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cephiedvariable in ship_manifesto

Thicker Than Blood - Naruto and Sasuke

Title: Thicker Than Blood
Author: cephiedvariable
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto Uzumaki/Sasuke Uchiha
Spoilers: The entire series, more or less, up to about Chapter 295
Author’s Notes: This essay is extremely image heavy. This is because a lot of the subtext between these characters speaks for itself (rather, it's in the subtleties of the art). Also, everything you'll read here is predominently manga focused since I'm an elitist who doesn't particularily appreciate the anime. I also, uh, kinda went over the word count. All this aside, hope you all enjoy! ^___^;;

If both you and your opponent are first class ninja, you can read each other's minds when your fists meet. There's no need for words.Collapse )


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WAAH! you made me cry. I think I'm pmsing though... ANYWAY! beautifully written. I love the whole thing. ^^ And your right, 'If thats not love, then what is.'
You rock...this essay meant me feel warm inside.
OH! By the way you should all go and watch the AMV Listen to you heart.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHfIyHg_9Ew&search=naruto%20yaoi Bit of a tearjerker, well made and fits perfectly with the song (in my opinion) But I also only started watching AMVs like three days ago. ^^

Also, from what I've seen -it's still loading- My Inspiration is well made but more based on their friendship.
Okay, after watching those two videos I have one really important question- I don't watch the anime, right, so I'm just wondering where that footage of Naruto being on fire and Sasuke turning around to retch comes from. I've seen it in several videos before and it looks like an interesting scene, but I can't place it for the life of me. Was it in one of the filler episodes?
*shrugs* the world works in mysteious ways.
Oh wow why didn't I see this sooner.

This was so well written and it really brings out the entire reason why I love this pairing. Their emotions. Great, awesome, beautiful, wonderful, brilliant job you did here.
Oh, well thank you. ^___^;; I'm glad you found it eventually?
Positively brilliant. I was another fan utterly ambivalent toward the pairing until the Valley of the End, where I, like you, realized that platonic or not these two boys are deeply in love.

In fact, as a narusasu fan I prefer fiction/doujinshi were the relationship is left more or less untouched - I'm not terribly attracted to 13-year-old boys, I want to know how they feel. ;3 But each to her own.
Great job! There are a couple of spelling errors, though. ^_^

I've watched countless *slashable* anime and manga, but nowhere does the intensity of any fandom-created couple come close as the attraction between Naruto and Sasuke. The true substance for SasuNaru really came in the Valley of the End, and augh I almost cried during that arc. 8D
I--just... Wow... I...

One word:

Wow. That was undoubtedly the best, most thorough, and most thought-out description of their relationship I have ever seen. You got everything, I think, that needed to be said about their relationship and summarized it in a way that caused it to lose none of its meaning--something I thought was impossible up until this point. There was literally nothing you said I disagreed with. Quite an accomplishment, as I, too, am rather picky and elitist about the way people view SasuNaru.

Ha--I totally agree about the "Didn't see it/was annoyed with it 'til the Valley of the End" thing. I was so exasperated with the pairing--for the reasons you listed--up until I saw that part. Then I dropped everything and became obsessed. Couldn't help it--I think it's one of the most intriguing relationships (regardless of how you view said relationship) in any anime I've ever seen.

I'm also glad to find someone else who enjoys their SasuNaru 'fics in a somewhat...untouched sense. Writing SasuNaru as a romantic relationship usually causes skewing of the characters, in my experience, and also takes out much of the inherent meaning and downright heartwrenching angst and conflict that comes with the pairing. But I absolutely love fanfiction that can touch on what their relationship is--how strong it is, why it exists, how the characters feel on it.

Anyway, I'd better be off before I start rambling *too* badly (as I am incredibly prone to doing). Bravo--it was brilliant!--and I hope you don't mind if I put it on my favorites and possibly show it to everyone I know. Thank you for defining SasuNaru for what it really is, and not what the fangirls try to pretend it is. *Applauds*
Shit. Shit. I'm forever going to be linking to this, because an interesting, well-thought out essay on this pairing is so. freaking. rare. (Though I would suggest going back to reread and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. They don't detract from the overall message, but maybe just to further polish it?)

Do you foresee possible "updates" to this essay after Sasuke reappears in the manga? I'd love to hear what you have to say about that.

(I'd hardly say that Sasuke in general is healthy for anyone, least of all his two team mates, but that again is another essay entirely)

One that I would TOTALLY READ AND PIMP FOREVER OMG. Not enough people admit that Sasuke has some mental stability issues.
You know this part of your essay sums Sasunaru up for me perfectly, "To be honest, I was skeptical of the pairing at first. I had no patience for it or it's all consuming popularity. I fell hard for Sasuke and Naruto as characters, but tended to disregard their relationship as being too typical shounen rivalry for me to actually find interesting.And then I hit the Valley of the End and suddenly, everything was different. Going back and re-reading certain parts of the manga in this new light, I couldn't help but think: "Oh, how sad. They're so in love with each other and have no idea what that means."

I mean I was one of those fans that didn't want to get into Naruto cause I didn't understand the love everyone has for Sasunaru and I always thought that it was stupid, but you hit on the head so perfectly for me. You basically told the world why I ship them, and why the are my Naruto OTP.

Their relationship may drag Naruto down, but in the end he is the only one who can save Sasuke's soul, just as Sasuke's return is the only thing that could ever make Naruto whole again.

You hit it right on the head with that one.

I think that Naruto's going to be in for quite the shock if Sasuke ever comes home, he's not going to be the same person he was when he left. (Honestly, I do think Sasuke will come home. I say 'if' in this case because I think he doesn't plan to live much longer. He's either going to pull a kamikaze to kill Itachi or kill himself to escape Orochimaru's takeover.) I think, after 2.5 years of living with Orochimaru Sasuke's going to be well and truly mindfucked and not thinking very clearly. If he does get to kill Itachi, that's only going to fuck him up quite a bit more. Kakashi did tell him that revenge would only make him empty inside and that is how I'm seeing Sasuke.

If it weren't for Naruto to keep going after Sasuke, everyone was ready to give up on Sasuke. If it weren't for Naruto, Sasuke would truly have nothing left when/if he kills Itachi and comes home alive. Which, I think was Sasuke's intention. "My only purpose is to kill Itachi".

I'll admit, I do like fluffy-Sasuke-comes-home fiction, but realistically, I know it's not going to happen. Poor kid. He doesn't realize Naruto is the best thing that ever happened to him.
Oh yeah, also--thanks for the recs!
That was... really thorough... I'm just amazed... I perfectly agree with needing a real reason behind supporting SasuNaru. I've never understood the whole "They LOOK good together so they should BE together" argument. It was brilliantly written, and I'm really glad you connected Sakura into it. Really, where would the two be without her? Awesome essay over all. I'm glad I ran across it.
actually... i've never paid attention to Naruto and Sasuke's relationship when I started watching the anime because there wasn't much effort or emotion between the two than there is in the manga. No wait... on second thought, it was because i had been a fan of Naruto and Hinata and I despised Sasuke back then (and because that Sasuke is so easily paired with Naruto). But then, I realized; despite that Naruto and Hinata had so many things on common, it was too obviously seen, I find that these two aren't truly that connected.

After all... polar opposites does attract, ne?

I was never into shounen-ai or yaoi before because I thought it wasn't my thing. Because i didn't REALLY see the meaning behind the terms, or the pairing. SasuNaru was the first pairing I read about and I found that it had all the essentials I've wanted a relationship between two people would/should/could have. I find I have more feelings out of me after reading a sasunaru/narusasu than most het couples i've loved. Because I'm anti-social and quite emotionless that it's hard to get any reasonable actions from me.

It's not that they're hot together (which they are, i have to admit). I realize how much these two affected my coming love for boyxboy. These are the only two shounen-ai/yaoi pairing I've grown into and will probably be the only one. I can't quite explain it because, after reading what you just wrote, I realize you've worded what was on my mind already.

I've been HOPING that someone actually wrote something like this and convince me that i'm not the only one consecrated to SasuNaru. Whatever blessing I've forgotten to type in here for you will have to go 'Ditto' to the other 'commenters' up there.
I like how you included Sakura as an actual person and not just an obstacle. I love how she has grown emotionally over the three years and I think that is is essential.
Thanks for re-posting this, I must have missed it the first time!

Ah, I really really like this! I love the fact that it's written so frankly, none of the events are glossed over or tinkered with to try and make them support your manifesto (and that you put forward the counter-view in many cases) yet it totally makes it case from a canon basis.

I love your Sasuke analysis - that you don't either dismiss him as OMG He SUX or try and be a Sasuke apologist, that you take the time to try and understand what he has become as a result of the things he has had gone through, and how his behaviour is rooted in his obsessions.
Especially the His entire personality hinges on his inherent superiority- this delicate balance of security maintained only by the belief that he is in fact the strongest member of Team 7/strongest ninja in their year/strongest genin in the village and with reference to his utter obsession with his brother.

I also like the fact that you give Sakura her due, the insight as to how she gets stronger away from the two, and the recognition of her current role in the timejump.

I had totally forgotten about the Gaara/Kimimaro moment!

I *love* the way you show that for Sasuke, Naruto is the only one who really *gets* to him. Especially the Valley of the End walking away... (*was in tears too at the end of that*)

And absolutely agreeing with you on the appeal of SasuNaru - I love it *for* it's fucked-up-ness and complicated emotional entanglement, not for the *everything is solved now they go off and have marital bliss* type of fandom.

And finally I totally agree with you about how SasuNaru *is* Naruto. And that is what sets it apart from so many other Shonen manga. That instead of having OMGBadGuy from the beginning and then maybe getting an angsty past to make us sympathise a bit, we see the evolution of pain and suffering, how it's not just one thing, but the result of so many people, events, all coming together, and the saddest thing is not even that this has happened, but that it could not have. That Sasuke, as you said, *was* healing. If there had been a few more years, he had perhaps learned to open up, to find something else to value beyond revenge, then had he encountered Orochimaru or even Itachi later, things could have been different. That he just didn't have the time.

Their relationship may drag Naruto down, but in the end he is the only one who can save Sasuke's soul, just as Sasuke's return is the only thing that could ever make Naruto whole again.

Also so glad you liked the 'Brothers In Arms' AMV! I really wanted to find a song that would say something about their relationship beyond just "I care for you" or something and tried to reflect some of the regret yet inevitability of their parting. I don't know if you saw it but I did a commentary on the vid Here which pretty much sums up my view of SasuNaru at that time. herchuckness deserves a medal for running the contest, and finally getting me to actually go and make it!

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