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Daisuke/Ken (digimon 02)

Title: Courage and Kindness
Author: lefcadio
Fandom: Digimon Adventure 02
Pairing: Motomiya Daisuke/Ichijouji Ken
Spoilers: For the entire series.

I. Introduction

So. I'm sure some people are wondering, 'why now?' - and, yes, it's safe to say that the Digimon fandom has been near-dead for the past few years. However, I recently got hold of all of 02, and fell in love with it all over again. And, as such, with my OTP of the series, Daisuke/Ken. I think what initially drew me to the pairing was how utterly sweet it was, despite Ken's perpetual angst. And, of course, there was the twisted, slightly creepy relationship of the Kaiser and Daisuke to start it all off.
I think it has a lot of potential and a lot of appeal - and, also, a firm grounding in canon - and this essay is going to go into why that is. :) It'll incorporate an odd mixture of dub and sub, but I hope it still makes sense.
II. Characters
Motomiya Daisuke ("Davis")
本宮 大輔

Chosen Child of Courage and Friendship
Partner: V-mon

Daisuke: impulsive, stubborn, loyal, determined. Taking on Taichi's goggles, he's essentially the 'leader' of the new Chosen children, and is the first to discover his digimental and digimon. Daisuke's also rather brash and outspoken - which leads some fans to dislike him, though I think this is unmerited. Personally I think he's very loveable. :) The dub's quite heavily responsible for portraying him as 'annoying', 'stupid', 'obsessed with Hikari', 'bitter/jealous' etc - facets of his personality which, while sometimes faintly present in the original, were far overexaggerated in the English version.
Daisuke's generally a cheerful, loyal friend, who's single-minded in his determination to get things done. If he has his mind set on something, he tends to go all out until he achieves it. It can easily be said that he probably has a bit of an inferiority complex, and tries to compensate for this by being so outspoken - but he received the digimental of Friendship for a reason, and by the end of the series can honestly say he has no fears.
Ichijouji Ken
一乗寺 賢

Chosen Child of Kindness
Partner: Wormmon

Well, Ken certainly makes an effort to monopolise the angst of the series! Ignored by his parents when he was younger, he felt passed over in favour of his older genius brother, Osamu. Naturally, he resented this, and wished Osamu would disappear - and so when Osamu was killed in an accident, Ken was overcome by grief and guilt, which never went away. Some time previously, the two boys had received a digivice via their computer - Osamu was the one who kept it, and hid it away. However, after Osamu's death, Ken received a mysterious email telling him to use it to escape his guilt.
Ken did this, and was transported to the dark ocean, where he became implanted with a 'Dark Spore'.
After this, Ken became a genius; brilliant at academics and sport. He also became very cold, though, and apathetic towards his parents and the rest of humanity - viewing himself as superior, and above everyone. It's because of this he looked for a challenge in the Digital World, and became the Kaiser. As the Kaiser, Ken tortured and enslaved countless digimon, and was set on taking over the Digital World.
After Ken realises what it is he's done, and breaks free of the Spore, he is much changed. Ruled by his guilt and self-hatred, Ken believes himself to be worthless and a monster, especially after realising he was a Chosen child all along. Wormmon and Daisuke go some way to assuaging this guilt - but even to the end, Ken just can't quite let go. During the final battle with MaloMyotismon (in the 'wish world') - it's shown that Ken's greatest desire is to be punished - killed, even - for what he did. Ken's dearest, honest wish, was to die. After this, he finally seems to accept that he needs to move on, and start looking to the future.
Ken is certainly very kind, though he doesn't believe it himself. He's determined not to become a tool anymore, and eventually fights alongside the other Chosen with great determination.
III. Brief Plot Summary of 02
The first half of the series is concerned with developing the characters of the new Chosen children (Daisuke, Miyako and Iori, as well as Hikari and Takeru to some extent), as well as introducing their digimon, and following them as they find their digimentals etc. At the same time, the Digimon Kaiser - or, Ichijouji Ken - is painted as being the Big Evil. The Kaiser's enslaving and abusing so many digimon and setting up spires to control them - so, of course, the Chosen are determined to stop him, and destroy the spires.
After a conversation with Wormmon, Daisuke's determined to bring Ken back to being himself - and, eventually, he succeeds, and Ken is no longer the Kaiser. Wormmon is killed in the Chosen's confrontation with Chimeramon (Ken's own digimon creation), in his attempt to save Ken. Filled with guilt, Ken returns to the real world - but eventually manages to go back, and be reunited with Wormmon's reborn self.
With the Kaiser gone, it seems apparent a new enemy is emerging, and for quite a while the Chosen are kept busy fighting Arukenimon and Mummymon - who, as it turns out, seem to be responsible for the spires, and as such, have something to do with Ken. Eventually, these two digimon (who turn out to be part human) lead them to Oikawa - a twisted man who's determined to try and get to the Digital World. It was him who was responsible for putting the Dark Spore in Ken, and it was Oikawa who created Arukenimon and Mummymon.
But wait! It's revealed Oikawa was being manipulated as well - and at long last, the mastermind behind it all turns out to be MaloMyotismon, who is eventually defeated by the Chosen, and thousands of other children who've discovered digimon.
IV. Kaiser/Daisuke

The first time the two meet, it's as Kaiser and Chosen. But even before that, Ken had been watching Daisuke - saw him pick up his digimental of Courage. Instantly, within the Digital World, the two have a deadly rivalry. Daisuke is set on bringing down the Kaiser, and the Kaiser it set on destroying the Chosen children - and, it seems, Daisuke in particular.

In the real world, Ken is reasonably famous - it seems everyone in Tokyo knows about the boy genius; the prodigy who can do anything. It turns out that Daisuke practically hero-worships Ken - considering his love of soccer, this is hardly surprising seeing as how Ken is the best around, and responsible for his team being number one. Daisuke is thrilled when he finds out his soccer team will be playing Ken's; "That guy is probably the best kid our age out there. The thought of playing him really heats me up!"

And so, in the real world they become rivals as well. The soccer game is actually very interesting in terms of characterisation - especially for Daisuke. He welcomes this challenge and really enjoys playing Ken, and even though his team loses, he really doesn't mind. For him, the experience was the most important thing. Though Ken is feigning, both before and after the game, they're very civil, and quite friendly to one another. Daisuke, at least, seems smitten. (Afterwards, as they're walking home, he's ecstatic about the fact that Ken used his name.)

After the match, they speak.

Dai: You okay? Before... your leg...
Ken: I'm fine. It doesn't hurt at all.
Dai: Good! You're definitely true to your hype. I was pretty helpless against you.
Ken: You had a nice play there, too. I thought you were on the other side...
Dai: After losing by so much, I thought aiming for the captain would be my best bet...
Ken: Really? That's the first time someone has stopped that formation.
Dai: Eh? Really?
Ken: Motomiya Daisuke-kun, right? Glad to have met you.
Dai: Y-you too.
*shakes hands*
Dai: Hey Ken, is your leg alright? Sorry about that tackle, I guess I caught you off-guard.
Ken: I barely felt it. Too busy thinking about scoring goals.
Dai: So I guess you heard. Your teammates probably told you about how I was dominating the field; how unstoppable I was before you got here.
Ken: I don't know, someone may have mentioned something about your play. If you keep it up, you might win a championship.
Dai: Well once you came along and you guys got so far ahead, I just figured it was all or nothing, so I just went for it on the last play.
Ken: I was obviously focused on scoring another goal and didn't see you coming. That play never fails.
Dai: well, it did against me!
Ken: Indeed. Well, my worthy adversary, farewell. Until we meet again in battle.
Dai: Huh? 'worthy adversary'...

Personally, I think the original reflects better on both of them. Each is trying to be humble, but Daisuke's pleased uncertainty when Ken then holds out his hand, seeming like he wans to be friends, is lovely. He's just so happy that Ken used his name! Which is something that couldn't be carried over into the english version, but which I think it a nice touch.

So even while he's the Kaiser, Ken has a particularly intense relationship with Daisuke. This is shown even more later on in that episode, after the soccer match. The Chosen go to the Digital World, and Daisuke finds himself left alone when the others disappear. Suddenly, the Kaiser appears atop a cliff, and reveals that he's caught the others - and he wants Daisuke to bow down to him, and beg for their lives. This is... a very charged scene, and the english version actually contains a lot more innuendo than the Japanese.


Dai: Cut it out! I'll never forgive you if you do it!
Ken: Never forgive me? Who asked for that? Their lives are in MY hands. If you want to save them...mmm...I know. Bow down before me.
V-mon: What was that?!
[Daisuke kneels]
V-mon: Daisuke?!
Dai: Please...don't hurt them...
Ken: Help them...? You want me to help them?
[Daisuke bows down]
Dai: Please help them!
Ken: V-mon, step on his head.
Dai: Hurry and do it, V-mon...
V-mon: But...
Dai: Everyone's lives are on the line... hurry and do it!
[V-mon does it]
V-mon: Sorry...I'm sorry, Daisuke...
[Kaiser laughs delightedly]
Ken: Seeing as you like humiliating yourself so much, I might just save them.

Of course, while the english version is similar, it also includes Ken commanding Daisuke to call him "Master", and telling him that "Seeing you squirm is so delicious." It's at the end of this episode that Daisuke discovers that the Kaiser is, in fact, Ichijouji Ken - and he's utterly shattered. And he screams out, "You... you were my hero... for being so great... why?!" He's simply devastated that the Ken he admired so much has turned out to be the Kaiser.

It does seem, then, that the Kaiser has a particular fascination with Daisuke - he captures him and ties him up on another occasion, and loves to taunt and target him. Their relationship is a violent battle for power - one which is initially full of hatred, but... Daisuke doesn't really have it in him to hate, and once he's spoken to Wormmon, all that's on Daisuke's mind is trying to get Ken back to normal - even though the other Chosen don't agree. Daisuke believes the Kaiser has it in him to reform, and is determined to bring out the good in Ken.

And as it turned out, Wormmon and Daisuke were right all along. Which brings us to...
V. Daisuke/Ken

From the very beginning, it was always Daisuke who was determined to be Ken's friend, and help him. Even though Ken rejected his overtures time and time again because he felt as though he wasn't worthy, Daisuke never gave up on him. Initially, Daisuke was completely on his own with this - the other Chosen children didn't trust Ken (and most of them didn't think they could ever trust him), and didn't want to make him "one of them".

Naturally, this is what Ken expected and felt he deserved, so he shied away from them, and set himself apart, aiming to try and atone for his sins by himself - and it's Daisuke alone who refuses to accept this. He knows that they all need to work together; knows that they need Ken, and that Ken needs them. Most of all, he really just wants to be Ken's friend. The look of utter dejection on his face everytime Ken rejects him is awful.

"But I have a good feeling about him. The digiegg... if you'd seen what I saw, you'd believe in him too. His crest of Kindness turned into a golden digiegg - it was the most amazing thing! You're going to think I'm crazy when I say this, but I guess you already think I'm crazy, so here goes: that digiegg believed in him. And it was like it was telling me I could believe in him too! It almost felt like... it was asking me to go ahead and trust him. I know that's not very logical, but then again neither am I. All I know is, he has to have the crest of Kindness for a reason. And what about his digimon? He believes in him too! I think it's because Wormmon knew what was in his heart! He's good, I know it!"

But of course, Daisuke never gives up. :) It was he and Wormmon who saved Ken from being the Kaiser and brought him back to himself, and it was he and Wormmon who would gradually help to heal Ken. Despite what the others said, despite what anyone advised - Daisuke was always willing to strike out on his own for Ken. Even when Ken doesn't think he's worthy of Daisuke or anyone's friendship, Daisuke persists, because he believes with all his heart that Ken is worth it. He wants to include Ken, make him one of them, and simply just believes in him when no-one else but Wormmon does.

And that's a pretty powerful basis for their friendship already.

When Jogress ("DNA-Digivolving") comes into the picture, it's something else entirely. Daisuke and Ken are the very first pair whose digimon evolve together. Evidently there was some strong connection there to trigger it, even though at that point Ken was still very wary of being Daisuke's friend, let alone joining the others. At that point, Ken is determined to destroy his old base - and is determined to do it alone, to the point of irrationality. Daisuke, however, is having none of it, and slaps some sense into him! Daisuke reminds Ken that there are people who care about him, and tells him that he's not going to let him do it by himself.

'Davis': "And when it's really bad, you hang with your friends, because they're always your friends, even when you mess up."
Ken: [in tears] "Great, so what if you don't happen to have any friends?"

Then, their digivices start reacting, and Exveemon and Stingmon begin to evolve into Paildramon. In a particularly sweet scene, we first get a shot of Daisuke, thinking, "Cool! I can hear my heart beating! Wait, that's Ken's heart!", and then Ken, "So this is what it feels like to have a friend...", both with expressions of wonderment on their faces.

We don't quite get this with any of the other Jogress evolutions - in that moment, Daisuke and Ken are close - after all, Daisuke mistook Ken's heartbeat for his own. Working together, they all eventually manage to destroy Ken's base, but it's this development in Daisuke and Ken's relationship that makes it possible. It's a really powerful connection they form then - of course, Daisuke's not afraid, and welcomes it - but the same can't be said for Ken. He was afraid of losing Wormmon forever; though his digimon later reassures him that that's not the case and he actually enjoyed it.


'Davis': "We make a good team too!" [offers hand]
Ken: [hesitates]
'Davis': "What's wrong?"
Ken: "I just don't feel like I deserve to be friends with any of you. At all."
'Davis': "Look, Ken, you've earned our friendship!"
Ken: "...I have?"
'Davis': "Yeah! Sure, you started out all mean and evil, but you decided to change and become one of us - and working hard like that builds the strongest kind of friendship there is. Trust me! I know friendship, and after all we've been through, we're friends! And I'm absolutely not going to take no for an answer!"
Ken: "I don't know, I've done a lot of bad things. Things I'm not proud of at all."
'Davis': Hey, all of us have made mistakes."
Ken: "I don't know, I need some time to think about this."
'Davis': "Wait, Ken - no, don't go!"
[Ken leaves]
'Davis':" ... but we're friends now."
'Kari': "You always come on so strong, Davis - you can't force him to be your friend if he's not ready - you have to let it happen naturally."

I think this exchange really highlights how single-minded Daisuke is, almost to the point of naivity - he just can't see why Ken doesn't want to be friends, but isn't going to let that stop him. It also amuses me a little how Hikari's comment makes it sound like Daisuke's trying to get Ken into a romantic relationship. :)

Eventually, of course, Daisuke's persistence wins out, and he and Ken become friends. This is rather significant as Daisuke is, essentially, Ken's very first real friend; sticking by him, always supporting him and encouraging him - despite his initial reluctance, Daisuke's friendship means the world to Ken. This is especially apparent when Daisuke invites Ken to sleep over at his house - Ken's mother is elated, and you can tell Ken is too. It's a very sweet scene, and I think it shows how it's not only Ken who's benefitted from this friendship - but Daisuke too (since Daisuke has never really been shown to have any particularly close friends).

I think there's another pivotal point in the series which shows their reliance and dependence on one another - and that is when Ken gets kidnapped by Oikawa. When Ken's having some of the Spore taken out of him by Oikawa, and he's in tears from the pain - it's Daisuke that he murmers for to come and save him; Daisuke and Wormmon. Ken needs Daisuke, and this shows that it's Daisuke who he relies on, and that it's Daisuke he believes will come for him.

Unsuprisingly, it is Daisuke who goes after him. :) He's solely focused on finding Ken and bringing him back safely - and won't stop until he succeeds. The other Chosen were there when it happened too - yet it's Daisuke who views it as his personal responsibility, almost as if Ken were his. The strength of their bond is definitely demonstrated here, and once Daisuke has freed Ken, they team up to fight together once more.

Finally, I think it's worth mentioning their reactions during the final fight with MaloMyotismon - Daisuke is the only one of the Chosen who isn't affected by the 'wish world'. Daisuke is happy, and has no fears. Through his growing friendship with Ken, he's become a boy who doesn't need to feel insecure, and who no longer needs to rely on trying to get attention from Hikari. Ken, meanwhile, is seeing himself as the Kaiser once more - tied up on a stake, being attacked by the digimon he tortured, until he's finally killed. That is his wish, because he's still so consumed by guilt. He then sees Osamu, who tempts him, but Wormmon appears and tells him he needs to move on - that he can only change his future.


Ken and Daisuke seem to be the ideal complement to each other; as shown during the final battle, Daisuke has no darkness or fears in his heart, while Ken's is perhaps the darkest of all - they are bound together by friendship, by Jogress - by the simple fact that they now need and rely on each other. They've been through an awful lot, and yet through strength of will and the help of each other and their friends, have come out on top. Their personalities mesh well, and they obviously enjoy spending time together, as well as being as close as they are.

One other point worth mentioning is that the Daisuke-Ken relationship is perhaps one of the most focused on relationships in all of 01/02. It's one of the main plot threads of 02, and as such, gets an awful lot of attention. They're really the only two Chosen that we get to see connect in such a way - and it's definitely apparent that the friendship between them is special. :)

Obviously, as young as they are, it's not going to be "truuu luv!!1!". But honestly? In their own way, I think they were nearly there anyway - they definitely need and care for one another a great deal, and will go to any lengths to make sure the other is safe. As such, I think the potential for future romance is definitely there, because with a connection like that, they're going to want to stay together. :)

VI. Yagami Hikari
Just a short note on Hikari. :) Obviously, at the beginning of the series, it seems that Daisuke has a 'crush' on her. Personally, I don't really see it as a romantic thing - from what we see initially, it looks as though Hikari is probably one of Daisuke's only friends, and so when Takeru comes into the picture (naturally acting as though he's known Hikari for years, because he has) - Daisuke's going to go on the defensive and try and get her attention back on him.

Also, his apparent crush on her seems to fade rather quickly as the series gets going, and at the end it's basically not there at all. Even not speaking as a daiken shipper, I do think this is partly to do with Ken's increasing presence in his life - now Daisuke has a real best friend; someone to spend all his time with who really appreciates him, I don't think he feels like he needs to be as desperate for attention from elsewhere (ie, Hikari) anymore. This is shown especially at the end - in the 'wish world', Daisuke doesn't have any fears or wishes; he's clearly moved on from Hikari, or surely that would have affected him.

I don't really think Daisuke's affection for Hikari has much impact on any potential relationship of his and Ken's - because as the series progresses, I think Daisuke views Hikari more and more as a real friend, and accepts her as such.
VII. 02's Ending
Ahh, the infamous 02 ending. :) Well, suffice to say I wasn't too impressed with it (though that was more because of Yamato becoming an astronaut, but still...) Yes, Ken married Miyako. :p Which I don't really mind. But then, Daisuke/Ken was never going to become canon, so it's not much of a surprise. ;) Anyway, despite the ending, I don't think that it at all negates the fact that Daisuke and Ken have a wonderful close friendship, and most definitely the potential for more.
VIII. Fanfiction
Now, at one time the digimon fandom was incredibly active, and fic was really easy to find. Now... not so much. I've lost track of a lot of my favourite Daiken fics, so asked for help from the daiken community, who were great at responding. <3

My Own Recs

'What the Sybil Said', by herongale - this is, in my opinion, probably the best Daisuke/Ken fic around. :) Wonderfully characterised and perfectly executed. Angst, fluff and humour in perfect measures, it definitely leaves you feeling happy. :) NC-17

'The Walls Between', by anax (aka Kinslayer) - this is probably my second favourite; it's Ken/Daisuke, and set when they're both adults. Very dark, quite disturbing (but in a psychological way), and demonstrates just how amazing a writer Kinslayer is. :) It contains a lot of sex (though it mostly advances the plot :p), but is absolutely worth reading all the way through. Very angsty, and always makes me cry. NC-17

'The Mistakes We Make', by anax (aka Kinslayer) - this, on the other hand, is Kaiser/Daisuke - and absolutely breathtaking. But heed the warning: it's very, very graphic, and very, very disturbing. Seriously. A lot of people can't make it through this fic, because a lot of it's quite sickening. But on the other hand... the psychology of it all is darkly fascinating, and the end is hauntingly brilliant. I adore it, but it's very painful to read. NC-17 (though deserves a higher rating if possible, really, for graphic torture, rape and violence.)

Other Recs from fans

'Upside-down Butterfly' by Akira Ichijouji

'Sleep It Off' by Kioku Mitsu

'Ground Level' by Aphrael

General Recommended Authors






Irhista Lhail

Faded Jae


El Juno

IX. Sites
daiken - the wonderful, still occasionally active community for Daisuke/Ken on LJ. :)

Skyless Oblivion - a daiken fanlisting and shrine

Soul Bonded - a daiken shrine

Kensuke Central

X. Music
Daisuke to Ken no Kaimono Carol
A cute Christamassy duet Daisuke and Ken sing together about doing the Christmas shopping. :)


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Yay, my Digimon OTP! ^____^ Thank you so much for doing this! I loved it. If I wasn't already a devoted fan, I would most certainly be after reading this. ^^
Hee, thanks. Glad you liked it! :D
Digimon :D. I'm a Jun/Miyako and Daisuke/Ken fan ^^. Thank you, really. Good work, I love it!
Yay, thanks! :D
Digimon was my very first fandom, so this definitely brings back some memories. *smile* You did a terrific job.
Haha, I know...such nostalgia :D thanks :)
I loved this. :)
It's been about five years since I've really read any Digimon fic, so thank you and the daiken community for links to fics I haven't read in years! :)
Thanks! :D
Heh, I know...it'd been so long 'til I rediscovered them a few weeks ago!
Oh, this gives me something to look forwards to reading when I get home. XDDDDDDDDDDD
Hee, hope you like it, then! :D

(and also, icon-love! ♥ )
Oh, man, Ken and Daisuke. *cries* It's been years. Oh my god, I was in the fandom... five or six years ago. Wow.

This brought back so many memories. I need to get my hands on the subs and bring it all back. Thank you for putting this together!

Ohh, I know, it's quite scary when you think about how long ago it was :p Seems like everyone's getting all nostalgic. :D WPP fansubs have subbed up to ep 13, but that's it thus far unfortunately.
And thanks! :D
I second everyone who said this brought back memories. XD

(Now, if only I could get my hands on something other than the dubbed version...)
PS- And thanks for writing this, it was a very good read. :D

(I wish we could edit comments. Y'hear, livejournal?)
Not only is this a well-written essay on my first real OTP, you included most of my absolute favourite fanfics! There can't be enough warnings for The Mistakes We Make, but it's still one of my favourites out there.

They're really an awesome pairing, both too cute for words, and sufficiently angsty. And of course, the villainxhero dynamic is totally delicious.

I wish I could find something, even just raws, that go beyond where WPP/3G has subbed. =(
Thanks! Yeah, I adore Mistakes, but it's still kind of hard to explain just how disturbing it is to someone who's never read it. But it had to be there :p

I wish I could find something, even just raws, that go beyond where WPP/3G has subbed. =(

Gah, same here. Though I wait in hope they'll start releasing more eps soon :/
Woooo, someone did Kensuke!

(this is Kinslayer)
It had to be done. :D

klg;skl;sh ♥ ♥
Wow, this brings back all sorts of memories. While, I'm not so much of a Daiken fan, Digimon was my first fandom and therefore is amazingly nostalgiac. A great take on Digimon 02 as a whole, though. You definetly looked deep into it and saw what everything was really about.
Yeah, everyone seems to be getting nostalgic :D Ahh, it was so long ago :p Thanks so much, even if you're not a fan of the pairing :)

Oh, Digimon was my first real fandom and Daisuke/Ken is probably one of my most OTPey... OTPs (YES, CHECK ME OUT. TOTALLY MAKING WITH THE SENSE).

The thing about Daiken is that Ken really brings out the best in Daisuke. The point in the series where Daisuke ceases being an immature boy with numerous inferiority complexes and matures into a real Hero (with the capital H and all) is about the time when he starts to make his overtures of friendship towards Ken.

Their relationship certainly has it's complications and angst, but the thing is that they just... gah, I can't even formulate coherent thoughts here. You've just reminded me how much I love these characters and this pairing. I'm totally going to go have some hardcore nostalgia and read all of those fics you've recommended, because oddly enough, I think I've read every single one of them before. o__O

ANYWAYS. THIS WAS AWESOME. KUDOS! (especially for including the Shopping Carol. XD)
*uses appropriate icon* :p

Gah, and yes. The lovely thing is it's not one-sided, and they do both help each other. ♥ Hee, the fic nostalgia is awesome, I went through it a few weeks ago. :D (though then you get to the point where you run out of good stuff to read and there's none new ;__; )

Anyway, thanks! Glad you liked it :D
Ohhhhhhh my god, I think I love you LOL. This made my heart flutter. Sigh!! ♥

(I think it's about time I added you too - hope you don't mind!) :D
Hee, thanks! Glad you liked it ^^

(and not at all - added you back! :D)
Aw...I miss my digi-fan ways...I did love that show...and I was always torn between Daisuke/Ken, or Takeru/Ken...and I never found any fic that combined the three..*sigh*
I also loved Yamato/Jou. they were my digi-OTP...

But, yes, I really liked this essay, it was really well written and super cute!
You win two gold stars! ^^
Takeru/Ken? Wow, don't think I've ever seen that one :D

Hehe thanks, glad you liked it! ♥
This is my all-time favourite OTP!

Thank you for writing such a comprehensive, well-rounded defense. What a lovely essay. *snugs*
Ah, thank you so much! *_* I'm really glad that you liked it :D

♥ ♥
Yay I love you o_____o

This is still my OTP of OTP's, though it's been a while since I've been in the fandom. This brought it all back, though, and I'm squirming in shippy glee. You also totally recced one of my fics. I feel awesome. XD

Nostalgia of the best kind. Thanks for the awesome essay! :DDD
Hee I know; it's been years since I was last in the fandom :D But I got back into it, and couldn't resist. (well, it was a great fic! :p)

Glad you liked it! :D
Great job :) Well written and it goes into everything I love about the ship!
Thanks! Glad you liked it. :D


Excellent job! I've been waiting to read a manifesto of these two for ages and yours captures everything perfectly. Hopefully this will inspire people to get back into the fandom!

Re: ^_^

Hee, we can hope. :D And thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)
Wow, you really did a great job writing this. It pretty much reflects my thoughts on the relationship too, and I'm happy to see it put together like that. *cheers*
The series aired here during quite a long time span. During that time I was both a non-BL fan and a BL-fan, but those facts didn't really change my view on the relationship. Admittedly I saw more possibilities later on, though the fact that it was being portrayed more and more might have played a part in it too :).
Excellent that you brought out the "Hikari-thing" too for comparison. That's pretty much how I see it too.

I like to think that the ending of 02 didn't happen... mostly because it didn't make sense to me on many levels, but I'm glad that you brought out the fact that despite what would happen in the future Daisuke and Ken really did share a special and meaningful relationship. :)
The Jogress portrays it so wonderfully. :) It's not something one can forget so easily.
Thanks so much! Yeah the ending was, uh... ignorable. :p But the Daiken-ness will still always be there. :)

And now, to prove that I'm not insane. Heh.

This was really good, in other words.
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it ;D
Thanks! Yeah, when I recently got back into it, it was such nostalgia for me too :D Glad you liked it :)
*is late to reply*

Ahhh, I haven't thought of this fandom in... it must be YEARS now. Hahah. I remember when I was watching 02 the first time it was running, I had only recently been introduced to yaoi and wasn't really a fan. (Haha. How quickly that changed...) I remember after watching THAT Kaiser scene, I was so upset about the UST between the two of them... because I didn't like it but it was just too obvious. Haha. I even called up a friend and complained to her without actually saying what I was complaining about... because then she would have been like "what the hell are you talking about? yao-what?"

So yes. If an almost anti-yaoi fan at that time could've seen the attraction... It deserves it's place as one of my long-lasting OTP's. Hahah.

(Totally random story... It's late and I'm bored, no real idea why I decided to bore you with it. ^^)
I'm laaaaate. XD

Anyway, I LOVE DAIKEN. They're so sweet TT; I really miss Digimon~ This essay is really well written too. Good job! -puts in memories-
I'm even laterrrrr~~

I miss Dijimon so damn much and reading this made me so happy ;____;
*memories also* ♥♥♥♥
ps. their song together is so cute
I'm so happy ♥♥

And your first rec isn't working D: Sorry ♥ BUT GREAT ESSAY, I totally loved it <3

Amazing and...

That's REALLY good! I love how you summed the whole thing up so well. Great job!

Now, I just have to point out... I cannot find "What the Sybil Said" ANYWHERE to save my soul! *pouts* herongale, I totally understand the friends only thing, but... I really wanna read it... and I even raided your fic journal too. The Angelfire page isn't working for some reason... so I was hoping that there could be another way or something? Please? ^^ I will love who ever can help me forever, and I will send herongale (or her fic journal) lovely review messages. (My friend, who showed me this manifesto, will also probably do the same.)

Oh, and *tiny bit of advertising* if anyone is on or keeps track of the 101_kisses community, my friend and I will be claiming the DaiKen pairing on there shortly. We've actually got about 20 fics done already... ^^

That is all! *is off to read the recommended fics*

Re: Amazing and...

Haha, it's been quite a while since you've posted this comment so I don't know if you're still interested, but 'What the Sibyl Said' can be found here. :3
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