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cephiedvariable in ship_manifesto

Thicker Than Blood - Naruto and Sasuke

Title: Thicker Than Blood
Author: cephiedvariable
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto Uzumaki/Sasuke Uchiha
Spoilers: The entire series, more or less, up to about Chapter 295
Author’s Notes: This essay is extremely image heavy. This is because a lot of the subtext between these characters speaks for itself (rather, it's in the subtleties of the art). Also, everything you'll read here is predominently manga focused since I'm an elitist who doesn't particularily appreciate the anime. I also, uh, kinda went over the word count. All this aside, hope you all enjoy! ^___^;;

If both you and your opponent are first class ninja, you can read each other's minds when your fists meet. There's no need for words.Collapse )


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This is a GREAT essay. Now I can justify my love for the pairing to my friends without babbling feebly that "I'm not a pervert! I just think they're meant to be!"

The first Naruto volume I ever read was number five, when they're about to enter the Chunnin Exams and Sasuke fights Lee. My first thoughts were as followed: "This girl hates Naruto. And Naruto doesn't seem to like this dark haired guy. But wait! Suddenly they're smiling? What are they?! Friends or rivals?! Confusssed... definately a little more complex than I would've thought..."

And then what do you know, later in the volume Sakura smiles from behind and raises her hand so that Naruto won't have to take the written test and fail forever... thus, there HAD to be some interesting backstory stuff about their relationship since one moment they seem to dislike each other, the next they're sacrificing for each other, so from then on I downloaded all the manga from online. Valley of the End hit me like no manga had ever hit me before. I was in love. But even then, not with the pairing. I had NO encounterings with yaoi. I knew what it was, I had read a one-shot or two because it was a good author, but that was it. I paid it no thought. So even when I read VoE I wasn't jumping onto the PAIRING- I was jumping onto their RELATIONSHIP. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. So of course, I needed to find a beautiful fanfiction shot to read about it! Which of course led me to the actual pairing fictions because its hard to seperate from "stories about Sasuke and Naruto" to "sasunaru stories". So sooner or later, I had to get used to the alternative and now I'm a shipper.

it might have been easier just to stay a platonic relationship fan, though... my hopes pathetically rise and crash over the subtexts Kishimoto gives now... ^^ and whenever I reexamine sasusaku and see the supports for it my brain goes topsy turvy because I can somewhat see it. Kakasasu dynamics too, which scares me (but for that i have no hope of liking because REALLY, Kakashi's not like that). And after thinking of those I go on a desperate search for the best sasunarusasu fictions to reinsert them steadfastedly as the OTP. SO, again, I really love your essay. The relationship- that's what got me. And that's why they are special. ^_^ Good job.
I do believe you've made me want to get back into the SasuNaru fandom again.

You are amazing! I'm totally memory-ing this.
Ah but you worded it perfectly.it was easy to read and it flowed thru.Your welcome ^ ^
You made me cry.

This is also my OMGFOREVERONE&ONLYOTP, and I couldn't find a way to explain it better. Thank you for doing their almost inexplicable love justice.
That was great, it was really well thought out and the pictires were great along with it. It gives a lot of meaning to the fandom. Like most I kind of jumped the bandwagon with the shipping, but as you watch you understand their actual realationship more and get a more in dept meaning to why you like it, but this is just.. wow.

i really like this essay, i think it's great.. this is one for belivers and non-believers of the pairing..

personally, i didn't care for the pairing when i first watched the anime (i didn't really like sasuke and i didn't care cbout him or any aspect of his life).. but the obviousness of it just kept on hitting me on the head so there.. i'm actually shipping this pairing, not that there's much to ship to (most know about them).. i even ship them to my eight-year-old sister!!

however, i didn't think much about their relationship, for me it's as easy as: "it's love." and then i read this and i'm like: "oh, i didn't think of it that way" or "you are so right about that."

a few lines and sentences that i like:

"If that's what it means to be wise, then I'd rather be a fool!"

Sasuke is Naruto's greatest rival, his best friend, his greatest weakness and his worst failure.

"In my prescence, do not speak of Sasuke as if he belongs to you!"

Their relationship may drag Naruto down, but in the end he is the only one who can save Sasuke's soul, just as Sasuke's return is the only thing that could ever make Naruto whole again.

totally agree on the last one.. i'm really amazed at naruto's single-tracked mind.. after sasuke went to orochimaru and even post time skip, he's really determined to brink sasuke back.. and really, i think only when sasuke returns that naruto would be finally be at peace with himself.. afterall, sasuke was, as you said, his worst failure.. and sasuke has alraedy built a wall around him that nobody could penetrate.. he thinks that as well.. and then comes naruto, the least person he might think that would be able to get to him.. naruto stirs certain thing in sasuke and he becomes drawn to him..

sometimes, you just can't understand what goes on in their minds.. maybe it's aalso because they can't understand it themselves.. they can't really figure out their feelings and stuff like that.. so it makes it complicated to explain WHY it is soo~ THEM (their love)..

i don't want to make this any longer than it is.. let's just say that i totally agree on you on so many points.. again, i love this, how you've written it and what you've written.. much love for you..^____^

th_nightengale here, in the wrong journal

you um. just gave me a debate!gasm with your intense logical skillz and such.

as for your actual topic...*sigh* What everyone else said. You've really...surpassed the fandom you're explaining to. And what came up your last paragraph is the bit that is most important to me, to make me accept this pairing: that it doesn't have to be -resolved-. That it's not necessarily acted upon, but by god, it's THERE.

I'd be more flaily or intelligent or wordy, but hell. You've got a monopoly on that one. ^__^

If you ever ever do any more essays, on anything, ever, I want to know about it. I adore your argumentative skill and how you lay out a case. Seriously. Adore.


I am an advid Naruto anime watcher, and I have to say Ive seen every episode up till now, and even though it does not sure anything of visual interest between the two in such manners you did have a convincing eassy. ^^ Though its fun to slash I dont know if it really exists between them. Though as something to add that whole face to face moment is hard to deny in the valley of the end. ^^
*Applause* That is so VERY well-written! I'm really glad someone put the effort to logically analyze the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto. Thank goodness this isn't one of those "I love SasuNaru because it's hot hot hot and they're just so meant to be" kinda thing; in fact, I love how you supported every point you made with illustrations to boot. Fans like you do the fandom justice. The psychological analysis you did on them are very impressive, as are the parts where you talk about how the other characters influenced them. I'm also happy that you capitalized "RAW EMOTIONAL INTENSITY" because that is my reason for loving SasuNaru from the very start. Glad to find another twisted fangirl who's obsessed with complicated angst, muted pain, unhappy endings and, occasionally, violent sex. XD

Thanks again for writing this. Putting it in my memories for sure ^^
I HATE ESSAYS. I hate them. I'm bad at communicating my hatred towards humanity. But THIS. This is the best essay EVERRR!!! why won't college let us write something like this?? (I would exceed the 4 to 6 pages limit, mind you). You just made writing an essay an ejoyable task. Anywho, this is a great piece of writing (being of my favourite naruto pairing helps lots) and I must say every sasunaru fangirl SHOULD READ IT, because, asi you say, the worst pairings are those based on looks (I won't pair up anybody unless there are some hints on the official story).

One thing I must confess is that I like it when Naruto's cute. Doesn't matter how out of character it is, I love doujinshi. I love SASUNARU doujinshi. But no too girly Narutos or too fluffy Sasukes please.
You really have no idea how often I've been linking this to people both for the sake of them reading it on its own and as an aid to explain just why I love Sasuke and Naruto so much. Thank you for putting to words something that's almost impossible to capture (and I'd know as I've tried).

This is really gorgeous and just...♥. Really, a lot.
I know this is old but I realized that I haven't commented yet D:

Holy crap. I mean, holy crap! ♥♥

This is beautiful. Honestly, this is the best essay I've ever read! I tend to dilike SasuNaru fangirls. They turned me off. I loved the pairing not because "lol slash! I love slash I must ship it because it's slash!" I hate that. I hate slash fangirls that ship slash for no reason. I don't even like slash that much but I love this pairing. Everything you said hit the mark on why I love it too.

Sasuke and Naruto have a meaningful relashonship. Even if het-only-fans hate it they must know how much they care for eachother. They love eachother. Platonically or romantically it's up to the fan. I personally don't know what I think about them. Sometimes I love the platonic relashonship adn sometimes I love the romance. It's so complicated :S

Thanks for redeming sasunaru fans. ;) Thank you! ♥
This has got to be one of the damn best 'ship manifestos I've ever read. Seriously.

I've been shipping SasuNaru for almost two years now, but reading this essay has been one of the biggest punches to the gut I've had in a long time regarding this pairing. I think I just remembered every reason why I love this pair, and found a couple more in the process. Really, thank you for writing such a brilliant piece, for putting your whole heart into it and for being as honest and as indepth as you were. And the choice of images were great too :D

I am curious though if you intend to return to this manifesto and add another section now that Sasuke has returned in the manga (and left again). I'd love to see your interpretation and retelling of the recent events with their first confrontation in 2 years. It'll probably help it all make more sense to people like me, not to mention I definitely think all future interaction with the boys deserves a mention in a manifesto as masterfully written as this.

This is definitely going into my memories to check back to later, and when I need a few classic SasuNaru fics to read ^_^
First of all, thank you so much for this piece of work. It's very well written and argumented and really, I love it when upon reading others point of view I come to understand mine better.

I'm a huge SasuNaru fan, they're the most romantic, magic ...*everything* couple I know.
As herchuckness put it: "these two complete each other in so many ways."

I'm always amazed to see them interact in the manga and in fics.
To me, it's a proof that being each other's half is a vital part of their character that even midly well-written and in-character fics still contain this magical spark, this alchemy between them.
And here's the flaw in your essay for me: you kinda put aside the good time they spent together. I so much disagree with you when you say:
"Even if those two were attracted to each other, I doubt they'd ever be able to exactly identify it or act on it. And even if they did, ahaha, that would be the relationship from hell."
I think the manga has proved the contrary. It's true we mainly saw the berating when it was meant and not that friendly, and that afterward we moved to events like Itachi's arrival and so on.
Of course we didn't get "team's seven happy daily life", the story had to go on, few people would have been interested. *But* it doesn't mean it hasn't been. Not every day, week, or month is shown in the manga (even before the time skip)

But you didn't completly put aside this spark:
"There's a tension and intensity bubbling and broiling beneath their words and actions; something off in the way they think about each other and something unintentionally intimate about the way they interact."
I just think you see it in a too angsty way.
I don't quite remember when I began to see those two as a pairing, it's seems I've always seen them like soul mates, but anyway, it was way before the VotE arc.
Though, of course this arc killed me... "can you kill me calmly, Sasuke?" *dies again*
So, I understand why and how you put the happiness of SasuNaru aside, the fact that you fell for them at the VotE shows it, you're just an all-for-angst girl ;)

Anyway, thanks again for this beautiful essay!
Because my comment is long enough as it is, I won't quote every passage that I agreed thoroughly with, and was glad to discover what I actually tougtht, or what I just plainly discovered about this love story. I'd be quoting half of your essay at the very least.

I hope you'll tell us what you thought about Sasuke's brief return in the manga and Naruto's attitude about it (TT_TT).

Hum, for what I've gathered, you don't quite like the kind of fics I like XD, but still, if you feel like trying something new, and because I just *love* her work:
try roseareblue at fanfiction.net. I wrote a bit about her in my LJ (tag Naruto), but I can already tell you to try Give You Back, wich is angsty (but maybe not dark enough for your standarts)
This is amazing! You've summed up everything about the NaruSasu pairing that I like and then some. You've proven points that mean the world to me and others. The most awesome thing about this essay, people don't have to take it as NaruSasu if they honestly don't want to. Its a beautiful summary of both of their characters and their relationship. I'm sure you've already heard this a million times though. Thank you very much for writing this!
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