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Spideypool Manifesto

Title: Spideypool Manifesto
Author: christystewart
Fandom: Marvel 616 universe
Pairing: Deadpool & Spiderman

Origins of our heroes

(Deadpool's personal history has been retold by a number of writers and although it stays primarily consistent the details vary, so bear with me.)

Wade Wilson's mother died young from either alcoholism or cancer and his abusive father raised him until he ran out when Wade was still young boy or got shot in a bar fight in front of Wade when he was a teenager. Details on Wade's early life are nonexistent up until he entered military service after working as a mercenary.

During a routine physical Wade was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and given no chance of survival; it is then that he voluntarily enters into the Weapon X program to be used as a test subject. Through the painful and torturous experiments Wade develops a Healing Factor which renders him immortal. It enables Wade’s tissues to regenerate with superhuman speed, but because his cancer was never cured his body is now frozen in a state in which cancerous cells (which themselves duplicate rapidly) are in a constant battle with his Healing Factor, leaving Wade’s body is in a constant aesthetic flux of scar tissue.

Wade escaped Weapon X, dubbing himself Deadpool after a lottery the doctors had created to bet on which the patient would die first, and went back to being a mercenary. Over the years of working against his conscience and solely for the purposes of monetary gain, Wade found himself in a dark place and has been struggling ever since to redeem himself and become the hero he had always aspired to be.

Peter Parker was born to two CIA agents but primarily placed in the care of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben while they were away on missions; they retained custody when Peter's parents are reported dead in a plane crash, although their bodies are never identified. Sometimes Peter is described as never have knowing his parents, and other times he has vague memories of them right before their deaths.

Peter’s Aunt and Uncle raised him as an only child in their well-adjusted, middle-class home. An unpopular boy, Peter’s awkward nature and brilliant mind alienate him from his peer group; an alienation that only grows when he gets bitten by a radioactive spider and develops superhuman powers. At first Peter has no intention of using his new found powers for good, instead he plans become rich and famous, but when his uncle Ben is murdered by a petty thief (a thief who runs free when Peter could’ve stopped him) he quickly develops the identity Spiderman.

Spiderman is received by the public as a vigilante but over time becomes a beloved icon and personal hero of New York City, never truly failing from being the epitome of the good guy and hero; although he has at times let his anger and grief get the better of him. Working as Spiderman, Peter has worked closely with the Fantastic Four and has become a long time member of the Avengers.

Their history together

(All examples will be taken from Marvels 616 universe)

Chronologically, Spiderman enters Deadpool's life long before they even meet face-to-face. Spiderman is already a well-known public figure when Wade Wilson enters military service and he must’ve felt some sort of affinity toward the hero because in Wade Wilson’s War he is shown wearing Spiderman underwear as he first undergoes treatment in the weapon X program.

All through Deadpool’s comics he is shown using Spiderman merchandise and more than that, often uses him as an example for the epitome of the righteous superhero, or simply compares his actions or methods to how dissimilar they are from Spiderman's.

Spiderman and Deadpool's first meeting is in Cable & Deadpool #24, and it is a hostile one. Deadpool hijacks a car and throws the passenger off of a bridge, not knowing at the time he is Spiderman. The conflict is quickly ended and although Deadpool doesn't appreciate Spiderman's hitting him, the incident doesn't change the way he feels.

Wade makes no attempt to hide his admiration for Spiderman; the first time they spend an extended amount of time together it is in Amazing Spiderman #611 where Deadpool suddenly appears to take down the villain Spiderman is fighting saying, “Sexy Spiderman… Who I helped defeat a super villain. Me. And you. Together.” and then asks him for an autograph.

Peters is suspicious of Deadpool and his suspicions are confirmed when Deadpool instigates a fight between them then later admits he never intended to kill or even hurt Spiderman, but that he was hired as a distraction. Before parting ways Deadpool invites Spiderman out for drinks and promises better next time they meet he will “Dutch oven” him.

Spiderman remains suspicious of Deadpool and when they meet up for the second time in Deadpool #19 Peter is convinced that the recent crime that coincides with Deadpool’s entering New York must not be a coincidence and attacks Deadpool without question.

Deadpool explains that he is there to team up with Spiderman to defeat a dangerous monkey hitman (he had tried to gain Spiderman’s attention by distributing flyers with his face on them and the message “Hey Spidey! Hollatcha Boy!” and his phone number, but they went unseen by their target) After much discussion on the particulars of the monkey hitman Spiderman deduces that Deadpool will be his next target but Deadpool is much more concerned with trying to convince Spiderman and him to become partners and moving together saying, “Would you let me stay in your apartment if I bought you a Spidey cave? I’m rich, you know”

Together they fight the hitman and along the way Spiderman gets first-hand knowledge of Deadpool’s inclination for drag

And his ability to regenerate after being wounded.

At one point they get a hotel room together

Which Deadpool sneaks out of, fakes Spiderman’s death to trap the hitman (which works), gets discovered, arrested, and then broken out of jail by Spiderman who, in response to Deadpool admitting that he wants to be a good guy, tells him “No, you want people to love you for being the guy. It’s not the same thing.”

There are smattering of other team up stories between Deadpool and Spiderman, some in which no details are given (New Avengers #7)

and others which follow the normal formula of Deadpool flirting and Spiderman cleaning up after him (Cable & Deadpool #50)

"Deadpool: Suicide Kings" is a very popular team up between Deadpool on Spiderman but did not necessarily contribute a lot to the emotional development of Spideypool but has resulted in a OT3 between Deadpool, Spiderman, and Daredevil; recently dubbed "Marvel Red Team"

In their most recent interaction (as of 2011) Deadpool and Spiderman have had was in a special three issue arc titled "Identity Wars" where they both, along with the Hulk, travel to an alternate universe in which neither is a particularly great person.

Each spend their time correcting the mistakes of their alters unbeknownst to the other

Finished with his own business, Spiderman moves to take The alternate universe Deadpool only to find Deadpool himself has done the job

Deadpool and Spiderman and then work together to return to their universe, during which Spiderman denies Deadpool is his friend but accepts the title of "acquaintance" and the to continue to fight alongside each other when they return home

Their next team up will take place October 2012

The ship sets sail

Comparatively, Spiderman and Deadpool have very little history together (although Deadpool has teamed up with him more times than any other hero he wasn’t in a joint series with) but there is something about these two characters together that appeals to people. Many Marvel artists have depicted the two together in variant art or in their own personal portfolios and cosplayers dressed as either Spiderman or Deadpool will inevitably be set up for impromptu photos with the other. The chemistry between these two is undeniable and is acknowledged universally.

Their romantic chemistry is not as effortless and can, at times, be quite angst ridden; and this is only if we stick to their canon relationship.

It is arguable that Wade Wilson is a heterosexual man but given that he has been consistently written as being attracted to men and having romantic fantasies about them the best argument for his heterosexuality has always been “no, that’s gay” (although the only romantic and sexual relationships detailed within the comics have been heterosexual, they have been few and far between, hallow, and unhealthy) Spiderman is undeniably heterosexual although he does occasionally make jokes to the contrary. This incompatibility is the tip of the iceberg of this classic story of unrequited love.

Wade’s flirting with Peter is not uncommon, although it is overzealous, behavior for him but I think a more telling indication of Wade’s infatuation is that Spiderman is ever present in his mind. Certainly, Spiderman has taken center stage of many of Deadpool’s fantasies but when he is not, it is simply a game of Where’s Waldo to find the inevitable depiction of Spiderman in Deadpool’s mind; Spiderman is consistent in what is an otherwise discombobulated psyche. This obsession with Spiderman is no secret and yet Peter cannot seem to take it seriously, just as he is so suspicious of Deadpool and his intentions that he is never quite sure when (or if ever) he should take Deadpool seriously.

Already we see that their relationship is an archetypal one of unrequited love but Peter’s rejection of Wade is all the more heartbreaking when put into context with Deadpool’s emotional baggage and it leads us into another archetype that Deadpool and Spiderman fit snugly within: the beauty and the beast story.

Wade’s disfigurement are received with such disgust that he obsessively hides his true form, suffers constant anxiety, and has nightmares; he believes that he’s too ugly to be loved, and time and time again he is proved correct. It is because of this and the lifetime of violence that Wade has become obsessed with finding a way to end his immortality so he may finally die. The only aspect of himself that Wade feels can be redeemed is his soul and he specifically seeks Spiderman out to help him do so, hoping that to emulate Spiderman will make him as inherently good as he is.

Regardless of anecdotal evidence, Deadpool and Spiderman are simply good together and have potential very deep and complex relationship. They are almost exact opposites of each other, so much so that every difference complements the other:

Peter is from a loving and well adjusted home, Wade is not.
Wade psyche has been broken apart so often that he sometimes has no control or knowledge of what he does and has developed what appears to be schizophrenia, where as Peter is highly intelligent and in complete control of his faculties.
Peter is good to a fault and has had only occasional moments of darkness, Wade constantly struggles through darkness (sometimes of his own making) for brief moments of good.

It is my opinion that the dichotomy between Peter and Wade can actually lead to emotional stability for each other where no other potential partner could.


Really nice exploration of them as a pairing! It's not one I ever thought about before, but when you lay it all out, it honestly makes a lot of sense. :) Has there been any fic for it?
I catalogue all Spideypool works at http://spideypoolverse.tumblr.com/
Thank you!


Is English your first language?
They're the ultimate snark pairing. Well done :)



Thank you, this was great! The bits of comic and the evolution etc.. One of my questions was of a chickenVS.egg variety and you cleared that up (at least in one universe) quite nicely!



Wow I really hope you actually change this a bit since Gerry Duggan confirmed that Deadpool is Pan-sexual and NOT heterosexual. Although I have to wonder about how you came across your conclusion that Deadpool was heterosexual to begin with when he constantly keeps flirting with men, telling them he finds them attractive, or that they turn him on. Also if I'm remembering correctly he even kissed a guy in one issue. So if you actually think he's heterosexual ether you've not read enough comics or you're in a whole heap of denial.
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