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Title Beauty and the Beast and the Babyface
Author lovedoesthat
Email giggled@gmail.com
Fandom Air Gear
Spoilers Yeah a ton through uhhhh ch. 100? Although I tried to limit the amount.
Notes Ikki/Agkito 4eva.
Special Thanks To the five other people who read Air Gear and will actually know what I'm talking about.

~*~*~*~ The Series ~*~*~*~

Basically, it's about kicking ass on roller blades and has awesome characters. It's written by someone named Oh!Great which lets you know it's awesome. YOU SHOULD READ IT. Do so here.

~*~*~*~ The Characters of the Air Gear OTP ~*~*~*~

Ikki is the protagonist, a hot headed delinquent named "Babyface". Nice nickname, I know. Anyways, he is often referred to as a crow. He gets very passionate about AT (Air Trecks aka beating people up while wearing roller blades, sometimes in the name of good) and even sets up his own AT team, Kogarasumaru, with his friends. He is able to see the "Wing Road" and is prophesied to be the Sky King. He thinks he's the shit and he kind of is.

Agito/Akito, who I will refer to as Agkito, is a boy with a double personality. He wears an eye patch which, depending on which eye is covered, determines which personality is in control of the body. Akito is cheerful and innocent while Agito is bloodthirsty and has a potty mouth. Agito is often depicted as a shark. He is able to see the "Bloody Road" and is the Fang King. Both personalities love the cock, though one would probably deny it.

~*~*~*~ The Canon ~*~*~*~

When they first meet, Agito is kicking all kinds of ass when Ikki decides to be a dumbass/hero and put an end to the bloodshed. He confronts Agito. He's also naked because he had to relieve himself and apparently in his world you need to take off your shirt to go to the bathroom.

If that's not a come on, then I don't know what is. Granted, Ikki's flirting technique could use a little work, but he's never been subtle. Anyways, Agito is a romantic at heart and doesn't appreciate being hit on in such a vulgar manner. He lashes out.

Oh snap.

Ikki gets self conscious. :( He wanted so badly to make a good first impression. Amid the intricate mating dance, Agito's patch slips and the body is returned to Akito who warns Ikki to run away. Already, it's clear that Akito loves Ikki and wants him to be safe.

After getting shot in the face by Akgito's jealous soon to be ex-lover, Kaitou, Ikki finally gets a clue and runs off. Somehow, he finds time to put his clothes back on. Agito decides maybe Ikki's not that small after all and chases after him, thus defying his brother. This is a monumental moment because Agkito is finally breaking free of his brother's tyrannic control and it's all because he sees a worthy opponent/hot piece of ass in Ikki.

Oooooh, getting possessive. He chases after Ikki, staking his claim on Ikki by kicking him multiple times in the face (get it Kazu and Ringo?). Then Ikki takes Agito's head into his mouth (lol) and they all jump to safetly. As they fall through the sky, Akito blabbers on about how he was a frog in a well staring into the sky wanting to be free. He realizes Ikki is "the bird [he and Agito have] been waiting for. The one to lead [them] to fly away from the darkness of the waters..."


Ikki can't believe his earlier flirting actually got him some action, so he goes into overjoyed shock.

It is decided that Agkito will live with Ikki and the Noyamano sisters. Ikki wakes up the next day to a sweet surprise.

AWWWWWWW. Notice the little Ikki angel. He thinks he's died and gone to heaven?? Anyways, Ikki pretends to be hetero and freaks out. Then they go to school blah blah blah let's skip to the next otp part.

Ikki forms Kogarasumaru (impossible to remember spelling), an AT team, and Agito is less than impressed.

You might be thinking that the otp is dead at this point but READ ON. Apparently all the other teams in the area have suddenly withdrawn and no longer want to challenge Kogarasumaru's reign. Why? Because Agito has been going out and kicking all their asses. Because he wants the best for his boyfriend.

Say it with me, "AWWWWWWWWWWW." After practice, they go home and Ikki decides to take a bath. Akito sneaks in with him. Which, honestly wouldn't you notice if someone was stripping next to you? Bathrooms aren't that big.

So anyways, Ikki finally notices aka pretends to finally notice and grabs Akito by the neck, demanding what is going on.

Had to wait until you were both naked to touch him, huh Ikki? We see through you, you big homo. Ikki clearly doesn't have too much of a problem with it because:

Adorable. After their bath, the two climb up on the roof. Soooo romantic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is what love looks like. Anyways, Ringo figures out that Agito is the one kicking ass in the name of Kogarasumaru and decides to put a stop to his attempt to woo Ikki. They fight. Agito has some choice words.

Translation: "Ever since I first noticed you wanted my boyfriend, I've been waiting to bitchslap you as a way of saying BACK OFF, BITCH." More stuff happens blah blah blah Agito tries to convince Ikki that Kogarasumaru should enter a battle to prove that they are a worthy adversary. When Ikki is a wimpy crybaby about it, Agito condescends some sense into him.

The hateful words just disguise loving support. Agito wants the best for Ikki and, by association, his team. Don't buy into that "Agito has selfish motivations" storyline. He's just pretending to be an ass to keep up appearances when he should be working on his insults. "Suffocate on your fart?" Please.

In the behemoth battle with Akira, Agkito has a mental breakdown and can barely move. But then Akito tells his other personality, "No Agito, it's not over, because the wind is still blowing." An obvious reference to Ikki, the SKY king with the WIND road. So basically Akito thinks the power of love is going to save them.

WHICH IT DOES BECAUSE IKKI BUSTS THROUGH THE WALL TO SAVE HIS DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. They strike a (gay) fighting pose and team up to form an unstoppable force.

Well, turns out Agito and Akira know each other from back in the day so Ikki takes the time to size up the competition for Agito's heart. He gets kind of nervous because Akira is a smoooookin hottie.

Once he's done, Ikki rides Akito's fang (lol) and the two fight Akira together, ultimately defeating him with their "united strength". Blah blah blah other stuff happens I won't spoil you, this panel is hilarious.

Agito ends up in the hospital so Kogarasumaru visits him and we get a whole sequence of suggestive panels involving Ikki playing with/eating bananas. Hint hint.

By "Gundam" Ikki means "threesome" (see two bananas), but Agito isn't the sharing kind of guy.

LOL I bet you will, Ikki, I bet you will. After everyone leaves, this super hot nurse comes to take care of/throw herself at Agito. Ikki isn't having any of it and rushes in with Ringo to "save" Agito.

Not only is Ikki super jealous here but he admits that Agkito is a hot "badass" who can attract good looking females. Before Ikki leaves, Agkito gives him a special present.

By asking him to keep the regalia, Agito acknowledges Ikki's strength and role as Kogarasumaru's leader. Also, he feels bad about the nurse debacle.

Translation: "The nurse didn't mean anything, baby, don't be mad." "I should hope not, bitch, I'm totally hotter." Satisfied that Agito isn't doing anyone on the side, Ikki leaves.

Awwww, they care about each other. Then there's like ten chapters where Agito is stuck in the hospital and doesn't appear. These can be summarized as booooooooooooooooring and Kazu/Emily is cute. Then comes the Kyoto arc. It starts with Ikki having a dream about Simca and then somehow ending up inches away from kissing Akito. Talk about subconscious desire. An attempt to preserve your heterosexuality ending in almost kissing a guy you've kissed before twice? Oh, denial. Which brings us to:

A LITTLE LATE FOR THAT, IKKI. Then Akito wakes up and they end up kissing anyways. Aw. Back to the main plot, everyone is going on a field trip, but Akito can't go because he Kaitou has his bankbook. Ikki drones on with some bullshit story about how Akito needs to go to share experiences zzzzzzzzzzzzzz basically he cares enough about Akito to want him to feel as if he is part of the group. Also, Ikki doesn't want to have to go a week without getting some.

They decide to sneak into Kaitou's RV. Ikki sees this:

LOL, jealous, Kaitou? Anyways, in their search for the bankbook, they disrupt a sleeping Akira, who easily throws Ikki to the floor and points a gun to his head, like, why didn't you think of that during the Behemoth battle, huh? As if things couldn't get any worse, Kaitou appears in all his sexy glory and it looks like shit is about to hit the fan.

Awwww look at Akito clinging to the person he knows will protect him. And Ikki looks... well, scared shitless, but also like he's getting ready to stand up for his boyfriend. Kaitou lets them go because he's secretly all sparkles and rainbows. It looks like Akito is about to give Kaitou a quick thank you blowjob.

Doesn't happen though because Akito remembers that he's committed now so he and Ikki just get the fuck out of there.

Look at that protective arm wrapped around Akito's waist. Let me take this time to quickly point out that Akira and Kaitou are totally boning.

Aw, Akira, don't give up yet, love takes time to bloom. Back to Kogaramasu, they're off to Kyoto! Ringo and the gang see this trip as a chance for Ringo to finally get a kiss from Ikki. Lol, yeah right. Anyways, this is already like five pages long, so I'll just say that Akito dresses up in a wedding gown in Kyoto, as if we needed another sign that he was flaming.

~*~*~*~ Analysis ~*~*~*~

Ikki/Akgito gives new meaning to the idea of a love/hate relationship, mostly because Akgito is a total psycho with multiple personalities. The main dynamics of their torrid affair are Agito and Ikki competing and grudgingly admitting they think the other is bearable and Akito and Ikki making out every four chapters. Also, let's not forget that they've seen each other naked more times than I can count.

Ikki is the catalyst in Agkito leaving his abusive brother and it's not until he's living with (and kissing) Ikki that Akito truly finds happiness. Even Agito gradually comes to respect Ikki and begins to see him as a force to be reckoned with and a capable leader. Though he makes a big stink, it's clear that Ikki wants Agito to feel like he's part of the team and genuinely cares for him zzzzzzzzzz basically it's clear that Akgito is totally in love with Ikki (see plot summary above) and Ikki is slowly coming around.

~*~*~*~ Links ~*~*~*~

This fandom is very small. Ikki and I aren't pleased.

This is pretty much all I could find. If you have any other links, feel free to comment with them. If you want some good individual character links, go here.

air_treck is a general community for Air Gear.

Air Gear fanfiction.net community with some Ikki/Akgito fics.

Metonia the fanlisting for Ikki/Agkito.


Love is in the Air by Ritsu

Be your wings by *021

BL Game by Kumi-Pumi

Two Drawings by ayray


Touched by peroxidepest17 and a lot more here.

Warmth and more at calliopedrowns.

Playing by Heart by dot_mayhem

Fire Point by sachi only implied Akito/Ikki but really good so wtfever.

Christmas Fic by lovedoesthat


Because You Live.

Type in Air Gear related keywords under the youtube search and you'll find something.
Tags: #manga/comic, air gear

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