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[Bakuten Shoot Beyblade] Kai/Takao

Title: Time After Time
Author: Triste (laliho)
Fandom: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
Pairing: Kai/Takao
Spoilers: The anime
Notes: Only a knowledge of seasons one and three of Beyblade are needed here, as I won't be covering season two for various reasons but mainly because it was pointless, uninteresting, and appallingly out of character. There will be no mention of the manga, since it and the anime follow entirely different storylines at points, and contains different characters/timelines/events. All screencaps were taken by me, and I also did the translations, seeing as there were never any fansubs for the series. Woe.


What is Beyblade? Well, it's a show about pretty boys and their obsession with spinning tops. It's a lot less lamer than it sounds, for various reasons. The characters are diverse, and the ones most important to the storyline get a lot of development. It's a typical shounen series with action, humour and the occasional dash of angst, not to mention the obligatory references to ancient myths and legends. Although it might seem somewhat silly from a western point of view, it's very similar to series like Hikaru no Go and Yu-Gi-Oh. The Japanese take their gaming very seriously indeed, as do some of the characters in Beyblade.

Basically, it's more than the standard anime themes of love, friendship and justice. It's about the way the characters interact with each other, and the way they change and grow. A pretty neat aspect of Beyblade, which I've always found appealing, is the fact that the characters actually age. Each season covers a year in time, making the protagonist of the story thirteen at the start of it and sixteen by the end, and on a slightly more trivial note, we get to see the characters going from being kiddies to being hotties. That's always a bonus.


Every story needs a main character, and Takao fills all the requirements. At first, he's no different from any other shounen hero. He's loud, stubborn, brash, impulsive and not too bright. In other words, he's flawed, which is good for the audience because there's nothing more boring than a perfect protagonist. Takao is only thirteen when the series begins, so he still acts very much like a child, something I personally happen to find very refreshing. He isn't putting on pretences; he's only being like most boys his age. He doesn't have a tragic past either, just a wacky grandfather. The most traumatising thing he's ever seen at this stage of his life is probably just the old man stripping down to his skivvies in public and balancing a shinai on his nose like a seal.

Despite having a tendency to brag and get ahead of himself sometimes, Takao is very grounded and has a profound effect on the other characters. He's the one who teaches them about fair play, fun, and how to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. Takao makes up for his faults by being honest, hardworking, loyal and caring. He's the catalyst for change in many of the characters (Kai and Yuriy in season one, Garland and Brooklyn in season three, to name a few), and he's well liked by his peers. Happy and cheerful by nature, Takao makes everybody feel at ease. He brought Kyoujuu out of his shell, took away Max's loneliness, curbed Rei's arrogance, and as for Kai... well, we'll talk more about the effect Takao has had on him later.

As Takao matures throughout the series, he also goes through the mandatory teenage angst stage, and it's not just growing pains that he has to worry about. We soon learn than Takao has issues, and big ones at that. His mother died when he was very young, and his father and brother left home not long after. Takao is terrified of being abandoned and of being alone and his worst fears come to life when Rei and Max, two of his closest friends, ditch the team they've all fought on together. Kai leaves soon after, and the way Big Brother Hitoshi tries to cure Takao's anxiety and dependency is by hitting him and shoving him around, taking on a 'cruel to be kind' approach. Takao sinks into deep depression, becomes unbalanced mentally, and completely loses the plot for a while.

Fortunately, our hero recovers, gets his mojo back, and goes on to kick a whole lot of ass, but he's quieter and more self-conscious now, and he thinks before he acts. He's grown into a leader, someone worthy of respect. He's realised that he has the power to help not only himself but other people, too.


When we first meet Kai in episode one, we aren't exactly given a good impression. He's the leader of a gang who call themselves the Blade Sharks, and in short, he's a bully. Rude, disrespectful, violent, Kai is not the kind of guy you want to have as your enemy. Unlike Takao, who is as quick to anger as he is to forgive, Kai can hold a grudge for years on end. He's relentless, aggressive and unforgiving by nature, and he can't bear the idea of anyone else being stronger than he is. He can angst better than anyone, though, and doesn't actually stop with the sulking and the brooding until right towards the end of the series. Solitary by choice and severely lacking in people skills, Kai detests the idea of having to work alongside others, and he doesn't hesitate to jump ship when being tempted by the promise of power.

Kai does have a very good reason for being so hostile, however. Although the anime never mentions them, we know that his parents are out of the picture, either because they're dead or because they abandoned their only son, leaving him with a dictator grandfather, one of the most powerful businessmen in all Japan. Sadly, Grandpa Hiwatari neglected to fulfil his duties by giving young Kai the love and care that he sorely needed and packed him off to Russia instead. Brainwashed into believing that the whole world was his enemy and that things like defeat and weakness were unacceptable and intolerable, Kai was sent to train in a place synonymous with hell on earth - Bolkov's Abbey. Kai later confesses to the rest of his teammates about having grown up in appalling conditions. We see shots of kids strapped upside-down by their ankles and being forced to do sit-ups in order to prevent falling onto a set of spikes, or hanging from bars and doing chin-ups while dangling above a pit of deadly snakes, and can only assume that Kai underwent the exact same treatment.

It's easy to understand Kai's attitude after learning something like that. Most of the people around him have lived easy lives in comparison, never knowing real loss or hardship, so it's not unreasonable to see why he views most others as not being worthy of his time.

Whereas Takao has a strong sense of justice and fairness, Kai is constantly struggling to do what is right. He makes a lot of poor decisions as a result of his own selfishness, but he also learns from his mistakes, and he's taught the value of love and trust and friendship.

Kai is probably the character that undergoes the biggest transformation, in my opinion. Compare with how he was in the very first episode to how is in the final, and the difference is striking. His earlier hatred and resentment is gone by the end of the series, leaving him a lot more mellow and likeable. Although he still has an intense desire to become stronger, he no longer possesses the type of mindset that made him trample over everyone else in order to achieve his own goals.


To say Takao and Kai's relationship was rocky in the beginning would be an understatement. Like every guy with a sense of honour and decency, Takao hates the Blade Sharks' bullying ways, challenging and then defeating Hiruta, only to bump into Kai shortly afterwards. Despite Takao being a total rookie, Kai accepts his demands for a battle and crushes him mercilessly, trashing his beyblade and then stalking off in search of other prey.

After a brief shock to the system of having been beaten so easily, Takao bounces back, determined to avenge his loss. He admits to himself that he can't stop thinking about Kai, and when they meet again at the Japanese regional championships it's Kai's turn to suffer defeat, something that he never really recovers from. Takao has gotten so much stronger in such a short space of time and Kai, ever the perfectionist, refuses to accept the fact that Takao might be better than he is. It sparks the beginning of an obsession that lasts for three whole years, and is ultimately what drives Kai to do some rather unscrupulous things later on in the series.

The BBA team is formed, and together, Kai, Takao, Rei and Max head off to China and then to America, but it's on their way to the final stage at Russia that things really start to change. Takao suffers a humiliating defeat at the hands of Ralf Jurgens, and he's so shaken by it that he actually forgets about his 'never give up' mentality and contemplates quitting while he's ahead. Kyoujuu, Max and Rei quickly assure him that there's nothing to worry about, but Kai is the only one whose words get through to Takao. It's extremely rare for Kai to give advice to anyone, but it's something that he does for Takao repeatedly. He doesn't offer the same support that Takao gets from the other team members, but then friendly encouragement can only go so far. Kai's bluntness borders on harshness, but it's the kind of thing Takao needs to keep moving forward, and it has much more of an effect on him than anything Rei, Max or Kyoujuu might say.

Unfortunately for the BBA team, it soon turns out that Ralf isn't Europe's only strong blader. Kai suffers a defeat similar to Takao's when he battles Johnny McGregor, and suddenly the roles are reversed. Kai is the one to sulk over his wounded pride and Takao is the one to snap him out of his funk, keeping Kai's spirits up and training together with him before they challenge the Euro Team to a rematch.

For a while, it looks as though Kai might lose to Johnny yet again, but Takao gives out a valuable hint, despite the fact that Kai told him not to interfere. It's even rarer for Kai to take advice than to offer it but he actually does as Takao tells him, although he's not too happy about being offered help afterwards. He's so angry that he grabs Takao and looks as though he might hit him, then changes his mind and storms off. Rei and Max are upset by Kai's insolence (and by seeing him treat Takao so badly), but Takao just smiles and says that it's okay. It shows how he's the only one who has a true understanding of Kai, and it's an understanding that's returned in kind when Kai shows up during Takao's match with Ralf. Rei and Max immediately rush to Takao's aid when Ralf gets the upper hand, but Kai holds them back and says they have no right to get in the way. He wants to see Takao win and prove his worth, but more importantly, he *believes* Takao will emerge the victor, unlike Max and Rei, who both have their doubts.

After their stint in Europe it's back on track to Russia and the final stage, but then things never go as smoothly as planned. Headaches and nightmares quickly follow, and it turns out that Kai has amnesia and never even knew. He breaks into the Abbey to find laboratories and prison cells, and the memories start seeping back. Bolkov kindly fills the missing gaps and informs Kai that he was sent to train there as a child, and that the reason he lost all recollection of these events is because young Kai did something he wasn't supposed to.

Black Dranzer is then introduced, as is Kuro Suzaku, the 'dark' versions of Kai's original Dranzer blade and the Suzaku spirit. It's apparently the most powerful beyblade in the world, and one that Kai tried to steal for himself in his youth. Its power was too much for him to handle though, and Kai lost his memory as a result.

"You shouldn't have a problem with it now," says Bolkov, and he makes his offer. He'll give Kai Black Dranzer, but only if he joins Team Borg and take away his old companions' sacred spirits. After a moment of hesitation, Kai agrees. His desire to grow stronger overrides everything, even friendship, and he has to obtain that strength alone, without having to rely on anyone but himself.

Meanwhile, Takao is worried over Kai's absence, missing out on sleep in favour of standing in the freezing cold and staring at the moon. It may be the first time he contemplates Kai by the light of the moon but it's definitely not the last. He does it again in episodes eight and fifty of season three, and he continues to show his concern even when he reaches the stadium the next day.

Sadly, Kai neglected to tell anyone else that he jumped ship, so it's a surprise to say the least when he emerges as the third member of Team Borg in the exhibition match against the PPB. Takao can't understand why Kai would abandon them, and he runs down into the arena in an attempt to talk some sense into Kai, only to get punched aside for his efforts.

Everyone is taken-aback at how much Kai has changed. His cruelty causes Kyoujuu to remark that it's like he's reverted to how he used to be as the leader of the Blade Sharks. He steals away the PPB members' sacred spirits, not because Bolkov ordered him to, but because he's doing it out of his own ambition. Black Dranzer feeds on sacred spirits, and its ability increases with every one it devours.

Kai is now unbalanced and detached, caring nothing for others and only for himself. It's this startling behaviour that leads Takao and co. back to the Abbey in order to get an explanation out of Kai, but while they all go in as a team, Takao is the only one who gets to reach Kai, with Rei telling him to go on alone and track Kai down, which Takao does, but he achieves devastating results.

Kai: "I don't know why you came here, but perfect timing."
Takao: "Th-this is..."
Kai: "I have no use for it anymore."
Takao: "That can't be! Dranzer has always fought alongside you!"
Kai: "That may be true, but right now, I have no need for things like friendship. I'll summon you for our battle later."
Takao: "What happened, Kai?"
Kai: "I'll let you leave today, but next time we meet it'll be to settle our score."

Kai turns his back, not only on his former teammates, but also on his beloved Dranzer. He also has a new goal now, to defeat Takao at any cost. He trains obsessively with the simulation machine, memorising Takao's tactics and battle style, and he tells Takao that he intends to get even with him, alone, with no outside interference.

Takao is hurt, not just by Kai's rejection, but also by what Kai is turning into. It's bad enough that Kai has thrown him away, but to cast aside Dranzer so easily is more than Takao can take, and he's in tears as he leaves the Abbey, refusing to be consoled by Kyoujuu, Max and Rei.

Takao cries for Kai a lot throughout the series, and his loyalty never falters. Kai can do the most horrible things he can think of, but Takao would never turn his back on Kai the way Kai so often does on him. It's this faith and inner strength that always leads Kai to salvation, that guides him back towards his rightful path and shows him that there's more to life than power and victory.

Sure enough, Kai calls Takao out to Lake Baikal, and while he's not terribly thrilled that Rei and Kyoujuu have decided to accompany him ("I told you to come alone!"), he figures what the hell, and tells them all to attack him at once.

It has to be noted that Takao is the only person aside from Kai who has ever gotten to launch Dranzer. Kai is far too possessive and suspicious to let other people touch his belongings, but Takao is the one who summons Suzaku and helps bring Kai back to his senses.

Lost amid his confusion, Kai goes down in defeat. Black Dranzer, the object he always saw as the strongest, the ultimate, has turned its back on him the way he turned his back on Dranzer and his teammates. It's shown him just how human he really is, and that he's nowhere closer to attaining true strength than he was as a child.

It's at this point the frozen lake begins to crack, and Kai would have willingly allowed himself to drown, if not for Takao. He just wants to be left alone with his guilt and his shame, but Takao reaches out for him, giving Kai a lifeline to grab onto.

Kai: "You want to *save* me? Even though I betrayed you?"
Takao: "Of course! We're your friends aren't we? I can't just ignore you when you're in a crisis! TAKE MY HAND!"
Kai: "I... I..."

Their hands clasp and Takao pulls Kai away from death and doubt, saving him in body and in soul.

Season three starts off with the introduction of a new character, Sumeragi Daichi, but he isn't quite the amateur Takao had expected, and it's a shock to everyone when they learn the name of Daichi's beyblade (Gaia Dragoon), most of all Kai. Until now he's been apart from the others and minding his own business, but he quickly sits up and takes notice when Takao starts being driven into a corner. Kyoujuu states that Takao has no chance of winning, and Rei goes ballistic when he hears this. "You're the world champion!" he says. "I won't allow you to lose!"

Takao continues to stumble, and it's only when Kai shouts out advice that he's able to win the match. Kai accomplished what Rei could not, and, his good deed of the day done, he disappears for a while. Max and Rei then quit the BBA team and Takao takes their departure very badly indeed. He vents his anger on the nearest available target, Kyoujuu, by hitting him, then goes on to have nightmares where Rei and Max are walking out on him, unable to catch up with them, and getting dragged down into the ground by clawed and menacing-looking hands.

Takao snaps out of his depression for a while but it's the start of a new mania. With two of his best friends out of the picture, the only person he has left now is Kai, but it's an unhealthy dependency that isn't doing him any good at all. Takao refuses to accept anybody else ("Kai is the only one for me!" he yells repeatedly), but there's a problem when he goes to sign up for the tournament to find that Kai's name isn't on the roster.

Takao flies into a state of complete panic, going from angry, to crushed, and then to elated when Kai finally makes his dramatic entrance. Only Kai is the one who possesses the ability to make Takao run the gamut of all three emotions in as many seconds, and it's one of the things that establish him as Takao's most important person.

The Goddess of Luck doesn't grant Takao many blessings during the beginning of the season, however. Although Kai showed up for the tournament, Takao's brother Hitoshi (in his Shippu no Jin guise) planted the first seeds of doubt in Kai's mind, making him question what it is that he really wants and why he's actually fighting. He knows that Rei and Max have left but hasn't yet figured out whether or not he wants to do the same. Overhearing the conversation between Takao, Daichi, Kyoujuu and Hiromi only makes things worse. Displaying his usual immaturity, Daichi yells that he doesn't want to battle with Takao as part of a tag team, he wants to fight against him, and that "being number one alone is fine!"

Once again, Takao makes it clear that the only person he wants as a partner is Kai, rejecting Daichi outright. Even the title of the episode is カイ しか いねえ! (Nobody But Kai!).

While Takao knows exactly what he wants, Kai's mind is still clouded. He doesn't make much of an effort when battling Daichi, refusing to answer when Takao calls out for him repeatedly. Kyoujuu dares to suggest that Kai will lose if he doesn't do something soon and Takao goes ballistic, grabbing Kyoujuu by the scruff of the neck and shaking him like a rag doll. Hiromi mentions that Kai seems to be acting out of sorts, but it's only when Daichi pushes Kai too far that he finally retaliates. "Don't underestimate me!" he yells, and while Daichi is devastated when he loses, Takao couldn't care less. He's got his wish and now he and Kai are off to take on the world, together.

"Together," Kai repeats dully, severely lacking Takao's enthusiasm.

It's in episode seven that Kai at last chooses. Instead of focusing on his own training, Takao takes the liberty of admiring Kai's display of skills, but Kai has made his decision, and it's not an easy one judging by his body language. His head is lowered and his eyes are in shadow, and the hand that holds Dranzer is shaking.

Takao is impersonating Kai in humour here, but it's interesting to see that he actually starts to imitate all of Kai's poses more and more throughout this season (arms crossed over his chest, an uncaring or superior expression on his face). He's acting more and more like the old Kai, the one who never cared for his teammates, growing defensive and self-absorbed, not wanting to accept responsibility for his increasingly erratic behaviour.

Even when Takao is asleep, Kai is still the only thing on his mind. Takao's little dream is an insight into his current mental state - his self-esteem is very low at the moment, and he's desperately in need of praise and approval. He dreams of being congratulated by his authority figures (Hitoshi, his grandfather, Daitenji and Max's father) and also by his peers (Daichi, Hiromi, Kyoujuu and Max).

However, Kai is the first to approach Takao, and he's also the one to embrace him. It's not only approval that Takao craves but also protection and security, and Kai is the one that he wants it from.

Reality intrudes, and Takao and Daichi combine their strength in order to work together for the very first time in order to put out the forest fire. They're in complete synchronicity, and their teamwork pays off. They look at each other and the last few flames separating them then burn out. It's symbolic in that Kai (whose element is fire), the one who's been keeping them apart until now, has finally been let go by Takao, as he and Daichi put aside their differences and shake hands.

Takao has moved on from his moping and he's ready to accept Daichi, both as a partner and a friend.

Down by the pier, Kai is also moving on, by making an alliance with Yuriy and becoming an official member of Neo Borg. Kai never shakes hands with people, so for him to do so with Yuriy is extremely significant. It shows how much he's prepared to sacrifice for the sake of being able to fight Takao.

Takao's brief moment of clarity during his training with Daichi is immediately ruined upon the start of the tag team tournament. It's tough enough to see Rei and Max on opposing teams, but it's more than he can take when he sees Kai standing with Neo Borg. He ignores his own teammates in favour of chasing after Kai, but Kai refuses to speak with him.

Takao is furious. He's angrier now than he's ever been, and Hiromi is frightened when she sees the look on his face. She has good reason to fear Takao, too. He's lost it completely, both looking and acting deranged. He's violent and aggressive, and he lashes out at anyone who dares to provoke him. He doesn't care about old friendships anymore, viewing Rei as just another obstacle that he has to smash his way through in order to get to Kai. It only gets worse when Hitoshi later takes Takao off the team, saying bluntly that his reason for doing so is "for victory's sake."

Hitoshi is challenging Kai directly here and Kai responds by launching his beyblade at Hitoshi's head, losing to Daichi on purpose and walking away without saying a word. After all, he has absolutely no intention of fighting the BBA Revolution without Takao.

Finally back on track, Takao meets Kai in the finals. Takao admits that Kai's departure was a big shock, and that it caused him to forget about what was most important to him for a while. "It's not just about winning and losing," Takao says. "That's why I love beyblading! That's why I'm so passionate about it!" and Kai replies that he feels the same way. They go to "a time and place for just the two of us", a sort of inner world consisting only of the beach, the ocean, the night sky and an endless cascade of stars.

Kai: "If this moment... if this instant could continue for all eternity, I would... I would..."

It's here that they reach a total understanding, not even having to speak out. Instead, they relay their thoughts by a kind of mental telepathy, but they both know they can't stay in their little haven forever, and when they return to reality it's to find that the BBA Revolution are victorious.

Kai isn't bitter about his loss, and as he walks away from the arena, he acknowledges the fact that "Takao is strong". It's the first time he's ever called Takao by name, having always addressed him as 'Kinomiya' until now, but finishes his sentence with, "Even so I... I..."

Things are relatively peaceful after that until Bolkov, the villain of season one, appears. He tries to convince everyone that he's changed his ways, but of course he's simply out for world domination again, tearing down BBA headquarters and creating the BEGA organisation in its place. To fight against this threat the old BBA team reforms, but there's one member missing. Much to Takao's dismay, Kai sides with the enemy, as does Hitoshi, but Kai is the one he's most upset about. Takao doesn't have too much time to dwell on it since he, Rei, Max and Daichi are trying to master Kyoujuu's latest invention, the Heavy Metal System, but Kai is never far from his thoughts.

Unfortunately, Kai has made yet another mistake. Hitoshi states that the only reason Kai joined BEGA was to fight Takao again, to which Kai responds by snarling, "What would *you* know about him and me?" Kai treats his battles with Takao as something almost sacred, and he absolutely will not tolerate other people getting in the way of that. Nobody has the right to interfere, least of all Takao's brother.

Still, he loses miserably to Brooklyn and, distraught by seeing Kai fail so badly and by seeing him get so hurt, Takao frantically shakes the television set as the announcement of the Justice Five's formation comes on and shouts, "Who cares about *that*! Where's Kai? Show me Kai!"

Takao is later questioned as to who the fifth and final member of the G Revolutions team will be, but he's reluctant to answer, going out onto the veranda while the others squabble among themselves to ponder his predicament. Kyoujuu leaves Dranzer MS in Takao's care, and they hope against hope that Kai will throw away his pride and come back to them.

Bizarrely enough, Romero is the one who helps Kai train with the new Dranzer, explaining that the Heavy Metal System only responds to the intensity of the blader's emotions. Kai is still consumed by his anger and his hatred, which Romero tries to rid him of, but it's only when Romero asks what he's fighting for that Kai realises his true intentions after picturing Takao in his mind and remembering their dream world.

Meanwhile, Takao is training down by the canal, but he refuses to listen to Kyoujuu and Hiromi when they tell him not to overexert himself. Even though everybody else is wiped out, Takao is determined to keep on going, only stopping when Kai appears, framed by the backdrop of the setting sun, the two of them having eyes only for each other before Takao tells Kai shakily, "You're late."

Episode 48 is titled 愛 だ…! (It's Love!), and it marks just how much Kai has grown throughout the series. He doesn't push away other people's support anymore but accepts it gladly. He's still stubborn, still determined, but he knows now what's most precious to him. He puts everything on the line for his rematch with Brooklyn, saying that he'll battle until his life burns out, and even when everyone else has given up on him, Takao remains ever faithful. He's willing to protect the promise he made with Kai at all costs, preventing Rei and Max from trying to end Kai's fight, actually begging them to stay out of it, and crying as he pleads.

When Brooklyn uses his King of Darkness attack it looks as though Kai will lose the way he did the first time they fought, but, instead of sinking into the murky depths of his soul alone, Takao's hand reaches out to him, just like it did in Russia three years previously, pulling Kai from darkness into light. It's then that Kai makes his greatest speech, saying that he has something Brooklyn doesn't - friends, rivals, varied battles, the experience of victory and defeat - adding that he could never lose to a person who possesses none of these things before shouting out, "THIS IS MY LOVE!"

The only people who have ever explicitly said the word 'love' in this series are Kai and Mao, both in regard to, and as a result of, their most important people (Takao and Rei respectively). Kai's love is far stronger and purer than his hate, and it's the emotion that enables him to beat Brooklyn once and for all. After searching for so long, he's finally learned the meaning behind true strength and, exhausted, he collapses into Takao's arms, knowing that Takao will always be there to catch him when he falls. Kai loathes being touched and yet he doesn't mind being held by Takao. It's a sign of how much trust he places in him, and we see this again in the final episode. It's like Kai has found peace somehow, and he's a lot calmer and more relaxed as he sneaks off with Takao so that they can be alone together, side by side and smiling, the atmosphere around them quiet and intimate.

Of course, Takao has a promise to keep, and he gives Kai what he's been wanting all along - that one last beybattle.


It was pretty difficult not to be attracted to the pairing when I first saw the Russian arc in season one. Even though I knew nothing about Beyblade or the characters, the relationship between Kai and Takao jumped out at me right from the start. I found Takao's concern for Kai, his tears, and the way he saves his life to be appealing and endearing, and as I became more familiar with the series, my love for the couple only grew. It's the way they interact with and inspire one another. It's the connection that formed between on their first meeting and only continued to strengthen over time. It's a strange kind of relationship in that it manages to be as subtle as it is obvious, and everyone around Kai and Takao acknowledges and accepts how tightly bonded they are.

There's just something special about the pairing that tends to draw people, I think. They're two characters who contrast and compliment each other so perfectly, and they just fit in such a way that it's hard not to imagine them being together. Although Takao never hesitates to express his admiration of Kai by constantly telling him how awesome and amazing he is, his feelings are far from being one-sided. Takao is the only person on earth who's managed to earn total respect from Kai, not to mention his trust. Takao is the only person he'll allow to get close, both physically and emotionally, and he eventually reaches a point where Takao is simply all that matters to him.

Cheesy as it sounds, they accomplish more together than they do apart. They need each other's guidance and support in order to overcome whatever obstacles life throws in their path, and it's their utter sincerity and devotion that enables them to share the same dreams and the same passion.


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