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Putting The Pieces Back Together. [Lelouch/Shirley. Code Geass]

Title: Putting the pieces back together.
Author: kanae_mizuhito
Fandom: Code Geass
Pairing: Lelouch/Lamperouge
Word Count: 9,700+
Spoilers: Pretty much the whole S1.
Notes: I analyzed and described every single LuluShirley moment. There are a lot of details in those descriptions, since this manifesto is also aimed for some friends who have yet to start watching the series, and wanted me to explain every single detail to them. So I hope some of you won't be bored by useless explanations of things you probably already know.

Some quotes aren’t exact. Because I watched the series in Spanish, so I’m translating them to English. And of course there are also some mistakes because I don’t have a beta [and English isn’t my first language x3]

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w Shirley's Character.
w LelouchxShirley Scenes.

Analysis of every single LuluShirley scene that was on the season.
w General thoughts about the pairing, their development and what’s awaiting for them. Also, just why I like them so much.
w Season 2. Predictions for it.
w Petty symbolism.
w Extra. [AMV's, Shirley's and Lelouch's Songs] 



Shirley’s Character.

Just why I like her so much?

TinyPic image

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of her. I’m kinda used to the typical high-school girl who crushes on the main guy, and acts like some type of tsundere. And just like I’m used to that type of character, I’m also used to hate them. So when I saw Shirley for the first time back in episode 1, and identified a few traits, I wondered just what should I do with this character.


         Should I hate her? Love her? Be ok with her? What?


         I decided to see how things unfolded, and to wait before getting a lasting impression about her. By episode 3, I was definitely intrigued by the way the series focused on her reactions to Kallen and Lelouch, and by episode 5 I was pretty much in love with her character.


         Episode 12,13,14 and the rest of the series only strengthened my love for her. And now I can say that she’s my favorite character from the whole series. [Then comes Suzaku and Lelouch]


         Why? There are many reasons.


         Shirley is a charming character, with a lively personality and bright grins that hide her deepest feelings. She’s a good friend, that worries about those around her and likes to give everyone a chance; example of this is when she’s the only one who actually tries to talk to Suzaku at first. She’s also an incredibly realistic character, and the way she deals with things is just… real.


         Let’s take her feelings for Lelouch for example.


         They weren’t born out of nowhere, but instead she spend time working on their friendship and trying to understand him. She wanted to see what he thought, what was on his mind; and in that way, slowly, she ended up falling for him. Still, she tried her best not to show it to him. Not only for fear of a rejection and shyness, but also because she didn’t want to ruin the bond they shared.


         Still, typically, their friends were aware of her feelings and the only one who remained oblivious was Lelouch. This is because she is more open about them when he isn’t around, and she doesn’t have too many troubles admitting the fact that she does like him; that is, of course, unless it is to Lelouch himself to whom she has to admit her feelings to.


         This behavior is extremely realistic. And many of us can relate to her and the way she handles her feelings for him.


         Then of course, we see a change in her character. This change is instigated because someone comes and messes with the status quo she had tried so hard to maintain. And when faced with the fact that Lelouch might fall for someone else, Shirley decides to muster some courage and dares to try and break the status quo, aiming for something all the more greater and better. Something that she had been too afraid to try to attain, but that she doesn’t hesitate to try when it becomes necessary.


         That’s the point when she becomes awfully self-aware of her feelings for Lelouch, and of the knowledge that she’ll have to face him and try to change their relationship. So when faced with the fact that she now will have to do what she feared to do all along, she becomes shier in Lelouch’s presence. She stutters and blushes around him, trying in vain to find the right opportunity to give that step forward.


         But Shirley’s character isn’t only realistic when it deals with the feelings she has for her romantic interest. Her character keeps its realistic portray through the series, during the different situations she has to deal with.


         Shirley is mature. This shows on the way she deals with her father’s death, putting on a smile for her friends and saying that she has already done enough crying. It can also be seen on her reaction to the kiss Lelouch and she shared.


         The world isn’t black and white for Shirley, and she can see and admit her faults. She can also be mature enough to apologize when needed.


         Shirley is also a loyal person, to herself and to her friends. She doesn’t understand Lelouch, and she feels betrayed by him. But still she pulls the trigger in order to save him and his secret from Viletta.


         And even though she gets driven by her feelings more often than not; like when she followed Lelouch in order to proof her suspicions wrong. She also has a clear mind and knows when to step aside, in order to keep herself from trouble.


         Now, as the finish of the 1st season of the series approached, we could see Shirley’s character changing once again. She becomes confused and troubled, because she doesn’t know just what happened to her. Still, she takes a good approach to things; she wouldn’t jump into conclusions, and would instead wait until Lelouch himself explained things to her.


         Even though she does jump to a wrong conclusion by thinking that Kallen had something to do with her loosing her memory, she still pushes those thoughts aside and for the time being, deciding to put her faith in Lelouch, believing he’ll protect them at any cost.


         There are still tons of things that Shirley needs to face, truths she needs to learn again. And when she does, her character will once again change. And I cannot wait to see which direction her character will take, because I’m sure it’ll be done realistically as well.

Lelouch x Shirley Scenes.

Their bond episode by episode.

TinyPic image

w Episode 1: Shirley shows slight jealously when Milly comments about Lelouch being cute. She also complains about the fact that Lelouch is always gambling. She also calls him to his cell phone, and becomes annoyed because he couldn’t answer.

w Episode 2: In the middle of the battle, Shirley is the one Lelouch calls to find out about the news. And even though Shirley complains about Lelouch being egocentric, she still does it while smiling.

w Episode 3: Lelouch and Shirley interact, and he also explains to her just why he called her to find out about Shinjuku. While he spoke with Nunnaly, he also thought these words: “If they find out about our identities, Shirley and Rivalz will be taken away from us”

w Episode 4: Shirley falls with Lelouch while trying to take a bottle of wine from his hands. She also pays a lot of attention to Kallen’s interaction with Lelouch.

w Episode 5: Shirley sees Lelouch and Kallen together while he’s trying to distract the later in order for her not to see CC, and Shirley misinterprets it thinking they kissed.

w Episode 6: Shirley confronts Kallen and indirectly asks her if she likes Lulu. Which pretty much confirms that Shirley does have feelings for him. She also thanks Suzaku for saving him, using the opportunity to finally break the ice and approach him.

w Episode 7: Shirley once again tries to find out if Kallen does or doesn’t have feelings for Lelouch, so she approaches her again. Kallen tells her that she doesn’t have anything with Lelouch and leaves, so Suzaku finds Shirley looking somewhat upset. Is there that Shirley explains to him the reasons of why she likes Lelouch, and Suzaku then tries to call him to ask him his feelings for Shirley but she doesn’t allow him to do so.

w Episode 8: In this episode, Shirley, Milly and Nina are taken as hosts by the Japanese defense force. While being as hostage, Shirley whispers: Lulu. Interesting is also the fact that while Lelouch was alone watching TV, the one talking was actually Shirley’s dad, who was fearing for the life of his daughter. [Pretty foreshadowing, ne?]

w Episode 9: We have a cute scene where Shirley is putting make-up on Lelouch. And we also have Suzaku trying to play match-maker for them, leaving the two alone. Shamefully while Shirley tries to approach Lelouch about her feelings, Lulu is worried about the conversation Suzaku and he just had, so her try is futile this time. Kallen also mentions a comment Shirley made to her about Lelouch: that despite his good brain, Lelouch never seemed to do his best. And Lelouch confirms that Shirley was indeed right. 

w Episode 12: Shirley invites Lelouch to a concert. When he gets there, she tells her about her dad’s death, and they end up kissing. 

w Episode 13: Shirley tells Lelouch to forget about the kiss because she believes she manipulated him into it, so she tells him the kiss didn’t make her happy. A surprised and hurt Lelouch tries to stop her from leaving, but he is unable to. Shirley learns that Lelouch is Zero.

w Episode 14: Shirley’s mind is messed with by Mao, and Lelouch is extremely angry because of it. They hug each other, and at the end Lelouch ends up taking the hard decision of making her forget everything about him. They then share a meaningful conversation, where Lelouch admits that he doesn’t know just what he feels for her anymore.

w Episode 15: Lelouch shows obvious pain about Shirley not being able to remember him, and he also shows rage about the fact that it was thanks to Mao and CC that what happened occurred. He makes up the excuse that he had a fight with Shirley, and that it’ll probably take a while before they make up to explain the fact that they’re acting like they don’t know each other. Milly finds this to be cute.

w Episode 16: The student council find out about Lelouch and Shirley’s supposed fight, and Suzaku immediately says that they have to help them. Rivalz tries to divert the topic towards Milly’s engagement once again, but Suzaku doesn’t find it as interesting and remains focused on Shirley and Lelouch, while Kallen comments that they should leave them alone because they always bicker like a married couple. [XD]

w Episode 17: Shirley isn’t able to draw Lelouch’s face for the art class. She’s able to draw him, but she leaves his face blank, as if there is something about it that has some kind of meaning to her, but she can’t remember it. She also finds the letter she wrote on episode 14, about Lelouch being Zero.

w Episode 18: Shirley is calling Kallen, but Kallen is too focused with trying to kill Suzaku, so Lelouch shows up out of nowhere and stops her, telling Kallen that Shirley needed her help. From the other side of the party, Shirley frowns at Lelouch. It’s obvious she knows something, and she isn’t too pleased with that knowledge.

w Episode 20: We finally get some insight of the letter and of Shirley’s thoughts. She doesn’t remember that she was the one who wrote it, and admits being confused about knowing that Lelouch is Zero. But she also wants to confirm it with Lelouch first, so she hasn’t mentioned anything to anyone.

w Episode 21: Lelouch tries to protect Shirley in the warehouse. Shirley also shows sings of jealously over him talking with Euphemia. She then calls him, and he tells her that he’ll find some free time so she can talk with him.

w Episode 22: Lelouch goes to meet with Shirley, apparently he thinks he’s only going to join her shopping [<333333] Rivalz tells Lelouch to reconcile with Shirley, who’s waiting for him inside the building. Shirley sees Lelouch defending an 11, and becomes confused with thoughts of Zero. So deciding that if she gets more involved she will only place herself in danger, she decides to leave. Later Nunnally asks Lelouch why he wasn’t with Shirley, and he tells her that she hadn’t showed up and that she didn’t answer her cell phone. Nunnally tells him to reconcile with her as well.

w Episode 23: Rivalz tells Shirley that she should begin calling Lelouch ‘Lulu’ again. Shirley is taken by surprise, because she doesn’t remember that ever calling him that. Rivalz ignores it though, thinking she’s still pretending, and urges her to reconcile with him.

w Episode 24&25: Shirley starts to think that Kallen had something to do with whatever it was that happened to her, and shows hurt about it, saying that they don’t know how terrified she is. Still, she also shows some trust in Lelouch/Zero, claiming that he’d protect them.


All in all, there was only two or three episodes where Shirley didn’t show up. And every single episode she was in had something to do with Lelouch, and her link with him.


w Analysis of every single LuluShirley scene that was on the season.
w General thoughts about the pairing, their development and what’s awaiting for them. Also, just why I like them so much.
w Season 2. Predictions for it.
w Petty symbolism.
w Extra. [AMV's, Shirley's and Lelouch's Songs] 

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