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Gaugng Interest

I'm looking into possibly re-opening the community for activity. It seems that a lot of things have changed since I was last able to spare time for fannish pursuits.

As always thank you for your support.


I'm interested, and can possibly help out with mod duties if needed :)
I might be interested in doing a few!
I'm not into tumblr, but maybe it'd be useful to have like, a mirror!tumblr, if reccers wanted to opt in? Then manifesto content (with the author's name attached) and knowledge of what the community is would spread among younger fans, who may not be aware of what a great resource it is.

I don't know your stance on this, but could there be updates/secondary posts for some of the older manifestos? I know of a few that could do with an update on the direction a fandom's gone in, another perspective, info about the additional canon that's come out since, etc.

* Also Ao3 does meta now, so there could be an optional Ship-Manifesto Collection.

Edited at 2015-04-11 12:59 pm (UTC)
Yes to a Tumblr mirror. Willing to create one. Fandom is most active there right now.
I don't know if I'd manage to actually do a manifesto - I'd like to, though! - but it would be excellent to see the comm active again, even if quieter. :-)
Me too! I don't know if I'd be able to contribution but it'd be awesome to see ship manifestos again.
I'm absolutely interested in seeing more activity in this community. I keep it on my flist in hopes of seeing new material. I hope I will!
I second this!
Thirded, I would absolutely love it if this community became active again, I check more or less weekly
Just dropping in to say that I'd love to see activity on this comm again. It was always a favorite, and still gives me a lot of pleasure even now.
I could definitely write a manifesto or two for my fandoms.
I could probably crank out at least one manifesto. Fingers crossed for a revival!
I'm sure there are plenty of new fandoms to be written about. Reopening the community would be fantastic.
I'd love to read and talk about ship manifestos from today's fandom.
May we link this on metanews? We also post on DreamWidth and Tumblr.
I'd probably write some manifestos if this comm was reopened. I know there are plenty of new fandoms since last I saw activity on this comm.
This looks like a fun and unique community! I'd be interested in reading and discussing ship manifestos and possibly posting one of my own if the mood strikes :)
I'd love to read what ppl have to say!
I'd be interested in seeing ship manifestos again. I can't promise what I'd do to help, but I'd like to have a place to point people to, in new fandoms, and a place I could use myself to find new resources.
Would definitely like to see this place be revived!


I'd love to see this reopen!

I read the old ship manifestos often, and I'd love to have some new ones for newer fandoms and pairings added on to read, too! Maybe I'll even write a couple :)
I'd be interested. :D
Definitely interested :)
I discovered this comm this year and I've been reading tons of old manifestos! I'd be very happy to see it active again =)

Also, someone suggested a mirror!tumblr, which I think it's a good idea.
I'd be interested.
I've always loved the posts here.


I'm interested. I'd have to open a new account since I dumped my old one since all of my friends are gone, but I loved this community when it was active. I'd be willing to write a few manifestos if it opens up again.
I really miss this comm; I'd love to see it reopen wherever/however.
Sounds a good idea:)
Count me in as well :D
I need this


That would be great! Idk if I can write a manifesto, but who knows? Might give it a try.

It would be awesome to see this comm active again, anyway, and I think the idea of having a mirror on Tumblr is a great one!
I can't really help with modly things (because I don't have LJ) but I am interested. If nothing else, I'd like to repost at least one manifesto that I accidentally deleted when I deleted my old journal (fanaticalone), that I recently found in my e-mail.
I noticed there's a mirror community on Dreamwidth but the posting is set to select members only. (Also the link to your manifesto page on the profile there is malformed!) Could it be opened up maybe (and given a nicer layout)?
Oh, wow! It would be great to see this comm back - I'll signalboost on comicstore_news.
I'd be interested too. \o/
I really love this community, and I'd be happy to help out.

Also, would it be possible to get entries to display in light mode automatically when clicked on? It must have gotten switched at some point because now when I click on entries with images, the sidebar is still visible and any images wider than the white area are covered up by the sidebar. Thanks!
Actually, I just checked a couple of my favorite manifestos and it looks like the issue has changed to images shrunk down to fit the white space, which isn't as bad, but it still really affects ones with special layouts such as the Cap/Iron Man manifesto. Anyway, just a heads-up! Thanks again!
I'm so in. And willing to help in any way. I have two ships I want to make manifestos for and I was so sad to discover this place is dead.

I was actually thinking of starting something like this on Tumblr. Because fandom seems to have moved there. So maybe we could have a Tumblr version of this place?

Edited at 2015-09-16 02:01 am (UTC)
Hi, any updates on resurrecting this community? I got out of the habit of checking this place regularly so I've only just seen this post. I loved this community back when it was active. It was such a great resource and a wonderful starting point whenever I was getting into a new fandom/ship. I didn't write any manifestos before but I would be interested in contributing now if the community were to come back.


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