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Mod Post: Valentine's Day

Please bear with me, we're working on getting the community back up to speed. Life just keeps getting in the way. Every time we take one step forward, s-it happens and we end up sliding back three.

On a more positive note, in celebration of Valentines Day, we're hoping you'll feel up to sharing your darlings with us. Video, images, transcripts of your very FAVORITE CANON moments. We'll be extremely happy with whatever you want to share.

I'll start things off with a couple images of my own below.


Smallville were always very good with the slashy moments.
Oh yes they were. Season 1 will forever be my favorite!
There was more eyesex in that season alone than there is in a porn photoshoot.
So true! I used to love it in the first few seasons.
I remember some of the looks between Clark and Lex being quite intense.
Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

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Sailor Moon FTW! Ooh tell me about the last pairing there! Yum.

That last pairing is Saya Otonashi/Hagi from Blood+ - a simply awesome anime. I think my icon sort of gives aways a bit of the plot but this is definitely vampire!anime with a twist.

The best thing I can give you is a wiki link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood%2B) because otherwise the summary will extend more than the comment allows. xDD

But to put it like this - Saya is a chiropteran queen (along with her twin sister Diva who is the main foe in the story) and Hagi is her chevalier (turned accidentally) and devoted (and I'm not using devoted lightly here) protective knight. She lives to slay the blood-thirsty chiropterans made by her sister and he lives to serve her and obey all her wishes. even her death at his own hands

And since we're on the subject of vampire princesses and their devoted till death knights...*grin*


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Ooh yes yes, I remember them. I caught the beginning of the Blood+ series on Cartoon Network when it was running last year or the year before. *thumbs up*
Aw, Usagi and Mamoru!
Magic Knight Rayearth! ♥ I should go back and rewatch that.
So beautiful! *sigh*
He is, isn't he? (-;

Hee, thanks, I'm glad you like it. I just kinda whipped it up real quick.(-:
YES. This moment <3
Season two needed more stuff like this, imo...
[crosses fingers for season three]
Sad, but true. That moment was great, but in general there wasn't as much focus on the bromance as I wanted.

The reunion better be AWESOME.
The reunion better be AWESOME.

First time I watched this, it was with my parents. I think they were confused about why I was going into convulsions.
my favorite ship at the moment is tragically one-sided and too subtle for most people to even pick up on...sob

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Oh man I haven't followed Naruto in forever. Shikamaru/Naruto??

it's such an obscure and unloved pairing but i tend to get pretty obsessed with it


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's all about the looks between them, man.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

TROY/ABED (Community)
Untouchable moment between one of the greatest bromances on TV:
*flail* Spuffy!
My OTP of OTPs, to be honest. LOVE.
my (rather obscure) girls

and my boys. ;_;
Can I request a source on both of those? They look lovely - especially those ladies...!
why certainly :D both series could use a few more fans~ <3

the girls are yvienne and lariatte from the manwah Ciel: The Last Autumn Story. the boys are prince belca and linna from the manga +C: Sword and Cornett.

i hope you enjoy them!

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Yay, Valentine's Post!
First, my obscure film ships:

And my animanga loves!

OMG, Constantine! ...And someone else who ships AOS!Kirk/Sulu! ♥♥♥! May I have the source on that third picture? Alexander Siddig ♥ :)
Yes! Horray for shared fandom love!

That's Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Siddig in Cairo Time-- fabulous movie. Though a little sad. But very good! ♥


Please could I have the sources on the first film and the last two animanga pictures? I have this odd feeling that the film is The Bodyguard, but I could be wrong...
Yes, yes!

The first is Jim and Selena From 28 Days Later--haha, too bloody to be The Bodyguard.

And the last two are Hibari and Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and Duo and Wufei from Gundam Wing. Uncredited fanart, which I know I shouldn't post, but hopefully no harm, no foul.



Ian Farve, android, smooches David Hume, human.

From Total Recall 2070.

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More moments of PURE LOVE from this show:

My number one OTP is John Adams/Abigail Adams, because they're as awesome as all my others, but have the advantage of actually existing. :D

Plus, they manage to show their devotion/sexiness/amazing loyalty and love for each other in pretty much every single show I've seen them in. :)


Favorite forever OTP.
remember duets

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