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Sign Up Post & Essay Requirements (was the reposted Masterlist)


THE NEW SIGNUP POST IS HERE: http://ship-manifesto.livejournal.com/264243.html



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Missing item

Not a request for a pairing, but I've noticed that my Mai/Natsuki (Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome) essay isn't on this list. I completed it back in December (also needs tags, BTW). Sorry to bother you...

Re: Missing item

No bother. Thanks for the heads up. I'll take care of it now.
Ack, did I miss the deadline for my Yuiko/Ritsuka essay? I'm so sorry! Can I request it again?
That would be in... Loveless fandom, I believe? We haven't had anyone else show an interest in claiming that pairing, so yes, you can retain ownership of that claim. *g*

Is March 15th okay for you?
I know I fell through on it before, mostly because of my computer crashing/loosing everything/taking a few months to get a functioning machine of my own again, though if possible I'd like to re-sign up to do one on Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy.
Nobody else has expressed an interest in claiming that pairing, so you do get another chance at it. :D

Is March 16th okay for you?
May I sign up to do a Ulquiorra/Ichigo essay from Bleach please?
Ulquiorra/Ichigo is yours. Is March 17th okay for you?
Way back when (2005?), I posted a Byron/Jeff fic for the Baby-Sitters Club fandom.
Found, and now linked on the reposted masterlist. (I'll probably be dreaming in HTML for the next week. *g*)


There is no listing for Ten Doctor Who and Martha Jones? But you have one for the Doctor with Sarah Jane Smith, who was only in one or two episodes when he was around?
Nobody has stepped up to write Doctor (10)/Martha Jones. *hint hint*

Only existing essays will now be linked on the masterlist, so if it doesn't exist, it's free to be claimed. :D
Can I sign up for a Kyouya Oohtori & Kaoru Hitachiin essay? They're from Ouran High School Host Club ans I feel like the slash in that show is being seriously under represented.
I wouldn't want slash in *any* show to be under-represented. The claim is yours.

Is March 18th okay for you?

Missing Item

My manifesto for Eriol/Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, which I posted in Feb 07, is missing from the list.

Re: Missing Item

Added. Thanks!
My manifesto for Schuldig/Yohji in Weiss Kreuz, from, oh my god, 2004, is missing from the list: http://community.livejournal.com/ship_manifesto/53405.html
Added. Thanks!
My Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru manifesto which is currently listed under Tokyo Babylon only, should also be listed under X/1999 and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle since they're characters who crossover into both those canons and I discussed this in my essay.

Sorry for the inconvenience. ^^;;
Done. Thanks!
Can I do one for Rock Lee x Tenten from Naruto, please?
You certainly can. Is March 19th okay for you?
Helga/Arnold, Hey Arnold!, please!
It's yours. :D

Is March 20th okay for you?
I was one of the last people to comment on the old Sign Up Post, so I'll just re-ask here: If no one has taken it, can I do the Setsuna F Seiei/Marina Ismail manifesto? My email is mechie15@gmail.com
I replied to your comment over on the other post just a few minutes ago because I didn't see this one here. *g*
I'd like to do the Stan/Kyle (South Park) manifesto, if that's all right and no one has done it before (I didn't see it on the list, but from the comments I gather some of the older manifestos are missing?). My e-mail is Kaci.JaBeth@gmail.com
I've just finished coding links to all available manifestos into the masterlist, so I can state quite positively that there is no Stan/Kyle essay in the comm. The cvlaim is yours. :D

Is March 21st okay for you?
Question: What's the policy on essays for a pairing that was claimed, but the author is a horrible horrible procrastinator and didn't finish in time? Can the author post it at a later date?
Would the author find March 5 an acceptable substitute? And if so, can this new co-mod please have a reminder of what your claim is so she can pencil it in? Thanks.
Veronica/Logan is yours. Put all that extra canon to good use. ;)

Is March 22nd okay for you?
I'd love to do a manifesto for Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother. My e-mail is bibliophile42@gmail.com.
The claim is yours. :D

Is March 23rd okay for you?
Claiming Naruto/Sasuke (Naruto) if I may, please. ♥ Thank you!

Ah, gosh. Forgot my e-mail. ;x fagging@gmail.com. I know including it used to be required, but I'm not sure if it still is. A-And I apologize for the mass amounts of comment editing.

Edited at 2009-02-18 06:47 am (UTC)
Naruto/Sasuke (Naruto) is yours. :D

Is March 24th okay for you?

You're talking to someone who has been known to edit comments just to change the icon. *g*
I'm going to have to ask for an extension on the claim February 20 -- Hirad/Ilkar (James Barclay's Chronicles of the Raven) . A fairly substantial extension. Real life ate me a little bit.
RL has an annoying tendency to do that. *g*

Hoe substantial are we talking? Does March 22 give you enough wiggle room?
I'm going to claim Ben/Gwen from Ben 10, if that's alright. My email is a.imakoto@yahoo.com.
A new fandom for the list? That is indeed alright. :D

Is March 25 okay for you?
Can I claim Uther/Morgana from Merlin?
You certainly can. That's another fandom to add to the masterlist. :D

Is March 26 okay for you?
Can I claim Yamamoto Takashi/Gokudera Hayato from Katekyo Hitman Reborn?
The pairing is yours. Is March 27 okay for you?
out of curiousity is real life people allowed, such as two members from the band simple plan? it's all in pure fiction of course just as that i see they're meant to be.
The co-mods are going to have to discuss that before a ruling is made. We'll get back to you ASAP. :)
cephiedvariable and I are almost done, but we're going to need a little bit longer to finish the Cartman/Kyle manifesto.
IS a week enough time? February 27th is still free...
Um, can I sign a claim for John/Matt (Live Free or Die Hard)please?
You can indeed, and I look forward to reading it.

Is March 28th okay for you?
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