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When the Whole World's Gone Crazy…I'll Believe in You (Gundam Wing - Heero x Relena)

Subject Line: Heero/Relena (Gundam Wing)
Title: When the Whole World's Gone Crazy…I'll Believe in You
Author: the Black Rose
Spoilers: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime series, Endless Waltz (movie/OVA), Blind Target (radio drama and manga), all canon manga, Endless Waltz Novelization
Email: destinysblackrose@hotmail.com
Personal Website: http://blissfulignorance.com

Special thanks to lori

You've given me both hope and the strength to liveCollapse )


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Oh, I forgot how much I loved this pairing and show! I still remember watching the last episode of GW and watching Endless Waltz and crying, because of them. I didn't really explain that well, but oh well...Reading this (3 years later, woah! Love this comm) just made me relive how excited I would get when I would watch them interact.
I don't usually comment on old posts, but this essay made me insanely happy. I admit to shipping every pairing anyone can come up with, but in GW fandom that's actually hard because there's so many rabid fans and shipwars. Nothing makes me happier than a calm, logical, well thought out bit of shipping, and this essay is exactly that. Thank you so much for writing about this in such an unbiased manner. :)
This is fantastic. It's funny because I'm such a huge 3x4 fan but I have a hard time reading fic for them because I just can't get behind 1x2 or really any Heero pairing that isn't 1xR. I definitely love them together and you perfectly illustrated all the ways that they are made for eachother. Great job!
I've always loved this pairing despite what some fans may say about it. Glad to see a wonderful manifesto dedicated to it!
I honestly didn't know something like this existed. I'm so glad I read your fics. Because they led me to your profile, which led me to this. ^^

I wouldn't say that I'm a hardcore GW fan, but I love it to pieces. Truth be told, I never even knew there were pairings other than 1xR and 3x4 (because really, can Quatre get any gayer for Trowa?). I found out about the all the yaoi pairings when I stumbled upon a raw 1x2 doujinshi scan (that's how I learned about doujinshi also).

1xR is my OTP for the GW fandom. Always was, always will be. And I'm not biased at all (I don't think). I love yaoi pairings. I still read 1x2, 3x4, ZechsxTreize etc., etc. GW is one of the few fandoms that I ship a het pairing the most strongly. It's just so damn CANON. The alternatives are hot but 1xR is REAL. At least, it is to me.

Anyway, my point was that I absolutely adored your essay. :D It was eloquent, deep, thoughtful, unbiased and overall just beautifully written.

So thank you. <3

Hi again

i was just goignt hrough your work, considering you are one of my favourite authors... and i came accross your essay. i have watched the entire of g/w series and all so i knew all of what you have mentioned, but you show the entire thing in a whole new different light. i for one seriously think you shoold be lecturer on how to write romances and understanding personality, its literature in its pure form. not the boring crap we are taught in school which has no debt or menaing. this work of yours touches the soul. i dont know whether you get what i mean becasue right now i am typing from my heart, completely what i feel and i am trying my best to put it into words.

i am one of those people who would read over a DVD anytime, and i know masterpieces when i see one. your understanding and the research you do to get the into the carachters is simply amazing in itself. for as far as i am concerned heero and relena are real, in flesh and blood to me. two people who live on......

they are like ying and yang, compaitable, different in many ways but yet so similer to each other that they are the perfect couple.

i just wanted to thank you for doing that peice and tell you, a job well done. a p compliment i mean whole heartedly and i hope you continue to write ever more mind blowinf fanfics.

I had no idea this existed, but it was a great otp pleasure to have found and read! One of the utmost formative ships of my childhood!


I really don't know if you read this, but In any case I still remember your code geass fic Power of the Queen and truly want to see the rest of it. It's the best Code Geass fanfic I've ever read by far please update (cue desperate begging)


I dunno if you're gonna read this. But i just wanna say i love this manifesto. Theyve been my first OTP since i was young. You have made good points. Thank you writing this. :)
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