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estrella30 in ship_manifesto

Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser (Due South)

Title: And They Lived Happily Ever After
Author: estrella30
E-mail: nancysmiles28@yahoo.com
Pairing: RayK/Fraser - Due South
Spoilers: Pretty much all of Seasons 3 and 4.
Notes: Thanks to http://www.trinityslash.com/trans/ for DS episode quotes, http://www.geocities.com/nuckie3/tvfilm/art/elmstreet-pg.html for Elm Street magazine interview quote, http://www.callumkeithrennie.net for screencaps, brooklinegirl for the beta, and spren_cious for organizing, running and asking me to be a part of this wonderful community! Thank you, dear!

...And they lived happily ever after.Collapse )


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i have no freckin' idea why it too me till today to read this! it's brilliantly done! it has all those little things that i love about those two guys. they are just so slashable - because it's canon! thanks for sharing this and putting this much work in it!
HOMG, I just finished Due South last night and kristiinthedark pointed me over here and YES, you are completely right and I am going to read fic recs now. :D

A side note: I looked up your name because it looked very familiar and lo and behold, you write a few of my favorite wincest fics. Since I need new DS friends and especially ones who share my undying love of SPN, I was wondering if I might friend you. *big gay winsome grin*


Please go back and watch the first two seasons! They're wonderful, and you will understand Fraser even more after you see his friendship with RayV.

There is more to dS that F/K slash! I'm sick of it taking over everything, and the first two seasons not being seen as worthy to be viewed just because Kowalski's not in them.


Kowalski totes wins though. What a babe.
This is wonderfully done! :)

Any chance of saving that lovely interview from being lost when Geocities goes poof later this month?
Wonderful, wonderful essay! TYK for writing this!


You've taken Paul Gross' quotes from the "Elm Street" interview out of context to prove that what you and F/K shippers see on screen was deliberate.
Have you read the entire interview? Paul Gross didn't know about slash until the interviewer unprofessionally mentioned it, and gave him a slash story, which had to have been F/V because the interview happened before Season 3 of "Due South" started. Paul Gross found the slash absolutely ridiculous, then said the quote that you mentioned in a mocking matter. He was obviously poking fun of those who wanted to see the "slashy subtext" and would probably see it in the episodes that had already been filmed.

I'm tired of the lie of "slashy subtext" being put into Seasons 3-4 by Paul Gross. The slash was no more deliberate in those seasons than it was in the Ray Vecchio seasons. It was only there to those who talked themselves into seeing it. The mind works in strange ways!
Little Ray V troll! I'm so happy to know you're still out there. I want to write fic about you. I think you scour the Internet for imaginary insults to Ray V in between international espionage missions.


You can make this exact same argument for Fraser/RayV:

"I think the main thing that works so well for Ray and Fraser is that there's a general feeling of rightness to them. You feel like, hey, these two guys really like each other. They want to work together, and eat together and hang out together, and hey. Wow. There comes a point where that friendship could maybe transform into something more and you don't even have to stretch that far to get there."

How exactly does their relationship differ from that of Fraser and RayV, if this is the argument you make for a romantic relationship? 'Nuff said.


RE: You can make this exact same argument for Fraser/RayV:

Why are you commenting on this post again, Cupcake? Your obsession has you writing the same post three years apart on a twelve-year-old ship manifesto (when there's clearly also a Fraser/Vecchio manifesto to cater to your - supposed -interests on the same community!) This is just sad.

Re: You can make this exact same argument for Fraser/RayV:

TORTIE! I'm so glad you're alive- I was worried when we hadn't heard from you in a few months.

What's new, girl?


Fraser/Kowalski shippers are so dumb. They never consider how poorly Kowalski treats Fraser, and that Fraser would not want to be with someone who physically hit him. They only choose Kowalski because he's better looking and sexier than Ray Vecchio. Poor RayV.:-(


Girl, I'm so glad you're back! You've been missed. How are things? Anything new? Wait- you're still beating this Ray/Ray horse so I'm guessing no.

A lot has changed lately. I think about where livejournal was- it's place in my life and how I relate to it and how I've moved on to other platforms. Do you think about stuff like that, Tortie? I wonder if, in the hypothetical world they live in, if Ray K and Fraser have moved on from each other, or if they cling to each other as tightly as you cling to your hatred of Ray K. I don't know that I've ever clung to anything like that- human or otherwise.

Ah well, these things are too deep for a Tuesday afternoon! Especially one when I had a big lunch. It was a steak sandwich- pretty good! You can't go wrong with a steak sandwich, especially one that had goat cheese and arugala. Mmm.

I hope all is well with you, Torts- and the cats are doing ok. They must be getting on in years! I hope you'll keep dropping in to let us know you're ok.


"Hey, uh. Are you sure about this, Fraser?" Kowalski asked.

"Yes, Ray," Fraser said, panting. "Hit me again please."

Kowalski shook himself, getting the jitters out, and stared consideringly at Fraser's ass. The first few slaps had been starkly clear on Fraser's skin, but as Ray'd continued to make him squirm and drawn deep, rumbling moans out of Fraser, the hot redness had washed over his ass.

He lined his hand up with the part that looked like it stung the most, couldn't resist stroking it with his thumb to make Fraser shiver, and drew back to spank him again. Hard.
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