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kimberlyfdr in ship_manifesto

Starsky/Hutch (Starsky&Hutch)

Title: “It’s A Love Story Betweeen Two Men Who Happen To Be Cops”—David Soul
Author: KimberlyFDR
Email: kimberlyFDR@yahoo.com
Personal Website: http://www.geocities.com/kimberlyfdr/starsky.html

Starsky and Hutch

How do you sum up the relationship between Starsky and Hutch? Well, you can’t really. I mean, there can’t be one without the other, so there’s your starting ground. Two entities that ceased to be two long before we got a chance to peek into their lives. But to understand what they mean to one another, let’s look at who they are.

Detective Sgt. David Michael Starsky is the curly-headed one. He’s left-handed, drove his 1974 Candy Apple Red Ford Torino (license plate number 537-ONN), and often drove Hutch to distraction. He also wore VERY tight jeans which made the viewing experience that much more pleasurable. Though concrete facts in the SH universe are often absent, his birth-date is often said to be the same as Paul himself, March 25, 1943. He was born in New York and his father was killed when he was very young (believed to be a cop, but I lean more towards him being involved with “The Family” now). His mother (who is still alive and whom he calls every Friday) sent him away from the family (he has one brother named Nick) to live with his Uncle Al and Aunt Rosie in California. He may (or may not) have joined the Army, but we know he joined the Academy and that’s the beginning of the partnership with Hutch. His current rank is Detective Sergeant with the Bay City Police Department, serving under Captain Dobey. He and Hutch are best friends and like to show their devotion for one another, often by touching A LOT. Starsky often finds any way possible to unbutton his shirt down to mid-chest, so he shows off his chest hair. He uses a Smith & Wesson Model 59 9mm automatic, but is often referred to as a Baretta. His favorite snitch and all-around good friend is named Huggy Bear.

Hutch: "So who do we trust?"

Starsky: "Like always, me and thee."

--Death Ride (Episode 3)

Detective Sgt. Kenneth (Hutch) Hutchinson is the blond one. He’s right-handed, drove a horrid Ford LTD (license plate 573-CPE) that looked like it was condemned, but thankfully he mostly rode in the Torino. He came from money, fine Minnesota money. It’s not known about his family, but his mother is still alive during the series because he mentions her. He was once married to Vanessa, but they divorced and during the third season she is killed (we cried…joyful tears). In the pilot he mentions a Nancy, which may have been Vanessa’s nickname or may have been the first Mrs. Hutchinson. He may or may not have gone to medical school before he joined the Academy, but he sure knows a lot about medicine. He joined the Academy and that’s the beginning of the partnership with Starsky. His current rank is Detective Sergeant with the Bay City Police Department, serving under Captain Dobey. He and Starsky are best friends and like to show their devotion for one another, often by touching A LOT. Hutch has this chest touching he does when he’s hot, too. He uses a Colt Python .357 Magnum which has a six inch barrel, making an overall length of 11.5 inches. He, too, is good friends with Huggy Bear.

Dobey: "Don't be cute."

Starsky: "Hutch is cute. I'm careful."

Hutch: "What does he want, a date?"

--Kill Huggy Bear (Episode 8)

They’re cops in Bay City, working Homicide, often doing undercover work. They mainly ride around in the Torino and are the most conspicuous undercover cops you’ll ever meet. There were a lot of tense episodes and it was often said to be the most graphic and real show of the time because of the issues it dealt with—racism, rape, and drug abuse (Hutch even got hooked on heroin in one episode). It was also said to be a very homoerotic show and the media named them “two French-kissing, primetime homos.” The women of the show didn’t last long because they were almost always raped, killed, or scared away by the gritty reality of the job; often all three. It’s all about the love, the devotion, the caring between these two partners who are best friends and possibly more.

Cheryl: “Hey, you guys really are straight!"

Hutch: “Yeah, how about that?”

Starsky: “Well, in a kinky sorta way.”

--The Bait (Episode 9)

The canonical evidence of the pairing is almost too easy to point out. The series began with the first words out of Starsky’s mouth saying that Hutch’s boxing actions beautiful and the series ended with them in bed together while Starsky was recovering from being shot. That’s a vital scene to sum up the series. Hutch is in bed with his partner and their captain doesn’t bat an eye.

Starsky talking to Hutch: "Do you have any idea how beautiful your eyes become when you are angry?"

--Bounty Hunter (Episode 22)

They touch each other all the time, as if they are each other’s touchstones in the middle of a storm. They eat off each other’s plates, drink after one another, hold hands in the squad-room, pat each other down, end up at each other’s apartments almost by default, take vacations with one another, spend 75% of their time with one another, and even bought a house together (a dump, but still a house!)

Hutch: "[Betrayal] won't happen to us because we got something that Ferguson doesn't have."

Starsky: "Yeah? What's that."

Hutch: "Each other. You lucky devil."

--Iron Mike (Episode 32)

There have been multiple times where they have sacrificed their careers, their futures, in order to save the other. Starsky covered up Hutch’s forced heroin addiction, killed the only link they had to a missing girl because he thought they had killed Hutch, and even offered to let a known murderer go because he was the only hope of saving Hutch from the plague. Hutch does the same thing for Starsky, going to the ends of the earth to bring down those who dare to hurt Starsky and racing against time again and again to save him. Other people notice their bond, too. Huggy is often pointing out that one without the other looks lopsided. They are not separate entities, but one being called StarskyandHutch. Whereas other fandoms have subtext, Starsky and Hutch have straight-out text.

Hutch: "Oh, Starsky, you know I love you..."

--Survival (Episode 38)

The straight-out text of their relationship is what drew me in. There are many fandoms where there’s subtext, where the relationships are drawn from certain glances and actions, making you ponder “after the show ended, they were together.” In Starsky and Hutch, it’s a completely different mode of partnership. This is a fandom of happy every after. This is a pairing that can and has survived everything from addiction to loss to even death (technically, Starsky died in the last episode and his heart only started beating again when Hutch hit the hospital doors). This is a show where there was no “first meeting.” The pilot episode has them already established as partners, as friends, as two halves to the same person. They went through the Academy together, they spend countless hours together, they are each other’s one constant no matter what happens. This is a relationship that could be sexual at any point in canon and it fits. After Hutch’s heroin addiction? Yep, works there. After Starsky’s almost-fiancé died? Works there. After one of their countless near-death experiences? Perfectly plausible. After the final episode? Works there, too. You pick a point and they could be lovers.

Hutch: "Starsky, would you consider that a man who spends 75% of his time with another man has got certain tendencies?"

Starsky: "75 - you mean 3/4?"

Hutch: "Right."

Starsky: "Yeah. Sure. Why not. You mean that was the case between John and..."

Hutch: "No, no, that's the case between you and me."

Starsky: "What?!"

Hutch: "Well, figure it out. In a 5-day week, there are about 80 waking hours, right?"

Starsky: "Yeah."

Hutch: "We work, eat, and drink about 12 of those hours, right? That's 60 hours a week, 75% of the time we spend together and you're not even a good kisser."

--Death in a Different Place (Episode 50)

The way I got involved in the fandom was kind of backwards. I was involved in the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and heard that her husband was famous for a show, so I decided to watch an episode. I remember it very clearly. It was Death Ride, the scene in the diner, when Hutch eats off of Starsky's plate. Never having seen this show before, my first thought was "Oh my gosh, they're in love with each other." (My strong thought was, oh my gosh they're DOING each other, but I'm tasteful;) That fact was so strong that I couldn't pay attention to the plot. So, I didn't watch another episode for a long time.

Hutch: "Starsky, are you asking me to live with you?"

--Heroes (Episode 52)

After a while, though, I came to realize that "yes, they're in love with one another, but they're also great cops with big guns and a great car...not to mention their bodies!" That was it, I fell hard. I have happily never looked back at the GEN writing life. I write, read, and beta Starsky/Hutch fics and enjoy every minute of it. And if I still couldn't pay attention to the plots on some episodes, all I have to do is mute the sound and just watch Starsky strut his stuff in those illegal jeans. Ahem, ok...onward!

Starsky: “Say, um, who’s that other guy who’s been sitting next to Marty?”

Judith: “I dunno, but if you fellas are so interested in guys, you’re in the wrong club.”

--Discomania (Episode 68)

There are countless resources for new fans and new writers for Starsky and Hutch. Some of the top ones are as follows:

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SH LJ Community
Started by me (KimberlyFDR) on January 1st, 2004. It is the gathering place for fellow SH fans on Livejournal.

SH Fic Recs
Updated through posts on crack_van, these are the cream of the crop in SH fanfiction.

Hutch to a drunk Starsky: "Maybe if you tried on your little black pumps, darlin', you might feel better."

--Moonshine (Episode 72)

And I think the most special thing about the Starsky and Hutch relationship is that it was not just Starsky and Hutch. The love and admiration that shines between these two characters is a direct result of the relationship between Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) and David Soul (Hutch). They were and have continued to be best friends, creating a strong friendship that has last over thirty years and through both bad times and good. There are many scenes in the show where it ceased to be Starsky and Hutch and became Paul and David. To bear witness to that is what makes the fandom special.

"Whatever else the show is about, there's one thing you can't get past, and that is that it's about two people, two human beings, loving each other and caring for each other." --Paul Michael Glaser, magazine interview, 1976

"There's an incredible relationship, between two men, you know, that care a great deal about each other that people can watch and say, 'Gee, those two guys really care about each other. And that's something I need in my day-to-day life and that makes me feel better.'" --David Soul on Merv Griffin, 1977

"I love Davey. He's a good boy. He's got a good heart." --Paul Michael Glaser, 1970s

"Yeah, I love the man, I really do." --David Soul, 1970s

“Davey and I are probably closer friends than Starsky and Hutch.” --Paul Michael Glaser, 1970s

“We’re still very close. We’ll be life-long friends.” --David Soul, New York Daily News, 2004

“We’ve been dating a long time.” -–Paul Michael Glaser, television interview with David Soul, March 2004


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Wow. I've never seen a single ep, and barely knew what the show was about, but you managed to sell me on both the pairing and the show. Nicely done. I'm going to go forth and read some fic.


I love pimping my boys:) They're just so wonderful together.


I always tell new fans that whether you think they have sex or not, the love is the same. They truely love each other and whatever level that bond is taken to is magical.
I need to find out if this show is still on reruns now.


It might be playing in local affiliates, but not nationally. The 1st and 2nd Season DVDs are out ($34 a season) and Season 3 should be out by Christmas. They're definitely worth it.
I wrote S/H fanfic for years, and published in any number of zines, but it's been a long time since I thought about this particular addiction of mine. A friend pointed me to your blog and it just warmed my heart. ::happy sigh:: Thanks for the memories1


Which name did you publish under? I might have read your stuff;) I have an ever-growing zine collection. I just love reading zines.
Know what? I was waiting for you to enter the game because I just knew it would be one of those beautiful essays that make you feel all tingly inside - and I was so right! lol


I'm glad I could oblige:) I so enjoy sharing the love of the boys.
Wow... I didn't know anything about that relationship and I used to watch the show! What a great essay :)

Thank You

Thanks for saying so:) Their relationship has always amazed me and made me feel wonderful inside.
I looooooved the show when I was a teenager. I never noticed the subtext, just saw the deep caring and it imprinted me for life. Even today I am a sucker for buddy movies or shows, and for slash.
Now you've whetted my appetite and I feel like watching the show on DVD. How many epis were made?


There were 88 eps made (technically 92 because 4 were two-part eps). The changes in the relationship of Season Four is something to be prepared for because it came as a direct result of what Paul and David were going through. Season Four wasn't supposed to hurt as much as it did, but that's what happened.
I knew nothing about the fandom but remember being intrigued by the fandom. You made them sound so perfect for each other. It's really cute!


They really are perfect for one another. They are not two people, but one entity.
Gah. I ADORE your passion for this show. I swear I am becoming more and more active in this fandom because you're rubbing off on me. ;)

Thank you so much for writing this. You do the show and the fandom great justice.

Oh, love your icon :)

Can I steal the caption for another 'good ol' show'? (The Professionals)
I saw the show when I was eight or nine and was bored by it. Obviously it's because I wasn't old enough to understand where the real plot line lay! Sooo tempted to put this on my Netflix queue now...

Thanks for the terrific essay. Even with the barest familiarity with the show, I could follow it and love it all to pieces. Great work!


I would definitely watch the series through Netflix. Season One alone is enough to get anyone hooked:)

I'm convinced. *G*

Awesome essay -- very touching. I have a few friends that have gotten into S/H fandom recently, and I have very distinct memories of watching the show when I was little. Plus, I happened to catch the new movie on a flight last summer. Thanks to all that, and now your wonderful essay... I'm thinking about picking up the DVD's. :)

I'll put this in my memories to read the fic. Nice job! :)

Re: I'm convinced. *G*

The DVDs are a very good value for the money and are definitely worth it. And the zoom function is a wonderful invention when you can see Hutch full-frontal;)
Oh, lovely essay, thank you:)

*runs to join comm*

*offers the_safehouse in exchange, The Professionals, basically a S&H clone but UK based*


My friend's been trying to get me into Pros for over a year now. I think the latest way of pimping me in just might do it. She gave me a current picture of (sorry, can't remember his name...the curly-headed one;) I have a thing for older men and he looks OMG fantastic.
Oh, beautifully done! This was a pleasure to read and made me extremely happy. Loved the pictures and quotes that you chose, too. Thank you!


I aim to please:) The boys are just so fun to share. They're have such a wonderful partnership and Paul and David's friendship is just a sight to behold.
Fabulous essay, and helped answer a lot of canon questions I had about their pasts. Thanks for the great list of resources as well!

Two questions: The kiss in your top icon is from the blooper reel, I take it? If not, where is it from? And what was the big change in the fourth season?

Had To Check;)

I had to check to make sure which pictures were running;) The first one is a blooper shot from Golden Angel. What's funny is that if you watch the ep, there's a barrier put in the doorway between Starsky and Hutch so that they can't touch each other. That's apparently what you get when you can't keep your hands off each other and ruin shot after shot;) The blooper reel, what wasn't destroyed, is so very good...and X-Rated. Haha, going down on your buddy is a very good thing.

The big change in Season Four was a complicated matter. The season became darker, the interactions between the partners strained, and the eps became more and more about working apart. This was a direct result of some issues David and Paul were going through. David lost his way for a while, started drinking more, and losing his timing. Paul stands for very little screw-ups and having it be David doing the screw-ups hurt even more. They got back on track before the season ended, got back to the root of what made them special, and the later season four was a beautiful friendship regained. Paul and David's friendship has gone through many ups and downs, but when it came down to it they remained true to the SH motto of "Me and Thee."
I've just put an e-bay bid on the Season 1 DVDs as a result of this essay.

I first came across Starsky & Hutch with the recent movie, and found out that the closeness shown there was based on what was in the TV series. So I knew it was there, and had it on my 'watch if you get a chance' list, I just didn't have clue how much it was there until you outlined it here, and now I think I have to see for myself... :)


I know alot of newer fans in the past year have gotten into the show because of the movie. I really love that, but I want to make it clear that the movie is a take-off of the show. It is not a true representation, it only highlighted some elements as a "tribute." Hutch is not dirty, Starsky's mom was never a cop, and Huggy's not as flashy a pimp as Snoop made him out to be (though I did love seeing Snoop playing Huggy;) There's alot of other things surrounding the movie that have more to do with character ownership than anything, so I won't bore you with that.

Above all else is the simple fact that however you get into the show, you do get a chance to see the show and see what made these two men shine as the beginning of buddy-cop duos.
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