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Hidaka Ken/Tsukiyono Omi (Weiß Kreuz)

Title: Shadows and Lights
Author: honorbound
Spoilers: The original TV series, the OVAs, Gluhen

Shadows & Lights

Or "Why an Ex-Soccer Player and a Teenage Hacker Actually Do Make a Good Couple."

Beautiful Alone

character studies

Hidaka Ken

Image hosted by

Code name: Siberian
Age: 19 at the time of the first series
Weapon: Bugnuks (gloves with retractable claws.)
Image flower: Gentian

A former J-league goalie, Ken loves soccer, and coaches a children's team when he has the time. He would still be playing for the League if he hadn't been betrayed by a jealous friend. He is now a member of the assassin team Weiß. He and his teammates work at a flower shop called the "Koneko no Sumu Ie" (roughly translated: "The Kitty in the House") during the day as a cover. Ken is impulsive and a little short-tempered, but he doesn't hold grudges and is kind, generally good-natured and fiercely loyal to his friends.

Tsukiyono Omi

Image hosted by

Code name: Bombay
Age: 17 at the time of the first series.
Weapons: Darts, crossbow, bow and arrows
Image flower: Freesia

Born Takatori Mamoru, Omi has been a part of Kritiker, the organization that controls Weiß, since he was very young. At that time, he was kidnapped, and his father refused to pay his ransom. He was saved by Persia, the leader of Kritiker. Persia then renamed him Tsukiyono Omi, and began training him as an assassin. Omi is now a member of Weiß. He also works in the Koneko no Sumu Ie, in addition to attending a local high school. In spite of the fact that he has had more trauma to deal with than any of the other members of Weiß, Omi remains cheerful and optimistic, at least outwardly. He is the kind of person who will do nearly anything to help someone else.

Brain Damage

how i became addicted to weiß kreuz

I was introduced to the series because moonraven_croft wrote a crossover story involving Weiß characters as well as Fushigi Yuugi characters. At the time, I spent a lot of my online hours in the Fushigi Yuugi fandom, and Moonraven was (and still is) one of my favorite authors. Naturally, I took a look at the crossover. I liked it, but I didn't understand the Weiß bits, so I went and did some research. It quickly became apparent that I didn't agree with the pairings in A Fine Line. However, I didn't know what pairings would be better. I retreated to the relative safety of the FY fandom, where I had my pairings all worked out.

Eventually, though, updates of "A Fine Line" and my own natural curiosity propelled me back into the world of Weiß Kreuz fanfiction. I poked about for weeks, finding a lot of interesting stories, but no pairings that particularly caught my attention...and then it happened. I stumbled across a Ken/Omi shrine. "This is different," I thought, and began to look around.

And that was it. I never looked back.

A few months later, when I found a Weiß Kreuz box set at Anime Boston, I bought it upon the spot. I wasn't a bit disappointed.

Stone Roses

canon support for the ken/omi pairing

At this point, I think that it is important to note the distinction between Tsukiyono Omi and Gluhen's Takatori Mamoru. Technically speaking, they are the same person, since Omi goes back to using his birth name when he becomes Persia. Even from Mamoru's point of view, however, they are very separate entities. He repeatedly expresses his wish to rid himself of the boy he used to be. Takatori Mamoru is a much colder, more independent individual than Tsukiyono Omi ever was. Ken does not consider them the same person; he openly expresses his contempt for Mamoru, and yet, as soon as Mamoru announces that he's going to become Omi again for one last mission, Ken throws an arm around his shoulders and smiles at him. Therefore, this essay will deal only with those instances in which Omi is clearly Omi, and not Mamoru.

There are several scenes which stand out as being the most overtly supportive of Ken/Omi. Episode fourteen, for example: when Omi gets shot, Ken literally dodges bullets and drives through gunfire to reach him. Later in that same episode, after the fighting is over, Ken lies with his head in Omi's lap while Omi rests a hand on his cheek.

In episode twenty-one, Weiß and Schreient are fighting in the basement of an abandoned laboratory, and the floor falls in where Omi is standing. When this happens, it is Ken who cries out and dives towards the hole where Omi has fallen. He barely manages to reach it before a grate descends and cuts them off from the other Weiß members. Omi falls into Ken's arms, murmuring that he feels "strange". A member of Schreient, standing above them, overhears this, and tells them that this used to be a military lab, and that they didn't clean it very carefully. "It's not strange to find all sorts of dangerous things down there, is it? For instance, something that can kill you if it gets into your body..." Ken, having previously noted long scrapes on Omi's legs, immediately begins yelling for Aya and Yohji to essentially abandon the mission, because Omi's in trouble.

Episode twenty-five contains another of the major Ken/Omi moments. Schwartz and Weiß are having their final confrontation, and Crawford is asking Aya what he sees in the world that is worth saving. "Feelings of love for the people we care about," Aya answers, as Omi tackles Farfarello to stop him from cracking Ken's head against a stone pillar. "We will keep fighting to protect those feelings!"

"How sweet," Crawford says scathingly, as Farfarello turns on Omi. Ken drags himself to his feet and stumbles over to where Farfarello is still beating Omi and knocks Farfarello away, catching him with a strike to the throat, claws extended. Ken and Omi's involvement in the last major scene in the series consists mainly of protecting each other.

The OVAs, Verbrechen and Strafe, actually contain enough Ken/Omi subtext to merit their own essay. The OVAs pit Weiß against a clever enemy who manages to manipulate them into fighting amongst themselves. Because of their ideals, Ken and Omi end up on one side, opposing Aya and Yohji. This naturally leads to several cute scenes.

In Verbrechen, Ken and Omi are trying to protect Kaori, a friend of Omi's, and her brother, Akira. During this time, Weiß's enemies gas the hospital where Kaori is recovering from an attack on her house. Ken, Omi, Kaori and Akira have just escaped into the sewer beneath the hospital when Yohji shows up. He announces that Weiß has a new mission, and that Akira is the target. Yohji attacks, but Ken manages to catch his wire before it can reach the others. Ken yells for Omi to take Akira and Kaori and run, that he'll catch up to them later. Omi protests, but Ken won't hear it. Omi gets this incredibly pained look on his face, and then abruptly turns and tells Kaori and Akira to follow him.

Ken and Yohji argue for a while over whether the mission to kill Akira is just. Ken feels that the only difference between Akira and the Weiß members is that Persia is watching out for Weiß. This puts him in a dark mood, and he begins to think rather bleak thoughts about his future as a killer. Then he reaches the place where Omi and the others are waiting for him. Omi bounds over to him with a smile and a relieved "Ken-kun!", and Ken finds that it's not so hard to smile, after all.

Strafe brings a new mission: this time, the targets are Ken and Omi themselves. Ken and Omi, however, are unaware of this. They are curled up in an abandoned amusement park, asleep and sharing a blanket. Upon waking, Ken gets up and steps outside. Naturally, this wakes Omi, who follows him. They begin to talk about their situation. Omi is in favor of going to talk to Aya and Yohji, to try to explain things to them. Ken isn't so sure, but he allows himself to be convinced by an energetic Omi, who does everything short of actually batting his eyelashes to get Ken to go back with him.

Unfortunately, they are unable to bring Aya and Yohji to understand their convictions, and the OVA ends in a confrontation. At first, Omi refuses to fight, but as soon as Ken gets hurt, he joins the fray. Similarly, when Ken believes Omi to be dead, he snaps, and begins to fight twice as ferociously as before.

Even in Gluhen, the second series, when Omi is Persia, and therefore no longer a member of Weiß, there are still Ken/Omi scenes. For example, in episode twelve, Ken manages to grab an enemy from behind. He then tells Aya not to worry about him, but to run the enemy through with his sword. Aya has no problem doing this, but it bothers Omi quite a bit. Fortunately, the sword doesn't hit any of Ken's vital organs, but he is hurt badly enough that Omi has to half-carry him for the entire remainder of the episode.

There are many other, smaller moments in the series, but these are the most prominent. I personally believe that Ken/Omi has more subtext to support it than any other non-canon pairing.

Double Dear

reasons for supporting ken/omi

If you asked all the Ken/Omi fans you could find, you would come up with as many different reasons for supporting this pairing as you would people to ask. I, however, can only give you mine.

There's this wonderful dynamic to the Ken/Omi relationship. All of the members of Weiß are brought together by their job; they kill together, and this gives them a unique bond. But Ken and Omi are different. They are more than comrades-in-arms, they are real friends, and it shows. It's everywhere throughout the series. It's in how relaxed they are when they're together. It's in the way that they turn to each other for help. It's in the fact that nearly every time one of them is hurt or endangered on a mission, the other is the first one to react. Even without romantic involvement, no one can deny that they have an amazing friendship.

This is perhaps because of their similarities when it comes to their reasons for taking missions as Weiß members. Aya will take any mission he is given, as long as it pays, and Yohji refuses all missions that don't involve women over the age of consent. Ken and Omi, however, share a strong sense of justice, and truly want to see wicked people get punished. The two of them are also remarkably kind and idealistic in the face of the horrible deeds that they witness and commit day-to-day, and it is these similarities that make them so well suited to each other.

It's more than this, as well, though the rest is difficult to sum up. It's a myriad of tiny moments: The horrified look on Omi's face when Yohji suggests that Ken was late for work because he was out with a girl, Omi asking Ken to follow up on a lead, to "do it for me, please?" prompting Ken to turn to Yohji and silence his objections by yelling "Shut up and drive!", and Omi showing up to help Ken when Ken is worried about a church worker who reminds him of his mother. It's in the way that Ken thinks of things in terms of Omi, and the way that Omi is the one who bandages Ken when he's hurt on a mission. It's even in Gluhen, in the way that Ken seems to lose his gentle side when Omi is gone, and in the way that Ken and Omi slip back into their old pattern of worrying about each other as soon as Omi rejoins the group.

It's hard to put my reason for loving this couple into words. I suppose that the best way to try would be to say this: Canonically, Ken and Omi have a wonderful friendship. They depend on each other, and they are similar enough in their beliefs that their very different personalities complement one another, rather than clashing. Their relationship shows through so many moments in the series, yet even with the larger hints that are dropped in canon, it's still the little things that truly make the Ken/Omi pairing what it is.

The Minority

ken/omi supporters in the weiß fandom

Fanfiction Archives:

The KO Fanfiction Archive-An excellent source for Ken/Omi fanfiction. It is remarkably extensive, and includes the work of over thirty authors.

Particularly recommended:
Coming to Terms and Seducing Omi by Aphrael
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Lachesis Fatali
Sailor Mac's Ken/Omi series


Sweet Kisses: A KenxOmi Shrine-This is the website that converted me to the Ken/Omi fandom. While much of the fanfiction here also appears on The KO Fanfiction Archive, this site also has fanart, screencaps, character profiles and more. It's definitely worth checking out.


Felflowne's Account-All right, so this isn't a Ken/Omi archive. Truthfully, it isn't even all Weiß fanfiction. It is, however, the only place I know of where you can find all of Felflowne's Weiß fics.

Particularly recommended:
The Shoe Game, which is cute, Snowfall, which is one of the few Gluhen stories I've found that I like, and The Mentalist Weiss Fic, which can only be described as a crackfic.



kemi_koi-The Ken/Omi Livejournal community. Sadly inactive, but the members are pretty good about commenting on what does get posted.

Omi's Place-Also not a Ken/Omi site; this is an Omi shrine, and I have linked it here because I believe it is the only place on the internet where you can download "Meguri Aeta Koto", the Ken and Omi duet.
Translations of "Meguri Aeta Koto" can be found here, at Aya no Weiß Kreuz Corner, and here, at Tetris no Miko's Anime Song Translations. Kreuz-This is one of the sites where you can download the Weiß Kreuz OVA. If you're reading this, you've probably already seen it, but if you haven't, I highly recommend it. (Please buy the legal version when/if it gets licensed.)

If you know of any Ken/Omi links I've missed, I'd really like to hear about them.

Weiß Kreuz is © Koyasu Takehito and Project W.
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