley Riot/Callo Merlose (Vagrant Story)
Spoilers: The game. The whole game. Nothing but the game.

Vagrant Story is a small fandom. An extremely small fandom. We have fewer than a hundred fics on The Pit of Voles, and probably between 100-150, with my best WAG at 125, in total. Those are only counting the English-language fics, because I don't look at non-English pages. But for such a tiny, tiny fandom, there are sharp divisions. The VS fandom has drawn as many lines in the sand as there are traceries in the Rood Inverse. Okay, there are only three (Ashley/Sydney, Sydney/Hardin, and The Family: Real or False).
I propose something a little different. Something rare.

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*Edited to add the only outright A/C fic on the web. By myself.