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cephiedvariable in ship_manifesto

Thicker Than Blood - Naruto and Sasuke

Title: Thicker Than Blood
Author: cephiedvariable
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto Uzumaki/Sasuke Uchiha
Spoilers: The entire series, more or less, up to about Chapter 295
Author’s Notes: This essay is extremely image heavy. This is because a lot of the subtext between these characters speaks for itself (rather, it's in the subtleties of the art). Also, everything you'll read here is predominently manga focused since I'm an elitist who doesn't particularily appreciate the anime. I also, uh, kinda went over the word count. All this aside, hope you all enjoy! ^___^;;

If both you and your opponent are first class ninja, you can read each other's minds when your fists meet. There's no need for words.Collapse )


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This is the best thing I've ever read on Naruto and Sasuke's relationship. They have touched me deeper than any other fiction, but I grew tired of the huge fandom and superficial attention the pairing gets. There's so much more to it, and you've summed it all in this essay. You've summarized ideas I thought too unconventional to be communicated, and showed me quite a few other things that I hadn't thought of. I agree with everything, and I'm impatient to go read all the fics you've listed :) My biggest problem is finding fanfics that aren't literal pieces of crap.
Ha ha, you've more or less summarized why I just can't participate in the fandom at all any more. *sigh* The worst, really, is disagreeing with everything said by those with identical opinions as you. Ha ha ha.

I thought too unconventional to be communicated
Out of curiosity, which ideas would those be? XDD I just honestly am flattered, but have no clue what you're referring to.
Haha, I know this comment is a little late, but still - this was so well-written that I just had to put my two cents in.

And as a note, I actually dislike yaoi in general. But the way you have portrayed and explained why you like SasuNaru is very refreshing, especially when everyday I click on FF.net and am bombarded with badly written SasuNaru fics.

I think you've hit all the important points on the complicated relationship between Sasuke and Naruto without making it seem like you're trying to sell us this idea.

To be honest, I've become more and more "okay" with SasuNaru - mostly because for me, the Sasuke and Naruto interactions are just so deep and complicated that it's not surprising many people prefer together in a romantic sense. And I like the angst XD

Great job!
Hey, better late than never, right? And it's not that late considering I plan to update this someday when I have less schoolwork and an actual vested interest in dragging myself through the rest of part II. :P

mostly because for me, the Sasuke and Naruto interactions are just so deep and complicated that it's not surprising many people prefer together in a romantic sense.

Well, that's what I was trying to touch on in this essay. Really, I could have written an essay of comparable length explaining their relationship without inserting a romantic point of view (a POV I feel, after the fact, that I forced a little at points here, since I got halfway through this monster and realized that I wasn't making a very good SHIP based argument XD) because it just is that interesting. I wanted this essay to communicate what's so fascinating about their relationship as it is in canon, and why the beauty of it is that it's all already there, if you just tilt your head and blink a little. You don't have to change them, you don't have to change what's happened between them- they are already special to each other. M-mostly because I wanted to combat all that: "wai, wai, yaoi doujinshi, baby uke-chan Naruto laaaawl!!!" bullshit that goes on in the fandom oh shoot me plz. IN THAT SENSE I TOTALLY RELATE TO YOU because as much as I love slash (yaoi, whatever), the yaoi fandom grows more intolerable year after year. :P

Anyways, thanks for leaving a comment even after so long!

♥, Cephied

Edited at 2007-11-29 03:30 am (UTC)
I randomly came across this and I'm not sure how, but I love how you described the entire SasuNaru relationship.

People love Naruto, the manga/anime for so many reasons, but for me, it's always been the characters and their development. They're fleshed out so well, and I think that it's important that characters are that real. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, everyone in that series... none of them are perfect. But that's why we like them. Because we hurt with Naruto when he searches for his friend, and we hurt with Sasuke when he's dealing with his dark obsession and we hurt with Sakura when Sasuke breaks her heart. Every character in the story of Naruto is important, and I think you hit the nail on the head in every way.

I especially agree with the point that Naruto's personality is the thing that affects the people around him the most, and he hardly recognizes it. Sasuke is the only person he's ever tried to save, and him failing when he tries so hard is even more devastating because he's saved so many others from themselves.

So, basically, you're awesome. Thanks for the great insight. I'm very happy that somebody else actually looks deeply into this series instead of just using it for slashy purposes. It will always be one of my favorites.

Oh, word. ♥ I know Kishimoto fucks it up sometimes, and I (like many people) haven't been that impressed with part II, but I still maintain that Naruto has the best character development I've ever seen in a Shounen fighting series (though that opinion may not mean much coming from me; I haven't read all that many). Going back and re-reading old chapters feels like home and old friends. XD

Thank you for the wonderful compliments!
I think it's just the pacing in part II that I find really off. I mean, I love it up until the end of the "Save Gaara!" arc, but after that I felt that the narrative fell apart a bit. The Akatsuki are dying too quickly, wtf was going on there with Orochimaru and Sasuke? Wait, are Root supposed to be a threat or what? It's just uneven and jolting around all over the place and, especially in comparison to how seamlessly the character threads and themes came together by the end of pt. I, it just seems like the mythology behind the series isn't being tied up very well. ALSO, there's a little bit of me... y'know, being a really old fan and actually having had to wait for the nearly year-long break between pt. I and pt. II. It's kind of lame, but during that time I came up with a lot of cracky fan theories, and with what's happening right now? I think I actually *prefer* my crazy, crack, fan theories (which I never took seriously). I mean, that's when you know you aren't enjoying a series like you used to. :P

But there are good things about pt. II. I DO love pretty much all the new Akatsuki members (except, like, Pein. And Itachi's still boring as fuck when he's not around Kisame. And I DID like Tobi better when I thought he was Obito), the first arc was INCREDIBLE, Shikamaru got to be bad ass (although I can agree with the fandom's mixed opinions on him). I LOVE Team Hebi (especially Suigetsu!) and Orochimaru got character development (also, I was made a happy Orochimaru/Kabuto shipper ♥) and I really, *really* hope he's not out of the game. Root could prove to be interesting, but it really fell flat (I STILL HAVE HOPE!) and, y'know, Sakura and Naruto will always be awesome and adorable. It's just the things I enjoy lately are few and far between, so much in between just... well, it doesn't quite SUCK, but it's just kind of bland. It feels like Kishimoto lost his fire and I can't really see where he's going with the series anymore. *sigh*

But I still catch up periodically. Whatever happens, Naruto will always be one of my favorite manga. XDDD

Anyways, sorry for the tl;dr, but you did ask. ^__^ Thank YOU for taking the time to leave a comment, and I will certainly check out the rec you left me!

ALSO: Shit, sorry- my grammar and tenses are all over the place in this post. I AM SO BURNT OUT FROM ESSAY WRITING. If this isn't terribly coherent, I apologize.

Edited at 2007-12-06 07:23 am (UTC)

its awsome

i love it

you didn't see SasuNaru until the Valley of the End arc? i saw it at Sasuk's fake death scene in the Land of Waves. or, at least, that's what i interpreted the scene to be.

and yay!, i'm not the only one who's sees Sasuke as having PTSD. i mean, he shows pretty much all the symptoms for it though, so it's kinda obvious to someone who either knows what they're looking for, or looked it up. i know that's what i did.

but one of the other reasons that i think Sasuke left is because he was shown (again) what hapened if he got close to anyone. i'm not saying that Itachi would go out of his way to kill Naruto and make Sasuke suffer, but the last time Sasuke was close to people, they all died, and the one he admired most was the murderer. in a way, i think Sasuke left as a way of avoiding Naruto's eventual death; after all, if you're not close, why would them dieing hurt you?

anyway, i was mostly ranting here...feel free to completely disregard it if you wish to do so. -.-;;


thats what i thought too

about why sasuke had to get away naruto but still keep him alive. it shows how much sasuke loves him and is sasuke's way of protecting naruto. it also explains why sasuke is the way he is after the time skip. i have always thought that about sasuke. people say naruto is the only one who has heart. but i think sasuke has just as much. he just goes differently about it.
I agree with the majority of this though I'll admit that I believe you give Sakura too much credit. Don't get me wrong, I'm an enormous Sakura fan and I'm so proud of her in the timeskip series but I don't believe there's any chance that she'll "be the force that binds them all back together again", as you put it. Naruto likes her, Sasuke remotely respected her in his own way, but those two are so focused on each other that Sakura even admits it herself that she can't ever reach into their world and fully understand either of them. Everyone also seems to use the "Sasuke would kill for Sakura" part of the series as a show of his loyalty and acknowledgment of her but, honestly? He's a ninja. It's his job and he'll have to kill for people he knows less than her, so I don't find that as a valid argument. Kakashi instilled in all three of them that they had to protect their teammates so it's a sense of duty more than an emotional attachment, in my opinion.

Anyway, excellent job with this overall. I liked how you used actually examples from text rather than just ranting your own opinions without support. :)
Wow...that was amazing!!! I think you hit all right on the nose. I loved it. :D
I feel like all I can say is: I love you for this.

When I first got into Naruto, my realm of friends hated Sasuke, Naruto, or both, and beyond that hated SasuNaru (they're KakaIru fans...). So I never dealt with the premise that SasuNaru was an overly liked pairing. Continuing on that friends note, however, I've constantly and persistently tried to explain why I love this pairing to the extent that I do. And although in pieces I've mentioned what you wrote, I must truly thank you at the bottom of my heart for collecting so much evidence and composing such an incredible analysis of their relationship. Really, much love to you.
It was beautifully written, and truly did open my eyes to things that I did not see in the manga, or more quite as deeply and in such a way as you have. Truly this is a gem, and has renewed my love for the fandom, as it has slowly been slipping away due to the overly Sasuke-ness (which, dont get me wrong, is good, but defeats the fact that the manga is called 'Naruto' and we have barely seen him for 5 chapters+) and the anime which quite frankly needs to get a move on.

What's more that you haven't bashed Sakura (which is rare in itself) and the way you have linked Sakura to the relationship, which on some level I disagree and agree which at the same time. Secondly, you havent gone all 'fangirl', and have admitted flaws in the relationship; it's unhealthyness for example, which a brainless person would never do as their otp is right and therefore it is the best 4eva!!!11111

Anyway, good job, and thank you for the inspiration.


This essay is amazing.

This actually shows BOTH sides of the relationship. It gives actual evidence of their relationship.

Pardon but I've seen other essays of other pairings and their arguments are based on assumptions and 'Hey! It could/would happen! if...'. It's sad really.

And those essays make me love this essay more~

I hope you update, with the manga developments are piling up. XD


Bravo! 0_0

Wow...just..wow. Not only did you take many hours outta your time to write this you stated the facts too.I don't really like Sakura because she abuses poor Naruto but eh..Sometimes I guess he DOES deserve it. I also don't know why but I dont like any pairing with Sakura besides Gaara and Sakura but the point is,I love how you make it clear how everyone is almost the same. I guess I kinda only like the pairing because it's cute but I like the drama and understanding between them too.I don't really understand why people only like it because it's cute though.If that was the case I would like Hinata with...uh...Kakashi? Well you get what i'm getting at xD But just to sum it up because if I kept going it would be as long as this essay (xD) I'ma summarize it as just...AMAZING.
Wow. That was really awesome. XD I love the way that you said, like, everything.

I don't think that I've read any of those fics that you've recomended, but I'd like to share one that I found. I think it is, quite possibly, one of my favorite Naruto fanfics ever. Well, not just that, but one of my favorite stories [fanfiction or original, published or not] that I've ever read. It's just-- amazing. I can't even think of the words to describe it, but the way that the characters are written seem to be so... real. It's intense and there's betrayal, and it's not all happy--there isn't really much "happy" to be had, anyway, I'd think--and I think it's just so... I don't know. You'd have to read it to find out, I think. And it's a long one [Like, 55 chapters, if I remember correctly].

[La Belle Dame Sans Merci] by Eveljung
Summary: Life goes on after Sasuke's departure, except for how it doesn't. Three years after Valley at the End, Naruto is trying to mend broken promises under Sasuke's reptilian gaze. Mainly Narusasu. Dark themes
This is so amazing!!!! As someone who only recently started watching Naruto, I am so happy that I found this. It's so...so...perfect!!!

Are there any plans to update it? I am currently hooked on the Shippuden parts so I was just curious!!! ^__^

Once again, thank you for taking the time to do this, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. ♥
Oi! this is really good. :D What would be awesome is if you point out the new stuff that's been shown. Like how Sasuke always seems to react to Naruto's name . . . And how when he joined Akatsuki he seemed to be interested on whether they caught the Kyuubi. He obviously still cares about Naruto - and the rest of team 7 as shown when he was fighting with Killer Bee - but he seems to think about Naruto the most, only seeing Kakashi and Sakura once so far. He seemed to have a fond look on his face when he saw The Great Naruto Bridge too.

I definitely think you're right about Sasuke being the protecting type! I mean, even with Hebi/Taka, he looks out for his team mates though they're more comrades than 'friends' to him. And maybe add in when Sasuke protected Naruto from Haku he was willing to throw away his dream to protect Naruto's life. Something he's never done for Anyone else.

I have to say, I hated Sakura in part I but it had NOTHING to do with her getting 'between' Sasuke and Naruto. Mostly because . . . well, she was a b*tch. She was so mean to Naruto. I don't care if you're an infatuated young girl or not no one deserves to be treated like how Naruto was! D< And I don't think NaruSaku will happen . . . Their relationship has become . . . too sibling-like. She treats Naruto like an idiotic little brother. D: I think the manga will most likely end with a Sasuke and Naruto moment but Kishi will leave it up to the readers to decide whether it's brotherly or romantic. It would be the best thing, fair to all fandoms.

This was awesome.

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