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Enjoy The Violence

Title:  Enjoy The Violence
Author: Shychloe
Fandom: Ace Attorney 
Pairing:  Larry Butz and Alita Tiala
Spoilers: Spoilers for Apollo Justice

This is something I wrote on a forum called Court Records in 2010. It was actually inspired by reading the essays on Shippers Manifesto. Of course, I've edited it and updated it for the manifesto. If anyone here knows me, I like some fandom crack. I'm not as dependant as I was, but I still enjoy shipping. And this is what Alita/Larry is, a great pairing. I find it quite a cute pairing and could create a lot of action and tension. As far as gameplay is concerned, Alita and Larry have never met each other, but the chances of the two of them meeting are somewhat high, at least in my mind anyway. 

I first started to like the idea of shipping Alita and Larry together by browsing through the kink meme. The kink meme was great because it highlighted pairings that would haven't really been considered that much before. Larry is just one of those characters who I find is easily shippable and would look good with a lot of people. Examples other than Alita would include Adrian, Maya, Franziska, Iris ect. The pairing that stood out the most was Larry x Alita. I couldn't see any Larry/Alita stuff so once I finished a one shot for an Apollo x Trucy prompt, I decided to do much more to the one shot and I finished it last year. It ended up being over 40 chapters, which for me was a record. Long before that I decided that Larry and Alita would be one of my favorite pairs from the Ace Attorney Universe.

Usually around in a orange jacket and a smile of his face and dark blond spiky hair. He's the typical dude with poor luck. His relationship with women don't last long and people can think of him as a little unreliable. On the other hand he has a great smile and full of confidence. I also believe Larry is not as dumb as being portrayed. Not denying he's had issues maintaining a girlfriends, jobs and court. We've seen Larry have various occupations both good and bad. We often wonder why. He would have to have done something rather impressive to get through the roles he did. In the world of Ace Attorney, Larry could be a secret genius for all we know.

In the game we see her in a wavy yellow dress with a green clover on her chest and angel wings. She wears the blue sandles that her fiancé Wocky had bought her and her neck is concealed in a green scarf. She holds high similarities to Dahlia Hawthorne. On the surface, she's pretty and innocent but she's actually got cruel intentions and ends up murdering. Little much is known about Alita other than she likes money and is rather selfish. She also reminds me Mitsuko Souma from Battle Royale. I sense that something dreadful happened to her when she was child that left Alita bitter and turn to blackmailing the aspiring gangster Wocky .

 How the two of them could possibly meet 
The most possible and in my opinion the most exiting way they could both meet is that the two of them could meet in prison if Larry managed to get a job as a prison officer. Being the Larry Butz we all know and love he would prefer to work in a womens prison so he could check out the jail birds. Alita and Larry would meet eventually and Larry would become quickly infatuated. I've used this in one of my fics, which influenced someone else to use the same idea in their Pearl/Wocky fic. Another way the two of them could meet could be in town. It might not be a formal conversation, even just passing by. Larry might look at her and think: "WOW SHE'S GORGEOUS." Larry might have served her a couple of times.

How the two would get along?
With Larry's infatuation obvious to Alita, she could use it to take advantage of him and give her some security. Larry would enjoy spoiling Alita with various gifts. It could be similar to how Phoenix was with Iris at university and how Alita pretened to be with Wocky. Alita may be able to learn to love and cry, even though it's highly unlikely and rather cheesy.

There are also some solid pros and cons. I'll start with the disadvantages first. Like Wocky x Alita is Apollo Justice Case 2, it would most likely be one sided, as Alita would only use Larry for her own pleasure. In my ideal world, Alita would have a change of heart and she and Larry would have a happily ever after, although in canon it would only end in tragedy, especially in Larry's case. History could possibly repeat itself. We have yet to see Larry and Alita interact in the canon ace attorney universe, so it would be more safer to say that they haven't met. Because of this, there is a lack of fan works which include the pair as a couple. 

On the other hand, this crack beauty is strongly open for humour because the pairing contains a lot of tension and sympathy for both characters. I strongly support this pairing for it's strong quirky concepts. While it could be hilarious and very comic it can also be quite tense. Also sad to know that Larry is head over heals for Alita and the audience know that Alita is just purely tricking him. Reminds of Erik/Christine from The Phantom Of The Opera, you would like to see them have a happily ever after but they have no chance. Then along comes the joy of fan works. 

 Songs That Remind Me Of Lalita 

"I'll fight for you. I'll lie for you. Walk the wire for you. Yeah I'd die for you. You know it's true, everything I'd do... I'd do it for you" - Everything I do I do It For You ~ Bryan Adams
It's a love song I would imagine Larry singing, most likely pretty badly but it he might be in tune. It suits Larry's character really well and how Larry boasts about how much he will do to make his girlfriend stay.

"I admit that in the past I've been a nasty. They weren't kidding when they call me, well a witch." Poor Unfortunate Souls ~ Pat Caroll 
This song presents Alita's personality pretty well. 

"Let me be your shelter. Let me be your light. You're safe, no one will find you. Your fears are far behind you." - All I Ask From You From Andrew Llyod Webber's musical Phantom Of The Opera.
I see this song from both of their points of views. Alita would be lying, whereas Larry will mean every word of it. The parts of the song I picked out is something I can feel that Larry would say to Alita.

Crazy In Love - Beyonce featuring Jay-Z
"I look and stare so deep in your eyes. I touch on you more and more every time. When you leave, I'm begging you not to go. Call your name, two or three times in a row. Such a funny thing for me to try to explain. How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame. Yeah, cause I know I don't understand. Just how your love can do what no one else can."
Another song in Larry's point of view and how Larry is usually always crazy in love.

As mentioned before, there's not a lot of fanwork for Lalita, and the majority of it was done by myself. So this section is mainly self-plugs. 
Law Plus Chaos written by me
Larry Can Pull It Off By also written by me
Our Brave New World by Nekonohime
Every Rose Has Its Thorns by Nekonohime

 stamp by Nekonohime
a sprite edit by me. 

 Reception of the pairing 
Mary Faraday from Court Records listed it as one of her favourite romantic ships. 
"I am a Larry/Alita shipper." - Clam
"Larry is such an underdog! He's one of my favourite minor characters in the game! Him and Alita would'e been cute together!" - Pearls1990
I also think Larry/Alita's pretty neat. 'Cause he's totally fall her "I'm a good girl." - PandaPrinzessin 


Ace Attorney pairings!

Larry managed to get a job as a prison officer.

This is actually a pretty interesting concept.

I'm glad you iterated that it was entirely a fanon pairing because (1) it is, and (2) it lets you shine light on the ways it could work and the intrigues that would be present. You're right: if Alita and Larry ever did meet, Larry WOULD fall head over heels because he is obviously that way, and she'd probably use him as a convenient boytoy, but fandom lets us ask the 'what if's, and they're intriguing. Larry was pretty safe where Iris and Cindy were concerned, because Iris is a nice person, and Cindy genuinely cared for him; and where Franziska, Mia, and countless other ladies are concerned because they're plain not interested. But what would the outcome be if someone like Alita got him wrapped around her pinky? What would Larry need to be and go through for them to really connect? With these two characters, it's an interesting question.

We have yet to see Larry and Alita interact in the canon ace attorney universe, so it would be more safer to say that they haven't met.

I think my one concern about this manifesto is the implicit assumption that they would meet and they would turn out like this. Because they never have met, and probably haven't even heard of each other, in canon, I think you should be more careful to keep it to the possibilities and potential.

Otherwise, though, I thought this was a thought-provoking essay for a pairing I've never considered before.

Have you thought about linking or including pictures of Larry and Alita when you're introducing them as individual characters? I think a lot comes through about Larry in his physical appearance!
I'm surprised there aren't any more ace attorney essays here. I thought there used to be a Phoenix/Edgeworth one here at some point. Oh well, thanks for the comment. I think I could take or find some screenshot with Larry and Alita's quotes on it now. :D
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